Pankaj Parasher’s digital Art

Film maker Pankaj Parasher has always been obsessed by the use of new technology in the medium of cinema. He was scoring his films himself through pro-tools and his computers before we even knew they existed, and now intends to make movies and tell stories through Digital Art. Here is one of his digital paintings that I particularly like. I can imagine a whole film in this style. It’s a whole new horizon of story telling through the visual arts. Pankaj is willing to speak to anyone that wants to discuss digital art with him on our blog. Just send a comment.

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  1. What if one eagle(sun) existing instead of two.
    I am not aware of digital paintings but yes, it is indeed an excellent work.
    Claps !!!

  2. Priyanka says:

    This digital art is like a japanese painting.
    Do you mean anything different when you say “visual arts” as opposed to animation?

  3. Kishan Rao says:

    Dear Pankaj & Shekhar,
    Just a bit of creativity from me.
    A couple driving on a long-drive on a hilly area. Its bright, still no sunlight. Clouds not allowing the sun to peep in. Greenery all over. A dark-grey road ahead. Mild – cool – soothing breeze. The breeze accompanied by flower petals… Red Petal… yellow Petal.. Pink Petal… Purple.. White…one by one.. And just see around you.. so many colourful petals…

  4. Thats another great piece of art by Pankaj.I have seen some of his digital art work and they are just fabulous. And yes the music he makes on the computer amazed me also, being a conventional musician myself whose only connection to digital music was a pick up. He is an aritst, musician,film maker all rolled into one.

  5. Sanjukta says:

    lyrical beauty injected by some clicks of the mouse.. different from the use of vegetable dyes, oils, painbrushes on canvas.. a step forward and a step back.. yet the essence of beauty remains.. hence appreciated wholly. It is art.

  6. yogashree says:

    the art is praise worthy !

  7. yogashree says:

    the art is praise worthy !

  8. Vinita says:

    I’ve heard about the concept though not very conversant with it. The painting is nice and very different, may be digital painting will pick up steam soon

  9. shruti says:

    It speaks for itself. Words may spoil it!

  10. Dq says:

    So many runs ….ek hi din mei lol…(Posts)
    Im sorry have no clue of such art and movie directors.
    have a RockIn time…
    I have this vivid memory in my mind, when early morn I would wake up and look outside the hotel window…(jaipur)to see a local woman sweeping the streets in a distance….those white arm bangles, the clothes (ghagra, choli), the ghunghat….day after day month after month…
    dust flowing around her, empty streets and i would wonder what all she must be thinking while she swept those streets…
    on and on
    on and on

  11. Dq says:

    Shekhar I have posted my answer to you
    in true grit..
    I am not educated as of in educational qulaifications, hence may not have used intense words, but have tried to express in my simple manner
    Thank You

  12. pankuj parashar says:

    for those of you who appreciate digital art,do visit my site
    vinita, this kind of a world will be 3d soon, and we will wearing those 3d helmets at the comp and walking around these worlds , meeting people who are virtual on that site, but are controlled by real people 😉
    yogashree ,sanjukta, sunita thank you for appreciating..

  13. Ashok Tyagi says:

    GREAT !!!!!!

  14. Dharam Gulati says:

    Good one… I shall come over and check out the other work also. Keep it up.

  15. donna says:

    Beautiful digital art!!

  16. payal says:


  17. ShankarBaba says:

    Yea Pankuj!
    Yea Shekhar!

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