Welcome President Obama, and congratulations on winning the Presidency of the United States

Let me be the first to congratulate you, President Obama on becoming the most significant man of our troubled times. Significant not only because you are the first Afro- American President of the USA, but also because you carry with you the hopes and aspirations of billions of people on this planet who have grown to admire and love you in the past few months. Not just in the United States. But with those hopes and aspirations you also carry a greater burden than perhaps any president of the United States has carried. For you have promised a changed world. A world that is more equitable, a world that is fairer, a world that has compassion, a world that cares,
I know that is a lot of responsibility for one man to carry on his shoulders. But with that responsibility comes the energy and strength of the people that are willing to support you in completing and achieving all that you have promised. And you have promised a lot. You have promised change. And while we, the inhabitants of this planet look at change in many many different ways, we all agree that change must be, and will be for the better,
We don’t expect you to be the miracle man. We do not expect you to solve all the world’s problems. But we do look forward to a world leader that energizes the rest of the world to move in a far more compassionate direction. We see in you a heart that will not easily become cynical. We see in you a soul that understands pain, understands poverty, understands the longings of the dispossesed of this world.
We hope you will never forget your own pain, your own longings, your own search for compassion and understanding for yourself. If you do not, then you stand on the threshold of being the most significant leader of our times.
Please do not let us down.

32 thoughts on “Welcome President Obama, and congratulations on winning the Presidency of the United States

  1. Dear Shekhar,
    I am sure Obama is going to win and will be a great president. I think the responsibility of being the most visible man on the planet will make him bring out his best which along with his cool head, great oratorial skills, and focus on diplomacy will do wonders for the world. It will be a turning point, a place in time where the country focuses on inherent strengths for being the leader rather than military and foreign policies – it’ll be a time when other nations will rise and stand tall along with the US and the world will change and become multi-polar, when race relations all over the world will change. It will be a time when we start looking a little inward as the world has become too fast (with so much technology and electronics) that people have stopped introspecting. It is a time now to become human again, to reconnect with our emotions, to maybe live a little slowly, listen to our whispers, to just be. He may not get credit for all that but he stands a chance to be right in the path of greatness – to being back the America where people love its Disney cartoons all over the world, where people are happy and friendly, which is favorite tourist destination of the world. China showed a great softer and loving face in the Olympics and facinated the world. Now is time for America to bring back the glory for which the brand has stood for so long.
    Best Regards,

  2. Let us all welcome President Obama for his role in salvaging our hopes of living in peace and harmony. I am reminded of a quote by Mohandas K Gandhi- ‘I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.’

  3. why do we put hope on one person, why we don’t believe in collective power of citizens.i do believe in obama but i believe more on fighting spirit of human beings.

  4. People think a man changes history. But in reality it is the history which chooses a suitable man when it needs a change.
    It is the same idea expressed by famous biologist J.Bronowski (of the book The Ascent of Man fame)in the words “It seems ideas discover man rather than the other way about,” as quoted by me in my book Self-Designed Universe.
    So rest assured Obama will do whatever is required to be done by the history, by the great evolutionary scheme of things, which as I have explained begins with Newton’s Action and Reaction at Big Bang and from there displayes itself further through four basic forces or interactions at all succesive hierarchical levels.

  5. …none of us really need to promise change, it happens naturally, that is the nature of things. It is the one constant…”change”, so what really matters is…what sort of change will come.
    As silly as this may sound, I was watching one of Harry Potter’s movies and the great wizard says to Harry…
    “It is not our abilities that make us who we are, it is the choices we make”
    In reflecting on Ghandi’s “Be the change you wish to see”…how so much of it rests in the choices we make.
    Be it Obama or anyone else…, regardless of any physical, mental, intellectual or emotional training, who ever chooses to put themselves in a position to symbolically run a country, my prayer is that they do so mindfully, of their choices and how it may affect the people of the U.S. and the rest of the world…what a hugh responsibility!!!
    Peace and success to all those involved with the one who is to run The United States of America…awareness and compassion to them all.

  6. Dear Shekhar:
    I am sure your heart would not let you wait any longer to proudly proclaim what has increasingly become inevitable: Barack Obama will be the next President of the U.S. Still, I will only feel safe when it has officially been announced.
    I do not believe that there has ever been an election in America that touched the hearts of a worldwide audience as profoundly as this one. Billions of people instinctively feel that something special, magical is about to happen, that there will be a leader of a caliber none of us has seen before. That it is the much maligned America that will have elected such a man will send out powerful signals that the cry to once more become a beacon of hope has finally been heard by the many millions of Americans. They have at long last risen to the task, have understood this incredible, historic moment and will have shown a responsibility that will far transcend the realm of their own sphere of interest.
    There is a dignity and a grace about Barack Obama that I have never seen in a leader in my life time. There is a sadness in these dark eyes as though they know that the promised land is still in the far distance but they also project a genuine optimism that in the end humanity is inherently better than its reputation. From here on out the pundits will talk their heads off to paint future scenarios of frustration, to spell out eruditely why Obama cannot succeed and I say, they will be wrong. I think there will be a dynamic at work that outpaces all conventional wisdom about politics as usual. I believe that this man understands, better than anybody who ever occupied the White House that almost half the country did not want him as President. It is their frustrations he has to soothe, their doubts and their anger he must neutralize. He must win over the other half in order to effectively do what needs to be done to lead America and eventually an anxious world out of their malaise.
    It is quite conceivable that maybe only once in a century in a country’s history a man rises from obscurity to become a leader who dares to initiate the changes that will elevate such country to the kind of moral and spiritual level that silences the skeptics and cynics among them. There were such leaders in the past and Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela immediately come to mind. Barack Obama will ultimately be named in one breath with them. I wish it for him and more so for all of us who so deeply are yearning for the changes needed to save our tomorrows.
    With best regards.

  7. Obama is not the messiah you are so needily longing for. Actually Dennis Kucinich was a far more spiritually advanced candidate, but the low-level people are high in number, and could not align with him. Obama is there plainly because he could channel the African-American angst and the general sense of dispair easily in his favour in this bi-polar circus of an election..much like how Lalu and Paswan got into power. Where do you think Obama is getting all this funding? From non-profit firms?
    For a real change, America needs a deep spiritual awakening on a collective level to change their lifestyles and thought patterns out of centuries of materialistic conditioning and arrogance.
    Nonetheless, Obama is only winning with a narrow margin, and it is surprising to see that a vast majority of the republican voters are still voting for incompetent people like Palin…i mean their ignorance and ego are so strong that they are willing to have some bimbo like Palin as President. But maybe America needs tough anti-terror people like Bush and McCain else it may turn into another India where pseudo-secularism has destroyed the country.
    If Obama can deliver all that change, it’ll be quite amazing..but he seems too complacent in American superiority to actually change the areas that need the most changing.

  8. World needs change
    and potential to grow
    and be better …
    Let us hope tonight’ decision is better for the world …
    God Tussi Great Ho …
    I heard,
    “Clinton screwed one person.
    Bush screwed US.
    We don’t want whole world to be screwed.”

  9. Democrat Barack Obama won the presidential vote on Tuesday in New Mexico, defeating John McCain in a swing state that has often voted Democrat in recent years but backed Republican President George W. Bush in 2004, Fox News projected.
    Obama led in New Mexico opinion polls before the vote, sometimes in double digits. The victory give him the state’s five electoral votes, boosting him toward the 270 needed to win the presidency in the United States’ indirect system of voting for a leader.

  10. Barack Obama wins New York
    Democrat takes Senate seat in North Carolina
    Obama defeats McCain in critical Pennsylvania vote
    Young voters lean heavily toward Obama
    Obama Gets Early Win in Vermont
    Democrat takes US Senate seat in New Hampshire
    McCain wins Wyoming

  11. Shekhar,
    I just got back after witnessing in person in Chicago the history in making. Barack Obama addressing the Nation for the very first time as President Elect. The moment was so …..” i just can’t find the word”….I guess it was way to big for any word to put in together. It was a moment which will definitely stay with me forever. Wow…what a moment…I hope Barack Obama the new HOPE for Nation brings in the right CHANGE…

  12. Hey?great news OBAMA won the election.
    I am so happy to know this.
    I wish gr8 miracle in our India, so much bad things happening in the name of the language, state, caste, religion.
    have a gr8 time.

  13. I know inspiration has transended boarders when there are people in Canada who wishes they could have voted, just to be able to vote for Obama.
    This is certainly something that has never happened in the history of voting.
    Canadians were more passionate about this vote more than the vote that took place just weeks ago in Canada for a Prime Minister…AMAZING!
    Congratulations to Obama and his Family and all those involved in shaping the future from the captain’s seat!
    Last week, my daughter had the unique experience of seeing Obama, in person. It was her first time attending any of this nature…and left her with a positive outlook. As a mindfull human and college student, very little impresses her, however, I believe this experience will leave her motivated towards hope for a better future.
    Ode to Obama!

  14. Sir,
    We can’t have a thriving Wall Street when the Main Street suffers… barrack Obama.
    I wish the strategic partnership with India really happens for Good.
    Infosys Wipro are all waiting!!
    Vinod Agarwal – Changed his sentiments ratings from Practical to CAUTIOUS

  15. “People think a man changes history. But in reality it is the history which chooses a suitable man when it needs a change”
    Harb that was very well said. And it is so true. When the right time comes things just fall into place like a jigsaw puzzle. The right man as the candidate and the electorate doing the right thing. Think of it, the same country that re-elected George Bush in the last election elected Barrack Obama in this one. Obama comes at a time when well-established paradigms over the world are being questioned and breaking down. The world needs a change and he arrives as the harbinger of that change. The right man at the right time.
    Apart from making history, like you I also see a much evolved human being in Barrack Obama. The signs have been there throughout his campaign… His sense of ethics, his strong resistance to falling to temptation, the temptation of mud-slinging, of using low-down tactics, populist measures things that are considered normal in any campaign. He has always taken the high-road and shown amazing calm and sorted out thinking in all situations.
    But the true depth of his character was on display yesterday. In his moment of making history, he displayed an unusual calm and detachment. There was no exuberance that one would expect out of a normal human being at achieving something so huge, instead here was a man who remained as focused, calm and cool as he was throughout his campaign. There was a saintly detachment to his entire demeanor. As if he is above the material fruits of this world and looking for something much higher. That inspired a lot of confidence in me.
    Here is to Barrack Obama!

  16. Shekhar,
    With your pre-mature congratulations, your belief in the pollsters paid off.
    Barack Obama seems pragmatic to McCain’s America is great. Hope Obama rules with “humanity is great”. Yes, we need Obama for humanity because America is a powerful country.
    My only concern is Obama not work for his big donors, but for America and humanity.

  17. Ritu, thank you. And you are right on all three counts in assessing Obama.
    Yes, when a person is choosen by the Grand Evolutionary Scheme of Things all the things around him/her fall into place. It is because all the rest of the things are ultimately also directed by the same Grand Scheme of Things.
    Yes, Obama is much evolved human being. As per my understanding of the GSOT – as explained in my book – Global culture in general and US culture in particular in his case is undergoing a paradigm shift from the Age of Ego/Intellect/Reason to the Age of Superego/Intuition/intelligence/wisdom (Superego being the Ego of the collective global culture or even the whole human race with all individual egos losing into it.)It is the Age in which, to say it in other words relating to famous Yin-Yang (Female/Male)figure, Yang gives place to the Yin and White part of the Yin-Yang figure gives place to the Dark part. So, as per my understanding there was quite a chance of either a female becoming the president of US now or a black man. And this is what has happened. The next time it may even be a female.
    And lastly, yes, Obama was calm and detached, and he had to be like all other persons choosen by the GSOT. It is because he is not what he is and he is what he is not. His position is like a person on whose back somebody has pressed a hidden weapon. Obviously he will look calm and detached so far as what is happening before him is concerned. His real attantion (dhyana) is drawn inwards towards the GSOT fromwhich he is really taking orders. He well knows his pawn-like postion vis-a-vis the GSOT.
    Yes,here is an other to Barack Obama!

  18. just spoke to someone who was in the grant park litening to Obama’s speech. she was taken up by the pindrop silence that greeted his words and the awe the man created in the youth. says she’s never seen anything like that. talked of the tangible positive energy generated in the grant park – – – –

  19. OBAMA- a ray of hope for bilions of people around this blue planet.u can’t let down the humanity.just do it.

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