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  1. Adaaab Shekhar Kapur Ji!

    Sir Poets Corner is a group of youthful, talented, industrious and emerging poets and so far 6 anthologies have been published, by us, featuring eminent personalities like Gulzar Sahab, Shashi Tharoor, Deepti Naval, Irshad Kamil, Dr.Sukrita Kumar Paul, Dr.Mohammad Fakhruddin, etc.

    We propose to bring forth a new Anthology now entitled “Inklinks”, and it would be a great honour and a privilege for us if you consider our request to be a part of the upcoming anthology, it also features former Indian president Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, Nida Fazli, Ruskin Bond, Kapil Sibal, Tabish Khair and many more.

    It is a student’s movement and does not aim at any financial gains but solely works for encouraging hidden talent. Our young poets will be motivated greatly by your creative presence in our anthology. Moreover, the readers will also have a chance to be inspired by your poetic sense.
    We would be obliged if we can you can allow us to publish following poems of yours “THE TWO OF ME” & “IMPRINTS”.
    Kindly send let us know by 29th November 2012. We eagerly look forward to a favorable response from you.

    Thank You.

    Obediently Yours,
    Yaseen Anwer
    Founder & Managing Editor
    Poets Corner
    +91 99162 87682

  2. Dear Mr Kapoor,
    I am the managing editor of Fledglings-an anthology of English poems written by school children.It is being published by Newleaf poetry group in association of Poets corner group.I am happy to know that you have agreed to share your writes with us in our anthology,Inklinks.

    Coming back to Fledglings- The book is due to release in January,with the launch of Inklinks.
    Sir, being a filmmaker and a poet with sensitivity ,specially subjects dealing with kids I am sure you will appreciate our venture which offers children a wider stage and a chance to express their creativity and imagination.
    We would,therefore,be highly obliged and honoured if you agree to write the foreword for fledglings.
    Sir,I know that you have not gone through the book yet but I m sure you can pen a few words that can encourage children and guide them in their pursuit of exploring their imagination.
    I cannot think of someone more suitable to do this job than you.
    If you want to know about the book,I will be more than happy to equip you with the details.
    I know the time s short but I urge you to do your best for this project
    Hope to hear from you soon

    Warm Regards and Thanks
    Dolly Singh
    Managing editor,
    Newleaf poetry group


  3. thinking of “London Fields”.. –
    Nicola Six. –
    inspirational visions.

    renee french – (coffee and cigarettes)

  4. Dear Sir!!
    My name Sergey Akopov from Armenian first name Akop’yants.My grandfather is Armenian from Baku (Azerbaijan ).he must leaved Baku before 1989 year.
    I’m DP.Now I live in Moscow education -VGIK .If interest for you, I can send you my CV and Demo.for me very interesting your new project about genocide.For me will be great happy work with you!!!May be, is it possible?

    Yours sincerely, Akopov Sergey +7-916-68-38-694

  5. hello sir.

    I am Dr. Gaurav from chandigarh. right now practicing medicine and teaching in a college at delhi. i am 25 year old. write stories and have acted in plays at school level. Heard that you and adiya chopra looking for new boy for your next venture- PAANI. just want to showcase my pictures to you. You may have a look over it. can you please inform me about any id where i can send the pics? Everything is your prerogative, and i understand that sir. Thanks. (

  6. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my weblog so i came to “return the favor”.I am attempting to find things to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!|

  7. Namaskar Shekhar,

    All Past is in the Past of the Present, All Future is in the Future of the Present… All that is there then, is the pReSent of the Present !!

    REalizing Who i Am capable of Being’ gives me the Courage to harness the Energy that wants to say I wish to Find My Expression of Life merge with the Shadows of Creativity that’s Life’s Delight !

    Who am I, is not a question anymore when the Answer looms large before you & you wish to have the Strength, Courage, determination, Passion, Hunger, Thirst to Run To Each Micro Milli Meter of this Existence & Hug Everyones Sorrow, Pain, Anger, Hatred & Bitterness, Cos how could the experience of Oneness with this Universe as a Creator be Joyful, Blissful unless you have empowered each & every Life source, who are nothing but your own expressions, hopping silly with an absurd imagination of a Name that Does not Exist, with a Tool to facilitate a roadmap to find its, his or her way Home ?
    The attempt then is not of the Ego to become a Super man or Super Human… The attempt is to just Dissolve, Merge, or Unbecome, so so so small & empty that it can be easily filled or absorbed by the Genius of NO Mind, or No Thing Or Divine’

    I wish to have your Companionship, friendship, guidance on this the beginning of the Most Joyful Journey’s of Life Where Death is No More.. and all that is there is the Sound & Light of a Play called “Life”

    Would love to start to begin an eternal quest seeking your indulgence in the mind space of my Nothingness from where everything just about seems to Emerge !!

    Love, Light & Hugs

    Sanjaih Bokaria

  8. Dear Mr.Kapoor,
    Saw you at NDTV tonight on the topic of rape in the light of the latest Delhi Gang Rape. Kudos for agreeing to stick your neck out and accepting that Indian Cinema/ media has to play it role responsibly. It is saddening to see the utter objectification of women in movies and advertising.
    We look to west, specifically Hollywood. ( wish we leaned more towards Europe). But the difference between the society and portrayal of it in cinema is far less than in case of India
    Can we hope to see a initiative/ mobilization from you which will look at ? Even an advertising campaign to address the matter will be a big step. Anything that utilizes the larger than life ‘Bollywood’ personalities and media savvy to some good use of the society.

  9. Sir, always been a genuine admirer of yours:) Especially the way you perceive the stories and human life 🙂 And the best part..”Living in the present, living right here in this moment” 🙂

    It feels great and i personally have found utmost peace by meditation and dhyaan 🙂

    Looking really forward to watch and rather experience your great films in Bollywood 🙂 And a real thumbs up to you for your such a great effort for “” 🙂 We so much appreciate it 🙂 🙂
    Everything is so nicely created 🙂 🙂

    With warm regards and respect,
    Vismay Dave 🙂

  10. Dear Mr. Shekhar,
    My name is Deshik Vansadia and am an actor. I graduated from Stella Adler Acting Studio, LA and moved to Shakespeare & Company, MA to deepen my learning as an actor using Shakespeare’s work.
    I have done many plays and short films and would like to send you my resume. I am currently based in Mumbai and am fluent in Gujarati, Hindi and English. I was wondering if there is a possibility for me to introduce myself to you more properly and see if there is a chance for us to work together. Do let me know ! Thank you so much. My contact no is 9167287889.

  11. Extract from my Essay on QYUKI blog:

    NFDC & Doordarshan Promoting Rape

    An Open letter to all Journalists of India to ask Burning Questions to Mr. Naseeruddin Shah

    Please watch this movie link on YouTube:

    Movie Title: Triyacharitra

    Producer: NFDC and DoorDarshan India Year 1994

    Director: Basu Chatterji

    Actors: Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri and S M Zaheer

    Synopsis: This movie promotes that a woman who gets raped by her own father in law (Naseeruddin Shah) is punished by the Village Panchayat by burning her forehead with a hot iron rod (lohay ka Sariyaa) as per judgement given by the Vllage Sarpanch (played by S M Zaheer) and her screaming protests go unheard despite other women of the village who are supporting her and giving evidence of the characterlessness of the Father- in -Law.

    Do Mr. Shekhar Gupta, Ms. Barkha Dutt, Mr. Prannoy Roy, Ms. Mrinal Pandey as responsible social journalists have the GUTS NOW to ask the following BURNING QUESTIONS:

    (1) How did NFDC & DoorDarshan (both owned by Government of India) agree to produce a movie promoting such INHUMAN, IMMORAL and CRIMINAL act of rape victim being punished publicly and JUSTICE BEING DENIED TO HER AND THE CRIMINAL ROAMING FREE WITH THE APPROVAL OF THE VILLAGE PANCHAYAT?

    (2) What “Majboori” did Naseerudin Shah have to accept that role despite being a renowned and responsible actor? Mr. Naseeruddin Shah, “Kya us waqt tumahari “Rozi-Roti” ka sawaal tha; ya Tumharaa “Career” bananay kaa swaaal tha? No wonder your career has ended up rotten with the roles you did in “Ishqiya” and “Dirty Picture”. Can the media now force Mr. Naseeruddin Shah to take retirement and not coninue to play more rapist’s role despite being a “Budhau” rather than forcing “young” Sachin Tendulkar to take retirement from playing clean & honest cricket?

    (3) The Result of such movies and other movies acted by such greedy actors and actresses are resulting in their fans who are ending up as GANG RAPISTS?

    All this will change when Al-Qaeeda will arrive openly in Bollywood and everyone will see Raeality Show jismay Garam Sariya say Sabhi Corrupt Politicans, Media Moguls air Bollywood Rapists ki Gaand pay daag dega aur banega USAQ (United States of Al-Qaeda)

    Al Qaeda ki Sabsay Badee “DABBANG” – AQ ki Badi Akka Bua!

    (Julian Assange ki “Moonh -Boli” Maa)

  12. respected sir ,

    i have seen a very few people who are all-rounder. when i read about you that you are having chartered accountant degree also, i was surprised. from that day i am regularly reading your articles and blog. i am keen to know about your professional career. are you practicing or leave that work for film career ? . hoping for your reply.thank you.

  13. Hi sir . I have a great story. Would u like to read? May b it has potential to become a great movie.
    It is about a boy who is working in Indian air force and he was going to enjoy his holiday but that tour change his life. How it change his life i’ll tell you please give me a one chance i’ll never get you upset.
    my no is 8982938317, thank you

  14. Hello Sir,

    I have been a fan of the movies, directed by you. I read your articles and comments in newspapers.

    About me: I am an avid reader, observer and like writing. I am 26 years old living in Delhi n working as an engineer and some day want to become a renowned writer. I just keep on writing, keep on approaching various magazines and newspapers and dream of a bright future. Few of my articles have been published in newspapers. I have stories (with strikingly different plots) written with me and want some day they get pictured either in book or television. You can refer to my blog, provided in the email tab. Like other fans I am also posting my thoughts and intention on your site. If time permits and you like my way of pouring thoughts, kindly contact me.


  15. Hello Shekhar Kapur films ltd,
    This is Capt Siddhant Vhatkar here from Mumbai itself.
    Firstly i’m a great fan of your films (the shekhar kapur films) and secondly i’m eager to work with Shekhar Kapur sir.
    He makes excellent art films based on reality and abit fiction.
    I just love the way he works and makes his films with perfection also giving it an International touch.
    I just love the way when people when like people like you work on a project and give it a definite real touch to the scenes and justify each and every character, as a director.
    So, I’d like to know your email address on which I’d be able to forward you my snaps and full details.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanking you.
    Capt Siddhant V

  16. Adaab Shekhar Ji!

    Thank you for your contribution to our anthology of poems- INKLINKS. Your imprints, along with the contributions of many other eminent personalities like, Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, Gulzar, Ruskin Bond, Nida Fazli, Kapil Sibal, Irshad Kamil, Vikram Seth, etc make this book a very special one.
    It was launched at 1st Delhi Poetry Festival on 19th Jan’ 2013 which was a very well-attended event.

    We would like to send you the copy of INKLINKS and will really appreciate if you share your address where we could courier you the same.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon

    Poetically yours
    Yaseen Anwer
    Founder & Managing Editor
    Poets Corner Group
    +91 99162 87682

  17. Dear Phillip, I have created a new stream on my blog on the subject matter and have published your letter to me, please do read and write more under that stream if you wish. thank you for writing to me, Shekhar

  18. After travelling to different places, shrines, temples and a prolong search of myself. Ultimately, i found myself in the desert. The spirit of garib nawaz occupied me. People at dargah are the proof of it whatever happened to me on 19th of January 2013 at night. i feel i could be the guarantee of success but i don’t have any connection in b’town. In this journey, a baba met me and mentioned the different names like Shekhar and Aditya. i never thought of going into show business but baba showed me towards it. i don’t know dream is chasing me or i am chasing dream. sometimes it is like
    “itni shiddat se mene tumhe paane ki koshish ki he
    ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki saazaish ki he”.

  19. Sir,
    I have heard that you’re making a film on the life of George Mallory. We’re eagerly waiting for this over the years. Sir, kindly pay a thoughtful attention about the project.

  20. Sir,
    I have heard that you’re making a film on the life of George Mallory. We’re eagerly waiting for this over the years. Sir, kindly pay a thoughtful attention about the project.

  21. Sat Shri Akal Sir,
    With due respect i want to state that, I am failing to get your contact details and address of your studio/office located in Mumbai. It is my humble request to you/administrator, kindly drop me a mail on above given address and sort my query out. Waiting for your kind reply.

    Thank you


  22. hello Shekhar sir,
    My name is Dimple shah.I am originally from Mumbai but now I live in Adelaide (Australia) and i am studying set and costume designing at Adelaide college of arts, I am planning to come india for work experience or internship this year. I read about your upcoming project ‘Paani’ which has futuristic sets and sounded quite interesting to me. I am interested in working under the production designer for this film. My background is more in sets compared to costumes, My knowledge in sets includes designing, drafting , scenic art and a little bit of construction too. i have worked as a designer and assistant designer on theatre shows and a couple of short films andT.V. series. i really want to learn the industry out there in mumbai and the process that undergoes in the big budget films. It would be a great honour to work with a professionals and i ll make sure not to let you down. Just letting you know if i get a chance i could come India on the dates required. please contact me via my email. thank you

  23. Dear Mr. Kapur,

    I am a feature writer from Asian Global Impact Magazine, London. We are UK’s only Pan-Asian magazine. I am writing to you about a feature article I am working on. It’s about Indian cinema and how it has evolved in the last 100 years. Indian cinema was also officially invited by Cannes Festival last year indicating its international popularity.

    I would really like your thoughts on this subject. I’ve about 4-5 questions for you. It won’t take a lot of time, I promise. Looking forward to hear from you.

    Please drop me a line if you have any queries.


  24. Dear Sir,I recently came to know that you are a Chartered Accountant by qualification.I really admire your movies and have tremendous respect for you because of all that you have achieved at an international level,unlike any other Indian filmmaker.
    I have also just completed my CA but somehow,like you would have felt back then,I don’t see myself working in this field for the rest of my life.Sir I am very passionate about cinema,but have no technical knowledge of the same.Wish to have a chance to work under you in any role that you might find me suitable for,so I could learn from you,and have an experience to cherish all my life.Looking forward to hear from you.
    Vikas – 9833578251

  25. Dear Mr. Kapur,

    I enjoy reading your blog posts and find them very informative, personal and thought provoking. I am a huge fan of your work and the fact that you can transcend the boundaries of our countries and direct films abroad. I have worked and studied in Los Angeles and England for the past eight years and have finally made my base Mumbai where I am looking for projects to work on as an assistant director. If you can forward me your office address or number, I can send in my resume along with samples of my work. I would be great to be considered for your future projects.

    Thank you,

    Anmol Karnik

  26. I am a feature writer from Asian Global Impact Magazine, London. We are UK’s only Pan-Asian magazine.

    I am writing to you about a feature article I am working on. It’s about Indian cinema and how it has evolved in the last 100 years. Indian cinema was also officially invited by Cannes Festival last year indicating its international popularity.

    I have couple of quick questions for you and would love to have you on board. Please let me know how to contact you and take this further. I won’t eat a lot of your time. I promise.

    Please drop me a line if you have any queries.


  27. Hello sir. hope you are fine. Your movies are like body with soul. I am a leading researcher on 19th century Indian Barrister Virchand Gandhi who was contemporary to swami vivekanand & mahatma gandhi . But world today hardly knows about him. Though he died only at age of 37 , his life was full of interesting incidents . He had also captivated in 1893’s event at par with great Swami Vivekanand & as a friend used to help mahatma gandhi in understanding indian law by telling him different stories. Mark Twain had met Virchand Gandhi on his visit to india then but some how few historians thought it was mahatma gandhi .



  28. Hi,Mam

    Here is some of my Storyboarding and Concept art work sample.

    i worked as Storyboarding and Concept artist in Hindi Film titled “FORCE-ONE” and “ALL-OUT”(in pree-production stage right now) and also worked for 2 commercial as Storyboarding artist and content Writer.

    Thank you
    Shashank Bhardwaj

    My webpage:

  29. Dear Mr. Shekhar Kapur

    I have written a script in Italian, English and Bengali about an Italian man who comes to Kolkata in search of his roots. Would you be interested in reading the script? Please contact me at the given email id.

  30. If Director Shekar would like to follow his excellent “Elizabeth” movies with one on Wellesley (Wellington) in India 1800, he should browse the website The story revolves around both Wellesley and a 17 year old Gujarati lad called Ujjam. Fresh from his experience under Ang Lee in Life of Pi, Suraj Sharma could be cast as Ujjam. There are many in England that could play the role of Wellesley.. Mark Strong, for instance.

  31. As the most prominent Gujarati, of course second to Narendra Modi, might appeal to Anil Ambani for Reliance Entertainment… The story begins with Wellington Reminiscing at Wellington House and then quickly moves to Surat, the 18th century trading port in India, when Mumbai was just a motley collection of seven islands…There is a second book, the Sinai Conspiracy, which might also be of some interest although its written for Western audiences with the CIA/Mossad/BND all involved.

  32. hello shekhar sir, i m dharmendra solanki from gujarat. sir dr. a.p.j. abdul kalam ki biography book the wings of fire par se film banani chahiye.

  33. Dear Sir,
    I heard you’ll direct a Hollywood film about the Chinese collies in US in the 19th century. Is it true? If so, it’ll be very very great.
    May I suggest, in order to match historic accuracy, the Chinese characters in the film, should speak Cantonese, instead of Mandarin, since most Chinese coolies in the 19th century were from the Canton area?

  34. sir charan sparsh me a kisan ka beta h me latitpur uttar pradesh k kuanghosi gaun se hu me tution padata hu or bsc 2nd year ka student hu mere papa apke bahut bade fan hai unho ne mr india movie 47 time dekhi dusru ke khet me hal chala kar bo un paiso se film dekhte the unhi ne mujhe apke bare me bachpan me bata kar apko mera bhagban banaya me kai short film and ek script lik juka hu bt mere pas ushe banane k liye n paise h na other thing bt me apna sapna pura karuga apne papa k liye sir mujhe

  35. namaste sir my name is darshankumar he sir muje film me HERO KA KAAM karna chahta hu aur me hindustani hu sir aap ki help se chotasa kaam mil jaay to aap ki badi mehrbani hogi sir aap mumbai ka office address muje malum nahi he

    I want to be the hero of the film 7 years trying to director – producer,But I did not get anywhere oversaturated Hindi film ,As it is the case of the head of the city surat home hu hu Sanjeev Kumar,
    In the works of Sir driving in Surat hu hu Mumbai comes 4 times a month,What do I want to be forever in Mumbai but Sir mother – father to see the .

    my mobile no.. 09898682507 india

  36. जनाब शेखर कपूर साहब: ….सलाम

    जियादा बात नहीं……….बस मतलब का नुकता:

    मैं fwa के साथ जुड़ा एक lyrics writer हूँ ..

    अभी कुछ दिन पहले राम गोपाल वर्मा जी की the attacks of 26/11 मैं मेरी इस नज़्म को शामिल किया गया था…..लेकन अफ़सोस वो इस नज़्म की पेशकारी मैं बुरी तरह नाकाम रहे……हालांके visuallay इस नज़्म का content बुहत पावरफुल था…
    खेर आप कम अज कम २ मर्तबा ये सिंपल और आसान हिंदुस्तानी नज़्म सुनये..
    और फिर सूच्ये के ये कितनी संजीदा नज़्म है…

    मैं आप की upcoming “पानी” के हवाले से भी ऐसी एक कोशिश recently कर चूका हूँ…
    वो आप के साथ शेयर करना चाहता हूँ…

    शेखर जी…..arabic मैं प्यास को “अतश”…………कहते हैं..
    और जब कोएइ प्यासा पानी की गुहार लगता है तो वो ….अल-अतश …अल-अतश …अल-अतश..
    पुकारता है………………

    इस वर्ड का रेफरेंस आप को इस्लाम की मशहूर “कर्बला की जंग” मैं मिले गा……….जहां एक फ़ॉज ने दूसरी तरफ के लुगुं पर कुछ दिन के लिये पानी बंद कर दिया था..
    अरब एक सेह्रेइ इलाका है…….वहाँ के रैगास्तानी समाज के साथ इस लफ्ज़ की बड़ी नजदीकी कुर्बत है…..
    मैं खुद एक शिय्या मुस्लिम हूँ …तो इस सब्जेक्ट…..और पानी ना हॊने की सूरत मैं क्रिएटेड इस shade के साथ…बड़े करीब से …और बड़े जज्बाती ढंग से जुड़ा हुवा हूँ…………..
    मैं आप की फिल्म पानी के बेसिक थीम को खूब स्टडी कर चूका हूँ…
    बेशक आप की मोवी एक romantic angle को भी साथ ले के चल रही है…………लेकन पानी इस का बुनयादी इशू है..

    आप मेरी मदद ज़रूर लीजये…
    मैं चाहता हूँ के आप की इस फिल्म के थीम सोंग…..को ले कर मैं आप को कुछ valueable और यादगार चीज़ दे पाऊँ गा…इंशा अल्लाह..

    फिलहाल आप इस नज़्म को सुनें……………थैंक्स

    डॉ लियाक़त जाफरी जम्मू

    it is a youtube link…plz listen it..

  37. Dear Sir,

    I feel its nature’s call..or telepathy or something! but I’ve been working on a song and it feels to me that pretty well it goes parallel to your movie “Paani” ! 🙂

    Would love if you’d like to listen to it!:)

    It would be great if you can provide me where to send the song 🙂

    Vismay Dave ! 🙂

  38. Hi Mr Shekhar Kapur,
    In regard to your recent question : do you think childrens textbooks should tell the truth on the society they are about to become adults in?

    Here it is :

    I question the validity of textbooks. 

    Children should be encouraged to ask questions and make informed opinions about the society they are about to become adults in (which in the 21st century – means the entire world). 

    Lessons should pose an issue, allow children to identify possible solutions and analyse the effects of such solutions on society and the environment. Children are more than capable of understanding a universal context of morals and ethics. Ask any P5 kid about racism, stereotyping, discrimination, environmental conservation and they’ll give you their two cents. Hang on, ask any Beacon P5 kid! 😉 And no textbook teaches that!

    The question is not about telling the truth, the question is about discovering the truth. And every child has the right to be a child and discover information as and when they are ready to accept it.

    Tell a child there is no Santa Claus when he/she is 2 years..? Have a heart!

    Danny Nanwani
    Jakarta – Indonesia
    Beacon Academy Indonesia

  39. I would in all the likelihood say I understand where all of you’ll are coming from but then again I would refrain myself in doing so.

    Allow me to explain. Everyone out here likes to discuss/blog/comment/etc. since all consider themselves to be nothing less than an idealist or even a visionary. No one really wants to be any realistic about this matter. This blog dates back to 2010 and we are now in 2013, what has changed since then??? NOTHING!! Expect to the fact that Maharashtra is also now a part to this whole water problem and I am sure there shall be even more Indian states to add to. Is this what we intend in show casing, how we as Indian see our future to be like. God forbid for me making such a statement.

    I know that doesnt prove my point in continuing commenting, yet! You see I was brought up in south bombay and have moved to seven bungalows Andheri. And never in my life have I been brought about to face any water issues. Uk/America/Germany/Singapore/etc., not only have over come these issues but have gone a step ahead by solving the problem in getting clean water to their people. You could literally stick a glass under a tap and drink it without the fear of getting any germs along.

    So my point being, the only way people from other countries watching ‘Paani’, would relate to your movie is by feeling pity towards we as Indians, cause we have done nothing to change our livelihood for the better, except of course write a few blogs or even make a few movies on it. But then what??? Would we see change??? Would the cycle find it’s pedal??? Nah, I think not. So how do we go about it.
    My advise, stop trying to capitalize on such topics, making it a perception for others to think thus, as one of our Indian culture. Rather make movies on our true indian culture, which is rich and vibrant in so many different ways (I have one such film idea, if its hard for you~ Shekhar~ to find. You wouldnt have to look to far too, just ask one of your AD;Mihir helping you on ‘Paani’ for me). And then capitalize on such films, hence using the funds accumulated; in developing our society and up bring the lives of our people and resolving the water issue once and for all.

    You do realise that New York uses swage water to be refined into drinking water. And Kuwait uses see water for the same. Its clear, development is the only way and funds in doing so and above all an honest person to execute that plan. Problem solved. Else we could just go on and on about it, till all the water indeed does run dry.

  40. Hi Shekahr,
    I am Max and would like to put a word if we can talk on mail regarding producing one movie under your name.
    Rgds, Max

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