Does God exist ? Stephen Hawkin’s ‘hot’ new debate

No, actually He does not. Neither does She. Neither does any religion push the existence of an individual as God. Buddha denied the existence of God except as the idea of ‘nothingness’. Christ was the Son (and therefore born of) God that is Eternal and the Light. The Prophet Mohammad was the Prophet through whom God the Almighty and Omnipresent spoke. The fundamentals of Hinduism are based on the idea’s of an eternity that encompasses all existence as described by Krishna (or at least revealed to) Arjun in the Bhagvad Geeta. Each religion has attempted to expand the concept of God to include ideas of universal eternal love and compassion.

I sometimes feel people keep raising these issues to sell their books or to get on to TV shows.

Of course science will go continue to expand the frontiers of knowledge in the logical understanding of our Universe. And wise philosophers and spiritualists will continue to co opt that part of science that somehow corresponds with concepts of centuries old spiritualists. Such as quantum physics. But while science can give us many theories to describe love, can it give us the experience of love ? And are experience and analysis the same thing ? No they are not.

There in lies the difference. We live in an infinite universe that we must describe and measure in finite terms for it to be ‘scientific’. The ideas of infinity can only come as mathematical possibilities with a ‘constant’ always needed to complete the infinite equation. More often than not that ‘constant’ is the assumption of ‘non linearity of time’ . Which will be proven no doubt, but to a human ego existing and addicted to the idea of linearity of time, ‘eternity’ is essentially incomprehensible other than in moments of expansive emotions of ‘faith’ and ‘love’.

The spiritualists describe the Universe as infinite probabilities. Infinite potential. It exists as you imagine it does. In fact it exists and does not exist at the same moment.

So does God also exist and not exist at the same time ? Is there a ‘being’ that is pulling all the strings of the Universe according to huge design ? Yes, if the design is infinite. And encompasses all possibilities that gives infinite choice. The idea being not someone or somebody that controls the Universe , but a Universe that is consistently creating and destroying itself.

Can there be a scientific equation that ‘explains’ the Universe ? Yes, if you could find an equation that is consistently evolving and destroying itself, refusing to be a static defined representation of our infinite existence.

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  1. Science is an intpretation of What it sees therefore its research is based on what actually exist how does science intrept what it cant see….Scientology..I belive what i see but i feel which i cant see…You are not my brothers nor sister untill science says so You are not my mother unless i come form your womb your not my teacher untill you read me a book,How does science explain the posibility of death and birth Are we really from monkeys…I was an atheist.Let me tell you again I was an Atheist.A true atheist will not argue nor define anything infinite.An atheist will understand the religion,read,argue within himself untill its purely understood.An atheist will go beyong its mind to realise the true nature of the universe therefore there is nor atheist or agnostic whic claim to came closer except for our great inventors in 18th century which proclaim themself as atheist but never thy insult nor deny the exixtence of true god beliver.I’m choose to belive in god because through my 1 year research I have not failed but gain trust and belive in god…As god is one.Untill the day you realise the infinite one is HIM your strugle within you will prolong untill you have discovered the meaning not in seeing HIM….

  2. According to me Science is like Vigyan but actuallx religion are ‘mahavigyan’ .Everything written in Religion is True 100 %. You can say Science is the child of Religion. And of course God Exists. To see The God we have to open our 10th door or you can say third eye by Meditation.

  3. As per Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, which is a very great analysis of our mind / thought process , even ‘intelligent’ is a sheath which covers individual soul – hence Mahat or the Universal Soil. Cud be true – still, at the end, the whole purpose of realising ‘God’ seems meaningless as you rise to a state of ‘no thought’ or ‘no desire’ or ‘no feelings’. With all the wariness of life, I think, that state is still not so attractive. Then, the afterlife, the so called ‘eternal bliss’ is somewhat suspect and very far fetched too. Elements, like fire, water, earth have long ceased to be ‘Gods’ and those who enjoy ‘Somarasa’ are not much different from my next door neibhour. Science has not unravelled all the hidden secrets of the Universe but has eliminated many a myths and continues to eliminate more and more myths. Let us wait, till all the doubts are cleared, till such time believers can believe in God and others otherwise.



  6. its all abt r thinking,depeds upon r mentality wt v believe or nt ……… its al abt feeling,dat hw u feel inb doing dat wrk.if u feel gud u wil believe otherwise its all fake

  7. If u’ll believe tht god exists ……..pls prove it to me???? have guts??
    universe was created by physics!! and not by god…………..the belief of god has no scientific base!
    and todays world works on science not on stupid superstitions!

  8. “YOU” or “WE” are the best living examples that God exists.
    Please try to understand that there are only two types of people: 1) Who believe in God 2) Those who don’t want to believe in God ….. and not Who don’t believe in God….

  9. I second LEO !
    @Priyanka… Scientific base is there, it’s a viewpoint to which you may or may not agree to
    If you are talking about physical prove than you have to wait to be surprised ! however, here is a bit of logic .. consider a sight , a vision that you were to appear in front of a Mighty King of an Empire.. really are u visioning it ? now first your legs would shiver, wont it ? or you’d be nervous at the very least ? … he says to you, Do this (1st day) , than this (2nd day), than that (3rd day) , than finally this (4th day), return back on 5th day with your results… (work is easy) ….. Upon return, you give all that what i ask you for, and get rewarded with 100 Million $$sss , not doing as i ask for puts you in my prison..

    Now what you’d do ? most definately you’d ought to do it and why not, just doing that makes you a king yourself…. That is Physical presence and tell me one person who’d deny doing this if were to be present in front of a Physical Being with power ??

    Is there any use of that ? I think not !!

    It is only the unseen faith that will count .. !


  10. For all those indians here. i have lot to agrue an at the same time lot of doubts hope some of you can clarify it.
    so everyone says god created the whole universe.
    My dobut is did god create dinosaurs because in all the pictures of gods have animals like rats, cows n elephants etc around but i never saw a T-REX standing besides god.
    so did god come first or dinosaurs.
    as far as i know dinosaurs beccome extinct in metorite crash to the earth n then again evolution took place from micro organisms and rats, cows and elephants evolved.
    I hope somebody will clarify my dobut

  11. thank you i did always think about it and now i understand that you are right if god exist then there must be a control place exist in universe which can control all the universe but there are many universe therefore there should be many controller(god) but all religions said that there is one god so that all lie and it is an imagination of human being that an eternal or infinite god exists who control everything.

  12. Suppose i m sleeping in the dark , someone is moving around me and i have to check it out who is he ?…..there are two option….for me……
    1. I will switch on the light(god)….to see who is he ?
    2. I will create love inside me for him……even he wants to hurt me…….kill me……
    Creating Love for him…..will gives me peace of mind…..and i can judge him who is he ?……So there is no need of Light(god)……….but there is need to feel the love of Elohim….

  13. We all know that we are living in the modern era of science . Each and every thing has a science in it. But sometimes the science is not good. Sometime we should not go deep into science because it can bring havoc in the world. So if someone believe in god let him believe or if someone is not believing then let him not believe because it’s your choice ……………

  14. god is nothing but an image created by human mind . whether he exists or not depends upon each individual . it is not right to say that god is evolved from human fear, it is when we are afraid that we look deeper to seek console and it is then that we see the inner light whom we call god.

  15. “God” is a figment of imagination. Each religion created its own god and claimed that to be the true one. Thus we have Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Joshua, Appolo, Jupiter, Sun god etc. There is no proof of god from scientific angle. As human beings were evolving they were being inquisitive. That which the human beings with their limited knowledge they possessed till their time, could not explain or reason out were attributed to God. Thus according to them the Earth was the centre of the Universe; human beings filled the earth from an original pair of Man and woman, namely Adam and Eve; The Earth was flat etc. The Science as of now has not proved these notions; the fact of the matter is, as we now know, these notions are ridiculous. The only reason why Religion could have some support from the knowledgeable people could be that it provides some level of comfort and solace when we feel mental agony; when we feel lost and desperate, weak and despondent. Such feeling is only a state of mind.

  16. How do we prove that God does exist, I exist, anything exists are popular questions that I believe some people would ask not necessarily in all sincerity, but more so to appear somewhat philosophical, or in search for the deeper meanings in life. In response to that question I would ask an equally valid question: how do we proof that anyone or anything does not exist. Think about it !
    The answer in my book is, we cannot because what does not exist is not perceptible to the human mind and therefore beyond proof in the context of the meaning of the word proof. The only person ever to have any real dealings with that which does not exist is our Creator God who made this universe and us out of nothing.
    If we then are unable to proof that anyone or anything does not exist on what basis can we assume that we can prove who or what does exist? What makes us think that we have the understanding and the capacity to reverse what God has put in place in the first place in an attempt to explain away either ourselves, or God or His creation?
    Definition of PROOF according to the Webster dictionary is: the cogency of evidence that compels acceptance by the mind of a truth or a fact…. and the word cogency means: Appealing to the intellect or powers of reasoning; convincing.
    I ask you; what is the significance of that which is “ appealing to the intellect of the human mind “ as compared with the wisdom of the One who created us out of nothing?
    The word proof is totally earthbound as it is limited to man’s reasoning. Only by faith can we enter that other eternal dimension that reveals our Creator God and His purpose for us. Proverbs 3:5-6.

    Jim van Ommen.

  17. Any scientist will admit that there is NO science (chemistry, physics, etc) that has any way of making or creating something out of nothing. If you say “there is a way we just haven’t discovered it yet”, well that isn’t science or fact it is hope or faith. Please explain the big bang to me, or how the Sun has only used 2% of it’s hydrogen when its been here for billions of years. All science tells me that there was a beginning and i have not seen any proof, or facts, to say that the universe has always existed. You may ask “Where did God come from?” If He is the God that He tells us that He is, He created the science and the laws of science that we are bound by today, and i know that the creator is greater then the creation. There is so much evidence out there for intelligent design, and evolution has no intellect to choose, the only evolution i can see is what the smartest creatures (humans) have done to this world and that has resulted in destruction of this planet. But every argument in the world will not change someones mind when they have already decided that they can’t be accountable to a God. If pride will not allow you to admit you are wrong you will not even think you are. If life started in some soup with the right conditions by chance millions of years ago surely an intelligent scientist can put life in a single cell today. It is your choice what you believe but if your right and there is no God out there then we will both die never to rise again, but if your wrong and there is a God that you could have know in this short life, then….. a loss, loss situation.
    In Romans chapter 1 we read about people that choose to ignore God
    1:19 … that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath showed [it] unto them. 20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, [even] his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: 21 …. but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, 23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man,…

  18. As you say Tim, where did God come from ? When will we be told ? How much longer do we have to wait ?
    After all we have to know before we can give credence to what He says in His word, don’t we?
    In Job 38 God spoke to Job as I think He would speak to the likes of us today:
    “Then the LORD spoke to Job out of the storm. He said : 2 “Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge? 3 Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me. 4 “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand?
    Just imagine it, we as individuals, grown-up adults, facing our Creator God prostrated in front of Him…….. mud all over our faces and our academic regalia……. stammering and groping for words to say.
    As creatures of time, who live by the clock, we have ordered our lives in every detail from cradle to the grave to meet all our deadlines ( pardon the pun) and yet we have no real comprehension what time is all about. If we did we might come better prepared for the final appointment.
    God is from everlasting to everlasting, without beginning and without end, incomprehensible for sure even to Doctor Who. We may often have wanted to step into that phone booth with him, but there comes a time……time?……when we need to put fable and curiosity aside and face reality . The reality that we cannot and will not know the mysteries of God’s creation on this side of the grave, but if we read and accept His word we will know all that we are capable of knowing, which is ENOUGH ! Enough to step out of time into eternity with Him.
    Whether or not He will then tell us all the finer detail and formulas of creation, I don’t know, but somehow I think that might pale into insignificance as we peer over His shoulder into the celestial Disneyland.

  19. Hi Doug,

    I am curious to hear why you think that God has made you an atheist?

    I know there are people who consider themselves to be atheists, but at least they have chosen to exercise their God given free will and chosen to be such.

    Why would God single you out and make you like a robot without a free will ?

    Cheers, Jim.

    Christians believe that God has made us in His image with a free will to do as we please.
    Why would He single you out and make you like a robot, devoid of emotions such as peace, purpose, direction, fulfilment, joy and love, all of which

  20. God is not real, period. I used to be a catholic and after that I was a Jehovah’s Witness. I heavily believed in god, I went to church every Sunday, read the bible, and even kept my virginity until marriage. Later in life my mom got sick, I prayed and prayed and prayed …lets just say soon after that I went to her funeral.
    I do believe that their is something else out there, Aliens or whatever you want to call it, but I do NOT believe that any religion we have today is the truth.
    In the bible it clearly states to never pray to anything but god, yet when Catholics recite Hail Marys, aren’t they praying to Mary?

  21. Hi Doug,

    I’m rather intrigued by your comment….. ” If God does exist, why did He make me an atheist ?”…..

    I know there are people who consider themselves to be atheists, but at least they are such by choice as God has given them and all of us a free will. I think people in general, having made that choice, accept responsibilty for whatever choice they have made.

    Why do you think God has singled you out and has turned you into a robot by taking away that free will and made you an atheist ?

  22. God is not a person is a state of being. Some people are born with spiritual knowledge , some will have to wait to gain knowledge …and in order to understand you must listen. Your mind is restless by nature, so calm your mind, don’t try to explain everything, just feel…be in the now…All will come to you if you are genuine in your search.

  23. God….

    If you think about it, you will realize that there is no difference between God and Leprechauns.

    Lots of people talk about God as though he exists, but there is no actual evidence for God’s existence. And there should be, because there are many positive claims in the definition of God.

    For example:

    *.God has never left any physical evidence of his existence on earth.

    *.All historical gods were imaginary and weknow it.

    *.None of Jesus’ “miracles” left any physical evidence either.

    *.God has never spoken to modern man, for example by taking over all the television stations and broadcasting a rational message to everyone.

    *.The resurrected Jesus has never appeared to anyone in a provable way.

    *.The Bible we have is provably incorrect and is obviously the work of primitive men rather than God.

    *.When we analyze prayer with statistics, we find no evidence that God is”answering prayers.”

    *.Huge, amazing atrocities like the Holocaust and AIDS occur without any response from God.

    *.And so on

    �There is absolutely no evidence indicating that God exists. There is a tremendous amount of empirical evidence that God does not exist. For example, God is definedas a prayer-answering being, but we know with certainty that the belief in prayer is a superstition. Therefore we can conclusively say that God is imaginary.Another angle Here is a second way to look at the same question.With every other object and phenomenon in our experience, we use the scientific method to determine whether it exists or not. For example, X rays are invisible, but we know that they exist. We can devise scientific experiments to prove that they exist. Then, once proven to exist, X-rays can be used predictably in all sorts of beneficial ways.

    If you would like to hypothesize that God exists, then you should say to yourself,

    “Let’s devise a repeatable scientific experiment to provide evidence that God exists.”

    Every experiment we devise demonstrates, yet again, that God is imaginary.This pageprovides a simple example of such an experiment – if God were real, we should be able to have him toappear as described in the Bible.Isn’t it odd that God, unlike everything else in our universe, has been put into a specialcategory? When we talk about God, we are supposed to do so “philosophically.” Why?

    Why not treat God just like all other objectsand devise experiments to detect his presence or absence?

    The classic religious response is, “God must remain hidden. If he proved his existence, that would take away faith.” Thisis clever — here we have an object named God that proves its existence by completely hiding its existence. Of course, in the real world, any object that provides no evidence for its existence is classified as imaginary.Even more interesting, this object called God, which is supposedly hiding its existence completely, is in the meantime supposedly writing books, answering prayers and incarnating itself. How can that be? This obvious contradiction showshow imaginary God is. When we look at prayer scientifically, we find that”answered prayers” are actuallynothing butcoincidences. When we look at the Bible scientifically, ethically or rationally, we find thatthe Bible is wrong. When we look at all of Jesus’ miracles scientifically, we find that none of them left behind any scientificor historicalevidence. Nor, for that matter, did Jesus, nor did Jesus’resurrection. Strangely, not a single historical source independent of the Bible ever mentions theresurrection.There is a famous saying: “Absence of evidence is not evidence of Absence.” And that is true sometimes. But in many cases the statement is not true. As we saw with Noah’s Ark, the event would have necessarily left evidence behind in many different forms and places. Therefor, the absence of evidence is evidence of absence in this case. God suffers from the same type of problem. God is defined, for example, as a prayer answering being. We can easily demonstrate that the belief in prayer is a superstition. That contradiction shows God to be imaginary.The reason why we can find no empirical evidence for God’s existence is not because “God is a magical being completely able to hide from us.” It is because God is imaginary.

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