where is this place called paradise ?

where is this place called ‘Paradise’

except within the misery of the hungry
and dispossessed people ?

where is this place called ‘Paradise’

except in the dark recesses and demons
of your own mind ?

where is this place called ‘Paradise’

except within the daily struggle
to find that elusive ‘peace’

where is this place called ‘Paradise’

except in the breathing in
of all that is,
and in the letting go
of that breath

26 Responses to “where is this place called paradise ?”

  1. A says:

    Beautiful…. yet so deep and thought provoking.

    Paradise is in simplicity
    and in letting go of that breath that in took all that is

  2. Manjula says:

    If only I was one of them, who could get there whenever I want, so that I could take ppl along with me wenenver they want and help them learn on there own how to get there.
    Let each one of us reach our own paradise. Good luck to all.

  3. Abhaya says:

    I was little too quick to respond on the twitter when I equated paradise to John Milton’s Paradise lost to paradise we lost in Kashmir..

    I feel it is a beautiful verse.. if you have penned it.. it speaks too highly of your simplicity and still conveys the complexity beneath it..

    I shall get back to you..

    Love and Regards
    (http://abhayasharma.net )

  4. Joseph says:


  5. suraj says:

    Mr Kapur,
    Been a fan of yours ever since I saw Mr. India. Glad to see you write poetry too!

  6. ashwin says:

    a very thoughtful piece of poetry shekhar. you are a very spiritual person as you seek the divine within and not as an external manifestation. 🙂

  7. Harshit says:

    Paradise is all in the believing !! and till the pursuit of the illusions of mind prevail.

    Being a big fan of yours and your ideology, I feel – ‘ You understand your responsibility of being a celebrity and your statements exhibit your sense of sincerity towards society, nation and mankind. You know what impact a celebrity makes with whatever he/she speaks/do or reveal in public.’

    Celebrities are no less than a leader, they are the actual democratic result without an electoral process

  8. SuryaUday says:

    Paradise is an expression for a state of mind when the mind is under the influence of those energies that generate ecstasy.

    Your ideologies hit my heart and mind

  9. Neeta says:

    Have we lost hope in happiness ?
    I see paradise in the cocoon becoming a butterfly.
    Also called the buddha-mind which each one of us already has. A daily application of the ancient wisdom teachings will take one there, if one desires to. ‘Heaven was not built in a day’, and ‘does not exist without god’, is what I follow.

  10. JOY says:

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  11. Minakshi Karan says:

    Beautifully expressed and deep thought provoking.

  12. JOY says:











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  13. Bee Gee 59 says:

    Paradise is
    – when a hungry stomach is fed
    – when a dying animal is saved
    – when an old human being is given a warm hug
    – when an old man/woman is helped cross a busy road
    – when u dont forget to serve the old with warmth and dont have to garland their framed photos
    when they are gone.
    – when bud is left to bloom on the plant
    – when a tree is watered
    – When wars are called off and fellow human beings are loved
    – when pollution is reduced and nature is gifted to the future generations

    Bee Gee 59

  14. Suja Nair Shirodkar says:

    Beautiful …….
    Paradise is a place that don’t exist ….a subconscious place created to pacify ur mind and soul for an unknown future ….

  15. brahmastra says:

    Bee Gee 59 is digging a very deep grave to come out of. All these pre-conditions for “Paradise” are the root cause of its elusive nature. Your deep Self is paradise, reside there unconditionally..all these conditions are going to make it harder.

  16. Manish says:

    Unan, Misra, Rom Sab mit gaye jahan se
    Kuch to baat hogi ke baanki hai nisha hamare

    Today is indias indipendance day.
    Happy Indipendance-day to you and all

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    All right @Deepak Sharma

  18. kavitha says:

    The quest for paradise in a rhapsody… http://bit.ly/ddbg8N

  19. kriti says:

    shekhar ji ,

    can i please have a small interview with you , even if itis online….it would be a great honour…i am a journalist …..it would be really nice ….

  20. pappu says:


    do you want to take my interview instead? i want to remake bandit queen, and i am casting right now.

  21. “Roz na milne ka matlab yeh to hargiz nahi
    rishte bemaani mere taalluk begane ho gaye.

    dil se dil se jod”Deepak” maafiq sharaab hote hain
    aur bhi purtaasir hue jitne purane ho gaye.



  22. paradise lies outside the boundries of hell we created for our selfs.

  23. Shiva says:

    A little similar thoughts I had sometime ago.


    wonder what is there beyond
    the everyday routine
    the past, the present, the future
    the disappointments, heartbreaks, sorrows
    the bonds, ties, affections
    all thats mine, yours and theirs

    what peace i cannot find here
    why do i hope to find in that ‘beyond’?
    is this hope, an escape or a fool’s paradise?
    is there a ‘beyond’ that guarantees peace?
    or is it just another here?

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