The Universe has no answers, just questions

“For every body that walks into this blogs for an answer just leaves with 10 other questions.Will you ever walk in search of yourself on the Himalayas..or you just wrote it because it makes sense ?”
Thank you Gaurav for the most searing question.
The Universe is an infinite question. To me, to spiritualists, to scientists, to artists, to philosophers, to you and all of us that come to our blog. In fact to anyone that is honest and in search of the truth. Each single answer is a false truth unless it raises many many more questions. In the yearning for answers lies the quest for spirituality and truth, not in the finding of answers.
Unfortunately my mind, my Ego, looks for definiteness. It tries to define everything by confining everything. It cannot accept that a million truths can exist in complete contradiction of each other. There is no one true God. There is no one great truth. The Divine is a sum of all imagination, of all perception and of all eternity.
Till we stop looking for finite answers to explain the infinite, the only truth is the quest for truth. There is no finite answer, just as there is no one question. The yearning is to finally merge with infinite without questioning, without analysis. Meanwhile I battle my ego to stop it from settling into a finite ‘code’ of perception. That battle is expressed and shared in this blog.
And will I ever go to the Himalaya’s in search of that merging ? Am I not ‘traveling’ the Himalaya’s as we speak ? Or am I just fooling myself, and driving everyone else into some kind of intellectual escape from reality. Don’t think that I do not ask myself these questions every day, all the time. Not allowing my mind even to settle and find solace in this argument. The Ego is clever. It will seduce me by intellectualism too.
A question, Gaurav. Just keep questioning. Refusing to settle for answers, any one answer.

24 thoughts on “The Universe has no answers, just questions

  1. You have been writing this blog for some time. Why is it that u have been asking so many questions and not searching for a way to get answers? R U really a seeker? Or is this a sounding board?
    Why do u intellectualize things so much that the simplicity of life is lost?
    Why r u letting U r mind, u r ego fool u? for it will only take u away from the truth( that is, if u really are a seeker). Please dont think I am ridiculing u-for thats not the intention. If only you(or every human) can realise what is within you is such a treasure house…no I am not talking about ‘you’ as shekhar kapur, but ‘you ‘as a creation of the creator. Please dont waste u r time by intelectually dissecting every little thing that comes your way- for that will, in no way lead u to the truth. And time is so short! Any one could drop dead the next minute!There are no guarantees! If only u could see……

  2. Could questions be the only thing considered as true at the end of the day? Questions are our daily bread, our travel, our ego and at the same time our relationship to the universe (outside the ego)… A question seems to be the answer.

  3. What you write of the ego seems to be the property of the ego. I try to reason it out too. Could you elaborate which “truths can exist in complete contradiction of each other” ?

  4. An afterthought…did u ever read a book called ‘Mystics Musings” by Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev)? It has answers to all these questions you keep asking-and many more. Such that the desire to ask is quenched…you can just ‘be’. What followed after this book changed my life…I hope it changes yours too.

  5. Sir there is a contradiction to every Q&A like this:
    “Girte hain shai sawar hi, maidan-e-jung me
    wo kufra kya gire, jo ghutno ke bal chale”
    “Wo shai sawar hi kya, gir pade jo maidan-e-jung me..
    Hilte nahi hain jeen se, raano me dam hai jinke”
    I believe in the quest of our journey, any journey be it Himalayas or truth – there are questions and more questions to be asked, raised and find answers.
    I believe Finding Answers to the quest of the truth is the only journey that any human can take, be it spiritual way or the intellect way.
    I am a nobody here but another truth seeker!!
    Vinod Agarwal – It ain’t easy to follow the path where you see foot markings of the great truth seekers who have walked the Talk before me. You get short circuited if you step over somebody’s foot marking!! Finding another few inches to lay my second step, I am stuck with one foot on the ground and another in air.

  6. hahaha…dude…u r cute…after reading this i recalled an episode of India’s got talent i saw the other day…( show is very boring or is it TV that bores me? dont know…but u and other judges are fabulous…)
    u said to one of the participants-
    ‘shauk ko passion banayiye…phir baat karenge…’
    i was literally clapping when u said this…

  7. Do not bring storm into my sea
    Till I am bounded I n to this body
    I am bound to search the depths
    And will take out answer from its bed
    Because sea too is defined by its shore
    Why you have come with this post now?
    Did you see me intriguing?
    Last night I saw your Elizabeth
    Nice movie
    And why your posts call for attention?
    When I too fighting with my two
    The observer and observed
    Me and my better half? Or rather whole?
    And Why do you read my mind?
    This is not ego looking for answer
    This the answer I receive of oneness?
    But why do you read my mind?
    Who are you?
    A pearl in the sea?

  8. “Each single answer is a false truth unless it raises many many more questions. In the yearning for answers lies the quest for spirituality and truth, not in the finding of answers.”
    ……….sometimes i become…………wordless.

  9. Hi S.R, nice to see this post here. Till we reach the intellectual climax we must search for our own authentic questions! When that happens you may end up with none.. no questions means no answers!lol! Coexistance or paradox!? lol!
    With love and regards
    Osai Chella,

  10. When God sent us may be he thought of one word LOVE instead of himalayas/woods.
    If we are able to make someone smile we may be having maximum answers i.e., peace within for a peaceful day & sound sleep.
    If we are human, we are saint.

  11. ….The yearning is to finally merge with infinite without questioning, without analysis….
    Well said. To add, the merger is probably never possible with answers, with our bounded ability to process information and stimuli. The complete silence/nothingness/stillness, with no questions, deep inside, might be the key to that merger. I do not know for sure, just confirming my speculation with your observation. I have not gone even close to that silence…
    …Each single answer is a false truth unless it raises many many more questions…
    ‘Yes’ and ‘no’.
    Yes, since we all are connected in our mental and physical space with each other, and with the nature, the truths have to be interconnected as well. A truth that does not point towards many questions might not be the truth for that will suggest absence of interconnectedness. However, let’s look at this the other way round. Why can not it be the case that if truths are linked, finding a link actually removes many more questions? Is not the “nature of falsehood” more of raising questions? I am baffled….
    ….a million truths can exist in complete contradiction of each other….
    Shekharjee, I think truths do not exit in contradictions. They exist in ‘harmony’ instead. Our ego creates ‘contradictions’ in truth. For the nature of the ego is to seek self-aggrandizement, it has to be fed with some idiosyncrasies. And they are fed at different levels – individual, national, societal and the like. Hence, we have our individual specific truth, our culture specific truth, our nation specific truth, our faith specific truth – you name it. The mind/the intellect might be the instrument that helps us feed the idiosyncrasies to our ego. May be our ego has enslaved our mind/intellect. Ego probably is not only the master, but a perfectly elusive, perfectly controlling master. Or else, even with its propensity to ‘confine’, even with bounded rationality, the intellect/mind must be able to see somehow some truth. Obviously our intellects have not helped us see the truth, that’s why we are here, debating in this blog. The realization of constraints of our intellect/mind might help recognize the ego and thereby help see the truth more clearly. Perhaps only rare breed of intellectuals are capable of that because we can only realize the true constrains when we can hit the boundary.
    love n peace

  12. for search of the truth, going to himalaya is one of the option and not the only option, as per my understanding. and if you read the literature of various saints you may find that these saints achieved all the things which a spritual seekers want to achive just by ‘living as acommon man, among the common man’. leave the lonliness of mind and become ‘alone’ you may find some path.
    remember the ‘god’ in the way you want..this is what each and every saint has told us.

  13. There is no need to go to Himalayas or any where for enlightment. We can have it sitting right where divine has placed us, its all a question of transceding the ego, the day we have no ego, we are one with divinity, or soul or anything we choose to call. Transcending of ego happens step by step, is painful when its happenning, we cannot do it by ourselves, its kindness done by the divine when we call out.

  14. What is truth? is it absolute or relative? After all its how we perceive the truth, which makes life too a perception!

  15. Dear Shekhar:
    Will not the question that every single human being is asking become an enormous field of energy that potentially contains the answers? Each question adds a small colorful patch to the quilt of our collective lives. It becomes the mosaic of our existence. The answers may forever be elusive but those questions have been the driving force in our quest to make sense of our being part of this universe. There are 6 billion spheres of intelligence and the billions that have been a part of this planet’s history, and all are and have been grappling with the question what their own, infinitesimally puny individual being means in the overall enormity of our universe. Over millennia this quest has engendered the search for the mystic, for the super natural, a deity, that should help alleviate, or at least compartmentalize the existential fear of the inexplicable, the unfathomable.
    Egos have always been the driving force to create magnificent progress and at the same time become the cause of abject horror. No matter how often we ask our ego to step aside and let the reign of the quest for a life take over that is no longer dominated by this hunger for analysis we will always fail, for the power of the intellect cannot be forced into a state of mental tranquility or sanguine relaxation. Our thought processes will always wind up again creating this inner dialogue between the rational and the undefinable.
    Even while we walk the Himalayas there will be no escape from the probing questions about the self into a world of mental bliss. Such a walk may of course instill in us a sense of seeing the infinite more clearly – but it is only a temporary phenomenon. I think you are right that we are traveling the Himalayas as we speak, seeing it as a beautiful allegory, a confirmation of our quest to escape the myriad of questions that provide no answers and are in us every moment of our existence. Unless we are sitting on top of a mountain in the lotus position, oblivious to our surroundings, deeply embedded in the nothingness of all existence, letting our thoughts peter out into a Nirvana like state, we cannot find relief, but we can always be on this eternal quest for that unspeakable moment when all will make sense and nothing is left to doubt anymore.
    With kind regards.

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  17. Hello Shekharji…. ( Ram Ram )
    I am not daily viewer of you TV Show… but whenever I got time I surly see your program on Colors.
    I like your JUDGMNETS not all but most of them…!:)
    And specially when that day you say (at that time you literally crying…) you get Passionate when you see PASSION…
    Really hats off to you SIR…
    I am also very much passionate about my SCRIPT but no way to came to you show… but in personal life if I could meet you I really make you cry…:))!
    Not as other way but surely by your way..!
    Atul Sir…

  18. Isn’t it common in circles of those scholared in human psychology and sociology; that the only “absolute truth” is physical pain-and that all else is the delusional mirror and imagination, needs and desires of our egoic mind?
    On that note – I am not here at all, I am merely projecting the image of a presence onto these words being typed… hence, the illusion of my presence.
    Blessings to all,

  19. KHUSHI is Temporary – Who are Agyani – humlog
    ANAND is Permanant – who already achieved the goal.gyani –
    Gyani says desire quest for gyaan gives it efortlessely

  20. Shekharji,
    One part of the mind asks the question and another part answers it. Basically there is no quation and know answer. The life is a mistry. Intilectuality is a great timepass for the mind. We are here what we are at a moment of the time when we accept it as it is wholeheartedly our piligrimage begains. Their is no need to move to the himalayas.
    Understanding mind is a meditation for all intilectual persons. It belongs to the fifth chakra “vishudha”, which is called “dhyanyoga” Osho and especially J.Krishnamurti suggest a beutiful meditation for this. Watch your mind lovingly as it is without claiming it good or bad what it brings up or whatever bubuls up in the mind.
    This is my technique of meditation and I would love to share with you

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