The truth behind the IPL cricket shift

What no one is saying is that the foreign players have expressed their unwillingness to come to India subsequent to the terrorist attacks in India and in Pakistan. So the IPL organizers and the team owners had no choice, if they are to recoup their investments and make the kind of profits they were hoping for. And please ! could they stop going on and on about how this is not about money but for the good of cricket ?? I loved the IPL tamasha last year, but through the year no one talked about anything but the revenues from advertising, the cost of players etc etc. It is all about money.
But the IPL having to leave India for security reasons is a blow to our credibility. Tourism, for example, that has already gone through a devastating season now stands drop even further. I am surprised at our Home Minister Chidambaram’s statement today in the press that Pakistan is in danger of becoming a failed state, and the Talibanization of Pakistan is a real threat to India.
Has he just woken up ? We have been discussing this on our blog and elsewhere for months now. Which makes it even more important that in the coming elections the security and protection of the people of India is a prime agenda. Can the parties please please for once put the people of India ahead of their own mindless lust for power ? My argument still is that a new leader will arise from outside the political system. Someone not polluted by it.
Is there such a leader ?

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  1. If the truth really is that foreign cricketers are unwilling to come to India, as against having doubts about doing so, it has been a very well guarded secret. Why? The other more worrying aspect is that if that really is the reason, then what Government, Modi, Pawar, Jaitley and the like are feeding us is nothing but lies and playing politics. That is disgusting. Aren’t the people of this country at least entitled to know the truth over such a simple matter.
    Personally, my take is that Modi is making too much of this for personal reasons. If the government asks for rescheduling, because of elections – and they certainly take priority over cricket – there is no big message being sent out that we are unable to control terror. Just suppose the matches go ahead and an incident does take place. Whom will people blame? The govt. or the BCCI on insisting it be played as per their schedule?
    I just think we are willing to sacrifice lives for political agendas and egos. Did the BCCI consult the govt. before they decided the schedule? Did they not know that elections were due at this time? Didn’t all the politcians there not think of security of the public? This is the lamentable standard of our politcians.

    ‘One can prove anything by statistics, but simply not the turth’
    How would we know who is suitable? Unless given a chance?
    Even if a new power comes to lead….wonder if there are such new people or teams working towards the betterment of our country?
    Credibility account hai kahi? Koi Hai?
    The point is not is there such a leader?
    Is there anyone known who can take hold of this position? Needs to be given a chance?
    Without giving a chance how would we know if there is?
    Will need to support him/her, and bear the errors committed, to inspire!
    Errrm did I make sense i wonder awww

  3. Shekhar : All arguments aside, there is one factor anyone cannot under-estimate. Elections in India are fought on “emotions”… on the spur of the moment. There is a line in Hindi which sums it up well.
    Dhanda Ho Gaya Hai… Dan`gaa Kar`aana
    Dan`gaa karaa ke, Rajjah ! Sat`tah mein aana !
    I dont want to name, but what if something like Lahore-2 is enacted… then blamed on a particular community…. then the funeral processions of the players / onlookers throughout India, CHARGING the atmosphere with HATE to Red levels… ultimately leading to a carnage… and then going thru the Election Process post-carnage.
    I think Congress Party did the right thing. It closed atleast one hole., or avenue., which the peddlars of hatred may have explored for electoral gains. They nipped it in the bud.
    This is the best thing to have happened. 100 crore Janata does not go to the stadium. They watch TV within their homes. That remains as is. The players are safe – the audience is safe – people are enjoying – elections are being held on time… no one is disturbed…
    Logon ke pet mein dard kyoun utth raha hai ? This is a wise administrative decision.

  4. “… a new leader will arise from outside the political system. Someone not polluted by it. Is there such a leader ?”
    Leadership with Consciousness….are such leaders born or made?
    With conscious leadership, neither can power pollute the leader, nor can the polluted access power.
    Neither “Power is corrupt” nor “Corrupt is power”

  5. Very True. Also I guess the congress wants to play it safe. Because God forbid, even if there is a single stray incident during the IPL here, then I think they are finished in this election!!
    I think it is basically lack of self confidence on the part of the Home ministry that is causing them to say that they CANNOT provide the security!!

  6. A single political leader even if comes from outside current political arena like a hero like Mr. Obama it wont make difference in India .I am sure even Obama (having all the carisma , wide knowledge and streght )will find it difficult getting his wills done with the beuracracy and other ploticians who wont like the change.
    If the country changes the same ploticians will change so the revolution has to be from grass root. Say Shekhar tomorrow you become PM of Inida but nothing else has changed then can you change anything rather than just talk , talk and talk ??
    Indian people will have to become more united as a nation, understand each others problems than just their own problems/state etc,will have to start thinking beyond money. Then only the leader can also do something .
    India needs a brand new party called the Educated party with a big heart whose leader should be someone like SRK who doesnt belong to any state/caste/class ideology .
    Shashi Tharoor is too meek to make any change on National level .

  7. Are YOU too questioning this?Ofcourse there is such a leader.India’s wisdom is not lost.There are many who can lead and one such WILL RISE.Each one of us has to strive and begin this movement of Freedom from…

  8. Those who stand for human values., humanism, the beautiful things of life, the colours, the emotions, the sheer beauty of humanism at its innate best., have now a duty. We should remember what Andre Malraux had said. There comes a time, when a writer must keep his pen aside., and lift the gun. One has to fight for ideals. Mere appeals / speeches / poetry (soft power) is not enough. One has to stand up… for one’s values. Stand up against the Goonda. Stand up against the Terrorist (whether he be Baitullah Mahsood or Varun Gandhi or Bal Thackerey or Narendra Modi). These are enemies of humanity, wearing turbans of different colours. Thats all. These channels of hatred must be resisted.
    Those who are lucky to be in Gujarat, must now get up., and do their very best (to the extent possible); and help Ms. Mallika Sarabhai… who is entering the gutter of politics, to sully her hands and clean this gutter. Merely speaking about cleaning the gutter wont do. So she is jumping in., to clean the gutter. Every single person who believes in human values., and the dignity of man., MUST today stand up., and salute Mallika Sarabhai. Those who are in Gujarat., must go to Gandhinagar., and help Mallika’s campaign effort. There is no one who will invite you. Do not fear that Modi will kill you in a false-encounter. Stand up to fear and look in the eye. That is the first step to crack fear.
    Gujarat and Gandhinagar (Ahmedabad) will show what India wants. Progress and Peace, or Carnage and Mayhem.
    Jai Ho.
    Mallika… the daughter of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai who gave India its nuclear program (was a major player in Dr. Homi Bhabha’s team, i.e.); and her mother, Mrs. Mrinalini Sarabhai., whose whole life is a summary of the “IDEA of India”, and the “Soul of India”. Salute the great daughter of great parents… who has now taken the task to take the bull of hatred by the horns.
    Jai Ho.

  9. hi Shekhar,
    our polticians (congress) very well know of the danger of Islamic terrorism..PC is talking about it from last year but is not getting the signal from the PM office to counter them, for the simple reason ‘vote bank poltics’ which Shabana Azmi thinks is the greatest asset for the muslim population..I don’t know if this is asset for muslims than what are their goals.

  10. Sir,
    Isn’t the IPL becoming the platform of Indian Politics? It’s no more cricket. Its an Excel sheets of Revenue generated and money spent.
    Having a single leader to lead India at this point in time seems a remote possiblity.
    Even if he emerges what will be his bio data? which state, language colour caste will he belong to?
    Whether the local regional political mafia allow him to be and do what he would in the best interests of India.
    India now cannot afford to be ruled and guided by a popular politically elected MP or by an Rajya Sabha MP.
    This individual has to be a global player who understands the grass roots of India and the Table discussions of United Nations. An economist farmer capitalist diplomat.
    Even Lord Krishna couldn’t stop the war at Kurukshetra? May be nobody can now?

  11. Sorry…Mr. Kapur…not months…but we have been under this cloud for years now…A Taliban led Pakistan has been there since 1999, but nothing to counter has been deployed yet. Its sad that people in the Home Ministry are talking about it now, when almost 10 more jawans have lost their lives in J&K. Anyways, this debate will be in living for years to come…
    A Leader???…now thats a joke…as people probably the best we could do is govern ourselves with motives and discipline. Best way to reach standards that we ever always cribbing for…people lead yourselves to a better India.

  12. Tough one this. Actually most of the international players are lamenting the fact that its not in India.
    The foreign players saw first hand last year what a crowd of 40000 backing you could do to your game. They’ve usually been at the rough end of collective abuse. But the IPL raised the games of the likes of Shane Watson.
    It won’t be the same.
    Having said that there was no way they could have continued in India this election year.
    It’ll probably be the way to go every five years. They simply won’t be able to provide an absolutely secure enviromnent, considering our elections are probably the most violent in the world.
    As for the subject of this blog- cricket… It just won’t be the same.

  13. We must think what is more important
    Democracy or cricket ?
    Many of the uninformed folks do not even have clue what a humongous task it is when 100 crore people go to vote.Americans can send thier man on the moon but could not ensure proper counting during last elections.Remember ?
    Imagine yourself to be the Superintendent of Police of a district In charge of safe and secure elections knowing very well that communalism,crime,hate and every other negative aspect will show its ugly face now.Plus you have the pressure of not being too stiff on anyone as you never know who will come to power.
    I find this whole debate absurd.Cricket is too puny to be even considered and with all the money and babes it has become Nautanki with more glamor quotient than actual Gentelman’s Game.
    If you delegate a responsibility to someone you first check if they can handle.And this time I feel no is perfectly good answer.
    The executive is supposed to protect the spirit of constitution not the bank balance of Mr Modi.

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