Children being bred for sex

Like pigs bred for slaughter, minor girls in Mumbai brothels are being bred for prostitution by being injected with growth hormones and fed testosterone pills in the guise of vitamin pills. So that they develop larger breasts and hips early. Customers apparently like under age girls with slightly mature bodies. Not only that, in the [...]

Mob molestation outside JW Marriott

All Mumbaiites should feel very very concerned of the behaviour of drunken young men that molested the young girls outside J W Marriott on New Years eve. While there are individual incidents of rape etc reported all the time, what is frightening about this incident was the mob mentality that took over without a single [...]

Benazir’s killing and Al Quaeda

Who killed Benazir ? Suicide bombings were unheard of in Pakistan before 9/11. And before the US ordered Musharraf to send his army against his own people in Pakistan's western regions to flush out the Taliban. Why ? The supposed reason was to look for Osama Bin Laden. But that was EIGHT years ago, and [...]