Dreams come true ?

dreams are just dreams,
benign creatures
that give you wonderful feelings of warmth
in times when you need to cradle yourself to sleep
till they become passions and obsessions,
and develop an identity of their own,
no longer in your control
are you willing to watch your dreams
grow into demons that do not belong to you ?
a passion and obsession that takes charge of you ?
wrings out your soul
and leaves you breathless, almost lifeless
when it is done with you ?
beware of your dreams,
those subtle, benign thoughts
that saw you through hours of boredom
and took you through wonderful journeys
when your maths professor droned on
about numbers that made no emotional sense

23 thoughts on “Dreams come true ?

  1. am at that stage when my dreams arent letting me sleep.
    and the practical part of me says dreams arent real….
    well written! Got me closer to taking the leap in faith…

  2. ultimately,
    are ‘you’ the dream
    and the dreamer too
    can the dream be
    without ‘you’ invested in it
    those thoughts and dreams
    where do they come from
    whom do they work for
    were ‘you’ their master, ever.
    can you let go
    and watch them
    like the sky
    which watches the clouds pass by
    does not cling to any favourites
    but yet enjoys them

  3. Yes, and then when the dream starts consuming you there is a little warning voice at the top of your head saying ‘don’t go this way, you shall lose control very soon’. Yet you do, because your dream seems so magnificent at that moment. On the other side, without losing that control can you really taste the nectar of life?
    By and large, passion of any type is self-destructive. That tremendous energy that some people are gifted with, which we call passion, is beneficial only if you have the discipline to control it and channelize it. But then that combination of passion and discipline remains frustratingly elusive. 🙁

  4. “Dreams come true ?”
    Dreams are unconscious resurfacing
    Visions are significant.
    trivia …
    At 5 minutes and 6 seconds after 4.00am on the 8th of July this year, the time and date will be:
    04:05:06 07/08/09
    This will not happen again for a thousand years!

  5. Update re:
    7. Posted by AJ on June 06, 2009
    I just like last line .
    Next year it will be 05:06:07 08/09/10
    Last year was 03:04:05 06/07/08
    for next 6 years:
    04:05:06 07/08/09
    05:06:07 08/09/10
    06:07:08 09/10/11
    07:08:09 10/11/12
    08:09:10 11/12/13
    09:10:11 12/13/14
    It will happen again – or the first time – on the 7th of August in countries that use the format Day/Month instead of Month/Day.

  6. Every single phase of life is transitional… man wishes to ascend to another plane from previous one , mostly in seach of growth…Thoughts & desires generate dreams ; dreams when chased dearlingly , become passion ; passion pushed thru will-power & converted into targets & goals becomes obsession… not to go astrey , one has to constantly do reality check & most importantly , understand the origin of dreams… it is mostly dreams originated out of desires that have a tendency to bring despair in future since desires do involve emotions & are never selfless…
    Apart from the thought of ‘watching out ones dreams’ , ‘dreams’ itself reminds me of a beautiful quote given by India Ex-President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – ” Sapna wo nahi hota jo aapko neend main aaye… Sapna wo hota hai jo aapko sone na de…” … hint of creative/constructive passion here…

  7. Within your soul on sacred ground
    Creation’s song alive with sound
    Let your light come shining
    Fly on, Fly on
    Within your heart on sacred ground
    Upon surrender all is found
    Let your light come shining
    Fly on, fly on
    ‘On Sacred Ground’ — Yanni

  8. be aware of your dreams, they are necessary and intended on relating messages to us, be it through day dreaming or night dreaming, or perhaps its just another part of our “being” expressing itself from other regions of our brain system…
    they do begin as the tinest seeds of creativity, then some of those seed take root and flourish into the realm of this physical world…
    as a matter of fact, i had such an experience today!

  9. Hi dude…
    missed u…
    what made u write this? hahaha…
    u are talking about dream as in goal or wish or desire…
    i am working on my dreams these days…dreams as a process not as ‘my dreams’…i have learned to be awake while i am asleep…so i can see how mind works when i am asleep…it is an amazing experience…it is not difficult to achieve this but constantly i am pushed back because of my smoking…it is obvious…one needs STABLE BODY to observe mind to start with…and my body tries to give up after a while…but patience is the key…if INTENTION is clear it helps a lot…it refreshes u like anything…

  10. Thoughts are suppose to be like this.. free flowing energy that goes on and on.. but whether it is actually a dream or not, you always decide that. you make it a dream or a Hobby. Believing is a choice I guess and we have to practice what should we harbor or what not.. How much we free flow.. and how much we not. Dreams are like that I guess. We make it big or overwhelming for us, based on what we want in our life..what we really want US to be eventually.. When you are child, you dream of a bicycle, and when adult, a good girlfriend.. so it keeps on like that. BUT IF YOU DON’T EVEN DREAM, then are you living really ?
    Dreams are what inspires YOU to think outside of your comfort zone.. what else….Well many important circumstances of life that goes on around you.. that keeps you to THINK,like this BLOG here.. so everything inspires you to dream and it is a natural process of life but we also have to harbor what is called :: PASSION with DIRECTION

  11. Ruchi,
    Your dreams are waiting for you to breathe life into them again…I am confident of this,
    patience and WILL can help them to take root again…

  12. Are you talking about sleeping dreams?
    Are you talking of people who dream about their future?

  13. Dreams can become true if we wish. If we take a step towards it, wont it begin to manifest…I wonder

  14. Thanks Cinda,
    I am trying slowly to breathe life and energy into my dreams and make most of what I have. but some times in your life you feel sooo lost that it becomes hard to even remember what dreams are?

  15. Makes me curious, sometimes dreams become so serious.
    Hovering in your mind, some feelings you can scarcely find.
    Sometimes taking a barefoot stroll on the sea shore of knowledge and virtue…
    Sometimes thrusting your feet into slippers, you try to fit into the society…
    Sometimes, in the grip of madness and obsession, running towards you ambition….
    In the baffling tangle of ideas and opinions, dreams are like ruby, dreams are like diamonds, dreams are like pearls.
    Nothing to worry, nothing to fear, you may be curious but nothing will be injurious…

  16. “If you can dream – and not make dreams your master,
    If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!”
    – From the poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling ( http://www.businessballs.com/ifpoemrudyardkipling.htm )

  17. THE 4TH RULE
    ACT 1
    One night, a totally hopeless man tries to commit suicide as he lost his job 6 month back .Bankers are after him because he wasnt able to pay the monthly installments of loan that he had taken for the marriage of his sister, for last 5 months. He has been through heartbreak too. The very next day he is going to be arrested by police. It seems he has no future left, and he is not going to live a life full of humiliation and defeats. He has been a failure in every walk of life.
    As the man tries to hang himselfhe is checking the rope whether it can carry his weight or not, since he doesnt want to be unsuccessful in this venture too,.. and the chair..now it seems that every thing is set properly for the final act. Suddenly phone rings.he is in dilemma whether to pick this phone or not ..it could be another bad news. But now since he is going to dieso no bad news can make him die twice. So he picks the phone up ..it was wrong number. He couldnt believe it .a wrong number? Life is so cruel (he thinks).. I am going to die and it is making fun of me .a wrong numberwhat does that mean ?……. oh.. probably life is saying to me that I have always been a wrong number..in job ,in love ,in familyyes ,that could be the reason ..Now Ill finish it as early as possible and I wont let anybody to ridicule me any more.
    He is ready..now within 30 seconds I will be free of all problems ..all worries (he thinks) but 30 seconds ..or may be more amidst excruciating pain o my god .why I havent thought it before?
    He has always been afraid of pain so nothing new in that. even for the last pain.. he was afraid. And why should he bear pain any more?..he has been in pain throughout lifeand in death too..no..no..at least I would die peacefully(he thinks)
    He changes the plan .gun is a better option just one push on the trigger .and .
    He starts working on his new creative idea.points gun on his temple…………. Suddenly he remembers that the carry bag is outside the door in which milkman puts pouch of milk.. who will drink when I will be gone?(he thinks) ..perhaps the maid servant will take it .but if she wont come then the boy who brings newspaper.but why would I pay if they are going to drink it.after all I am in debt and cant afford it ..o my god what am I thinking I am going to die there will no one be tomorrow to pay even ..
    But after I die if they wont get their money will they talk about me in good regard.probably everybody would say that cheating had been my hobby. I cheated even poor persons like milkman and newspaper hawker..oh . no . Ill pay the dues of newspaper and milk.at least they should talk good about me..oh my god! what nonsense I am thinking .tomorrow there will be nobody to listen whether they are saying good or bad about me
    Now he is ready to die
    Again he picks the gun and points towards his temple..
    ..and ..he thinks that it may create a sound which everybody would hear.what will happen if somebody comes after hearing the sound and takes him to hospitalhe has heard about few cases
    Where people are still living in spite of having bullet in their head.no ..no Ill die(he thinks) I have not ever been fortunate in my life.i may go into coma.or I may livenonoI have to die..and he thinks of a new idea.
    He goes to railway tracks to lie down there.but he wasnt sure whether he would be recognized after death or not ….as he has read about several instances that in such cases face could be so damaged that no one was able to recognize the deceased. He checks his wallet and finds that there is a photograph of him. he is relieved now ..he can die in peace.tomorrow morning every newspaper will publish his photograph and every person known to him will come to know that he has died.as he was waiting for the train a sudden thought made him restless.
    Man-(talking to himself) if any thief would come and would steal my walletthen he will carry the photographs also..so he picks the photograph besides him as he lies there. But it seems his problems are not going to enda strong wind carries the photograph away and as he goes to bring photograph back ..the last train passesand he is still aliveeven dying is not an easy task.(he realizes).
    But he has to carry the task as he cant bear the future eventspolice..humiliationno.never he has to die as soon as possible. he has been defeated alwaysthis time he wont accept defeat
    He goes to a medicine corner and buys sleeping pillsnow he is in his room determined and prepared to die...he takes the pills.
    ACT 2
    Darkness is everywhere..suddenly a ray of light is seenand everywhere there is light ..and the man is standing there alone
    Man-where am I?
    Man- is there anybody?
    (A voice comes ).yes ..I. am
    Man-who are you?
    (Voice comes) . I AM GOD
    Man-oh it is you I have heard a lot about you.
    God- what have you heard about me?
    Man-you are the sadistic entity who gives pain to every body ..and when we cry to get rid of it . You feel very superior. you feel god like power. .err.i mean.. you feel all powerful.
    God-True.. I have created pain.. but on the other hand I have created pleasure too.
    Man-you have created pleasure!…………..but I didnt come across such thing in my life
    God childdo you remember your childhood?you were very fond of a game ..game of hide-and-seek.
    Man-yesyes.that game was really very enjoyable..I think it is the most popular game among children?
    God-why was it so enjoyable.child?
    Man-ohit was enjoyable becausebecause.when any thing is hidden and when you are trying to find it .the very moment of trying ..gives thrill, excitement and when you find it …that gives you a sense of accomplishment.
    GOD I created this world.. I created pleasure. and hid it. I created difficultiespain .. then i created those who will conquer these difficulties and find pleasure ….and .i named those beings .human.
    Man- you know . we human suppose god as intelligent being but I am very sorry to find you.. not very intelligent
    God-why so?
    Man-only a stupid can think of creating the deadly thing .like pain.if he is not sadistic.
    God- but I had to do it, my child..if I wanted to create pleasureI had to create pain..there is no other alternative.
    Man- you dont seem like god.dont you know .god is all powerful. He can create anything he cant have any compulsion.
    God-but even god cant create pleasure without pain
    Man-certainly you are not god.dont fool me any more
    God-have you been in any classroom?
    Man-yes .for..so many years
    God-have you seen any white board.
    Man-white boardno ..everywhere there were black boards
    God-but why black .why not white?
    Man-are you stupid?…..if we write on white board by white chalk.there will be nothing ..no body could read anything.to see. we have to create contrast
    God-thats why I created contrastwithout pain you cant feel the pleasureyou can feel..can see pleasure only when its written on the background of pain
    God-Tell me one thing ..to create a game what are required
    Man- olisten.i am dead now.and I have not come for any quiz show.
    God-I am just trying to help youmy child
    Man then you should have done that when I was alive.
    God- you didnt answer. Child
    Man- (reluctantly) players and objects to play
    God- arent you missing something
    Man-(thinking)uhmissingok I dont know. you tell me
    God dont you require the rules ..the rules of game
    Man of course.otherwise no game is possible.
    God and if you know who is going to win then .?
    Man what are you saying if you know the result then the game is over ..there will be no fun. the fun is possible only when there is suspense.
    God- Life is just like play .I created this world just to play
    ….everybody should take life as a play..everybody should take failure and success as play. Even if you fail..you loose something you should not feel pain .after all it is just a play.
    Man-just a play?……. is this logical that we shouldnt feel pain after loosing?
    God logic.do you understand logic?
    Man- of course, I always got highest marks in the paper of logic in my college days and I am the best person who understands logic
    God I suppose you were good in basic mathematics also
    Man yes .all mathematics is based on logic itself
    God- good..then just answer my questionif a man has 5 rupees and after a long journey he has left with 5 rupees then it would be profit or loss
    Man- its simple no profit .no loss.any child can answer that..i thought being God you would ask some difficult. some challenging problem.
    God ok..if the same man has zero rupees and after a long journey he is left with zero rupees then?
    Man-are you really god or what.? stop being childish.. its the same question no profit no loss.
    God-then that man should not cry
    Man-of course not
    God-ok then just tell me ..what have you brought with you ..when you were born?
    God- and what have you carried with you ..here
    Man- nothing
    God-profit or loss ?
    Man no.. I mean .uh.(no answer)
    God- ok you dont want to answer dont answerjust think of the time when you were alive what the things left with you
    Man- a soon-to-be-going flat as I didnt paid the installments for last five months, a professional degree, a good mother in my home town, a healthy body and .nothing more
    God-(interrupting) and you told that when you were born .you had nothing..so..profit or loss ?
    God- I suppose profit isnt itso by logic you should have been in joy at that time.
    Man- but I couldnt see the things from this point of view.i thought I lost so many things but now it seems you are right..
    God- when I created this world I fixed the rules to play.Which even god has to obey
    Man-what are these Rules?
    Rule 1-everybody must have problems. as problems and failures are
    good things
    Man- how dare you to say problems and failures are good things.oh I understand.you never experienced painreversals.failures so you can say that.
    God-Ill answer this question in the end.
    Rule 2-every problem and every joy has a limited time span both
    are cyclic
    Rule 3-if any body goes to one extreme it has to come to another
    ..like the swing of pendulum
    Rule 4-if any..
    Man-(interrupting) but ..for so many years .for last several years have been very bad.very unsuccessful
    God-yes I know .i know.initially you were unsuccessful in committing suicide too..
    Man yes see ..how bad .how unsuccessful I was..
    God- remember Rule 3 .you were destined to succeed as you passed through failures..and by Rule 2 your time of success had to come as these are cyclic .
    Man-but how long I should have waitedyou know we human beings are not god.so we have limited patience.and the very important thing is how can we know from when our time of success is getting started.
    God-havent you told me earlier that suspense is the key element in every game …otherwise interest gets lost
    God- your time of success started exactly at 4 am that day when you committed suicide.didnt you get success in what you were trying to get?
    Man-what success?……………….oh yes I succeeded ..in fact after very long timeI succeeded in committing suicide
    God-o child!…………….couldnt have you done any worthwhile thing
    To succeed.
    Man-(feeling guilty)
    God-if you were alive you could have been successful for next several years in almost every venture.and you chosen your 1st venture to succeed was ..sui(stops in between)..o child!
    Man- then why didnt you stopped me then you are
    god..you could have done that easily
    God I tried my childI tried my best ..dear
    Man-but I didnt see you where were you?
    God I am god I have created this worldevery form, every idea every living and nonliving things.do you rememberIt was me who came to you as a wrong number.to save youfrom hanging yourself..then I came to you as an idea that gun is not good option..it was me who carried away your Photograph.. and you missed the train..
    Man-but if you were there ..then why did you let me have those sleeping pillswhy did you let me die.?…….why?
    God-because of the 4th Rule ..
    Man-4th Rule!…………. what is that?
    God-the 4th Rule ..if any man who will persist enough.despite several difficultiesreversals.and failures EVEN GOD CANT STAND IN HIS WAY,EVEN GOD CANT STOP HIM IN ACHIEVING HIS GOAL.so when you persisted in committing suicide .i had to resign.had to surrender before your persistent efforts EVEN GOD CANT STAND IN HIS WAY,EVEN GOD CANT STOP HIM IN ACHIEVING HIS GOAL
    God-will you answer my last question.?
    Man-now what is left to answer?
    God-since you succeeded in committing suicide.are you happy?
    Man-nooooooooooI am not. I would have been happy if I had failed
    God-so my child! I say failures are good thing..when any body fails he should think that god is trying his best to protect him
    Man-o god! how big fool I was!…………….cant you do something for me nowplease give me a chance so that I could correct my mistakes..
    God-no .my child.. nothing can be done now
    Man-please show mercy on me ..give me second chance I wont repeat this act please god please
    God-..(no answer)..
    Man-god.god.pleeeeeeeeeeeease (crying)
    ACT 3
    The man wakes up .he is in his bed room..several sleeping pills are scattered on the bedit seems he slept as soon as he took 2-3 pills and rest are there on the bed. Nothing has happened as he was anticipating..no police .no recovery agents
    He finds an envelope lying inside the doorhe got a new job although still there are some problems left butthe old coward has died ..he is a new man .who knows the Rules of the game of life.
    He is ready to go outside..he feels the walls are reverberating ..every thing is vibrating..a voice is coming from nowhere..YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN SECOND CHANCE SO THAT THROUGH YOU I CAN TELL EVERYBODY THAT THEY WONT GET SECOND CHANCESO REMEMBER THESE RULEFOLLOW THESE RULES.
    Vishal panday mumbai

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