Goodbye Rajeev Motwani, Google Mentor and friend…

No one that met Rajeev Motwani could leave without being touched by this man’s humility, his gentleness and warmth. For someone that was instrumental in the creation of Google, and who was one of the most brilliant and respected minds in the silicon valley, Rajeev was the most simple person you would meet. Always smiling and always ready to help, Rajeev and I would spend hours discussing the next great developments in computers, in physics, even spirituality. Rajeev was a prolific investor and nurtured many great movements and companies. We would always dream up ideas for new companies to create or invest in. From his army background and relatively humble beginings in Delhi, Rajeev became one of the most respected persons in the Silicon Valley,
The last time he and his wonderful wife Asha met me, Rajeev insisted that I come to the Silicon Valley and stay with them for a few months, to discuss new ventures we could do together. He even wanted me to come and teach for a few months at Stanford.
Rajeev was died in his home two days ago in a swimming accident. In the pool by which we would sit and dream of new worlds. He left behind two daughters and a very very brave and wonderful wife, Asha. And memories……

15 thoughts on “Goodbye Rajeev Motwani, Google Mentor and friend…

  1. It’s a very sad end for such a scholar and humble person!
    but I can’t stop thinking, such a strong(in the contemporary context) individual didn’t think of learning swimming and hits the mishap leaving his family behind, what can possibly explain those two young daughters?

  2. Loving healing prayers to Rajeev’s family, Asha and their two daughters,
    ~Om shanti shanti shanti~

  3. It is unbelievable to think that such a noble soul should die such a freak death… The world in general and Silicon Valley in particular has lost a great helping soul.
    May his soul rest in peace..
    May Almighty grant strength to the family members to bear the great tragic loss

  4. It is unbelievable to think that such a great soul met such a freak death….
    It is a great loss to world in general and silicon valley in particular…
    May this noble soul rest in peace.
    May Almighty grant all the strength to the bereaved family to sustain the loss

  5. Read about the tragedy in today’s T.O.I.
    Makes me wonder about this mystery called death which can come knocking at anybody’s door, anytime, in any form.
    I hope the three bereaved women will emerge much stronger now to tackle the mysteries of life ahead. Wish them all the courage to brave the worst.

  6. hummm
    the impact of the unexpected…
    in ways we fail to comprehend …
    AND YET …
    in perfect harmony …
    with something …
    so much bigger…
    with much love …


  8. I would say, we have lost a diamond, and his demise is a great loss indeed.
    May God be with his family in moments of turmoil and tribulation.
    With high respect for the great mind,
    Shubhankar Sharma

  9. I came to know about Mr. Rajeev Motwani while reading the book “The Google story” by David A. Vise presented to me by my loved daughter Deepti Verma a faculty in IIPM Lucknow, while brousing The Google I feel very said to know the unfortunate demice of Shri Rajeev may GOD rest his Soul in peace and give strength to His family to face the World-ahead.

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