Micheal Jackson’s Angelic Spirit

Did Micheal jackson live in his human self or his spirit self ?
Without the energy of his spirit, it could not be possible that every human being on this planet knew his music, his dance. It did not matter that you were in innner Mangolia, or a potential suicide bomber in the Gaza Strip, or an Israeli soldier, or an kid from the most remote rural India. Everyone knew MJ, every one knew his song, and everyone knew his dance.
In judging the show “India’s Got Talent” I was amazed at the amount of young people from small town and rural India that did Micheal Jackson impersonations and called him their Guru. In fact the most brilliant one was an 11 year old adivasi boy, who claimed that Micheal Jackson’s spirit entered him when he danced.
The few times I met MJ through my friend Deepak Chopra (they were good friends), I met an extremely humble man. One who made me feel like he was my fan rather than the other way round. He reminded me of a few others that I met, who’s spirits were obviously uncomfortable with the limitations of their bodies, the spirits were dying to soar and to be Universal. Heath Ledger and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan were like that. Spirits not wanting to be limited by the body. All died young. Like Angels.
And what is it about us that we cannot handle strong spirits. Do we have to crucify them ? I saw the agony the Micheal Jackson had to endure in last years accused of crimes against children based not on proof but on flawed accusations.
When Angels appear amongst us, we are compelled to crucify them.

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  1. Shekhar, I have heard similar things about MJ’s shyness that often is an expression of self-doubt and the knowledge that far greater forces rule the universe than the own miniscule existence. Very few of his fame knew of such humbleness that came from an inner conviction rather than being the coy act of a manipulator. There was a pureness of innocence that only ancient souls can project, the ones that live on through the eons of time.
    I had sent you an earlier post with my thoughts to this remarkable human being and I would like to resend it to you:
    There is no doubt that with Michael Jackson one of the great artistic personalities of our time has entered the small ranks of those who will forever orbit in the sphere of our consciousness to be looked upon as some odd and flawed gift of the gods. He is flying out there with the likes of John Lennon, Elvis, James Dean, Heath Ledger, Oscar Wilde, …… the list could be extended, but not by very much.
    In his childhood, Michael Jackson was forced to be an adult in a child’s body and in later years he regressed to his lost childhood being a child in an adult’s body. The latter act was much more credible than the former but no less tragic and sinister because of its bizarre nature. It is ironic that the world needed his death before it could fully see the uniqueness of his talent and the iconoclastic element in his artistic being.
    I felt sad when I heard of his passing and I could not deny a twinge of conscience about
    the ridicule we were all collectively holding him up to because of his ghostlike, otherworldly looks. There is no question that his life was never meant to end in old age and happiness, too many forces were stacked up against him many of which were fueled by his own demons that must have tormented him incessantly. Had it not ended now, a Howard Hughesian future would most probably have been his destiny with ever increasing grotesqueness to the point of outright absurdity. He went when the world was still willing to truly mourn him. As sad as it sounds but he could not have asked for anything better.
    The fact that there is such a global outpouring of love and grief tells me that most people who feel that way have lost some of their own dreams and aspirations, their adherence to an era they instinctively knew had already ended well before Michael Jackson’s death had put on the stamp of finality.
    With kind regards.

  2. WHy are only celebrities considered angels?
    Achievements considered godly?This is an observation that bores me. I just picked up Walter Semkiv’s book 0n reincarnation-called Born again. I put it down when i realized it is all about celebrity reincarnations. While it may be a selling point with his publishers it makes for very poor reading
    i consider myself a very ordinary soul and would love to read or hear someone who dosent talk of the soul in terms of celebrity or heirarchy. Because that to me negates and nullifies the entire concept of the soul or the cosmic energy which by definition is universal and omnipotent and omnipresent

  3. “Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocrities” Albert Einstein.
    Don’t know but I do found the shades of Guru Dutt, Elvis Presley..And many great souls in him. His talent and what he was doing, was not him. It was god, who was talking to all of us through him, because a man alone can’t create such a magic.
    And it’s tragic that whenever a great spirit or God talks to us through someone, We throw stones at him and make him/her just a commodity to make money.
    RIP Michael, No one will say you Whacko Jocko now. We will always miss you.

  4. When spirits within us become agitated they want to get out for good
    And without their energizing support we remain but logs of dead wood.
    They can play games with you, me and everyone,
    And whisk away the good,the bad, the Angel and the Deamon.

  5. It is highly unlikely that anyone would pay scant attention if I said that I was, in comparison, a more evolved soul than the person next to me … as I am no celebrity. Amongst the billions of souls on this Earth, to consider that only the ‘famous’ ones are the ones that have strong spirits would be travesty of the laws of Karma.
    Shekhar has met MJ, and so would know better as to the kind of human being he was, in person. Spirits not wanting to be limited by the body are bound by the laws of Karma as well … thats why they were here in the first place, Shekhar.
    How many people actually knew MJ? All that they know of him mostly are the songs they have heard or the dance they have seen? Is that all thats there to know about MJ? If so, then I doubt he was an angel … if not, then most people expressing grief are just doing it because MJ was a celebrity.
    I agree that a vast majority of us are unable to handle strong spirits .. and most likely, its because those spirits think and act in a manner that is considered insane. One of my favorite quotes is something that I created for myself, from what was said separately by Oliver Holmes and Oscar Levant : “Insanity is often the logic of an accurate mind overtasked. There is, however, a fine line between genius and insanity … I have erased this line.”

  6. To my mind, it appears that those who are extremely talented have a self-destructive streak.
    Michael Jackson, for instance, may still have been amongst us if he had not experimented with ‘treatments’ for turning his black skin into white, as well as all sorts of plastic surgery, which, in turn, led to a lot of drug dependencies.
    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sa’ab was grossly overweight, which we all know, is not good for health and brings a whole lot of health risks along with it, along with the magnification of some others.
    Heath Ledger, like MJ, is suspected of having died of a drug overdose.

  7. o.k. so it appears that we all agree that MJ’s spirit was uncomfortable with the limitations of the body.
    In essence we agree that MJ was not the body.
    Now we are talking about the spirit.
    What is spirit?
    Is it not the very livingness that “you” are??
    Can this life essence have a name and form?
    So, What do we really mean by MJ’s spirit?
    How do we divide spirit?
    Was there really an MJ within the body per se?
    Was MJ not an appearance within this timeless existence?
    What reality does an appearance have?
    My friend, identification with the body mind makes you believe that you are Shekhar…but is there really a Shekhar within the so called appearance?
    The body does not say I am Shekhar…what says this?
    Have you taken a look at “that” one?
    Does it have any qualities or attribute?
    Can you truly say if “that” is noble or not noble?
    Can you truly say if it is knowledgeable or ignorant?
    What can you say about it?
    Other than “it is…”
    Where is “your” centre?
    Questioning the mind over and over makes “you” stare in the face with reality.
    When have you ever gotten out of reality?
    Except in thought….
    What is thought apart from word?
    Is the word real?
    Is it not simply a label?
    as Shekhar are you not simple a label?
    Ditto for MJ?

  8. Dear Shekhar ji
    This is the fact of life that every body has to go from this world.But what you are carrying with ,it matters.How many persons are remembering you and how long it is your earning as a human being..
    Another fact of life is ..We always keep remembering the qualities of a person after death away..He was the good singer apart from a good human being..Children are just like god and the person who used the children to satisfied his physical needs can not be angles…..
    I am writting my poem for this “Darshan” as wrote in my first book”Falakdipti”
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    Kavi Deepak Sharma

  9. shekhar ji…my all time fav actress is SRIDEVI..coz of ur MR.INDIA..not coz of her blue saree act…BUT COZ OF COMEDY SHE HAD DONE…
    once again after i had seen u CRYING during INDIA’S GOT TALENT….
    My heart said to me…shekhar is very down to earth n really a divine soul
    i m eagerly waiting for MR INDIA-2

  10. As for most of the world, Michael Jackson wasn’t on my radar screen since a long, long time now. The last time he might have had any of my attention (prior to his death) would have been when the child abuse allegations resurfaced, by which time I had dismissed him off as a weirdo, too freakish to really understand. And that was that.
    Until now.
    His death has performed alchemical magic – the ‘lead’, personified by the man Michael Jackson with his human frailties, has miraculously been transmuted into ‘gold’ – the divine being that he clearly was/is.
    I could suddenly see him for what he truly was, a super being who visited the Earth plane to help transform world consciousness. A pure, truly gentle and innocent being (as such beings tend to be), whose child-like essence was misunderstood by the far, far denser consciousness around him that looked at the physical body of an adult male and judged/condemned him wrongly.
    I was rather young during his heyday, so now when I revisited some of his songs being played out in tribute on a music channel, I could suddenly see how amazing those songs were in their message and power. Very, very ahead of their time. If all of us just read the lyrics of these songs and understand what’s being said, we’d have a transformed world.
    Also – listening to a person of African heritage on TV, I realised how hugely important he was to the African world as an icon of success. He was the first great global success phenomenon of African heritage in modern times, and a great ray of hope to every disenfranchised Black person.
    There are some of us who now realise how the largely Caucasian dominated prominent media of the past couple of centuries has ended up creating and reinforcing negative/backward/unflattering stereotypes of people of colour. This is not to denounce all people of Caucasian heritage – far from it. But it is a fact that the the various media have been used in a systematic, covert brainwashing of the world to serve vested interests, one of which has been a paranoid attempt to keep the ‘others’ subjugated through disparaging media imagery. I remember thinking in years past that the terrible persecution he faced was not insignificantly because he was a huge irritant to ‘The Establishment’, those kinds that wouldn’t like certain sections of society to rise up,live as equals and shine as geniuses.
    I think the fact that so many of us can see/sense his beauty/ purity now as opposed to even a few years ago when most of us thought of him as a freakazoid is testimony to the fact that a subtle, but powerful spiritual consciousness has been unfolding on our planet.
    I can speak for myself – in the past some years, I have gone through an intense spiritual process and most certainly can understand MJ better and touch his essence because I am so much ‘lighter’ now.
    Michael Jackson’s death, as his life, will prove catalytic in raising world consciousness. For one, his death has created a field of unified global consciousness, where most people across the planet are finding they are able to transcend judgment and celebrate what they loved about him, his genius and his magic.
    Going by the theory that everything around us is a mirror to aspects within, the death of Michael Jackson represents (to me) the end of the ‘troubled genius’ archetype. While I celebrate his liberation, I also celebrate the genius within me that no longer needs to feel alone, or tormented, or persecuted. My genius will now be celebrated, as will the genius of every person who walks or ever will walk this planet. HURRAY to that!!!
    For this reason, as for so, so many more others, I am grateful to Michael Jackson.
    He touched us through his life, and now, possibly even more deeply so in/through his death.
    PS: Shekhar, I wish people like you, Deepak Chopra etc used your power and reach to utilise this moment in unified global consciousness to help HEAL this wound of a ‘tormented, persecuted genius’ from the global psyche. If what I’m saying is not wholly clear to you, feel free to write to me via email, or just ask Deepak C. I’m sure he’ll know what I’m talking about.

  11. Spirit is spirit neither weak nor strong.
    Once one has experienced pure spirit in oneself in a sudden burst one is then obliged to again reach it step by step (a life-long process)peeling layers and layers of body (usual spiritual, intellectual, emotional, lastly even physical)wrapped over it. In the process nearer one is or has come to the pure, relationless spirit, of stronger spirit one can be called. Perhaps, Shekhar, you mean this from “strong spirits”.
    Now, nobody from outside does anything – mishandles or crucifies – to such a person, such a strong spirits. It is just the manifestation of that person’s or that strong spirit’s own efforts at arriving at its purest self peeling all bodies covering it off itself.
    To the extent someone or the world from outside mishandles a strong spirit to that extent that strong spirit has peeled off/got rid of that someone or world.
    From the point of view of this side of the world, our usual side, it is not easy to see someone being peeled or pulverised thus. But from the side of that strong spirit there is an accompanying enjoyment which is always greater than this apparent suffering.
    It is a process which all undergo sooner or later may be in many lifetimes. All will finally end up being strong spirits, nay, pure spirits.

  12. RIP MJ. we grew up with yr music and there is a part of you in all of us. and those of us who can ‘feel’ and ‘sense’ more than some others on this planet, also know that you were innocent.
    as someone said on the BBC, ‘yr music is what will travel time’.
    to a true global superstar…

  13. Appreciate all those nice words & emotional, sentimental memoirs coming from people throughout the world on MJ now , but isn’t it getting a bit too much… MJ was a hardworking singer who knew his craft, understood how showbiz functioned & played the game well.. but that makes him just an artist..! If he was popular throughout the world ( even in the remotest of areas ), it was partially because of his funky foot tapping music & majourly because of the extension of the reach of media ( electronic , press ) in last 25 yrs.. not to forget the immense strength of the distribution biz which made his music available in every corner of the world…
    Reality is , the western media & entertainment-biz were desperately looking for next sensation in early eighties when John Travolta had started slipping ( due to his alleged scandalous lifestyle n drug abuse ), n MJ happened… being at the right place at the right time… he was fortunate enough to get right finances for ‘Thriller’ video which hit the jackpot… not to undermine MJ , but perhaps many other singers who were around at that time could have been equally successful had they been given such opportunity… With his ‘Thriller’ success , he was jumped at by music industry which saw potential of millions of dollars coming in thru him as he appeared to be a complete performer/package , n the journey began… he was built by record companies & media who wanted to reap thick profits… he was built as a brand & success by success, his branding got thicker n larger… his every success involved dedicated efforts n contributions of these several ‘hands’ which were doing it purely for monstrous gains.. it happens with every successful entrant in showbiz & MJ was no exception… the fact is , artists are mere puppets in hands of their makers n media , till they become really big n that is where roles reverse…
    If MJ’s personal actions & choices are scrutinized ( n here I am not referring to legal charges he was made at ), he could not match even a common man… his personal life remained in mess.. his financial management was pits… worst, he started believing in his own image , created by his ‘makers’, of being larger than life , & went on to behave as if he was actually larger than life… his spendings were horrible ( Harrods used to be closed for masses only upon arrival of either the Queen or MJ ), his addiction of leading dream life was insane ( can one believe he put several millions on Neverland Ranch , a house on railway track just so that he could move it n have different look of outside from the window anytime he wanted to !! ) ( it was also reported that he used to spend four hrs. everyday compulsorily in oxygen chamber so that he could live longer !! ).. the king-size lifestyle, which was obviously ‘sold well to’ / ‘leapt at by’ media , was served time n again before masses blinding them into believing that MJ was demi-god of music & worth shelling out their hard-earned money on his records.. thus was the sale !! His rich lifestyle stories reached such a high point that it started attracting troubles in form of money seekers.. it was now ‘pay time’..! His illusions n eccentricities led him to cut away from ground realities of life & the real world around him.. His life’s miseries were resultant of his own actions n deeds & his biggest defeat lied in fact that he never realized his follies , till he was finished.. he was trying to make a comeback using same media n tricks ( ‘just one more time…the last world tour’ ) n raise money , to get him out of his financial woos , but it was too late…
    If MJ is to be remembered by future then it should be only for two reasons – 1) for what magic can a team of ‘talent’ n ‘maker’ create if they go hand in hand , 2) how a performer should never start believing into his own image/ branding n let slip away from him the real side of life… Success is important , success-handling is even more important , for an artist ( n everyone else ) to know n practice…
    Today , the whole world is trying to brand MJ as an icon of this era with all their emotions , feelings , memories etc etc ( it is insane to watch so many grieving n sobbing on LOSS of MJ and actually filling spaces of news papers by giving them sought feed… believers !! ). US President Mr. Obama has gone one step further by labeling MJ’s life been a ‘tragic’ one , another American effort to lastly brand him as a ‘tragedy’ if not anything else , & eternalize him in history ..!! .. the greed to not let go of a single chance to have their dominance on the world n post insertions in history…
    The eternity comes to an individual on validation ( by masses ) of one’s lifelong body of work having been found of immense importance to humanity , knowledge , or welfare… MJ could never reach there… he was never there…

  14. It was also in my experience, Shekhar, that Michael was one of the individuals of this earth who’s spirit went well beyond their bodies. Michael somehow managed to tap into the universal cosmos and its endless energies…perhaps the song, music and dance gave hime the key to aligning with such frequencies.
    Angels are from all walks of life, Prerna, perhaps we all have the capacity to arrive at such destinations but just are not aware of how to connect with that which is already within us.
    I can tell you with no doubt, there are millions of Angels who walk this earth…in the form of children!
    Michael Jackson had a hugh influence in our lives, growing up in a family musical band myself, I can very well relate to some of the challenges he had to endure.
    Here’s what I wrote on his website in memory…
    “Michael Jackson, may your spirit soar free as you so very well deserve…om shanti, peace.
    My experience came at a very early age, as Michael Jackson and his brothers were spreading their talent across the world through song, dance and music.
    Our family were also a musical group from Trinidad, known in the sixties as The Raymond Family.
    Having very similar experiences growing up in the spotlight. It is easy to relate to the life style of having to live within the realm of the music world, with rehersals, recordings etc. on a daily basis.
    Michael’s influence, thorugh his many gifts and talents were very much a part of our musical journey.
    In the 80’s, my father and I taught Steeldrum music in a Toronto, Canada school, Yorkwoods P.S. The band was well known for their talent and explosion of passion for music on stage. One year, we entered a music competition (Kawanis Music) and our two selections were Amazing Grace (remixed) and Beat It. As all the other bands performed…our turn came next, the students in our band (Galaxy II) were quite nervous, however, their performance was astounding nevertheless. As the judges announced their decision, they had first mixed up 2nd place with first and quickly corrected it and announced…”Galaxy II Steelband came in first place”.
    Everyone jumped for JOY!!! It was a totally amazing experience!
    When Michael came to Toronto on his Victory tour, I had bought tickets for my parents, who were divorced then, to attend the show together. It was one of the most moving experiences in our lives.
    That same weekend, I had hand delivered a drawing I had completed after working on it for some months, to the back stage crew for Michael. They had reassured me that it would be put in his dressing room so that he will receive it when he arrives.
    After attending the first concert with my parents, I then bought tickets for the next two concerts that was to follow. All three shows were ABSOLUTELY ELECTRIFYING!!!
    I also took a bus to Buffalo and attended the concert there too…that is when I first experienced his live concert. Totally, MINDBLOWING!!! WOW!!! my jaw dropped when he came on stage with ‘Human Nature’ and green laser lights shot out across the crowds into the open air. My mouth stayed open, dropped in AW! for the entire song!!! NO KIDDIN! I even had a leatherlike Thriller Vest that I wore…and when we played in our band, I sometimes wore a handmade white glove with sequin on it. Our students loved it!
    When the Thriller Album hit the airwaves, there was a contest running on a radio station…they said first 25 callers would receive a Thriller Video, I called and called and called…then got through…and made it! I WON THE THRILLER VIDEO! Played it over and over and over…
    A couple of months ago, I bought the Anniversary Edition…now I have it on CD!!! Just finished playing it!
    Whenever we performed “Beat It” in concert, the band also did some choreography from the video, under black lights with our white costumes…can you picture it?!!!An absoultely hair raising experience…everytime!
    When “We Are The World” came out, we also included it in our performances. I remember getting teary eyed every time we played it!!! There’s something quite special about that song.
    As with all of Michael’s songs…there continues to be the unfolding of its magic and splendour…decades later. They will live on and on till the end of time!!!
    “I’ll Be There” he certainly will, even in death, he shall LIVE!
    I love you Michael, you have touched my spirit and soul with your presence and being…Thank You for inspiring the world to be more loving…always, Cinda

  15. It is a perfect process. MJ will evolve into a spiritual recluse, the foundations of which have been laid after this lifetime of experience which has concluded that material success, even of the highest order, is not sufficient. His mind will turn direction in his next life, and that is where everything will become alright.

  16. Micheal Jackson’s fame & the followup by the world, on his videos’ repertoire, had been like; Handsome is what the handsome does, once proved the handsome.
    MJ was an inventor of the breakdance. Also he presented it well enough. The invention was uplifted by the youth, the world over. Since it was into the pop category it covered more people. It had come, when the world was getting tired of the word Discodance. Disco had a pansy vibe to it. The breakdance; essentially (almost) put out the girls. The backstreet & bronx boys found a masochist way of expression. The girls enjoyed the music (hard pop). The rock style, which then was on a high was essentially incorporated in MJ’s music. (Although the guitars still rule the major world.)
    Then it is equally important in the music scene to keep on coming up with good numbers. And MJ had the highly inflated Thriller, Beat it!! buoys & his rest of the work also got acknowledged, although rightfully.
    MJ got good hooklines & music; endeavoring, interpolating & practicing, humanly. His songs were of joy & fun & care. Where the question of the spirit arises?/
    Long live the King of Pop.,
    As far as the accusations & suits on the personal life are concerned, they are open to discussion as whether to believe the US law agencies or not!!
    The crucifixion of the the strong spirits (here the celebrities) has been one off cases. There are many such angels who’ve faded out honorably.
    As far as the question of celebrities coined as angels. The God is liked hence & because is famous. Most of the times the mightier is famous. People write about philanthropy, citing examples of the celebrities, so that the reader can crosscheck the respective findings.
    Not many would like to know about a person who is just run of the mill. Most likely, even the asker, if confronts such a book writer in person, would challenge the observations about the ordinary beings, with; What big she or he has done?
    An ordinary soul doesn’t try to break out so the case doesn’t get enough cooked up to blow a whistle on it., waht say!!

  17. Angel ? and MJ ? jesus man ..
    the perversions of the west – its society and its ills show in the emaciated condition MJ found himself as he struggled to his last breath.
    People around him watched as he self- destructed.
    His personal life may have been a struggle – whose isnt ? there are many village boys in Africa and India who go through a lot worse – MJ had that hypocrite Deepak Chopra as his counsellor – GOK what influence he had on him coz they found nothing but needle wounds , and broken ribs and half-dissolved pills in his stomach after his autopsy.
    It would never happen in India . maybe it will but the chances are much lower than in the west.
    I say what few dare to say – his was a corrupting influence on a whole generation of young people – especially Indians who took his crotch-holding and his lyrics rather literally.
    Neverland saw many visitors – other vain people who wanted to associate with him for their own value addition.
    He was just an asset – mintable as long as he was worth it.
    Shame on you , West ! This is what you afford to your children and this is how you show them the door.

  18. Dear Cinda,
    Michael truly was and IS the King of Pop
    His father in law Elvis truly was and IS the King of Rock & Roll
    He wanted to die the same way as his father in law and I have read that he told this already to his first wife, the daughter of Elvis Presley.
    Well to me this means: you are what your Intentions are and the Universe fulfills exactly that!

  19. MJ impersonations worldwide…
    Do global cultures strengthen or dilute one’s own cultural identity? Is there such as a thing as “a cultural identity” ?
    What is “culture”? What is India’s culture? What is it that one would nurture, and showcase, as India’s culture within and outside India? And in a way that has potential to create ripples worldwide?

  20. God gift of creativity is gifted to few chosen people. Michael is the God of music atleast for me.
    When I saw the song “They dont care about us” the time I watched the humble person and the creativity he was having within his soul.
    He is GREAT and will be GREAT forever atleast for me.
    I miss Michael.
    Great people are unique always.
    We do not need to understand GREAT people.
    All we can do is :
    Salute ! Salute ! Salute !
    Claps ! Claps ! Claps !
    Michael – You will be remember forever for always.

  21. Michael Jackson was a phenomenon. Each of his songs are precious – Billie Jean, The Way You Make Me Feel, BAD, Rock With You, Black Or White, Man In The Mirror, Thriller, Beat It, The Girl Is Mine, Heal The World, Scream, They Don’t Care About Us, Remember The Time, Stranger in Moscow, This Time Around, Earth Song….the list is never ending. Add to this the fact that Michael is the single most awarded entertainer the world has ever known and will ever know.
    Michael was one of the world’s most acclaimed entertainers. A brilliant and innovative songwriter who’s dancing defied gravity. Elizabeth Taylor, one of his closest friends had this to say of him, “What is a genius? What is a living legend? What is a megastar? Michael Jackson – that’s all. When I hear the name Michael Jackson, I think of brilliance, of dazzling stars, lasers and deep emotions.” She continues, “I think he is one of the finest people to hit this planet, and, in my estimation he is the true King of Pop, Rock and Soul.”
    You were always a dazzling star Michael and you will continue to shine. While you are laid to rest, you can be rest assured that millions of your fans have reserved a place in their hearts for you. You will continue to live there forever.
    You always said, “Before you judge me, try hard to love me”. We’ve finally heard you. We love you. Even in death, you’ve been kind and generous. We thank you for leaving a large part of yourself behind – your music. You perfected the moonwalk on earth; it is time for you to walk on the moon in the heavens. It’s a treat fit for the Gods.
    If there is music in heaven then the Gods are definitely having the bestest biggest rock concert ever!
    R.I.P. MJ.

  22. Dear Shekhar,
    well, came across your blog after i saw you shedding tears at India got talent show! That made me feel you are a simple soul just like any one of us. The best blog i ever entered and so beautiful and moving thoughts! thanks a milion!!!
    Couldn’t anyone save MJ when they saw him ruining?
    or wasn’t there anyone who really cared for him and loved him? Many celebs are seen mishandling (or people around them mishandle things) their success but are revived before its too late, why not MJ? or is it fate, MJ had to undergo all the misery?
    wish you love n peace

  23. Dear Kavitha,
    In my humble view global cultures are able to strengthen one’s own cultural identity if people around the globe will become more able to find themselves back into the “other”, a.o. by sincerely studying the different cultures.
    The Internet is one of those learning tools to be able to accomplish just that.
    In our part of the world (Europe) a French Jesuit priest, paleontologist and philosopher predicted the ‘noosphere’ (meaning the convergence of human thought) some fifty years before the Internet and then especially the World Wide Web was invented.
    The converging of human thought in my humble view is our next step in evolution.
    You can find an intruiging website about this here:

  24. Some of you may like to read an original comment from MJ himself on a thread from Deepak Chopra at intentblog.com
    C:\Users\Harb\Pictures\What Does Jesus Mean By Resist Not Evil IntentBlog (Comment by Machael jackson).mht
    Read comment 31.
    PS: I did not think at that time that this comment could be from MJ himself. But yesterday a co-user told that it was from him and now it seems to be true.

  25. Screw all this Angelic spirit shirit business. The guy could sing and dance and sell his music. He was a Musical, marketing and dance genius… no question about that. For that he must be saluted. But for that only.
    The fella was an extremely poor role model and a drug addict all his adult life! As an influential public persona, he was a complete arse with no sense of responsibility to the rest of us who wilynily bought into his marketed image.
    I dont care how kind he actually wanted to be, and how whispery his voice was, and how much Deepak Chopra influenced him or not. He broke the law in many proven instances, used his money and influence in selfish and not altruistic ways, and was way out of touch with reality of life that his fans live. That he could even put children in the position that he did by even being accused of improper behavior with them is just despicable. Proven or not, even putting children in that position is horrible.
    Frankly I am not buying the lost childhood bit. He was living out his “lost childhood” all the way into his fifties? Thats cause for therapy. The men in white coats should have been running to get him years ago.
    I saw the Martin Bashir documentary on MJ on TV yesterday. On this second viewing after years, I was even more appalled by the caricature that MJ was. I dont buy the sinfully edited and hatchet job accusations against the journalist. The words that I saw on TV were coming from MJ’s mouth. I saw his mouth move. And it wasnt a voice over either. The lies, disconnect with reality and bad parenting was just horrible.
    A musical genius was lost… thats as far as it goes.

  26. MJ was a phenomena everytime he is on a show. He was a Great showman and his songs created a Music Industry, rather a complete paradigm shift to what we know NOW. He influenced the industry to become better at the time he came in.. His songs were liked at the time when they were needed.. and that all created a big influence all over the world. BUT yes, there was an ” ATTRACTION” factor to it..not just the attraction factor but that feeling where you want to be with him…

  27. Hello Shekhar,
    [you dint want to be addressed as Sir]
    I just happened to watch your videos of “India’s got talent” on youtube.
    Out of the two episodes you had shown us a wide range of emotions, breaking up while talking to the small girl doing Bhangra and also mocking at another girl from Jaipur whow was doing mimicry of some animals. I was really curious to know about these two experiences. By this time you must be knowing that you got criticized a lot by many netizens for that Jaipur girls episode.
    Are you so spontaneous or it was all scripted before? I would expect you to share more experiences during this show as a judge, like what made you accept this offer etc etc.

  28. Michael Jackson was the GREATEST ARTIST and one of the most wonderful human beings to ever walk the planet. He used his life to make this world a better place and inspired us to do the same. though the media hounded him with lies and rumours, he continued to be kind, generous, compassionate. he went through so much pain and it breaks my heart to see and read the outpouring of grief on international internet sites regarding what has happened. The world has lost one of its true healer and its a loss to humanity. May you be blessed wherever you are dear Michael.

  29. Dear Another Kiran in NYC #26,
    My friend MJ was one of the greatest unifying forces on Earth that the 20th Century has seen.
    How can one forget his Earth song and History albums and Unity Concerts.
    Be Kind.

  30. Mieke, thanks for your response.
    What is the definition/characterization of “culture”, in your part of the world (Europe)? What is “European culture”? Would love to hear your thoughts on how [your] study of other cultures may have strengthened European culture or your own perspectives of European culture.

  31. @ AnotherKiranInNyc
    please do not take it as offensive.
    if i could re read it …. ‘The guy could sing and dance and sell his music. He was a Musical, marketing and dance genius… no question about that. For that he must be saluted. But for that only.’
    we all agree 100% on this stand. But not the media not the whole world. Things were blown out of proportion, nothing remained personal, all were bothered more about things that were wrongly executed, When all the allegations were made … it was all allegations … there is always 50% chances of these allegations being true and false. The probability is equal…
    Then… the were/are things written even today as if he is convicted. Moreover all of us have undergone or will undergo hardships in life but then we are left alone to move through that phase and come out. But then, if whole world talks bad about you though there may or may not be any amount of truth in it, it really doesnt help. calling him an addict doesnt help him come out of addiction, instead ruin him to a greater deppression, He must have been guilty because he consumed narcotics… but is he guilty when the success, money, drugs, lust all these things gulped him and drowned him to such a bitter life? He is basically a great talent and a common man like all of us, not a saint to have control on all his senses. We also make mistakes, but we are lucky to have people who are concerned around us!
    No one knows other than MJ himself if he was so lonely or if he felt someone is there for me…
    no one has read his mind, we can not quote from his interviews because it is all done with public interest, we never know if he spoke his heart out! may be he turned self distructive due to lack of love and care, dippression is such a tricky trap; one never knows if we would ever be able to come out of it, and would never be able to cry for help as he would never know that he is sinking…
    Be compassionate for such a legend, Can’t we all be compassionate and wish him peace?? abd a better life ??
    Its not about if he was right or wrong….. its all about cant we be good irrespective of that,
    hatred will not heal its love that heals… isnt it?
    prayers for love and peace

  32. When you become a celebrity, you are painting a bullseye on yourself for the passive-regressive sections of society and its media who are aching to find targets for release. A major portion of the entertainment and sensationalized news shows are based on demeaning people at unprecedented levels. This is much more prevalent in the US than other places because of the vast materialistic machinery without a firm spiritual core.

  33. For sure spirit self…had to be you Shekhar to have such a deep insight!
    I was just thinking that to myself the other day with all the media hype post his death…it wasn’t just a black or white or face transformation…noticably Michael Jackson seemed to transcend his sex too…like he was not only neither black nor white but neither male nor female…also ageless…you couldnt really tell his age…I think he wanted it to be this way…to be indefinable in the body…so he could transcend it…and yep usually souls like that cant stay trapped in the body for too long…
    Seems like he was a super entertainer soul come here solely for that purpose and true point of pure light…but to live in this world where souls and bodies are made to conform…even true points of light lose their way at times…thinking they must conform to society…be this and that…have a ‘normal’ life…we are all victims to this…but when a light is so strong the reaction is equally strong!
    in terms of crucifixion…many saints go through that while they are alive only to be deified on their death…
    May we all see and bask fully in the light one day…

  34. I have come to a Revelation. It may be hard to believe, and conceive. And I was never a believer. So May I tell everyone , that I know the real Michael Jackson. Who he was and what he meant, and was to the world. Ready??
    He was the incarnation of Jesus Christ. And I am compelled to tell everyone.
    There are so many similarities. He touched more people on a global level. And was loved, and revered by more people , on a global level. Also misunderstood, as Jesus was, on a world wide level than anyone else in history.
    dig deep and think about it
    If you had the soul of Christ living in you. A burning entity linked to god. Like Moses in the 10 commandments, when he witnessed God. You would be bleached and turn into a living , glowing, depiction of the holy spirit. There is a reason for everything!!
    Think Deep!
    lets not be in Denial people. say what it is and was. yes, 20/20 hindsight, but history repeats.
    Tell us from your HEART, what Michael meant to you. He was destined for greatness, since the minute he was born. People, pour your heart into this.
    Say what you want but the similarities go on and on, Jesus was demonized by society until he was killed. And then people new the truth.

  35. Jason…many a times I felt the presence of Jesus in Michael, be it in person, t.v. radio, photos etc. There are moments when the two are the same. Today, I was talking about the spiritual elders awaiting a shift in the consciousness and energy that may possibly alter the state of the earth before 2012…and if there was anyone who could influence that shift and change on a critical mass level…it would be Michael Jackson. Technology certainly played a sacred part in allowing billions around the world to view and listen to His Memorial. Jesus would have been able to generate the same type of shift had His time been during a more advanced spreading of communication globally…abling Him to spread His message of Love and Truth around the world. It was the connectedness of the “Bigger Picture”…and through Michael’s presence and His daughter, Paris, when she spoke at the end of the Memorial…I believe, during those moments…there was a pause and the world wept. “Every since I was born, Daddy’s been the greatest father you can imagine…”, from the innocence of a child, Michael Jackson’s child, we became the essence of “We Are The World”…in that one moment.
    Divinity sure has a way of making its way to this place we call earth, no doubt…it won’t be the last.
    Where there is love…Michael will be there.
    Thank you for sharing your observations Jason,

  36. Hi shekhar
    Recently i was surfing a book and got some interesting facts
    1-All artists are GANDHARVAS (another dimension of soul)or a type they never exist on planet earth comfortably since they long for their actual nature
    2-Sime of the best composition of BEETHOVAN were produced when he was not able to listen and speak (Amazing!!!)
    3-they find it really difficult to adjust in society
    For more Information read
    AGORA par 1/2/3 by Dr Svoboda as he discuss his encounter with his master “Aghori Vimalananda”

  37. Hi Shekhar,
    Its amazing how we can stand on the fringe of newspaper/magazine reports and be able to analyze the life of another person in such myriad ways.
    I listened to one of his interviews and I thank my stars for not being in his shoes. To have been belted by a father to perform better at 4 years of age,I am not sure if there are too many people who would have retained their sanity for long, I don’t think many do. I think its amazing that you can accuse somebody of behaving inappropriately with your child, and then settle out of court. Now that is being great parent and human. My point??? too quick to throw stones, aren’t we?

  38. MJ was a superb artist. He belongs to the caliber of Greatest performers ever lived. Whatever said he is a pop star. A human (no God or Angel) who went beyond human boundaries. time to time we meet such people. He had a huge fan base. probably the most popular man on earth. (Bruce Lee and Bob Marley come quite close I think)But he is not divine. He lived an extravagant life. I don’t even think of him to be divine. all great artists, not only musicians, have a crazy side to them. they are very creative, some times not normal. Like Mozart, Picasso, Van Gough… when I saw MJ teasingly put his infant child out of the balcony that was it. I knew the guy was insane. which father can risk their children’s life like that. I still think MJ was the greatest entertainer. But he didn’t changed lives the way Jesus did. We listened to him. We danced and burnt night oil had good fun. He represented popular culture. You can’t compare him with Socrates, Jesus or others who died because they changed human life. Just keep everyone in their place. peace.

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