To see or to sense ?

Do we sense things beyond the world we construct from our ‘five senses’ ? I am sure we do, and there is enough scientific data to prove that. But does our reliance on our ‘five senses’ hinder our ability to truly sense things. Are the yogi’s right when they say that we should shut out the world to truly ‘see’ the world.
All of us have had such experiences, and most of us deny ourselves those experiences. By calling it a play of imagination. But in my experience, these moments have been of extreme simplicity and clarity. The sensing is of the unity of all things beyond analysis and understanding, in the realm of experiencing. These are meditative moments that force you into the clarity of ‘now’. Not always in meditation – but events that can lead to that which meditation is hoping to achieve.
In one such moment I actually decide to write at random, without imposing my intellect upon the writing, even without imposing my imagination. Just write. And I wrote something I have shared before :
I search for that which I see
and when the searching stops
the seeing begins

16 thoughts on “To see or to sense ?

  1. The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the center of true religiousness. ( Albert Einstein – The Merging of Spirit and Science) —
    True to it’s word or sense to what YOU SAID….

  2. in the searching
    is there the sense of feeling, of touch, of a knowing?
    what leads us to the moment of seeing when the searching stops?
    how do we arrive at this moment…where none of the senses are needed in order to have the full experience?
    it is only then do we ever have the full experience
    when we let go of all that there is…
    my search continues
    but there is a sense of
    finally finding that which I seek
    nothing I can put into words here
    so, there is no need to express…
    just to “be” with it
    in the moment,
    thank you Shekhar,

  3. The search can never end; if it ends, it ends with many answers not an answer, most times its the answer which we conclude with, is what is our convinence permits us to adopt. The search in life is an infinite loop, thanks to the impermanance of life, the search gets complicated. Non-terminating search; No sight
    Shankar S

  4. To See or to Sense?
    Picture this…
    A garden. The parents of a 4 year old kid are not looking at the boy sitting at bench. Maybe they are in deep conversation.
    A snake comes near the boy. The boy senses the green reptile and finds it amusing. Starts to play. Very child like.
    Parents look at the scene, horrified do not know what to do. They jump away. The boy looks at parents shows his pet friend. Snake senses something crawls away. Worried parents go to the boy and chide him.
    Parents saw the snake, their emotions were extreme. The boy senses a snake for first time, very cool, child like giving playful vibrations to snake. Was that snake poisionous?
    Many times if we go to party, say there are bunch of people in group and we are introduced. Just by a hand shake or without even speaking to them, we ‘sense’ vibrations. They make us understand what kind of person is… just with mere sensing. That is the subtle clearity of ‘now’ we sense or exeprience. Everyone does but many are not using it or aware of it. Women are master at this.
    “I search for that which I see
    and when the searching stops
    the seeing begins”
    Very simple and very fateful.
    But many people firstly are not aware what they are searching. Be it practical life or spiritual life.
    I think when people search for something, their feelings are ahead, much much ahead then thinking.
    These feelings… must be right…if they are right it is what I called the ‘right urge of soul’. Or Athists can say sub-conscious mind.
    This urge of soul has tremendous impact on a person’s fate.
    That right urge of soul is the action that individual soul gives to universal soul and when the time is ripe the results come. Faster results come when there is no opposing thought and that is the reason yogis who control their thoughts often have this clearity.
    When the searching stops, the result is the reaction of universe, that gives you many clues, where seeing begins…the choice is what matters.

  5. Well, Even I believe that we do see things which are beyond the five senses. There has always been a sixth sense inside humans and this sixth sense is the Id or the sub-conscious mind. Our Id is constantly thinking or analyzing stuff. We get intutions in times of dificulty, they are not from any divine source or something but they are our sixth sense. It analyzes for us even when we sleep many scientists, inventors and others get ideas in sleep. For instance, I read of Einstein that he had derived E = mc^2 sometime sitting in the patent office. However he was unaware of it and had thrown the paper in the dustbin. But later after a day or 2 he realized what he had achieved days back and went to the bin and found that paper.
    How would have he realized this? Wasn’t this beyond his 5 sense??

  6. Apparently, a greater proportion of the human mind is comprised by the ‘sub-conscious’ than the ‘conscious’. The former processes a larger amount of information in a shorter period of time and the bases of such processing include all our knowledge and experience, without our being as much as aware of it. It is also, at times, termed as intuition.

  7. I search for that which I see and when the searching stops the seeing begins.
    Does “seeing” have a beginning or an end? When does in begin or end? Isn’t it timeless?
    What is “time” apart from a mental concept?
    When does a moment break or end apart from the ticking hands of a clock?
    Are “you” not an appearance in that seeing? Take a look.
    Do “you” have any independent existence? The “you” that you call yourself – what is it made of?
    Apart from thought and sensory experiences?
    Can an appearance “see”? Can an appearance do anything?
    Experiences come and go but what you are remains.
    What are you?
    Are you separate from this “seeing”?

  8. see this theory ( where Chris thinks his way through this same question – he is supposed to have the highest IQ in the US.
    as human beings, are we already pre-determined to subconsciously feel our way towards this same end…?

  9. It is so ironical that we will do every possible thing on the face of the earth but will not question our core beliefs, will not question this sense of separation….

  10. Dear Shekhar,
    I have always felt perplex by man’s conviction that we are limited to a sensorial spectrum of five senses. What to say of so many other sensations and moments of warmth within ourselves?
    When we look at the stars, I believe we not only see with our eyes. If we truly give in to the sight before us, we will perceive that there is so much more happening in and around us, connected to that view.
    I therefore believe that indeed a lot of “unknown” senses also contribute to create our experiences through human life. Your post and your verses confirm this and as always, it is a pleasure to stop by your blog.

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