Quantum Chips, an intuitive, creative computer ?

Bristol University announced they have developed a chip that works not electromagnetically but through light (did I get that right ?), so it’s not only much much faster but also one that works on the principles of Quantum Physics. Where particles can be at several places at the same time.

Now am I getting this right ? Are we talking about a computer that can live with principles of Uncertainty and Chaos, and deduce results that are defined from there ? Is this the beginning of HAL out of 2001 Space Odyssey ? The applications possible with this chip are mind boggling.

A camera that can intuitively sense your ‘eye’ over time and frame pictures exactly as you would like them, but once you feed in all the masters (say Renoir) it could see your pics with the ‘eye’ of Renoir. Make everyone into a master photographer.

A Robot of course. But more essentially :

a. Medical diagnosis by a computer not really needing a doctor, so taking medical services to where they are needed most.
b. teaching without teachers
c. Intuitive Robots reaching outer edges of Space, saying ” Houston , we have a problem’
d. Chips designed to learn their own structures and continuously exploring their own ‘quantum, structure and exploring the micro meaning of the universe,

and to me the best : A computer that can write a creative script for a film that does not need to sleep, or take weekends off. And whom I could have hours of discussions and arguments with,

I could go and so could you, but have I got it completely wrong ?

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  1. ajay says:

    Perhaps,that can also explain some early mystic gurus phenomena of how they can be seen at many different places at same time.What’s your thougt on that?

  2. Subodh Deshpande says:

    yes world is changing a lot..

    and to me the best : A computer that can write a creative script for a film that does not need to sleep, or take weekends off. And whom I could have hours of discussions and arguments with,

    I remembered your one of the episode of ‘Khandan’ you persudading Neena Gupta to postpone some business event because your computer report recommends not to do..so now mostly tomorrow robot will do the same..

    I am not at all realted to this film industry and hence a random thought..there should be some methods to improve film making process (by film makin process I am not saying about directional abilities, thats not my cup of tea), which can speed up the film making process or can help in descision making abilites on choosing casts, sets etc..


  3. Rudra says:

    Shekhar ,

    As a former AI research guy ( I do more interesting things now ) , I can tell you – this quantum computing thing has been around for a while – the concept of electron spin attaining three logic states controlled by coherent light is a well known concept , however , waht is special is that this can be stabilised with known methods of semiconductor manufacturing – afterall there is no point in havng something work in research lab , with no chance of manufacturing it on a massive scale.

    While we already have Chips with Fuzzy logic instruction sets , the fundamental nature of the fact that Fuzzy logic is inherent in Quantum computing , in every state , makes it powerful.

    In anycase , no computing is totally creative – there are software programs that can construct very good sentences . I myself wrote one , which has 10^64 possible and succint answers to the simple question ‘Why?’.

    Let me paste some of my software’s responses . It is not all creative – just a silly program generating a combination of sentence constructs in a way that is locally creative but not truely so. Get me ?

    >> why
    To fool the tall good and smart system manager.
    >> why
    The rich rich and tall and good system manager suggested it.
    >> why
    He wanted it that way.
    >> why
    The programmer suggested it.
    >> why
    Barney suggested it.
    >> why
    To please a very terrified and smart and tall engineer.
    >> why
    The tall system manager obeyed some engineer.
    >> why
    To satisfy some programmer.
    >> why
    Damian wanted it that way.
    >> why
    Can you rephrase that?
    >> why
    Because Damian wanted it that way.
    >> why
    How should I know?
    >> why
    Because they asked the terrified and smart and tall and tall programmer.
    >> why
    To fool a young tall hamster.
    >> why
    For the love of a bald and terrified mathematician.
    >> why
    It’s your karma.
    >> why
    Some terrified and rich system manager knew it was a good idea.
    >> why
    Don’t you have something better to do?
    >> why
    He suggested it.
    >> why
    A terrified and good and not very rich engineer helped the bald programmer.
    >> why
    To fool some kid.
    >> why
    I obeyed the tall and young system manager.

    Quantum computers will also remain just that – computers , with some random responses in a framework created by a Human.

  4. Harb says:

    Let me see what this thing or more of the same in future will need to be like in terms of my four basic forces theory.

    1. We invented buses, cars, aeroplanes so that while a part of gravity we could handle with our own legs for the rest we could outsource the same to those inventions.

    2. We invented theatres, films etc so that while a part of the whole gamut of emotions we could bear on our own hearts for the rest we could outsource the same to the characters in those theatres and films

    3. We invented calculators, computers etc so that while a part of the intellectual activity we could do in our own heads for the rest we could outsource the same to calculators, computers etc.

    4. Now we are getting into the age of intuition, direct experience, oneness, samadhi (where you are at once in touch with the whole universe all at once). So may be while some of such experiences we can bear on our own bodies (spiritual hearts) for the rest we can outsource the same to the chips like the above.

    So may be, we develop a chip, which will show us an aspect, a problem, a solution in a given situation in a wholistic manner. Which in terms of shekhar’s script may mean that he will be shown all possible ways in which a script could go with him to choose which suits him for the occasion.

    Have I got it right?

  5. kishore says:

    The ‘quantum computers’ don’t fundamentally change the nature of computing. They just change the way the bits move around and transform. Think of it as an evolution from gasoline powered cars to electric cars.
    Electric cars dont’ fly or make your dinner – but they use a different fuel system. Another analogy is moving from hydraulic power plants to nuclear power plants. The latter incorporated quantum physics in its development, but it just generates electricity as well. The objective of this is to make faster computers which consume less power. The artiificial intelligence applications you mention are always there and steadily making progress independent of the hardware evolution. Of course faster, lower powered computers means that more intelligent applications are possible.
    There has been some excitement regarding changing how software works – instead of using classical logic, which is how it works – maybe there is a different form of ‘uncertain’ or non-deterministic logic. Unfortunately this remains in the realm of fantasy land still. The human brain itself will have to evolve differently to go there – and given that evolution takes thousands if not millions of years, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

  6. kavitha says:

    My 7 year old nephew the other day said when he ‘grows up’ he wants to create something that can help feel the fragrance of ‘digital’ flowers he sends for my birthday, or the warmth of a ‘digital’ hug I send him on his…and “most of all, know and feel when it is that I am happy or sad” so that he can instantly mirror my neurons and be a part of the experience. Whoa! I thought, from a 7 year old!!!!

    So, can the frontiers of artificial intelligence really mimick any of the things my nephew is dreaming of? Could it mimick the intelligence of a sixth sense? Could it integrate the human right brain & left brain tendencies harmoniously into its intelligence to draw upon infinite sources of creativity and imagination, and then discipline it into a tangible/physical form and structure as creative output?

  7. Appu says:

    Yet to watch/know about an object/invention having infinite emotions/vibes.

  8. Harb says:

    Kavitha, you have put it beautifully.

    “Could it mimick the intelligence of a sixth sense? Could it integrate the human right brain & left brain tendencies harmoniously into its intelligence to draw upon infinite sources of creativity and imagination, and then discipline it into a tangible/physical form and structure as creative output?

    I think yes, the inventions of the future should be able to do something of the above.

  9. Rajesh Santhanam says:

    Sorry if I sound pedantic but it is important to clear the facts on “developed a chip that works not electromagnetically but through light”. In fact, electromagnetism is responsible almost all phenomena and light a form of electromagnetism. Light is, technically speaking electromagnetic radiation.

    The rest, I am as wide-eyed and enthusiastic as any curious person.

    Love your writings Shekhar.

  10. Jack Wayne says:

    d more imp. topic rit now is Babri Mosque, wats ur openion abt tat sir, wat’ll be d decissions, n wat’ll be d reaction of idiotic parties after d decission on 24th 😉

  11. Rudra says:

    AI can do whatever we want it to do. Dont get all over excited , people.

    wonder what the ‘ infinite sources of creativity and imagination’ are ? do they have an independent existence , from which humans or AI can draw from ?If so , where are they ?

    creativity is a random activity – it appears as creative and due to some fundamental mathematical symetricity ,we assign value to it as ‘ beautiful’ or ‘ thought provoking’ .

    and if it combines randomness with chaos thrown in with vague and fuzzy ideations depicted in again , random ways , we’d call it ‘ abstract creativity’.

    these are just words. what is real is just randomness and the inherent quality of the observer – to imagine and paint the image on itself and imagine and attach importane to those imaginations.

    there are already some skin hugging sensory membranes that simulate touch and smell – for those unfortunate souls who don’t get flowers or gifts or hugs from friends .

    AI would make a sad world even more boring indeed.

  12. brahmastra says:

    How about just chillin out by the babbling brook content in your own self. That is the best cure for everything. And with humans already hogging the heck out of the environmental resources, do you think your fantasies are going to be a reality? Why is the idea of progress hooked to such useless ventures? Invert the flow of mind..that is real progress.

  13. Rakesh says:

    I love Brahmastra- surely he is on the brink of Nirvana

    In all these are we ignoring the perceiver (drastha) and if computing is just an minor extension of that experience- what effect do you think it can possibly have.

  14. Vish says:

    Nothing is
    until You think it is

  15. Trupti says:

    I really love the way you come up with new stuffs…very interesting…just love it!!

  16. “Aajkal khoon me pahle se rawaani na rahi
    Bachpan bachpan na raha,jawaani jawaani na rahi.
    Apno’n me bhi gairo’n ka ehsaas hai isliye
    ab pahle se khushhaal zindgaani na rahi.
    @Kavi Deepak Sharma

  17. pappu says:

    Wah wah..wah wah!! subhaanalla kaviji but pappu can’t dance saala

  18. Harb says:

    Kavi Harb says (lol):

    Samay badlata hai
    Badlata rehta hai yaar
    Ise samjhane ki koshish kar
    Kuchh jaata hai to kuchh aata bhi to hai

    Kujh’k apno’n mein gairon ka ehsaas to hai
    Lekin bahut gairon mein
    Apno’n ka ehsaas bhi to paya
    Apne ko to apne khooh ko
    Dunya bhar mein phelaa kar
    Bahut maja aaya

  19. Shekhar Sir,
    Yes! you are right quantam physics has boomed up its course of development and it has been still witnessed seen in this current scenario. Medicines without doctors, Constructions without architects, Teaching without teachers…Just Robotics Technology working all around..A chip just doing the myth magic.
    Yes ! Of course you were right at the your judgement Creative scripts will follow very soon.


  20. Neeta says:

    wah wah! Kavi and Harb, wonderful words 🙂

    Is the quantum concept wanting to explain or simulate spiritual laws ? Or human intelligence ? Both of which look iffy. But yes, it could continue to contribute to utilitarian aspects, as science has done so far.

    As for human intelligence and spiritual laws there is much to learn now instead of waiting for science to catch up..

  21. Harb says:

    Hi Neeta, thank you.

    In a manner of speaking we along with our universe evolve from bodies to soul (matter to energy)and likewise our scientific ways of knowing evolve from gravitational concepts to quantum concepts, just as our inner ways of knowing evolve from senses to intuition/intelligence of via feelings and reason/intellect of course to give more detail.

  22. Janita says:

    it´s amasing and at the same time scarry because i can imagine how powerful this evolution is and in which way it´s going to be used/ misused(responsibility of humans)
    Mr. Rakesh, you wrote you love brahmastra ( comments) . Did you mean it ironically “surely he is on the brink of Nirvana” or do you mean he is in a nother sphere?(I never heard something like this bevor.)

    Computing can be extension, experience and flow of mind. It depends on the perspective and on the person(humans) who is developing, trying, thinking, dreaming. There has to be first of all fantasy, an idea,a wish a dream.
    Channel , express yourself , try your ways. Progress was,/is not to stop, progress is and will be…

    In the past people were afraid of the internet , about the power and the possibilities. Now people are using it like a telefon, or a car .
    I think a quantum chip is going to help in different ways but is not going to replace a teacher, a doctor or any human.

    Mr. Shekhar Kapur I like hindi films and I prefer human made films because they are full of emotions, experience, fantasy,stories about you and stories about me.
    You are the director, not the computer. Maybe one day you use a Quantum chipped computer and remember these words.

  23. brahmastra says:


    First of all..hifive for pointing out Rakesh’s post..dunno how i missed it. That’s a first here..ROFLMAO!!

    As far as scientific/material progress is concerned, it is time that India, and the world as a whole begins to go into deep sanyas yog. It has already begun with the widespread interest in ancient ways of yog and such. Earth’s resouces are fast depleting, corruption, greed and indulgence is everywhere, and chaos reigns supreme. At this point, do you think more material invention – and expansion of the collective mind – is the need of the day? Don’t you think it is better to recede to simplicity? Have all your ideas of progress done any real good to the world so far?

    Do you know of the Satya Yuga or Golden Age that prevailed in India before/during Lord Rama’s times several milleniums ago? They were an extremely advanced and orderly civilization without all these modern-day external machinery. All the spiritually evolved people were in power, and the populace were more established in their higher Selves which kept them grounded, aligned and able to accomplish things -without this modern quantum jargon- that may be considered high miracles today. They had simple arrows which could be powered by potent mantras that could be destructive enough to wipe out nations or beneficial enough to change the weather and bring rain. They had Vimanas/flying crafts that were powered by a mix of spirit and material elements. They had siddhis(superpowers) such as levitation, remote vision, intuition and extra-ordinary strength. They had a system of healing and natural medicine that will put all your modern medicine to shame. All this was possible becasue of their deep connections to their inner self. So above all, they had inner peace.
    This sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie, but these are facts, and as they say, reality is stranger than fiction.

  24. Janita says:

    ROLFMAO=Rolling On the Floor, Laughing My Ass Off ?
    I woud like to take a nap, but have to go to work( Limited time ,power and point of view) need time to think about your questions/ point of view, will answer soon…promised

  25. Janita says:

    -Mr.bramastra you are talking about Concepts of Heaven like Moksha • Svarga • Vaikunta ( right?)the time where purest ideal and mankind will allow intrinsic goodness to rule supreme.The Ära of truth .I read about Satya Yuga only in general but I don’t know them,maybe I didn ´t understood them right .What I know is Garden of Eden • Paradise • New Jerusalem • Pearly gates. For me they have the same meaning.
    I don’t want to hurt anybody feelings. Let ? say the Golden Age and the advanced and orderly civilization existed on earth, when everything was so perfect, why it does not exist anymore? A link is missing( for me).
    You are right by saying “It has already begun with the widespread interest in ancient ways” because people are searching a mean, a reason for live a crutch/ support. The soul of every human is important.
    I believe in the good nature of people/ humans. I hope god or some higher nature exists.
    In this point of you you are right this”reality is stranger than fiction”.
    Scientific is completely different from this.
    That are although facts.Maybe we lost our deep connection to our inner selves. and so our inner peace.
    You asked:

    “At this point, do you think more material invention – and expansion of the collective mind – is the need of the day? “- No “Don’t you think it is better to recede to simplicity? Have all your ideas of progress done any real good to the world so far?”

    A chip based quantum computing with photons is a new technology. It ? a progress of science, another kind of running a computer.Not an inner development of your soul, maybe of brains and intellect .

    There is so much nonsense already in the world, compared to this the chip would have a meaning, when clever and carefully used.
    We should remind ourselves to the basics of life and what is really important to us( right Mr.Brahmastra).
    When you have found your balance, a connections to your inner self i think you don´t need the quantum chip.

    I had small ideas of progress which concerned family, friends ,my job and social projects. Compared to the “real good to the world “they are a joke. But to me they have a meaning( not money, not power). I can change things in my head, heart and in my reality(microcosmus of life). I´? not in the position to change the world , but we can influence a tiny little part of it.
    -Mr. Rakesh you mean the beholder is ignored? I? only an observer, hope to have answered your question.
    humore is in the eye of the beholder.I asked honestly.

    -Mr. Kapur you reckon the Project of Jeremy O´Brien and Alberto Politi?

  26. pappu says:

    quantum chip is very cool..but not so cool as supershtar rajni robot..yendhirana vandhu whiskee vandhu masaala dose..mind iit 😀

  27. Rudra says:

    Shekhar Kapur ,

    Not sure if you plan on a blog , but your twitter quote is ‘Ram was born and lives in my heart, not in some disputed piece of land’.

    No doubt you know Ram – that guy . Even a lecherous snob like Nehru gets a ‘Pundit’ , or a hypocrite like Mohandas G gets a ‘Mahatma’ , how about some Respect for the national icon of perfection , national symbol of culture , Bhagavan Shri Ram ?

    I have nothing more to say to the likes of you , Shekhar : When your daughter or someone you care about has a serious accident , and have their bones broken and totally fractured – and some gortesque looking artificial limb is fitted on top, and there is a dispute about how the accident happened – with the other party also in the same Hospital, Use the same logic and don’t visit the Hospital or try to correct the fracture.

    After all, you can always say ‘ this person was born and lives in my heart and not in some disputed Hospital’.

    Ayodhya is the heart of India and of the future Vedic Empire , like in the ages past.

    Tat Sat.

  28. brahmastra says:


    Uh oh..you lit the spark.

    These pseudos are so confused, they can’t tell what is real and what is not if their lives depended on it. They chase the material world like mice chase cheese into the trap. Pseudo-secularism has spread in India like the bubonic plague, the result of which is the voting in of this corrupt circus-act of a government with an incompetent imbecile “prince” waiting in line to take over the reins of this once great nation.
    Religions need to be taken out of India especially these stupid newer ones, but not in the manner of these dumb communists, but in a way that can efficiently recycle esoteric Hinduism that promotes unity consciousness. These pseudo-secularists are encouraging religions that are full of core separatist values, and therein lies the problem. Until this is seen and understood by the masses, nothing is going to get resolved.

  29. brahmastra says:

    The drawback of this democracy circus is that dumbed-down masses, without any in-depth wisdom, are given a say. That is why the Vedic golden ages were successful..everything was in order..the evolved people were in charge. The act of Babar putting a mosque on top of the Ram temple was like pulling a veil of ego over the atman.

  30. brahmastra says:

    However, Mahatma Gandhi was a jnani, a super-human being. He probably went for ahimsa because that was the need of the hour..a weak rebellion could have been wiped out.

  31. Rudra says:


    There is an eternal spark, like a match in a dark room , the intention is to light up , not burn anything.

    I have nothing to say for Gandhi , other than giving him credit for Delaying a Grand Indian independence in 1920s , by another quarter of a century.

    British PM Atlee has said on record , that the only reason for the British to withdraw , was the Subhas Bose’s INA and the mutiny of the British Indian Navy , and that Gandhism hardly mattered in Realpolitik.

    It is another matter that , Gandhi’s killing made him a martyr and Gandhism a misunderstood word.

  32. Rudra says:

    brahmastra ,

    True democracy is a blessing – it reflectes the will of the people – the rule of the majority , by law.

    However , the people who call themselves ‘ Secular’ , have invented a new phrase ‘ Majoritarianism’ , forgetting , that it is the synonym for Democracy.

    The democracy we are witnessing is a fraud. Vote fraud has been around – earlier called ‘ Booth Capturing’ – a fine art in Bengal. Now they are into whole scale Vote fraud. the Engineer who exposed this and posted it on a website is in Jail now.


    The current ‘ Government’ has a PM who is NOT ELECTED !!!!! Shame on the people of India , who cannot even see this basic flaw – a Rajya Sabha nominated PM , who has no personality , no opinions has been chosen as a ‘Chaap’ – we know which Mafia is in control.

    The very thought of getting back 1.5 trillion Dollars of stashed public funds from Swiss banks , made the Mafia to invest 0.05 % of the money in Vote Fraud of EVMs.

    But how many people know this ? And those of us who know everything , are busy doing other things .

    The IMF’s sale of 200 Tonnes of Gold to India is also a Fraud. Since , it has now been found that the American Federal Reserve themselves a Fraud entity ( it is not Federal at all , but a Cabal of Private Banks , controlled by Private Families ) , had inserted False Metal into the Gold Blocks.

    Russia and China realised that MM Singh is a Puppet and has defrauded his own people and country , and did not buy IMF gold. China insisted it check every block of Gold – at which point , the American Fed backed off.

    It is not just an untenable situation , but , the whole world is under threat .

  33. kavitha says:

    Rudra: Accepting your views on ‘Bhagavan’ and Ayodhya as ‘the heart of India’, if Bhagavan were to ‘settle’ the disputed clog, how would He craft a resolution w/o potentially inflaming already tense sentiments, sans violence & bloodshed…and in a way that favors peaceful co-existence and travel to the Ultimate destination?

    And, how would you?

  34. Rudra says:

    Kavitha ,

    Your question is misdirected – take your question to what you call ‘ Bhagavan’. he might answer. What is the ‘ Ultimate Destination’ you speak of ?

    If you know that there is such a thing or know it , you must also be knowing how to get there ?

    I wouldn’t , since it is already ‘ Settled’. Always was.

  35. brahmastra says:


    India needs to be headed by an elite group of spiritualists. The percentage of low-level idiots has risen considerably..so simple logic says that majority rule is disastrous.
    Islamic oppression is still alive and well in India, but is never shown in the limelight. There are mosques coming up all over the place, with special concern towards Jammu where the process has already begun to perform the same ethnic cleansing and altering of demographics as was done in Kashmir. But these viral pseudo-secularists are living in their own deluded fantasy worlds, and are surely going to hadn over the country to China.

  36. Rudra says:

    Brahmastra ,

    Tatha Astu ! The more you know , the more it becomes clear that there is a global phenomenon at work , of which , what is going on in India is only a part.

    A mafia that controls everything from media to elections via EVM fraud , creates needless turbulence in the minds of people , sowing seeds of confusion via inane and mediocre debates about superficial things ,, is all about distracting the people from the Loot and Plunder by subversion right infront of th faces of people , while the majority slumbers on.

    Whatever is deserved will come to pass. The Karma of a sleeping person is to be a primary victim of Theft. What to speak of a Slumbering India ?

    What is in the future is not to be spoken of . But this churning is essential for the soul of the Vedic nation.

  37. kavitha says:


    Question was in the context of “Use the same logic and don’t visit the Hospital or try to correct the fracture…Ayodhya is the heart of India and of the future Vedic Empire”

    Question was in an attempt to understand an applied scientist’s logic :-)– your logic in the former as applied to the latter, the Ayodhya context.

    Btw, ‘Bhagavan’ is not “what [I] call” but a freely borrowed handle from your prior comment.

  38. AJ says:

    One Day
    we all will get lost in this crowd, masses of people…

    what will be known
    will be what you have done
    for humanity
    for the the creation
    for the creator
    for the creativity
    HAVE You contributed yet
    … to make life little better

    I’m now out to do my part
    and its upto you for your part

  39. AJ says:

    This is The Day

    A Day

    The Special Day

    Humanity can learn
    and be more caring, non violent, Human …

    I feel honored and proud today

  40. Rudra says:

    Kavitha ,

    The logic is simple. Natural reactions are bound to take effect. No one can gag a people , obfuscate History and steal its narrative , or , borrow wholesale discredited narratives.

    More reactions are in due order. No one can stop them either. This will not stop till all scales of Karma are balanced.

    Be on the side of Dharma. It is the winning side.

  41. brahmastra says:


    Bravo to Shekhar Kapur for speaking out against the Cola and Junk Food companies. Those guys need to be driven out of India like dogs.

  42. Janita says:

    Hi Brahmastra,
    thanks for the link.
    This kind of advertisement should be censored not only in India, who needs advertisement?
    The industry needs us, not the other way round.
    So there should be a way of
    controlling advertisement. Don´t buy the products anymore(embargo) .

    “If the stars don’t want to respond to their conscience it’s their problem,” is his firm stance( Mr. Kapur).
    I don think so.
    It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness.philos.quote [Karl Marx]


  43. kavitha says:

    Rudra: what are you suggesting one does to ‘be on the side of Dharma’, in this context?

  44. Harb says:

    Some of you may find my response to Sehkhar’s Tweet “India VS China, The Economist article interesting:


  45. AJ says:

    Congrats Dear Shekhar for taking the lead …

    We stopped dinking, eating all this junk for years now and are happy …
    May this instpire others.
    Strange was during india visit, I was offered cola many times and people were surprised to hear my NO ….

    If not Earth, Where ? If not Now, When ? If not You, Who ?

    Every individual need to stand up.

    Let us all care for our Earth:
    The world is being poisoned very slowly.
    The rivers are being polluted, the oceans are being polluted, the lakes are dying.
    Nature is being destroyed.
    We are exploiting the earth so much that sooner or later we will not be able to live on it.
    We are not behaving well with nature.
    Our whole approach is wrong, it is destructive.
    We only take from the earth, and we never give anything back.
    We only exploit nature.
    The ecology is broken, the circulation is broken;
    we are not living in a perfect circle, and nature is a perfect circle:
    if you take from one hand and you give from another, you don’t destroy it.
    But we are doing it: we only go on taking, and all the resources are being spent.

  46. Rudra says:


    what do you think ?

  47. kavitha says:

    Rudra: as the source that suggested, you are in the best position to elaborate on your thoughts…

  48. Rudra says:

    Kavitha : As the questioner who discovered the said question while knowing the answer , you are in the best position to answer it yourself.

    But since you seem troubled about it – i’ll answer it for you after all. To be on the side of Dharma , all you need to do is be peaceful like the great saint mahatma gandhi and be secular by not letting any rabidly communal forces preach about mythical ram – maybe build a school on the spot in ayodhya. Your Dharma is also to reject all regressive forces like Hinduism which are barbaric and anidated for their practices of Caste and support motions like the one EU passed declaring Caste system as Racism..there are other great things you can do too..like maybe accept a Maulana as your personal Guru and saviour and protect the rights of freedom of precticing religion by supporting conversion of primitive tribals into modern religion like christianity -also , your dharma is to fight againt primitive nationalism by supporting italians , columbians , americans to become our de facto prime ministers.

    You can do all of this.

  49. brahmastra says:

    Why is the Caste system compared to Racism? It’s plain stupid. They are completely different concepts. Racism is based on the hollow premise that a particular race is supreme in every way no matter what.
    Caste system is/was premised on more sophisticated aspects that could be likened to genetic engineering. It is like creating various human pedigree based on specialized Dharma..a specialized breed of spiritualists, breed of warriors, breed of merchants..so on. In fact, it is one of the main reasons India has progressed as it has..the proper organisation of labor.
    It is scientific, efficient, logical and way more humane than any of these dumb political social engineering categories such as communism, capitalism, etc etc.
    However, it is all relevant as per the times. Maybe the caste system will get recycled.

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