Why does ‘the moment’ not last ?

In response to Kavita’s inspiring story of how she is meeting the challenges of battle against Cancer, Trupti asks a very valid question :
“You live as routine…
You breath as routine..
One day you come across such inspiring story and it stirs your soul and makes you feel inferior, you get excited and restless.
Next day you become normal…
Shekhar, why does this feeling lasts only till we hear another story? Why can’t we immerse this feeling in our soul forever and really live life with the thought “every day could be your last”. After all that will help you to get over all your inhibitions”
Very valid question Trupti, that questions the fundamental way we learn ( and that is important because I do not think we were born that way) to live. Living in fear of what may be, unable to let go of an interpretation of the past ( and it is only a very prejudiced interpretation). Is it because our mind is afraid to let go of that fear, because if it does, the ego will lose control of ‘us’, for a fearless mind is a mind that is able to live completely in the moment, in the present. Probably with much more humility than the ego will allow. As in Kavita’s case, as she says, the one way she got over the fear of death from Cancer was to concentrate on the joy of creativity of the moment. So Trupti’s question is very valid. Why do we need a near death experience to learn that the moment is the truth ?
Not always though. The first time you fall in love (well, every time), you feel a release from the constriction of time, of the future, so lost are you in something completely extraordinary that is happening to you. Or a musician at the moment of composition, or a singer lost in his/her song, a dancer lost in the dance so much that that the dance and the dancer become one
The word ‘lost’ keeps coming up. To lose yourself. To lose your identity. Your individuality. Like a person of great faith lost in worship. All moments when you experience moments of fearlessness – and are pulled into the eternity of the ‘now’.
But why can it not last ? Anyone care to take up Trupti’s question ?

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  1. AJ says:

    To be in the moment is the Ultimate Joy.
    Living life to the fullest every moment IS.
    Fear of unknown is the root cause of all misery.

  2. Manasi says:

    Taking up Trupti’s question…
    The reason “this moment” is lost is because the stimulus has come from outside oneself. When the stimulus comes from within oneself (like Kavitha’s) the ripples of consciousness last much longer… sometimes a life time.

  3. Kavita lives every moment,not just every day…
    we learn from life and each other,in front of these wonderful lessons….things like hatred and violence are nothing.
    When there is a lot of love to be spread,why do we worry and give birth to pain.
    To Kavita and many battling other dreadful diseases,handicapped-disable people…life is a blessing,so why do the rest of us..complain.
    We need to learn.,from them,from life,from our soul within.

  4. neeti says:

    Is mind the culprit? it gets amazingly focussed in face of fear- fear of loss, whereas at all other times , it doesn’t stay with just one thought one flow, it chases a million things, a million thoughts, one leading to another.

  5. Fear of death – The only answer.
    The possible solution :
    A journey.

  6. Gagan says:

    The Moment is Eternal, It is the Truth, Infact it is the background of all the play called LIFE. If you focus on the Canvas, then there is no Painting, where as if if you look at the painting, there is no canvas.
    It is only temporarily that the focus gets shifted to the moment, otherwise our life is a series of uninterrupted events, which take up the major share of our attention. By becoming One with the moment, you will risk your “personal story”, as it would lose it’s attraction. Ego gets dissolved when there is only “the moment”.
    Mind is the Creator of the Personal story, which weaves the story around Me, and it keeps us busy throughout life, as the story is unending. It feeds on our inability to doubt the mind,
    So unless we stop believing, what the mind tells us about ourselves or others, we cannot experience the eternal, which is beyond polarity.

  7. AJ says:

    How is Panni ?
    Time has come and is the need of the hour

  8. AJ says:

    Searching for the Home
    Where is it ? ! ? !
    Trying to know more, less is known !!!
    Earth, Life, what & how much we know !
    How much we care ! ?
    Homosapiens benefit the most from 400 billion years of life, planet …
    Agriculture : The first and only revolution
    Half the humanity tilting soul

  9. Neeraj says:

    Hi Shekhar,
    I have been reading your posts religiously for a while now. Every post of yours stirs up some question or the other in mind. Questions that make you think, beyond what is visible.
    As far as Trupti’s question is concerned, I guess the answer to her question has to be found by the individual him/herself. But as people, we are driven more by fear of something than love. Whether we agree to it or not, but life scares us more than death. living in the moment is something, that all of us want to do, but we are scared, about the length of life. What if we live long, and suddenly find our lives completely out of our control? So we think and plan for the future, and do what our brain is trained to think is the right way to go ahead.
    Its scary… but so it is.
    I wish I could come out of this fear myself. Today I try to live ‘with’ such moments thrown here and there, maybe someday, i ll live ‘in’ those moments.

  10. Dinesh says:

    The body has to perish being a composition of ever changing dynamics of five elements. ‘We’ are eternal and deep inside we know it. Even when we regularly see people perishing around us, for few hours or days we may become fearful or concerned but soon the instinct of eternity of the soul makes us forget the ‘death’. An truly enlightened person will have no fear of death since deep inside -the intuition, the memory of the super conscious or eternity, powerfully reflects on his sub conscious.
    If not so, the fear of death and inevitable destruction will not allow us to function or create anything.

  11. AJ says:

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  12. Geetika says:

    Why does ‘the moment’ not last ?
    Humm… we are brought up to live in a mundane world that does rob you off your ability to remain sensitive towards a soul stirring experience.
    The a human achieves a state of Nirvana, the Moment will Last…
    But the another question is: Are we all here to achieve Nirvana or “Earth is the right place to Love” ?

  13. austere says:

    The rush of life takes over?
    Maybe my mind is programmed for only bite-size pieces?

  14. Preeti says:

    Trupti – I think one of the greatest gifts that God has given us is our short-lived memory. Imagine if we were consumed day after day with the things of the past, we would not be able to move on and become more and more entrenched on where we are and where we were. I think even such feelings that we have – inspirational or otherwise are luckily transitory so that new experiences consume us at different times. Whether Kavita’s challenge of dealing with cancer or my own of being widowed at 38 with two children under 5, was the worse thing that could have happened at that point of time. And it is the passage of time that heals, mainly our fading memory that heals and the beautiful continuum of life that heals. Not just heals but opens a window when the door is firmly shut. Best, Preeti

  15. In a day, when you dont come across any problems, you can be sure that you are travelling in a wrong path.
    – Swami Vivekananda
    I wish life to be a continuing journey not a stable one. Lets walk together till a destination towards another destination arrives.

  16. kedar says:

    The moment is experienced by many…different incidents, different experiences…
    but it never lasts longer or forever…Why?…
    well…what happens after the moment is lost?…back to mundane life?…means what?…rush of life takes over means what?…Mind doesnt want us to let go!? means what?…
    the moment is not important…what happens after divine feeling disappears is very important…
    back to mundane life?…means what?…what are we doing?…what are we thinking?…what are we desiring?…what actions are we taking?…
    all these questions would lead us to a point where we can clearly see Different personalities hidden within ourself…
    and once this can happen then one can easily shift focus of each and every personality within himself towards one single goal…
    now all these personalities are doing different work in outside world…but if their focus is SAME then what will happen?…what can happen?… Can then a person consciously ENTER the moment himself?… 🙂
    So in short, the moment doesnt last long because WE DONT WANT IT TO LAST LONG…why?…because THERE ARE STILL DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES WITHIN OUR SELF!
    Face the fears! they can not destroy u…!…

  17. AJ says:

    I would like to hear update from you rather someone else ?
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    AB wrote :
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  18. Horst Vollmann says:

    Hello Shekhar:
    Each moment is replaced by the next moment in which we exclusively live, free of any interference from left over thoughts of the past moment. If there were just a linear progression of all the moments that occur, that fade into our memory bank once the next moment arrives we would probably never fully develop our ability to separate the moments of powerful intensity from those that have not enough gravitas to enable us to identify their meaning. As much as we try to live in the moment, to capture the essence and the depth of our feelings there will always be long stretches when the yesterday intrudes or the dread of the tomorrow diminishes the intensity of the moment. Trupti realizes, as many of us do, that no matter of how powerful an experience, an inspiring story stirs our soul we cannot keep the intensity level of such moments alive forever. The thoughts about the finality of our existence interfere no matter how fearless we confront the inevitability of death. The ego will undoubtedly fall silent over the specter of death, the intellect will try to analyze the fickleness of destiny only to realize that there has to be a spiritual approach to truly accept, to really acquiesce in the certitude of fate.
    The power of the moment, as much as we wish and believe it, is not the final arbiter over the all encompassing truth. We are able in those moments of self-forgetfulness and abandon to see with clarity a truth that with time slips from our grasp as these moments fade into oblivion. Those moments let us push open a door behind which we expected to see all which helps us lose ourselves in “the eternity of the now”. But the veil of the ephemeral will always again obscure our view.
    Best regards.

  19. NIMI KHANNA says:


  20. ruchi says:

    why do we want moment to last, if it last then it is not moment. i rather live in richness and beauty of the moment , then worring abot why it does not last or why is it lost?

  21. anamika says:

    The present is the eternal. Through time, the timeless is not experienced. ‘The now’ is ever existent; even if you escape into future,’the now’ is ever present. The present is the doorway to the past. If you do not understand the present now, will you understand it in the future? What you are now you will be, if the present is not understood. Understanding comes only through the present: postponement does not yield comprehension. Time is transcended only in the stillness of the present. This tranquility is not to be gained through time, through ‘becoming’ tranquil; there must be stillness, not the becoming still. We look to time as a means to become. This becoming is endless: it is not the eternal, the timeless. The becoming is endless conflict, leading to illusion. In the stillness of the present is the eternal.
    — J. Krishnamurti

  22. Neeta says:

    The moment doesn’t last because we are not free. Only certain instances lift us temporarily so close to freedom to make us lose ourselves. I think a deliberate effort towards freedom is not easy and takes a lot of work at overcoming our inherent and worldly conditionings, the push-pull of our and other minds, to find the inherent beauty of existance.

  23. Subodh Deshpande says:

    🙂 nice post..

  24. Subodh Deshpande says:

    🙂 nice post..and comments too 🙂

  25. I think its because we are always under this false notion that nothing, just nothing can ever go wrong with us. For the one who is actually facing the flipside, its completely the reverse. Each moment is a learning. Each moment is lived, not passed.

  26. Cinda says:

    It just came to me…again,
    change is the only thing that lasts…so the blissful moments, painful experiences, joy, suffering…they all pass, all in their own passage of change.
    i can say, in the past week and some days, i had a brush with death…a transport truck slammed into the side of my car, right on the drivers side where i was, alone in the car…many things flipped through my mind, as my car sped into uncontrolableness. as my hands tightly gripped the steering wheel to try and guide it from hitting other vehicles, since i was on the highway, i felt for a moment that there was another force~spirit~entity (whatever you may call it) controlling the car. i ended up smack in the middle of a triangle like space between traffic streeming on both sides of my car…when i looked around to see what had hit me…there be a hugh yellow transport truck driving away. i reached in my pocket and pulled out my cell phone, began to call my husband, then told my self to call 911 first…because my breathing quickly got out of control and my arm went numb. as i was talking to the operator on 911…she asked if the other driver left the scene…i looked up and saw the truck pulling off to the side of the road about 100 feet ahead of me. after explaining what had happened 3 times over, 911, ambulance and opp…through all of this…i watched in the distance,as the truck driver check the wheel on the truck. what struck me at the moment was that he didn’t come to my car to ask if i was okay, or even to see if anyone else was injured in the vehicle (if there were children etc.). when i was being checked over by the ambulance attandant, he made a comment…”the car saved me” he also said “you could have been dead now” i said i know. the point of this story? for the next 24 hours or so after the accident, i was walking on cloud 9…nothing could upset me, i was feeling as though i was given another chance to live and breathe and do what i need to do. then, it was followed by playing the scene over and over in my head…watching my car “ireland” get hit, hearing the loud bang and grinding sound of the hugh bolts on the truck wheel drilling into my doors, swirving from side to side, coming to a screeching stop. then, the numbness turned into a massive headache, and pains running down my left arm, up my neck, around my back, my hip, below my knee. stiffness and pain too? i thought i was going to be okay! it got so bad, just a finger touch on my shoulder brought on more pain…so i couldn’t even be hugged. then, the cloud nine feeling went away…repalced by “what the heck”. ended up at the doctors…now at home for two weeks, under observation. i know i am fortunate it wasnt worse…but the feeling, the “high” of “wow, i am alive!”, has gone away.
    some anger has set in…because the reality of starting up a new school, working in kindergarten, creating a sense of stability for those new students was of prime importance for me. now, i’m not able to be there and support the teacher i work with…so thats bothering me. the fact that the truck driver was not caring enough to tend to someone in distress, that bothers me. not so much that he hit my car, people make mistakes…but that he didn’t own up to his responsibility of causing the accident. i asked the truck driver “what happened? didnt you see me?” he just stood there and smiled. he later even tried to tell me, with a smile on his face that i came into his lane. he knew he was lying…but did it anyway, that bothers me. dont know what he was trying to hide. if he was even legal in canada or not. i found out later, he is from the u.s. the accident happened in canada. so different rules apply for taking care of my injuries and repairing my car (if possible)…that bothers me. after switching four rental cars…trying to find one that i was not so scared to drive in, for the first while, almost everywhere i looked i saw a transpport truck…it was quite nerve bending, that is bothersome.
    so…i went from shock, numb,terrified, shaken, scared, confused, disoriented, worried, happy, joyous, walking on water, floating on the clouds, to…huh, what the heck, angry, upset, exhausted, fed up, frustrated, grasping for moments of light to keep me going, tired, in pain, disappointed, unsettled…all emotions and feelings…coming and going
    what i do know for sure is…
    i was saved that day of the accident, by what we may call here on earth, a gurdian angel. for this, i am grateful and know my journey in this form still has purpose to work its way through.
    so yes, change is the only constant
    thank you for letting me share here Shekhar…i enjoy this love with you

  27. Thanks Shekhar, for taking this up, this could be an endless topic. Sure it happens even after we read loads of ‘self help books’, they have motivational power and sometimes it really works for lifetime for some people but sometime it just resides for just a day or two,
    Has anybody read Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’, now who doesn’t get inspired from this book, even if it is hard to believe that it is a science and if it’s true? People are not concerned about the science but about the end result with impatience, hence they fail in getting the end results.
    It would be a lie if I would say I have not benefited from these, but as you correctly said, we scare of humiliation. We see handful of Successful people coz they have overcome these obstacles.
    Get inspired,
    Feel lucky (that you have come across this),
    Share (someone will be benefited and story will stay with you longer)
    Try your best to live fullest as many days you can.
    Gratitude is the key for good life. (Want to go beyond it then be fearless)
    All the best,

  28. Thanks Shekhar, for taking this up, this could be an endless topic. Sure it happens even after we read loads of ‘self help books’, they have motivational power and sometimes it really works for lifetime for some people but sometime it just resides for just a day or two,
    Has anybody read Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’, now who doesn’t get inspired from this book, even if it is hard to believe that it is a science and if it’s true? People are not concerned about the science but about the end result with impatience, hence they fail in getting the end results.
    It would be a lie if I would say I have not benefited from these, but as you correctly said, we scare of humiliation. We see handful of Successful people coz they have overcome these obstacles.
    Get inspired,
    Feel lucky (that you have come across this),
    Share (someone will be benefited and story will stay with you longer)
    Try your best to live fullest as many days you can.
    Gratitude is the key for good life. (Want to go beyond it then be fearless)
    All the best,

  29. Gaurav says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Mansi. Ego that very aptly is the source of Trupti’s question and Kavita’s strength and my response, just can’t associate with anybody else’s story. Why should it.Ain’t it designed to look for its own stories…?

  30. kavitha says:

    Should the question be: why does the ‘moment’ not last? or why does the way we experience the moments not last? It’s a difference of the external governing the internal vs. the internal governing the external, is it not?

  31. Deepak R says:

    The problem is interesting for a very different reason too.
    That it does not last,
    is not the problem,
    where you are looking for it
    maybe is.
    to observe all which changes
    can it happen unless
    it is observed from that
    place so unchanging.
    Shine the attention
    not on that which changes
    but on the one who
    shines it.
    You the changeless
    are already that
    what you are looking for
    is already,
    where you are looking from.

  32. manish says:

    Deepak R

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