Girls beaten up in a Mangalore restaurant

It is well known that men who become the moral police for women are sexually immature and insecure about themselves. It is a condition that arises mostly from the environment they are brought up in, dominated by or taught to disrespect the other sex. It is a condition that if not checked, can lead to rape. And in societies where a woman’s sexuality is considered immoral, rape almost becomes an accepted form of humiliation and punishment. But it arises not from a moral perspective, but a far deeper, darker insecurity of their own ‘maleness’ and a need to dominate and humiliate the other sex in order to give themselves feelings of self worth.
The young men that beat up the girls in Mangalore are a slur on their religion and completely screwed up inside. They represent a danger to society, and should be locked up. As do the young men that raped the girls in Noida, the most horrendous part of which was the way the village elders blamed the girls for the act.
It was ultimately what I explored in Bandit Queen, where Phoolan Devi was gang raped for the audacity to become a leader of a gang and trying to stand up to men. Both as a woman and low caste.

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  1. That doesn’t seem like a very balanced perspective. Those issues of gender-discrimination do not seem to fit this event in Mangalore. I don’t want to sound judgemental but have you considered that those women were probably a growing menace in the neighbourhood with cases of drug-abuse and prostitution in that ‘lounge’ which is probably run by a shady underworld don connected to Dawood Ibrahim or someone like that.
    How about considering the fact that the quiet family-oriented societies around the area were at risk of being fragmented as a result of the spread of such luring vices?
    Moral policing is one thing..but in condeming this event, you are directly supporting such bars and lounges which promote human-trafficking, corruption, drugs, prostitution..and in fact are the worst abusers of the female gender than those attackers ever can be.
    This breed of pseudo-secularists in India need to find some balance at least. All they are interested in is to camouflage their guilt with some do-goodership.

  2. Once in an NDTV interview, less than a year back. you said the most amazing was about women and how female is the most beautiful part of a male personality!!!
    I have completely forgotten what it was . All I remember was how it made me feel. Just Perfect 🙂
    If you have any idea what it was…please share
    Thankyou so much 🙂

  3. The incident in mangalore by sriram sena is horrible and such are unacceptable. This is not the first, I saw many in Televisions in past too…Once people beat a person for stealing a bicycle and it is shown as live show in news channels and some similar attacks like this… I don’t understand what the media people do at that time .. how they people are busy showing these type incidents instead of acting at instances… Are they not Citizens Or Do they don’t have moral sense or atleast common sense. I am saying this becoz hw do media people know that the incident is going to take place at that time.. that means they have information before itself.. instead of trying to stop such ridiculous incidents to be happen, they wait for it to happen and show it for their TRP’s and later on such incidents they can structure new programs such as debates, interviews etc. Actually the bicycle-thief incident took place in slum area and they attackers would stop if a single person stops them but no one did, and I din’t find any educated person in those attackers… but the people who are shooting, wat abt them ?.. can’t they go and stop.. I can say that if a person looking like gentleman can stop that attack saying one word (I mean the reporter their can stop it…..) I think they were busy with their work and the very most thing I liked in them is their dedication towards their work…I am sure that if at all the attackers try to kill that person .. the reporters there wud be trying for camera angles to show the incident more effectively, the media their might be feeling proud of shooting such a great horrible incident.

  4. most men think its their birth right to tell women what they can do cant do, wear cant wear even breath or not. its in root of our male dominated society. one supress us take advantage other beat and rape us for letting this happen.
    women are breaking this cycle but it will take time and i know we can do it.

  5. To Hobo:
    Even if they were, do you think beating them up is actually helping popularize the so called family oriented socities near by? And if you dare enough to raise your voice against pseudo-secularists why don’t you yourself get out there and stop men from indulging in the world’s oldest profession?After all, those women who go into the meanest trade do so because they have no other choice.
    Shekhar, Thank heavens for people like you.

  6. Comman man can be beaten up anytime,any place and any where – Welcome to the jungle…INDIA..
    And yeah,Bandit Queen was a fantastic movie and I just could not believe it was made by an Indian director..I became your fan after that movie..
    Hope to see more such movies from your end..I was just thinking,why don’t you make a movie on Indian mind..How Indian brain functions and how we live to make oneself feel happy..In reality there is no happiness..Its not khushi ,It is majboori..

  7. What is particularly disturbing is the attitude of many of the political leaders. Here’s a quote from the chief minister of Karnataka printed in Times Of India: “Nobody has the right to take law into their hands. Police have been instructed to arrest those involved and they have been given a free hand. We will not tolerate those who take law into their hands”
    So he implies there is a ‘law’ and he is condemning them only for taking the ‘law’ into their hands. I guess if the police officially beat up the girls and dragged them out, it would been ok! This is beginning to smack of Taliban here..

  8. Good Evening Shekhar and all the respected members!
    I do agree with Hobo!
    I beg to differ with brahmastra!
    Who are a hand full of people to decide about morality of these ladies? And even where they took rights to molest?
    Please dont try to support your cause by giving justifications by saying that surrounding families were endangered,
    what is that family that cannot take charge of their family on their own conditioning, do they need a clean environment to feel safe? the way you mention it? i do hope so, the ones who want to do will do what they want even if brought up in a monastry or temple, so its not the environment, its the mind itself to behave in any manner they want!!!
    ‘teach your family to be the lotus in the swamp’
    condeming such behaviour is certainly not focused in promoting factors that you mention, at the same time keeping the gravity of your thought in mind, I do agree with what you say, there could be level headed laws that one could follow if laid, but at the same time one cannot deny any person the rights to enjoy themselves in any manner in the pubs etc certainly keeping in mind, the code of conduct.
    If you and me cannot seem to enjoy the activities does not mean no one can!!
    pubs and bars could have enforced laws of timing, category of people to be seen around, dress code, bouncers etc to take charge of any lousy behaviour, if they want the western kind of entertainment they should learn the entire package of entertainment not selective, the mistake is here!
    Good Day!
    I wish the rights are given to these ladies, to beat these so called moral police in the police station, they need to have a taste of their own medicine!

  9. I condemn religion the way it is making a racket and weapon out of itself in todays date, rather is made!

  10. As for the rapists in ‘Noida’
    Their ‘penis’ should be surgically removed, this will educate and create fear in such category of lunatics! Such a law should be passed!
    Good day!

  11. This was an apt blog entry from some news site:
    “The Pune police recently raided a rave party and had arrested several youth who has gone astray and the English media had raised a hue and cry over violation of freedom. On the one hand we worry about the increasing rate of sexual crimes and when someone tries to discipline the errant you shout them down by raising hysterical outbursts. Either you keep quiet about sexual crimes or support moral policing. Both cannot go together. One more thing. We talk about freedom and we do not allow opposing views in blogs and allow those only which we want to hear.”
    People have lost their sense of balance and are always relating extremes..either Taliban-isation or complete Hedonism masquerading as freedom. True freedom is not of the mind..the mind will always be caged one way or the other. This entire premise of external freedom and democracy are failed outdated concepts.

  12. dear brahmshastra, the assumption that these young girls in Mangalore were of loose moral behaviour is what fuels the crimes against women in our country. You even assumed that what happened was because of prostitition. Would you not be horrified to know that these young women were probably educated and worked in the IT bussiness ? And forming a completely integral part of the economic development of our country ?
    Even if your assumption is correct, does it give the right for some misled young hooligans to take the law into their own hands and physically attack young women ?
    How are they then different from the Taliban in Afghanistan, where not to put on a Burkha is a sign of comlplete immoral behaviour.

  13. I am very skeptical about this news channel… if they really care why do they film, watch why don’t they STOP people doing stuff like this?? why do we react before we confirm the authenticity? I strongly believe they are all stage managed by these newschannels to sensationalise…if they had info why not alert the police, the pub owners? WHY NOT PROTECT THE GIRLS??? and most of all such self proclaimed organistations SHOULD NEVER BE given any publicity. I think we citizens should be more assertive & stop watching, reacting & falling prey to politicisation of issues like this…

  14. ****Gayatri****
    ‘An Error, on your behalf’
    Your comment is focused on the wrong character, the name of the person follows after they comment, not before that…
    Hence it is Brahmastra you are focused on!

  15. Shekharji , all girls are not good girls , even girls admit this and the only reason entire society goes for a toss is when girls go astray , thats the only reason western society , coprporations and entire morality is in mess .The great Tulsidas has also also described about a woman’s nature in sundarkand and how they ought to be dealt. In west people started liberating the girls long back and see where they stand today , girls enjoy exposing and men enjoy their indecent exposre . I feel shiv sainiks only fear in this case was to prevent the culture of India which all know is better thought one and far afr better than west where divorce rate is 70% .You should visit the call center campuses of Gurgaon and Bangalore and then noone would say what these guys did is wrong .
    With due respect your views are entirely correct but in this case i feel the guys were driven by their feeling to defencd their culture and not anything else .

  16. For those who believe that the Mangalore incident had a perspective of drugs, prostitution and what not why don’t you simply answer one question- when you heard abt this on the news first – did you feel good? vindicated perhaps? The answer stares you in the mirror. Some introspection is reqd by you guys perhaps? This isn’t abt what SK feels, this is abt us as individuals living in a society called a street, village, town, city, country , globe where you feel safe abt your sister or your wife or your mother walking freely and securely! And if you have neither of these women in your life, I am terribly sorry for you.

  17. Mee,
    I am on neither side in this matter. But I do want to expose the high-moral ground of pseudo-liberals and their attempt to link this to female oppression. This attack has nothing to do with degrading women or about gender discrimination. I am certain that those attackers touch their mother’s feet and respect women. This attack is the frustration that is building up in the traditional societies in rural India where brothers and fathers have to deal with sex scandals, alcoholism, crimes and other material degeneration of their sisters and daughters as a result of the bombardment with sexual culture.
    It would be fair to acknowledge that encouraging item numbers, porn, alcohol, dance bars, drug-induced fashion shows and so-called liberal stuff is far worse in degrading women, but they continue to thrive in India. So where are all these pseudos then? I am not a moral fact I think prostitutes do a lot of social service..much more than many of these activists like Arundhati Roy.

  18. Hinduism can stand for inspiration, upliftment, transformation in the hands of the right people.
    In the hands of the wrong people it is turning into a cowardly talibanistic avatar. This is our own weakness.
    I’m deeply sorry for the women who were assaulted and wish they find some justice.
    As for the educated members of this forum who are justifying this assault on the ‘bad girls’, this is no surprise to me as I have known this to be the prevalant moral low-ground in our country where even a good girl can be easity considered a ‘bad girl’. Thank god we don’t get stoned to death.

  19. In a democratic country like india values of all people should be respected, but one cannot take law into their own hands, if people from the group that assaulted women wanted the pubs to be banned they should have forced the politicians to enforce a law that bans pubs.
    Since the damage has been done, it would be wise to say that the people who have taken law into their hands should be dealt with according to the law.

  20. best incident i congratulate this when i went to this buff the girls r drank fully and doing lesbian activity in public good good go ahead to clean india republic day gift

  21. Mr Kapur, I agreee with you that the men who beat up the women are insecure etc and were provided an oputunity by the saffron party for their screwed sexual outlet.
    However have you ever though why this is happening? since when? who created such an atmosphere and who fanned the same to such an extent that even in these time we hear of such horrid and shameless acts against defenceless women. Have you?
    Why dont you make a movie on this, the new India still holding on to the old, thanks to the politicians.
    How people suffer on a day to day basis to make ends meet, to lead a respectable life, to fulfill their dutied inspite of almighty corrupt government.
    How the people with money and power have no education, even if they do, stooping to the levels of the lowest criminals for money and not less sir.. a 100 or 200 crores is not enough..they want 1000’s of crores and the squeeze all the joy of a ordinary citizen of India.
    How people have been brainwashed throughout the decaded to make the feel that what the politicians are doing is right and to make us find fault in our own relationship with our own fellow citizens of different casts?
    Is it time for a new revolution? I say ‘Helllll Yess’ enuff is enuff.

  22. I do not understand why morality, in the Indian context, is something that dangles between the legs. An act of promiscuity does not harm anyone- except the doer- why does a lifestyle evoke dislike- why is morality always confused with sexual purity( whatever that is). There is no law about women mingling with men or even having consensual sex with them- nor is there an ethical stricture against it( which in anyway is a personal thing) So then why dare people speak about other people’s “morals” or try to guard them? Why is there never an outcry at the black money people flaunt or the lies they tell- no vigilanteism there- but alcohol, women mingling wit men- why that wreaks havoc to society( oh and also gay marriage). And what law eis there that prohibits people from drinking in a place designed to sell alcohol?
    People like Hobo or brahmastra need to examine themselves, how can they determine what a “good person” is and what a “bad” one is, unless they are talking about themselves. in my opinion they have no morals since they are so keen to impose their ideas on others. Values are not respected in a democracy- ideas are, opinions are and Everyone has a right to keep their own- as long as thye do not infringe on others.
    Don’t like bars, or alcohol- don’t go to them, don’t drink, don’t mingle with the opposite, but get your views out of others business.

  23. Who are these guys and who gave them authority to look for girls? I agree fully these came from frustration in their life from the condition they grew up in life kind of desperation. I dont find the act in Mangalore or by Shibsena in Mumbai not less than attack by terrorist. ALl this kind of activities should be banned and should get tough punishment.

  24. Brahmastra,
    “I am certain that those attackers touch their mother’s feet and respect women.” What makes you so sure?
    I have always believed that Hindi films (even the trashy variety)are a great reflection of the duality called India. Our land. Our country. I dont say this with cynicism nor sarcasm but genuinely mean it because our hindi films catch the societal trends- far quicker- almost reflecting the mirror of reality if you will-to us
    The reason I say this is becos if these guys do indeed touch their parents feet and respect women, then they are the good guys, the heros of the films right? Not the anti heros or the villains. Right? Because by definition the stereo typical villain in our movies is a wife beater, a rapist, a womanizer, a drunkard, a coward, a disrespectful person to whom the law too means nothing. Do you honestly think the heros brought up on good values will ever lift a finger in hatred on the female sex and justify their actions?
    If indeed what you say is true, then first I thank God for allowing me my birth in the household where I belong as my parents raised us siblings as equals- what a son could do a daughter could do and vice versa (pun intended). No discrimination whatsoever. And thankgod we grew up to be normal people with normal values who knew what we mean when we say we respect our parents or we respect and love our brothers and sisters. Because if we truly love them and respect them then thr is no way on earth that we can raise our hand on another woman nor strangers, no matter what provocation! It simply was not part of our upbringing. I am not sure if I am making sense with you Brahmastra, but I hope what you have said here is more from an “argument perspective” and not in genuine defense of the ilk of the Mglr herd who beat up those girls and today are hiding as cowards in the shadows too afraid to face any action by the law 🙁
    As far as Arundhati Roy is concerned I agree 🙂

  25. These stories coming out of South Asia and other places in the Global South and Afghanistan are most disturbing. Western civ has not really accomplished much of anything, but the west has largely out grown the idea of total male dominance that seems so pervasive, and severe, elsewhere. certainly there have been many much worse incidents than this one, but the fundamental principal is the same : men have proprietary rights over women. i do not believe this is coming entirely from religion, although this does provide convenient cover. the tradition is rooted in archaic cultural values, and will clearly take a very long time to eradicate.
    i have worked with Somali Women’s organizations trying to do away with female genital mutilation, which was also a deeply rooted custom. this struggle has obviously been difficult but i was actually surprised at how much these women have accomplished , and how fast.
    men will find they themselves will be happier once they rid themselves of the myth of male superiority and dominance.

  26. A said: ..but alcohol, women mingling wit men- why that wreaks havoc to society( oh and also gay marriage).
    – Maa da laadlaa bigad gayaa 🙂

  27. I’m just thinking how can you equate these goons to these news jerks know what talibanisation’s shallow again..for projecting the whole incident in this tone…I’m sure a big racket is or was going in that Pub..but it cannot be justified with sexual assaults on those women. Our media has become a tool to distort information which always show Hindus in bad light. (if that clip was not been taken it would have been another unknown incident) its going to be week but news channels are feeding it day and nightwhen Taslima Nasreen a well known literary figure was man handled by not ordinary goons but Muslim representatives those clips were not even shown for a day
    CM of Karnataka says Pubs are against our culture..a matter to think about Bangluru which has become a pimping ground, it was bound to happen to a peaceful city developing so rapidlythese(Pubs, Night Clubs) things were the side magnetsthat suddenly seems to have become a hazard.

  28. Brahmastra – I think you like getting a raise out of people. How much did Karan Johar pay you to sing that tune here? (hehehehe) -Maybe we shld all ignore you next time you make a comment!:)

    Rashtriya Hindustan Sena chief Mr Pramod Mutalik should be awarded with a Padma Award,
    He is a new cultural care taker of India.Due to his efforts only, two of our esteemed chief ministers
    Mr Yeddyurappa and Mr Ashok Gahlot are saying that Pub culture should be banned in their
    respective states.
    So if our chief ministers are following the foot steps of Mr Pramod Mutalik then why he is in Police
    custody , he should immidiatly be given a bail not jail.
    Afterall due to his efforts only now our leaders have started to think about our culture ,ethics and society.
    Who cares about personal feelings of an individual human being ,to say, we are living in a Democracy
    but dont you think we are just living on the wills of our esteemed politicians and these kind of senas ,movements and sanghatans.

  30. It is time our politicians realised that they are voted to power not to save souls but to govern and better people’s lives. Not being competent enough they then turn to stupid issues and defend the indefensible.
    I have a quetion to those who claim that they are defending and saving India’s ancient heritage and culture. Is our culture based on such a weak foundation that a few girls in a pub can bring it crumbling down? Aren’t these inefficient ‘rulers’ disgracing our culture and heritage by using it as a crutch to hide their failures?
    Somebody said that girls in pubs may be encouraging prostitution and encouraging dons like Dawood!!! So what do single men in pubs do? Why do they go there alone without their wives or companions? Why don’t they get slapped and thrown out in the name of Indian heritage and culture?

  31. when in school i read the poem by Tagore
    “where the mind is without fear and the held is held high”
    It seems like a joke now. Every day i wake up more scared. I am scared when i travel alone on trains. I am scared when I walk on the road. I am scared when I go to a temple. I guess I am scared of my GOD also now.
    Just because I am a women. For once I want to feel safe alone, walking on the road without thinking that the man next to me may just grope me and run away. Then I ll be told I was indecently dresses and probably I deserved it.
    Everyone says we are a developing country and I could never understand in what sense. I am scared more than I was and that fear keeps growing in me. I guess i deserve it because I was doomed the day when god decided I should be born as a women.

  32. Hello Dear friends,
    I guess things gone out of hand in our country. Well I was a big fan of BJP. But things they have been doing in certain states are creating controversies. I think controversies don’t win u elections; its the good will the party has among people will give results in the elections. When the world has changed, we still fight it out in the name of religion. When people forget about all these things; some mischievous people do some thing crazy and try to give tag of religion to it.Its a never ending thing. Women have rights and their rights should be respected. Well the Governments change every 3-5 years ,its high time people change. We should dictate terms to the government and not let them dictate terms to us. These people who commit these atrocious acts should dealt severely by the law. If the Law can’t do it then whom should people rely upon?

  33. Is it really such a big deal if a woman wants to grab a drink at a pub with a couple of friends? It’s her own right and freedom.If it really bothers you so much,don’t go to pubs and don’t drink! All these ‘moral police’ who talk about enforcing ‘culture’ want to enforce it other people.’Enforce’ your morals on yourself,and stop bothering us women.We have important goals to reach,and barriers to break..GET LOST LOSERS!
    Ram Sena goons,Yedurappa and the rest of the jokers have lot of other ‘cultures’ to be concerned about in their states:
    -‘Lack of infrastructure’ culture
    -‘Corruption’ culture
    -‘Goonda culture’
    -‘Eve-Teasing/Street sexual harassment’ culture
    ..I could just go on..

  34. If women going to the pubs is not in our culture, then is violence and molestation against them a part of our culture? In that case if we have to make a choice between the pubbing and violence we will choose pubbing. And its high time now that all these old and narrow minded politicians who still live in the 17th centaury be replaced with young blood who can take the country and its women in to a more respectable position

  35. I feel like i am in mughal yug . Now a days indians have become so impotent that everybody despite seeing wrong cant do or speak anything . I am ashamed of this country where we have talibanis and we criticize pakistan and afghanistan . People who talk about woman and their modesty are beating up women in the name of indian culture and our bastard leaders are defending them . defending them means they will let them do it in future too and we have completely become their slave . Earlier we were the slave of foreign i feel not too much bad because they were outsiders but now we are slave of ourselves and these leaders are implementing new and new bans on us in the name of culture. I kick away such culture that is the reason of being beaten . and friends you need to take oath not to ever vote for bjp or its alliance . dont elect them and they will never be able to impose such a ban as well as there needs to be a new party for youth so that such ban should be out of practice

  36. Mee,
    The violence that these so-called ‘goons’ have disposed is quite open. But the virus of material indulgence and hedonism that is being spread in India by the pseudo-liberal lot like many here, is exponentially worse in its detrimental effects on society.
    Not for once do these liberals, while on their high horses, consider the health and social hazards of the lifestyles that they are so openly promoting. The effects of smoking, drinking and drug abuse by women is clearly showing its negative effects in the modern countries with a growing rate of mental and physical disease in children, not to mention the side-effects. These pseudo-liberals, complacent in their misguided concepts of freedom and equality, are causing a lot more harm than these moral police ever will. If they have so much respect for women, they would be proactive in creating an atmosphere conducive to the betterment of the health and spiritual well-being of women. I am not saying it is good or bad..but these ungrounded pseudos are not being any less of a moral police as the other side. Progress to them is synonymous with material indulgence.

  37. Brahmastra
    Girls going to pubs is against Indian culture -let me for argument sake agree with you on this just for a few seconds, but beating them up? Is very much a part of our culture too? Not to forget those men get a kick out of violence against women and then they really dont want women to gain her rightful place in a civil society. Next those people will say women shouldn’t attend school, mustn’t get any education… is this regressive or progressive India we are talking about? A lot of would-be-wife beaters and women haters would have much to cheer about now you’d agree?
    Who am I making an appeal to? Who is there to listen to a womans plight in this nation anyway. In every society we have pseudos, at least they don’t go beating up people Brahmastra, they maybe fence sitters on a topic of conversation, but you can’t beat them up for being fence sitters, they probably lack the social confidence to state their real intent, they too will embark on that journey of well being and spirituality, from material being am sure. But don’t cast the pseudo liberals in the same brush stroke with those men in Mglore who were released on bail last evening.

  38. It is the way the Yang (masculine, male, paternity) will eventually give place of power/prominence to Yin (faminine, female, maternity) which is to be the in-state for the next phase of the global culture.
    To explain further, the masculine will increasingly feel impotent/insecure as compared to feminine as the time passes and as a consequence will increasingly do such outrageous acts (getting physical)against the later in reaction to which the later will gain strength and eventually stand up to him.

  39. 1. Should culture change according to times?
    “women corrupt men” that the highlight in the taliban treatment of women.
    Anyone except a Taliban, care to argue in favor of this view of life for women? You wont ofcourse because……… you think you lead a much better life since there is freedom for your spouse/daughter.
    3. Easing up a bit, how about women having a career?, wearing skirts/jeans, consumption of alcohol/smoking, second marriage, celebration of valentine’s day, item numbers in movies?
    4. Who defines our culture? Our ancestors did. So they woudnt have thought of points in #3. How come we changed?
    Let them close down the pubs, why should only men visit pubs/drink? Doesnt drinking lead to other vices?

  40. which was happend was not good, method was not india these type of pubs and parties are going regularly and women dance their ,drink their , smoke their so,it means that u go and hit or beat them daily no this is not possible to stop them . if u really want to stop them so just banned the pubs and parties all around the India, because its not our culture . I dont know why we are adopting their culure and forgetting our “sanskars”. from the past this was not our culture that ladies are dancing and smoking or making sexual relationships . yes, India is a democratic country and everybody has its freedom and dont want to interfeare of any body but this is not that making rong use of their freedom. make strong characters then u will able to build u r generation strong.and in last i just want to say this that attacking on the ladies is totally wrong so many other will influence by these activities.

  41. Je sakta sakte ko maare tan mann ros na hoi( If the strong beat the strong I do not mind)
    Je sakta maare ko wagge khasme saa parsai (If the strong beats the weak their master will be held responsible)—-Nanak
    Master of the moment is the government, so she is answerable to people.

  42. I had requested in my early post for anyone to define – what is meant by ‘Western Culture’. I am still waiting in puzzlement. My 30 years search would come to an end if anyone here could define ‘Western Culture’. Any takers? Chaitali, Shekhar, ritu, anju, vivek, harb !!!…One story does come to my mind…
    When Gandhiji was asked by an Englishman on his vist to England for the Round Table Conferece:’ Bapuji, What do you think about English Culture.’
    Gandhiji replied:’It would be a good idea to have one.’
    Let us solve this age old question: ‘What is Western Culture?’
    Many posters have used this phrase along with ‘Pub Culture’ – ao I hope they know what I do not know…and Gandhiji also failed to understand…Incidently this so called great ‘Western Culture’ has today given the world the greatest shocker – on the eve of ‘Valentine (Pinkers (my word) Festival)day -‘A 13 YEARS OLD FATHER AND 15 YEARS OLD MOTHER’ – the youngest ever in the UK – what an achievment of this great culture the new urbanite Indian Youth take pride in….But Wait…there is more – a 17 year mother of one child is now pregnant with a TRIPLET…and is ready to deliver another shocker…And wait there is more in today’s news – Teenage pragnancy in UK increased by 21%…failure rate of condoms -One in Seven…Most pregnancy due to accessive drinking…(good news for ‘Pub culture’)…9 years old school kids shown graphic videos of Adults having sex as part of sex education(parents unaware)…
    All these news put the nightmarish BANK & recession news in the back seat and TSB Lloyds fall in share price by 50% lost the prominance…and people here thought this was very positive..
    I sincerely hope we Indian, very much used to imitate the’west’, would not attempt to copy this…did I hear some one say ‘why not ?’
    God bless.

  43. Dear Shekhar ,
    am not a big surfer but got really stuck to this thread here…devoted complete hour reading and analysing the comments here and a bigger part ofcourse trying to judge the Manglore incidence based upon my wits .
    I think this whole issue has been misguided to a gender topic “MAN vs WOMAN”. But don’t you think the situation is graver ? It is more of a national issue than a gender issue . Ram sevaks commit such an act in Mangalore bcoz BJP was in Karnataka govt then , VHP gang rape and burn christians alive in Orissa uncurbed and unveiled bcoz VHP,Sangh Parivar r quite intimate to BJP and it stands in an alliance with BJD in orissa , MNS activists beat north indians in a complete outrage of several weeks in mumbai …they are beaten up nd r not allowed to take up railway xams bcoz ruling govt in maharastra ( Congress) takes no steps againt MNS or Mr. RAj Thakeray due to fear of loss of vote bank, even Centre fails to react to such a sensitive issue where every day north Indians were being beaten up and thrown out of their business and belongings and similar was the case when shiv sena had come into existence .
    The main culprit is our political system which envisages so much power game and in fact we who choose polititions based upon religion ,caste or regionality .We infact don’t love each other.We have regional and religion biased feelings within us.
    The unsocial elements do not represent any religion , caste, gender or creed . They are just power it due to any govn or due to their surging numbers .A person abusing women in the manner as can be seen in the pics and videos of the pub incidence cannot be considered a human first so there’s question of mapping them to an average Indian male or mapping India to Taliban .
    I was unhappy to read some of the comments :
    1.” Maybe we shld all ignore you next time you make a comment!:)”
    Miss Mee …i think this was not fair on your part . Brahmastra has pointed out some very good points…ya maybe he had gone a little extra bit in supporting the ram sevaks but he deserves a little more respect .
    2. ” Every day i wake up more scared. I am scared when i travel alone on trains. I am scared when I walk on the road. I am scared when I go to a temple. I guess I am scared of my GOD also now.”
    Miss Richa …I think you live in a real bad locality and ought to change it right now because our country is such a beatiful place to live in . Please don’t mind it but try to be a little more fearless because India , take my words is really a beatiful place to live in and major bulk of we indian men r not “draculas”.
    3.”Comman man can be beaten up anytime,any place and any where – Welcome to the jungle…INDIA..”
    Mr Raj …..How about settling down in US ?I am sure you would be lamenting the day you were born as an Indian ….don’t you ?

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