What is a Prayer ? from Cinda

what is this prayer? what does the words do when they leave your thoughts and transend to the winds of free flowingness? is it the words? is it the thought that goes with the words? is it the intention that creates the power to move the energy from one form to the next?
do the intentions come naturally or are they already prefixed and they just enter us at moments of aligned frequency?how do we do what we do? where does the prayer get processed…does it need processing?
what is a prayer?

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  1. Good thought again !! You really chose the best !!
    Every morning, my wife does prayer everyday for an hour with proper ritual, after taking a bath whether summers or winters because that gives her that immense feeling of belonging to that invisible and indescribable energy which people say as GOD. I asked her that once and she somehow explained me that way.. It starts like a discipline first and then becomes a habit and then that habit becomes a unique experience on it’s own which is a communication with GOD.
    She has gone through life so much but her faith in the power of prayer has gone stronger not to want anything but to do no matter what.. I think that probably keeps you ” AWARE ” of what you are .. which is ATMA. There is so much innocence about it that I sometimes wonder why there is so much exploitation to it. This is a unique experience where you chant and what you chant doesn’t matter. BUT should be done whether you are feeling upbeat or downbeat.

  2. Prayer is praising the Almighty GOD. The best form of Prayer indeed is doing ones work sincerely – WORK is WORSHIP.

  3. ivory hues
    of morning light
    dusky glow
    in ebony night
    jingles of joy
    echoes of prayer
    gentle melodies
    of silent nature
    float in the rhapsody
    of its own rapture
    within…a prayer

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    @Kavi Deepak Sharma

  5. I think it is “programming” – both the head and heart. A very slow process indeed. It may take years or even decades to derive “enjoyment” from pleasure – which is not the motive in the first place. It has to be extremely simple, plain, neither dull nor exciting – devoid of feeling (stoic) – i guess to experience a feeling of being in love – without the expressions of how we express “love”. it could be like an infant’s love., or an old man/woman’s gaze of sympathy… hundreds of shades… hundreds of expression… a spilt moment where the clock stops… and where light and fragrance meet.

  6. Some work with only body, fail and wise say there mind was not in their work.
    Some work with their body plus mind yet fail and wise say their soul was not in their work.
    Prayer is a way to bring even one’s soul into one’s work.
    This is the main reason we begin any new work with a prayer.

  7. Dear Cinda,
    Almost everybody prays…very nice questions you have put here…some are very scientific and others are spiritual.
    I think everybody prays but all prayers are unique. Science is yet to find an answer to this question. I remember a quote of Einstein that when feelings run ahead of thinking then things are possible.
    So a prayer is of course by words but after a certain stage, words have to die, words have to be over and then real prayer starts. A real prayer comes sans language…may be its the talk of soul which I feel, the universal energy or will readily accepts.
    Intentions comes from need in various stages, only when a human has put all his life at one stage where every thing is at stake, then the real meaning of intention reveals. This also is starting stage, as the being develops even this will be dead and then starts the real prayer sans any uncluttered thoughts, here is where there is no opposition of thoughts…the frequency is very direct.
    Here is the processing, transformation to universal frequency, where it is manifested.

  8. Selfless pure calling to a something beyond life synchronizes our body and mind energies to the cosmos energy. And when the tuning becomes one our wishes/prayers get fulfilled.

  9. Dear Friends,
    Around November 2005, Shekhar had posted a thread that was very much like that of an invisible Buddhist Prayer Flag. It is listed on this site as “Zen Thoughts”
    A truly moving and amazing influence, with no doubt…as it continued, many prayers were posted and to this day, I believe you are all correct in your thoughts and views of “What Is a Prayer”
    The other day, as I sat and stared at the computer screen, the questions came pouring out…then, as I read here and also Shekhar’s view on what a prayer is, I feel closer to the answer.
    Thank you friends:)
    Thank you Shekhar for this post, it helped me in ways I cannot explain here.

  10. Prayer to me is a form of communication with an “unknown” super force existing along with us to re inforce us with the willingness, ability and openness to accept things around us, fight the odds and unlock the opportunities that seemingly are invisible. Prayers do not need to be “addressed” or “processed “because they are not sent to anyone — its communication with our innerselves which we have created out of our own imagination to be “GOD”.
    So if all that we define as “GOD liness” is achieveable or attainable by us ourselves, we can believe ourselves to be GOD . For within us lies the power to address our own wrongdoings and nourish our virtues.we can stop praying and yet achieve what we want through recognising our own strengths and weaknesses and pitching ourselves against realistic goals.
    What i mean in simply words — GOD is a result of our own fabrication. I am not an atheist but believe that each of us actually communicate within ourselves when we pray to GOD. Because we have ourselves defined GOD already….and its been proved beyond doubt that no matter how much we pray we cannot perform miracles . Things dont change because we have prayed. Things can ONLY change when we have prayed with sincerity — not ‘to” someone but by realising whats it that we want desperately should materialise around us.

  11. Prayer to me is to constant communication with a higher force I believe exists..It is a daily thing, chiding, requesting, worrying, hoping, thanking, and sometimes just being grateful for all that I have and all that I don’t have too. It is more like a dialogue..When I in pain or in distress and I pray with all my heart it works wonders at least for me…When I am happy my joy increases when I thank the almighty..The quiet joy of having someone to share it with. I don’t follow any formal methods of praying like lighting a diya or reciting shlokas etc. but am in constant communication with this higher force every day, every minute.

  12. Prayer is an internal communication with ourself. When we pray for someone else; the prayer is made powerful via selflessness and compassion, love.
    Nice refelction on prayer Cinda!! good to see you
    With loving kindness,

  13. Prayer is nothing but self hynosis, prayer effectiveness prerequite is your blind faith …blind faith itself tells something about you …
    In the largest study of its kind, researchers found that having people pray for heart bypass surgery patients had no effect on their recovery. In fact, patients who knew they were being prayed for had a slightly higher rate of complications.
    read here more http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12082681
    Why people pray, here is a good article http://rsarosh.wordpress.com/2007/04/15/red-blue-and-green-pill/

  14. am surprised with the comments which appear on 5th may and 6th may with my name.
    blog moderator please take the suitable actions
    thanks and take care..subodh

  15. Dear Cinda,
    Indic cultures love God in many forms and ways , the most significant of which is ‘God the Mother’ in essense the feminine , nurturing and yet at-times tempestuous divine feminine principle.
    God like many other concepts have been hijacked by a mechanical , over bearing and rather un-natural male ego.
    Feminine principles aboudn all around us – from the cycles of Moon phases to the way mother nature works..
    The truth is , God is a woman. the uni-polar reality which was always accepted in Vedic way of life is only now enetering the realms of theoretical physics. More on it some other time..
    I wish to add something about ‘Prayer’. Prayer is our innate consciousness trying to make sense of the ignorance surrounding us , and in most cases springs from a deep desire for a fruit – a karmic fruit.
    It is only very few and the truly wise that renounce ‘prayer’ – which is really cloaked begging, instead spend every moment of their life in a prayerful attitude – so their every word , thought is not a ‘prayer’ but a Homage.
    Do we have the courage to do have a ‘desireless’ and disinterested Love for God ?
    Now that is the question – the definition of ‘Prayer’ then becomes as meaningless as asking someone who is in love what it is that they seek in their partner ?…

  16. Guys,
    I just wanted to add – during one of those lazy evening discussions in a friendly pub , i was holding forth my conviction that God IS a woman…which is when my friend Steve lazily drawled out , ‘ No wonder , there is so much mess in this world ! She must be busy dining at a costly restaurant at the end of the universe , no doubt tired from a shopping spree in a self-created glitzy shopping mall , while God the Father is busy smoking a joint and nonchalantly dragging along the figurative cradle (i.e. us all) while it tumbles and twists on cobble stones ‘…
    I could not disagree..

  17. Dear Rudra,
    Love? as far as true love is concerned, it seeks nothing, rather a “giving”
    Prayer? Perhaps it also encompasses that which we focus on…as like that of a meditation state, not necessarily asking for something, just being mindful and aware of “what is”
    God? Neither he or she
    If I had the means and time, I’d rewrite all the holy books and omit referring to God as he or she…”God” needs not any other description.
    The “truth”….hmmmmm

  18. North,
    How are you?
    I have been meaning to write. Sorry. So much going on here.
    Will let you know what’s happening soon.
    Some BIG changes are happening.
    Take Care and talk to you soon,
    Love you,

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