Quantum Chips, an intuitive, creative computer ?

Bristol University announced they have developed a chip that works not electromagnetically but through light (did I get that right ?), so it’s not only much much faster but also one that works on the principles of Quantum Physics. Where particles can be at several places at the same time.

Now am I getting this right ? Are we talking about a computer that can live with principles of Uncertainty and Chaos, and deduce results that are defined from there ? Is this the beginning of HAL out of 2001 Space Odyssey ? The applications possible with this chip are mind boggling.

A camera that can intuitively sense your ‘eye’ over time and frame pictures exactly as you would like them, but once you feed in all the masters (say Renoir) it could see your pics with the ‘eye’ of Renoir. Make everyone into a master photographer.

A Robot of course. But more essentially :

a. Medical diagnosis by a computer not really needing a doctor, so taking medical services to where they are needed most.
b. teaching without teachers
c. Intuitive Robots reaching outer edges of Space, saying ” Houston , we have a problem’
d. Chips designed to learn their own structures and continuously exploring their own ‘quantum, structure and exploring the micro meaning of the universe,

and to me the best : A computer that can write a creative script for a film that does not need to sleep, or take weekends off. And whom I could have hours of discussions and arguments with,

I could go and so could you, but have I got it completely wrong ?

124 thoughts on “Quantum Chips, an intuitive, creative computer ?

  1. past is never a solution for the future. vedas did a great job in their period but now …i doubt it can achieve anything spectacular. indianisation of jesus can never be possible even if u prove christianity was born in india. india stands for plurality and not the worship of any one individual. that to me is the identity of india

  2. kedar,

    When you do not have the ability to understand the depth of it, it becomes to convenient to label it as fanatic or communal. It’s a radical solution for a radical problem, just like when you have cancer, you have to undergo intense surgery.

  3. Pankaj,

    Past ? Human condition is an eternal thing – it is true in the past , it is true now and it will be true in the future.

    Vedic Way of life is the solution – for alignined living. Right now , Nature’s Blows are making people realize the basic truths of Vedic Living anyway.

    Indianisation of Jesus ? No one is Indianising anyone. The Myth of Jesus has many Big Holes . But the Life and culture of the Indian nation cannot withstand rabid hate-filled Christian Missionary activity. So an Indian Church – that recognises Pluralism is the only solution.

    Kedar ,

    I don’t see anything fanatic – what Brahmastra and other right thinking Children of Bhavani Bharat are thinking , is the Correct solution for the age. Would you say Vivekananda and Lord Krishna fanatic too ?

  4. Rudra,

    The thought process of these common folk validates the existense of the caste system of yore. It’s quite practical..you cannot have these peons making executive decisions. These pseudo intellectuals should be confined to rearing cattle and ploughing farms, without an internet connection.

  5. “India as country is part of this gameWe must get above the religion,cast,creed politics and concentrate on economic growth”
    ..and education and opportunity! Also reclaiming our spiritual self as individuals because health of society is dependent on the health of the individual.

    “just like when you have cancer, you have to undergo intense surgery..”
    ..has been shown to be invasive and ineffective in most cases and certainly so in the long run. On the contrary spiritual practices like meditation has been shown to cure it and many other degenerative diseases! All it needs is individual understanding and application of age-old wisdom which modern medicine is probably and hopefully waking up to.

    For anyone interested in near-death experiences, an interesting account with many profound lessons for life. http://www.nderf.org/amy_c_nde_4720.htm

  6. just like when you have cancer, you have to undergo intense surgery..
    ..has been shown to be invasive and ineffective in most cases and certainly so in the long run. On the contrary spiritual practices like meditation has been shown to cure it and many other degenerative diseases! All it needs is individual understanding and application of age-old wisdom which modern medicine is probably and hopefully waking up to.

    – I meant a third stage cancer. Not effective to “begin” a spiritual healing path, unless you have supernatural powers of healing.

  7. Is there any “beyond death experience” also?

    I am asking because before I had my insight for my book I was at some such place because I found mysef asking, “So will I not be free even after my death?”

    As I am writing this a thought occurs to me that it is also possible that this is actually the NDE people talk about and seeing my plight I just felt I will even go beyond it – obviously to my death – in the same state. Hence my question.

    Now it is clear. I was then entangled into my knowledge of four basic forces and till I got rid of it obviously I could not be free and go to my death as a free person. Then my life’s scheme of things rightly made me have the insight, write my book about it so as to get it out of my system and then set me free as above. Obviously at deeper levels this worldly baggage attached to a person or his soul will only be in the form of thoughts or in the form of some knowledge which too is just a knot of thoughts and once he gets rid of them/it he is free. So I can only hope that by the end of my life now I get drained of all knowledge.

    Lol, beyond even rishi and krishi to what gives birth to both i.e., mitti…earth.

  8. Rudra….right. If you mean Vedic principles….yes you are right. Principles never change. The principles that worked in the past will always stand the test of time. But we probably need a new political system, a new economic system and a brand new world idea, may be based on the vedic way of life as you put it. Just imagine the kind of tools available today. At the click of a button anybody can cast a vote. Then why do we require elections after every 5 years. Why cant it be continuous voting. Or better still why should parliament cast the vote on bills…why cant it be people directly on every bill. Wouldnt that be the real democracy. Its a very simple and obvious thing that will and has to happen either now or after 100 years. The country that will win the race is the one that starts it.

  9. Hi Pankaj ,

    You wrote a couple of very meaningful things.

    How representative is the model of Democracy we have in India now , as-is borrowed from British Parliamentary model ?

    If you read some posts earlier on this blog – we spoke about Electronic Voting Machine Fraud – and how it has been proved. The 2009 elections were swindled and stolen – but there is no way to prove it . The one guy who proved that EVM machines can be Hacked , has been Arrested !

    You are right – we need to generate Creative ways to make the Governance truly representative. We can have a referendum on every major issue. We cannot let people who ‘ Represent’ us , ‘ Rule’ us !

    In India , which is used to ‘Rajas’ and ‘Nawab’s , Elected ‘Representatives’ are still seen as ‘ Rulers’. We can definitely consider a 2-3 year Electoral cycle.

    RIght now we have a PM who si not Elected ! ManMohan Singh is a CHaap – nominated PM from Rajya Sabha . This is the highest form of Cheating.

    When the 4th Pillar is bought up , when the Media is split on Political lines , how and who can expose the heist we are all witness to ?

    You are right – India has been ripe for a Cultural Renaissance or Revolution for while. We need to look into our Glorious Civilizational Experience to create a something Unique.

    An impersonal ‘ Rule of Dharma’ from ‘Rule of Law’ will be a good start. We can always debate what constitues ‘Dharma’ – whatever it maybe , it will have to have a Spiritual Dimension and cannot be ‘Secular’.

  10. Yes Rudra…voting is just an example where we are being idioitic just because we are afraid of change. Lots of similar simple reforms can do amazing wonders. The sceptics will always try to come with reasons and delay the reforms. But every system needs continuous change according to changing environment. We in india are the laziest when it comes to reforms and always like to take the swami approach to life —theres nothing wrong with the system–system is as good as it people—all such crap.

    Rudra, brahma, kedar….where are u guys from? I am from pune. Wont it be great if we could meet in person too.

  11. kedar,

    So you think you have evolved into a good human being? (a la your exciting story of having turned over a new leaf from being a low-level fanatic party worker into a brand new pseudo-secularist) When you do not have the intellectual prowess to debate, you run away and take refuge in words like fanatic and communal. The cancer and disease of India lies foremost in wannabes as yourself who have paralysed the nation from moving towards its full potential. Democracy is a big failure in times when the majority is as mediocre as yourself. Do your homework and upgrade your wisdom so you can qualify to debate on such matters “dude”.

  12. Harb, ‘beyond death experience’ cannot be reported back..lol. I’m glad you stayed back to report. I’ve learnt much from your blog!

  13. Neeta, your comment was much needed and is appreciated. Otherwise I was just feeling like closing shop lol as I felt as nobody is giving ‘hungara’ (any comment/response) may be nobody was understanding what I was talking about.

    As for BDE cannot be reported back, of course it is true but at the same time one never knows what potentialties this miraculous something called Life has.

  14. Deepak R and Harb,

    Yes, points well taken, Self-realization = Exorcism. You have to exorcise your own ghost (the mind). That is the simplest way to describe it.

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