Blogging to end the great rural/urban divide in India

I am always pleasantly surprised when I get responses from villages and rural areas in India. It means that the blogosphere is reaching out to villages, and the people of India are finally becoming one. And the great Indian divide between rural and urban India is being done away with through technology. This letter is from Bhavanandam from Tamil Nadu. Welcome Bhavanandam to our blog community and we would love to hear more from you on how you see India from a rural point of view – where the true India lives.
“I am from small village in Tiruvanalli in Tamli Nadu, I think this modi is good leader. in all small villages like mine, simple poor peoples like me are inspired by the modi. I sold tea for 4 years, now i am computer teacher in village, modi will bring I think the good economic development here. Inspired by him, even in madurai and salem, many of the goverment officers dont take bribe inspired by his nationalism.. this is good change”

14 thoughts on “Blogging to end the great rural/urban divide in India

  1. Welcome Bhavanandan :). We look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences on this forum. Tell me, are you talking of Narendra Modi?

  2. it is great that rual and urban india is coming close and its a big step in positve development. i just feels like commenting on modi, i beg to differ modi is a muderer , economic prosperity he brought is limited to particular class and religion.
    just my openion based on my 10 yrs of work in gujarat

  3. ruchi, can you name a single leader who has no blood on his hands? Would you call Arjuna or Shivaji a murderer as well? That is the duty of the protect their people. And you are spreading misinformation as well.

  4. Brahmastra
    i am not talking to you nor i am here to impose my openion, its what i know, saw and had first hand experience.
    please stop taking every thing in terms of a attack on one religion i am born hindu and proud of it but dont want to hate other religions.
    i never met arjun/shivaji nor people effected by their actions so i think have nothing to say on that.
    history can be manupulated and facts can remain hidden.
    this is my last responce.
    shekhar i i would like your openion on this any many other things brahmastra

  5. Hello shekar Sir – so kind of you to reply, I have watched one of the movie you made, it is good. actually I was talking about Narendra Modi he is the leader of the gujarat. My english is poor, sorry, I am trying to teach other people in village computers and english. modi sir had come to chennai, after this many changes happened in tamil nadu. i am half caste, half dalit half vishwakarma, family of 7 peoples. But we hear the modi when he come to chennai on radio in the village, and after this many changes happen in tamil nadu. many of the tamil people demand the official to give good result, now many giving good service, our distric collector has poster of the modi in the office, and collector give good service to every person, not difference caste or religion or the money. so this is good news. thanks

  6. “That is the duty of the protect their people” is a terrible line in this context. To protect by killing innocents is not dharma of any kind. And what kind of protection mechanism is riot and massacre of innocents? Where all the people who died in the riots terroists? Perhaps not even one. The duty of the leader is to protect everybody and anybody within his legal and political jurisdiction. Not choose one community over the other. Also the development carrot is being increasingly used to cover up past acts of misgovernnce. Suddenly all is hunky dory because the State has good roads. In indian mythology, the most well governed state was Lanka and Ravan’s acumen in governance was phenomenal. And yet he had to die, because of a single act of treachery. Arjuna and Shivaji were soldiers and they killed in the battlefield, they didn’t sanction massacre of infants and raping of women. Those who doesn’t understand what being a Hindu means and perhaps haven’t even read a single sacred text have now become apostles of the religion. Such people scare me and its sad that its their jingoistic, skewed opinions are getting mainstreamed in this fragile society of ours.

  7. shekhar,
    i feel scare to voice my openion here in this forum.people are aqusing and abusing each other crossing all lines of decency. hope your appeal will have effect on all of us this include me:)

  8. For once the bureaucrats in Gandhinagar are accountable, they have targets and are reviewed periodically.
    Yes, he is a good administrator.
    No, that does not take away the horror of Naroda patiya, Juhapura or the systematic pogroms in the other cities.

  9. amitangshu
    “To protect by killing innocents is not dharma of any kind”
    There is no such thing as an innocent being. Everyone has to play their role in the movie whether they like it or not. That’s the hard truth.
    “Where all the people who died in the riots terroists? Perhaps not even one.”
    Well, you could derive that conclusion if you have divine insight and have been able to see all their past lives. Karma comes back in mysterious ways over a span of lifetimes.
    “The duty of the leader is to protect everybody and anybody within his legal and political jurisdiction. Not choose one community over the other. Also the development carrot is being increasingly used to cover up past acts of misgovernnce.”
    The Hindu reaction for a millenium of holocaust-like oppression has been negligible – a blessing of the Hindu tolerance and way of life – so take the bigger picture into account. Forget about communities and get out of that mind-trap..realize that Hindutva is the supreme form of governance and spirituality that is much needed in India and keep that as the premise. It is much more sophisticated than any contemporary socio-political just needs a better expression in India.

  10. First of all people need to get over modi and the muslim riots, modi did not do anything to kill any muslim, riots were spontaneous and many many hindus died. Their are politicians like rajiv gandhi who let sikhs get killed. And in all 50 years since independence, finally a refreshing politician like narendra modi has emerged.
    Name one politician in india today who can inspire goverment officials not to take bribes, and you cant say mahatma gandhi.
    Exactly, modi is thinking long term, india’s problem is its poverty and bloated bureacratic inefficiency.
    if it takes a modi to change the sick culture of indian red tape, then i want modi, if it takes modi to develop far flung long ignored sections and areas of indian society, i am for modi, for 50 years we had all kinds of politicians since independance, what did it get us ?
    amar singh, laloo yadav, bal thackeray, sharad pawar, sonia gandhi, all scam artists.
    I as a muslim support modi, because he helps to put bread on our table in gujarat.

  11. How long will you beat the drum against modi. These high society elite folks who write of building roads and getting water on a daily basis as something of zero substance and just focus on anti-modi without any verdict on the man in any court of law in the country.
    Do you know what it takes to walk 20 kms everyday both ways with no roads? how would you know, you have the luxury of living in big cities with flyovers? When modi builds a road even a two way road, that changes many many lifes, saves lifes, he supports life.
    Do you know how it feels to get water for one hour a day, how would you know, your used to having water delivered to your door step 24/ your city shelters.. When modi increases that water output to 8 hours or 10 hours day, that changes many many lives, again improves lifes, saves lives, enhances life.
    Do you know how it feels to have electricity for three hours a day? How would you know? you live in places like south mumbai, where 24/7 electricity is taken granted for as a way of life.. When modi delivers 24/7 electricty to villages so far away from mainstream india, that you have to look up a map to find it, when modi delivers power, he changes lives, enhances life.. he transforms the village economy, he empowers people and a whole population who have never ever benefited from any luxuries you take for granted.
    So when you write off what modi has done, remember, he has changed the lives of millions of people, enhanced rural india, enhanced the perspective and way of life for many millions who you treat as servants or look at as sub human.
    This what modi has done, no politician in modern india can come close to doing this.

  12. with DTH and better boardband, any limited gap between rural & urban will vanish.
    already recent survey mapped voting trend over the years and found in recent times, rural & urban india tent to vote very similar. its sure is good sign that opportunity & optimistism is everyone across length and breath of our country.
    personally, i would like to see more folks from north-east (assam,..) in more mainstream media/movies/government/…

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