Ocean of Imagination

In this infinite ocean

of imagination

within which exist

infinite ripples

of imagination


Each ripple colliding with another

creating infinite ripples

of imagination


Ceaseless, eternal


no one ripple imagining the whole

yet forever and constantly

changing the whole


Out of this imagination

matter forms

out of this imagination

matter is destroyed


The big bang

just one more ripple,

The black hole just a ripple

colliding with another


And so God said

Let their be light

And there was light ….

7 Responses to “Ocean of Imagination”

  1. Half the story.

    When God said let there be light there appeared in equal measure darkness and the imaginer par excellence Prometheus found himself chained to his own thoughts…in Plato’s Cave. And then having seen both, light and darkness, imagination and reason, he eventually embraced and transcended both. He understood everything, ceased to imagine and reason, and began to revel in the inclusive cyclical play.

    Just for the fun of it Sir!

  2. Anupam says:


    This poem can perhaps replace Bible? Its itself open for infinite interpretations …

    Love n Regards,

  3. Surabhi says:

    Shekhar ji

    Beautifully woven…And it makes so much sense after you put it down in words…Infinite imagination …each ripple generating energy where everything is vibrating at its own vibrational frequency including you and me – never ending energy. It is affecting everyone.
    Pebble of our intentions creates ripples of kindness, love and humanity.Thank you for allowing me to express my thought in your own space, in your website.


  4. That was really nice!

  5. Samanta says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. faizuddin says:

    a very disturbing situation

    film after film we are seeing the concept of women empowerment or i dont know what i should say,
    women empowerment or vanishing of the beauty of feminine part of the women..

    sir u are close friend to sadhguru jaggi vasudev u know what he says about the masculine and feminine nature
    and its importance to the society

    sir films like what we have seen in past two years till now .. particuralrly films like Queen, Gulab gang, Kanchi
    now it Mardaani.. its quite disturbing me sir not that i dont like the story or the any thing but its kind of killing
    the real truth of the reality of the necessity of feminine nature for our generation

    i have a deep desire that this thing should be conveyed to the coming generations so that they realise the importance
    of the reality of men and women and respect their respective positions in the society
    this could only be conveyed through cinema sir and the only name that came to my mind is yours

    so, i humbly request u to make a film on this sir which potrays the real nature of masculine and feminine

    and its real place as it should be in the society and our coming generations, please consider my request
    May God Bless you

  7. shreya says:

    nice poem…liked it a lot…

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