Judgement and Prejudice on India’s Got Talent

Vishal asked “saw you on television ……just thinking ‘at what point of time in a person’s career or in learning cycle ….a person gets confident enough to judge others?’
Never is the answer to that one Vishal, as there is a very thin line between judgment and prejudice. How can you judge anything except from your own life experience, which colors your own perception of what is good or what is bad ? What should or should not be ? Through the prism of my life experience, that both expands and contracts my world view at the same time, is how I see the world.
Tough to be fair. I try to react to everything emotionally. I try and give myself to the act and allow being entertained. I try to look at it from the performers point of view. I look for the performer’s passion beyond the technical expertise. I look to see if the performance has soul. But what do you do when your own sense of aesthetics is completely different from the performance ? Knowing there is a completely different set of aesthetics inherent in that performance. I often then look to my co judges to see if they tune to that aesthetic and take my cues from them.
Of course there are performances that have no aesthetic at all. I believe most of those performers know that when they are performing, and if they don’t then they should be told that firmly ! I am sure the channel sets them up for us, though.

57 thoughts on “Judgement and Prejudice on India’s Got Talent

  1. HI shekhar ji,
    yours is the best laughter episode i have seen. Believe me i never laughed on sidhu ji or shotgun sahib but on you. I am sorry. You are just great. and the program i saw just a day before begining with huluman ji, grass eater who ultimately led you too to also have some. Laughter was flowing out of my belly. And you judges were also having nice time. I see you people (all three judges ) have soft heart and good wisdom and experience to give a good jusdgement. At the end i see this as the best reality show being aired right now. Your judgment reactions, personality everything is just awesome.Not only you but all three of you are very geniun i must say. Well i don’t see any talent in me other wise i would have loved to share stage with you. I wonder why you people with so soft heart and great wisdom donot enter politics. India needs you there also where it matters the most. You and amitab ji my votes are always for you.

  2. This show is really good and very entertaining, not just the performers but the 3 judges are also. Especially u Shekharji, I cant forget u dancing like Amitabh and laugh whenever I think of it. So far I havent seen any really good talented ones eliminated and so I think the judges are not reacting on prejudice. Judgement is not to be done in real life when being in a spiritual path, but this is a show in tv and the 3 judges are talented enough to be a judge. I hope Shekharji doesnt enter politics as per Navpreet’s wish, the grace of Shekharji could vanish or be discriminated. We love him for what he is now.

  3. off topic:
    Hi Sir
    I’m a 17 yr old girl from Delhi and i passed out of Modern School,Barakhamba Road this year.I’m aware that you too spent some years of ur schooling there so would u mind sharing ur experience at Modern with all of us?
    PS-very embarrassing to admit but you have the honour of being my only crush 😉
    PPS-ur absolutely adorable on India’s got talent!

  4. Hi Sir,
    Really enjoyed your show.I’m not a television junkie but, your show has me completely hooked and I guess it’s mainly because of the quality of talent that is showcased on the show.It’s so satisfying to watch such beautiful performances coming from even those remote, neglected parts of India.
    A performance from a folk group in Jaipur brought out a lot of emotions which i never thought that a television program could. I also like how you and the other esteemed judges are very sensitive to people’s feelings…even though some performances are less than average but, these people have the guts to come in front of so many that it’s endearing at times.
    I hope you select a well deserving group or individual, looking forward to next week’s episode.

  5. “Through the prism of my life experience, that both expands and ‘contracts’ my world view at the same time”
    great insight about how our mind works………i think whoever comes to read or react on this blog ….can learn something from your experience….(if they wish so)
    i don’t know whether some movies made by you can make you “a great” or not …….but the wisdom coming through you …definitely …….must be appreciated….and be replicated into our limited personalities.

  6. The question exist within oneself is :
    Whether we listen to our heart or not. The moment we listen, we are judge not for others but for ourselves And the medium is/are they.
    Because of them we listen to our heart.
    I have yet to watch the show as I am on tour aimlessly.

  7. off topic:
    Hi Sir!
    I’m a 17 yr old girl from Delhi and i passsed out of Modern School,Barakhamba Road this year.I’m aware that you too spent some years of ur schooling there so would you mind sharing ur experience at Modern School??
    PS-very embarrassing to admit but i have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge crush on you.
    PPS-ur absolutely adorable on India’s Got Talent!!

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    Best of Regards,
    Shalabh Gupta

  9. dear vishal,
    Why do we need other people to judge us?
    Simply because we aren’t wise enough to judge ourselves correctly.
    The purpose of such programmes is not to judge a person but to give him a chance to come out of his internal prisons, to find someone to motivate him, to tell him what it means to be human — to open the magical pandora hidden inside….
    and also his ‘fifteen minutes of fame’, as Andy Warhol had phrased….
    Judgement and prejudices are mere illusions, and there is no person less gifted than anyone else.

  10. dear wiseman
    “Judgement and prejudices are mere illusions, and there is ‘no person less gifted’ than anyone else.”
    thanx for such a nice quote….you are truly a “wise man”
    it may be an illusion for those who are judging ……but it is never an illusion for those who are being judged…..just turn the table and you will find that how dreams are shattered by just one judgement….how a person’s life changes by just ……a judgement(i won’t say ‘wrong judgement’ because i am not capable enough to judge “the judges”)
    ………………………just change the panel of judges and you will find …entirely different set of selected performers…one who was talented according to first panel may not find a place if second panel judges him….then question arises…………..whether he/she is talented or not?
    TALENT AND ART ……….these “intangibles” can’t be measured and ..hence can’t be judged…it all depends upon a person’s own liking and disliking ……..hence always carries a possibility to become coloured……….(as honestly said by shekhar…)
    wiseman you said
    “Simply because we aren’t wise enough to judge ourselves correctly”…..so we need some so called wise people to judge us????
    A human being is nothing but a “possibility”
    ….a seed which can grow into a tree…. sometimes a “coloured” judgement can crush this seed …this possibility…..and the cause would be that judge who “unintentionally” judged him…by his “own” standard

  11. @vishal
    I feel its niether a matter of confidence nor the stage in career or learning cycle…
    we jugde others irrespective of this i think.
    Its the nature of humans, it does not matter if our judgement is heard or not, we (I am no exception) pass on our judgeents as to what Bush, Obama, Pakisthan, Bin Laden, our government are/were doing is right or wrong! We know no one in fact cares about our judgement!! But we do judge! If it is matter of confidence i think we would have overcome this attitude long back.
    But judging a competition is a responsibility! Just like an examiner corrects our exam papers and give grades! I think someone has to take it because we have a system where we need to go through some kind of competition to prove our talent, so that our talent is certified, valued and recognised. It is just a system we have created, and we need people to conduct the whole process, i do not think the any one of us at any point of time will be able to answer ‘at what point of time in a person’s career or in learning cycle ….a person gets confident enough to judge others?’
    thank you Shekhar again for posting this question.
    Prayers, love and peace

  12. “It is just a system we have created, and we need people to conduct the whole process”
    thanx manju for giving this valuable insight about this question………..i never intended that this whole system should be scraped..or to criticize “the judges”….no… i just wanted to look the whole process with a more humane approach….in examinations questions are very objective and there should be an answer for that ……..a fixed destination..if you reach there ….you are “pass” and if you couldn’t reach there you “fail”…….it has a “fixed shape”…if you have seen it you can recognise it again……like if i ask you about the name of the capital of our country….it is fixed ….the answer doesn’t depend upon person’s own interpretations…..it has a fixed shape………….but any art form is of “amoeba” structure….it can take any shape…and every shape is “amoeba”….there can not be a right or wrong “amoeba” …….every art form has got inherent fluidity…..it can take any shape and still can be considered as an art form …………no right or wrong art form………….. (just thinking)

  13. Is it true that most direcors chose actresses by virtue of who turns them on and who is available to give sex? If that is true where does talent even figure in?

  14. talent I suppose also means consistent excellence. That’s what made superstars, legendary singers, directors, actresses, magicians…
    Not just one applauded or judged performance. Most of them would have also plodded alone on countless occasions, on their way up with no cheer or support from anyone.
    Winning one competition will not make anyone a star neither will losing make one a failure. I guess while all are equal and have their own strengths etc. etc., ‘talent’ is something that works within a narrow system within a perspective and the best people to ‘judge’ is those who are a part of that system and have enough experience and credibility within the system, to identify the ‘seed of talent’. Judgement is the responsibility imposed from others on the chosen based on trust on their capability to do so.

  15. shekhar
    When i see you i try to have a feel of being you rich and famous,artistic attitude, spiritual quest…but as far as being is concern it seems to be in bits and pieces.

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    With Best Regards,
    Shalabh Gupta

  17. @ Vishal
    thank you for the response.
    I completely agree on your point …. Any form of art is an entity that can niether be right nor wrong. But I feel it can be compared and the skillset of an artist can be graded excellent or poor. But again it is subjective, I may find beaches beautiful and someone else may find a hill station amazing. Its all subjective.
    I feel all the competitions are judged on a relative scale, as to who is ‘best of the lot’.
    Outside this matrix a winner is not the best, once he is out of the competition, the real race begins. But I feel these reality shows allow recognition of talent, might open new avenues, might make the artists more confident…
    though all reality shows have their own drawbacks …

    dear vishal,
    Let us try to understand the word ‘talent’
    but first, a short take on energy :-
    All energy is either potential or kinetic. Potential energy is energy that is stored, ready for use. Kinetic energy is the energy of moving objects. (courtesy: Dorling Kindersley Encyclopedia)
    Now, back to the subject.
    A MAN who can eat grass isn’t considered talented. After eating grass, he must lactate (or at least regurgitate). That is when he will be called talented.
    Thus, we can say that Talent is the ability to kineticize our potential. (in the best way we can…….remember the magician)
    All humans have potential. But there is a world of difference between potential and talent. People often confuse the words, and the meaning too. Also, there is a relation between both the terms. Potential is what we have. Talent is what we do with what we have.
    It takes a lot to be talented. And people must realise that before they can do anything.
    Some people know their talents. Some aren’t sure about it. They need help. Often, they don’t know where to seek it. That is where a mentor is needed — someone who can introduce them to themselves. This program is trying to do just that.
    It is okay to have both potential and talented people on stage. It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, or is discarded sooner or later. The real thing is the realisation of one’s potential and the inspiration to develop one’s abilities. This program is not the end of the world. It is just the beginning.
    As to the question that arises ……. whether he/she is talented or not, if second panel judges him?
    A judgement is just an opinion, and should not be taken as a gospel. A judgement, or more correctly, an opinion, does not have any power to shatter a person’s dreams. If it does, it is because that person has given it the power to do so. In other words, he has surrendered.
    Yes, a person can still develop his abilities even if the whole world turns against him.
    P.S. : In my opinion (not judgement), the MAN who can lactate after eating grass is definitely the most talented person in the world; and deserves the highest honour in the universe. (a ‘brahmaand ratna’ or something). Luckily, nobody lactated in the show, otherwise it would have been the end of the party. 🙂

  19. shekhar sir,
    i see ur tv show india’s got talent regularly.i m a big fan of it.it is good 2 see that talented people are getting a chance 2 show their talent.even i hv got a talent but their is no visible way 2 show it i m an aspiring filmmaker.i am pursuing my b.com right now.and my father wants me 2 b a chartered accounted.but i want 2 b a filmmaker.i will make an documentary film on a farmer’s life.it will b titled depreciation.i will join the kolkata film and television institute next month for screenwriters course.i hv got stories which r out of the box and global.i want 2 transform them in 2 good screenplays.my stories r basically of social issues.for ex.”converted sucessfully” based on christian conversions and “fidaain-story of a suicide bomber” based on afghanistaan.i m little nervous right now and want ur guidance sir plzz suggest wat will b good for me.

  20. Hello Shekharji…. ( Ram Ram )
    I am not daily viewer of you TV Show… but whenever I got time I surly see your program on Colurs.
    I like your JUDGMNETS not all but most of them…!:)
    And specialy when that day you say (at that time you litraly criying…)you get Passinate when you see PASSION…
    Really hats off to you SIR…
    I am aslo verymuch pationate about my SCRIPT but no way to came to you show… but in personal life if I could meet you I realy make you cry…!
    not as other way but surely by your way..!
    Atul Sir…

  21. dear wiseman..
    thanx for such an enlightening definition of talent in the perspective of “energy”……you are truly a “wise man”..
    but i am sorry ….but i could not understand that because of my “limited understanding”(entirely my fault)….
    in my opinion the best sentence i have read in this entire discussion is
    “A judgement is just an opinion, and should not be taken as a gospel”………..that every performer should understand and carry their passion irrespective of criticism and praise…thanx again… for such a nice statement….
    but i am wondering ….can “the channels” too consider this as mere opinion …..don’t the viewers too get influenced by the “opinion”…and unfortunately the performers who are coming from remote areas may treat “the judges” as the final authorities(because they belong to film industry,irrespective of the fact that “the judges” may not have any previous exposure of such an art)….
    hats off to shekhar …who honestly admitted his limitation about this…………
    until and unless we admit the flaws…….we will not be able to evolve a better system to appreciate ‘ART’ ….rather than just judging it….
    thanx ‘manju’ for your nice response

  22. Namaste Shekhar Sir,
    My family had always been an avid fan of you.
    I am now 27 and have seen Mr India about 50 times. When the movie released everyday after school I use to watch it on my VCR (original print :-)…. )
    I would admit that I have learned one thing from you and your movies. To be passionate about what you do. I am engineer making Microprocessors Chips and I love that job and enjoy it. I learned dance for myself and write poems to explore my thoughts….
    The way you judge on India’s got talent is something which is seen very less. The contestants and viewers like me can learn from your wise experiences.
    I wish to see more of your films and work in future. I am being selfish here… because you teach me to think free and be passionate in whatever you do.
    Thanks for being Shekhar Kapur 🙂
    Rajat Goel

  23. Dear shekhar,
    I watched one of your old interviews where you said you wanted to remove the word career from your world and did it at a very young age! Happy for you, you could do it! I know a few more people, who just did only what they felt passionate about it. They never did it for money or recognition, and i think the challenge was so thrilling for them and results did not shake them-positive or negative! I have seen more people who failed to continue with what was once their passion. The mere reason being lack of money, need to earn money and responsibility of parents, sisters at times of wife and kids. They had to give up so many things and had to take up something as career. And when we take up a career we are not passionate about, we again fail.
    Do you think a common man, who is the bread winner of the family with responsibility of looking after parents, and his wife n kids still not take career and go by passon? Not all are as talented, educated, intelligent as you! would you mind sharing how could you get rid of career??? It would be something inspiring to know I feel. Its ok if you dont upload this post, but a sincere request as to what has kept you moving all these years! How you remained so passionate for so long years! What kept you going even in the weakest of the moments? Would you please share it??
    Prayers love and peace

  24. I am going off the topic but i just wanted to share with every body what happened to me yesterday. my husband got yesterday morning looked outside and asked me where is your car and i ran and my car was not there. long story short i am going through lots of emotion as i lost a loved one, denial as it will come back( i was checking parking space every 10 min), i am angery on people who violated my privacy and dare to take away something i worked so hard for.
    second day i am still angry but slowly accepting the reality trying to bring spiritual aspect to situation like it’s just a car, what ever happens happens for good, some thing good will come out of it. i am trying really hard but, but to be honest it’s really hard letting go of a whole year of income gone in a sec.
    i sincerelly hope in bigger sceme of live this has a positive impact on me.

  25. sir
    i am really upset due to sonali suggestions. one side she is telling not to wear half cloths and other side she is wearing half cloths, if she is interested to show her body then why she is wearing cloths. my suggestion for her is to do not wear cloth any how her name can be spell as sonali bandari its means monkey.

  26. Sir,
    The judgement that you give in ‘India’s got Talent’ is undoubtedly impeccable. I’ve recently started reading your blogs, and believe me, in every post there’s something that inspires me to read more and more. I’ve bookmarked your blog and whenever I take a break from my work, i switch immediately to read one of the entries.
    @ Off the topic:
    When i was a child, i had read in books that if a person is full of love and positive thoughts, there’s a spark and vibration that gets reflected from the person’s face. Sir, I can see that spark on your face. Your smile and your personality says it all. You are an epitome of God’s gift. I wish someday I could meet you.
    God bless you.
    Sir, if you don’t mind can i please ask a question here, i saw the performance of onstage Super Mario by some group (i don’t remember the name). It was amazingly superb and creative that the children had performed. But unfortunately it couldnot make its way to Semi-finals. If you could please tell what was the missing factor in that performance.
    Thanks a lot.

  27. Dear Shekhar,
    I love the show, its great, but the best part is to see you, you are as innocent and spontaneous as a child. Something so rare to find. At the same so intellectual, what you said about pasision that brings tears in your eyes! All shows seemed so scripted, fake, but this one is so real and makes one feel so good! Hope the format remains the same and does not end up in public voting, which could become disasterous.
    Your post here (nov 2005) is beautiful, But do you still feel the same about love?
    how can one stay in love all the time you asked, Do you think love is any momentary feeling? To me love is something eternal, its always there, just that we oversee it. If its love it never dies, never becomes less, it can just grow, can just spread happiness…. not pain as u felt in 2005, Its the force one puts to possess love, to hold tight, given enormous pain. If love flows, all efforts to hold it can only bring pain and misery. What do you feel?? love is like water, needed for survival, but if you are forced into it it kills you….
    shall i still wish you love?
    prayers love and peace

  28. i just waite for saturday to watch u.it gives me difft. kind of relaxation. i cant discribe. u r awesome and looks like and divine soul

  29. Oops,
    I was suppoesed to add my previous post under ‘About Myself’ November 18, 2005!
    Added by mistake here as well i think.
    it looks irrelevant here:(
    But dear shekhar, I would be so happy to see a response from you, as to what is love? Do you still the same way how you felt then, back in ’05?
    wish you happiness

  30. hi Shekhar,
    Well as judges also felt i would also say that the title of the show should be perfixed with ‘Has’ in the begining and “?” at the end. “Has india Got talent ?”. Anyways the show is interesting because it is so diverse that everyone, every next act has everything new in it. It is not the dance competion neither singing, not stunts and nor silly laughter but has everything. So when we try to mulch everything problems has to come. Judgements become too difficult.
    anyways it is luck or lack of advance planning the content is really not to the mark. My suggestion to the panel at helm is to allow 10 wild card enteries in the semifinals for the people who come to know about the show late.
    #@ vikram ji, sonali ji atne to bure nahin hein.

  31. I had a chance to view a couple of IGT episodes today and ended up with a few observations, and more questions…more around the design and implementation of the concept.
    Assuming there was a pre-qual. round prior to the talent showing up on stage, in my humble and brutally frank opinion, it appeared that this pre-qualification, screening and line-up of performances didn’t seem to have truly captured India’s undiscovered talent…in a way that the platform could have witnessed a vastly greater DEPTH of talent pool, within the various forms of artistic expressions presented. With due respect to the general programming strength of the host organization/channel that conceived and orchestrated the platform, the specific show left me with more questions…left me wondering about its intent and purpose – was it to unearth & showcase talent from rural India? (in which case, ‘Rural India’s Got Talent’ would have perhaps been more befitting :-)… for, surely some of those performances had depth and soul to it. Was it to serve as an ‘encouragement’ platform, even for mediocrity? Was it a play in a TV ratings game in the race to do something ‘different’? Was it a cataloging of diversity (vs. performance caliber, or both?), in which case ‘India’s got Culture’ would likely have been more befitting:-)
    The show perhaps could have benefited from ‘talented’ folks in the front-line, charged with and responsible for bringing together the pool that was ultimately brought on stage for the judges to cast their votes upon. After all, one can cherry-pick a delicacy only from what’s available in the platter. And, delicacy is also a function of how it’s served up, isn’t it? – 2-minute fast food vs. an output of slow cooking. The show just seemed more like a high-school version of a ‘variety show’. Were the judges involved in the pre-screen process? If not, should they have been, in some form? Given that ‘diverse’ talent was name of the game, perhaps some diversity in the judging team, beyond the dimensions of age and gender, would have served well…
    From the limited viewing experience of Indian reality/talent shows in the past, here’s some truly amazing talent with divine voices…check them out, if you have not seen them before (thanks to friends for periodically sending my way youtube compilations!). Hopefully you’ll walk away wholeheartedly acknowledging India DOES have talent 🙂
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_4DiZTU00Y
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNkB_5nNS94 — the mystery of divine will – took away one, while blessing him abundantly with another…an ethereal musical sense and talent of eternal form
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbO80egv-cc
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8Tn3LaHj4g
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N50GpVRRPxM
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzhic5kEx5Q
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOpw-Lb_mpI
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdSR1XLAn_k
    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trL5x-eC3K8
    Granted, these shows focused on just one form of artistic expression…nevertheless, the point is about the sustained caliber showcased that were on a very different plane of performance and experience. Perhaps the passion, process, motivations, intent (and economics?) driving the shows were different?
    Completely understand the challenge of judging a ‘variety’ show – tough. tough. tough. how does one pick between a golden apple, a red cherry and a black grape? Based on its color? taste? lusciousness? intrinsic nourishing quality? Judgement and prejudice in the moment is inevitable. I’m sure judgement vs. prejudice factored in these other shows as well…perhaps finer than a fine line. For, it’s tougher when all the performances are mind-blowing, isn’t it? So, to me the question remains a more philosophical one: what forms & caliber of talent do you bring forth to judge? Where’s the focus, if there’s one? — diversity vs. depth? form vs. content? pure entertainment vs. [elevating] experience? Ultimately, will IGT surface the hues and colors of India’s culture & talent of an ethereal nature?
    I may be totally and arrogantly off the mark here and not ‘getting it’… for, my opinion is based on my limited and quick views of just a couple of IGT episodes. Apologies, if that’s the case…
    Nevertheless, the judging team and the audience appeared to have had a good time, and perhaps the channel executives as well (if the ratings have been serving them well) – there’s got to be a lighter & brighter side to everything after all 🙂

  32. Sir, I am regular viewer of india’s got tallent and I had always appriciated your judgement at the show, but I think you missed out this time while giving entry to semi finals. I mean how could you people disqualify such a talented group? yes, Sir I am here refering to yhe group name I don’t Know but those who performed the mario act this not justice done to them, Why is that stupid mini salman khan doing on the show you can find hundred of his kind in crcus, I think he is there just because nature had been cruel too him,,,, You can find many this kind that dosnt mean to replace with real talent….I will keep you mailing unless you call them back, this kind of injustice just looses intrest of real viewer and entertain only who r there just for entertainment……….I am really hurt………… please replay why did you do it.

  33. Hello Shekhar Ji,
    I’m Hema frm Delhi.
    Sir mai aap logo se ek request karna chahti hun ki jaise aap logo ne 5 semi final rakhe hain or unme se aap log 2 finalist chun rahe hain bt sir jo ache thai unhe aage moka nhi mil raha hai jaise Viren jisne Michel Jackson jaisa dance kiya tha sir ek baat batayen richard or unki partner woh tou ek well talented couple hain bt sir aapko nhi lagta ki viren ko bhi ek chance milna chahiye tha kynki agar dekha jaye tou uske pass kuch bhi sikhne ke liye jariye nhi hai bt woh bina ki sadhan ke sikh raha hai or acha bhi perform karta hai so sir agar possible ho sake tou kya hum log dubara ek wild card entry ke through viren or unke jaise talented logo ko dubara nhi bula sakte.
    Sir shayad aisa karne se un logo ki umeedain bar jaye warna woh kabhi bhi aage nhi bar payenge kynki un logo ke pass yahi ek madhyam tha aage barne ka
    Pls sir meri aapse yeh ek humble request hai jara sochiye ga plsss
    agar aisa ho paye tou shayad un logo se jyada khushi mujhe hogi really
    sir hum wait karenge aapke reply ka

  34. after reading about several comments about India’s Got Talent, I was curious to watch the show and yes performnaces of some of the groups were very wonderful. Many of them are getting opportunity to perform on the stage(i.e. their talent have been ackonwledged, according to me :)) is very important than who wins the prizes
    thanks and take care..subodh

  35. Shekhar Ji,
    Truly speaking, I can’t understand how to start my letter to such a big personality.
    In fact, last night when I was watching your program “India’s got the Talent”. I saw some tears in your eyes at that time I prepared myself to write you a letter. When whole India was enjoying the Talent show, I was enjoying watching you and your feelings (I don’t have words to express). When you said this, “I have nothing to explain about myself after the handicapped performance”. Those words pierced my heart. Then I remembered my own experience which happened with me few years back.
    Then I was in Hyderabad. I and my friend went to see a museum. There I saw a statue which was carved from a single stone. The statue symbolises a woman having a wet Dupatta on her semi naked body and also has some water drops on the body. I don’t have words to express my feelings while I was watching the statue. I was amazed to see, how an artist carved such a statue from single stone. I simply salute that artist who brings such kind of feelings in me and explained the whole story from single stone.
    So those moments when your eyes shed tears, I don’t have words to express those tears in words. Those tears inspired me to express myself before you. In other words, I got a big platform in you to express myself.
    As far as I think “Religion” is the hottest topic these days like “WATER”. All depends how you explain “RELIGION”
    There is much more to express but I am afraid it is just like a candle (Diva) before the SUN.
    Hoping for a brief reply.
    Pritpal Singh

  36. respected sir,
    im watching indias got talent regularly and im havimg lots n lots of curiousity regarding ur judgements it must be really difficult and may b(since u r a professional and seen a lot of world)some of ur decisions were beyond our level understanding.since indias got talent is not just limited to singing,dancing..etc. how u r able to judge the talent. for example the carnatic saxophone players-they played it in a great manner but was it up to mark in view of a expert saxophone player? ,the bhangra dancers were great but vote appeal was made in name of religion,u were dissatisfied with red arrow dancers regarding their formations but making formations is a form of dance it is not property of a particular group.lot of people were dissapointed when they came to know that mario game performance was not selected but the salman khan mimic was..(for a while i thaught that emotions were dominating talent).i found ur decision to appeal for robo ganesh realising his potential very just.i have also found that when it comes to dance performances u search some story in it but will u judge children who dont knows much about choreography but dances exactly accordance to what they are taught.i also found the reason(not given by u)for elimination of jr mj that he is very young and have his whole life ahead very unjust talent should not b justified considering age…jo dil ko choo jaye woh aap ko (all three judges not particularly u)pasand aata hai par dil ko choo ne wali cheej sahi me talent hai? the ventrio@#$$#%*st*(how can i spell if it is difficult to pronounce)mr.padhye really did different in semi finals he was just great and so were tilak sanskrutik nyas and mr amrale, im eagearly waiting 4 ur finals and really want to know that…..kya sahi me “hunar hi winner hai”?
    in accordance to my thinking(which may b wrong as it always is)i wrote u this comment please dont consider it as a criticism but just a curiousity that will the talent be the winner.
    thank u and please excuse me.

  37. my brother participated in this program, he had spent 4 days in shhoting, he got appriciation from all the 3 judges an the unit came to shoot him at his home but he was not qualified for semi final but that is not the grivance they event not shown his performance where judges had commented where were you till now you can imagine how good he is a singer. He thuoght he will not win but atleast he will show his talent to the audiance. He is so disappointed did not talk to any body for 10days cause they showed all the grass eating guy, farting guye who got not selected also.

  38. urvashi, i am sorry about what happened to your brother and have written to the channel asking them to write to u directly.
    The judges do not have editorial control on the show and the channel have the right to edit and cut the show as they please.
    There were 190 acts selected by the judges to go forward and only about 40 could go through the semi finals. The selection was made based on the preferences of each judge and also on the preferences of the channel.

  39. good day,
    i m a big fan of India’s got talent. i want to tell u one thing that in 3rd semi-final one boy was there physically handicap name sunil G. he really deserve to be in finale,never ever seen such a performance.i would appreciate if u allow him to perform in the finale.

  40. Hello Shekhar Sir,
    This is Shrikant from San Jose,CA.
    I would request you to bring those Prince group dancers and few finalist to US, kindly arrange their shows in NY- East Coast,California,Texas..
    These talented performers will also get financial help,but let these americans also see our talent.
    I will highly appreciate if you take more initative in this.
    Shrikant Gavali

  41. Hello Shekhar,
    Just thought of writing to you… and I think this blog of yours is a fantastic opportunity to communicate with you..almost as if meeting you. I have been an admirer of your movies especially ‘Masoom’, and the way you bring out such natural performances from your actors.
    I admire your ability as a judge to ‘go with the flow’ and really enjoy yourself amid banter, jokes and occasional dances. Your kindness, knowldege, love of people and belief in the human spirit comes through your ‘judgements’. Even tough you might be the senior most of the judges, to me it seems, from inside, you are the most childlike …in terms of being spontaneous.
    I don’t watch many talent shows…but this show stands out in terms of its good judges,…somehow it does not have shallowness which others may have.You have an art for social interaction.
    Hope you continue the good work and all the best for judging for the finals.
    Varun Sharma

  42. Dear Sir,
    India’s got talent is a good show for it has reflected the hidden talent in India.But at some point of time I feel that there is a lot of “REGIONALISM” in this show….even from your side…do you remeber sir?…when the choice came between the little Micheal Jackson of Ranchi and Salsa dancers Sneha and Robert you voted for the couple instead of the boy supporting with an argument that the boy still has a good life ahead….so why did this argument did not work with Vaishnavi Patil and K.Sureshji???????….

  43. Sheena, Actually the show encourages people from all regions to get a representation from all over India. We judges only had the power to get the acts beyond the preliminary rounds. And all the acts you mentioned were voted by the judges into the last 40 acts. There were three very good acts from South India in the last 40, including the Saxophone sisters and Robo Ganesh apart from K Suresh.
    Beyond that it was a tough fight for the top spots driven mostly by audience sms’s. But if you look at the finalists, you will find that almost all regions are represented
    I fought very hard to get Viren (the little Michael Jackson from Ranchi) into the finals because I thought he was very very unique and talented. I always voted for him, but the other judges did not agree with me, nor did the audience voting did not put him on the top.
    Neither K Suresh nor Vaishanavi, terrific as their acts were, got voted into the top list by the viewers.

  44. Hello Sekhar Sir,
    First will take this moment to give you my vote of faith and thanks for being so HUMAN in the show. Having you and Kiran maaam, Sonali gave the perfect finish.
    Its very difficult to acknowledge the inner instincts facing millions of people. Very true is this. Believe me or not, emotion should be a part of the life. We are not robots, we have our anticipations, cherish moments, and the turmoil of fate. This happens.
    Seeing you 3 judges emotional actually made me feel how tough it would have been for you all. All credits to you, hats off.
    This show had really pulled some niche talents, some forgotten or neglected people. People dont always go after money, this is the acknowledgement and recognition within the society that matters a lot.
    For long time by now, i had been really waiting some reality show which focuses on the common man, not the celebrities. They have their pie, let us explore our main base. there will 1000s of Rafi’s, 1000’s of Lata, 1000’s of tendulkar etc. exist and live in this gr8 country. Lets for now get more realistic in our approach, lets try not to do any extra, but give the reality to the world
    Jai Hind, and i will echo your words, i am proud to be born in this country.
    Just one request — Lets not stop these type of shows. All will be enthrilled to see some real good things happening around , and its a big motivation factor for the younger generation, small city folks, all the Janta. Lets not misutilize the concept rather make it for the public, and give it to the public. We love you Sekhar Ji.

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