18 thoughts on “Paani : rain water harvesting : beautiful short

  1. Dear Shekhar,
    The video is totally amazing and rainwater harvesting is something that is urgently required in India’s major cities. I hope the municipal corporations make this a priority and create reservoirs to store rainwater and hopefully we can use the couple of months of monsoons to great advantage. I am sure it can be done and I hope the govt. makes it a priority. As I write I am watching Obama make his final statements in “Ohio” with “Change we need” written all over – goes perfectly with this major issue as this is change we need urgently.
    Best Regards,

  2. The Video is professional, good acting and music and good for awareness.
    Hope film makers take this social responsiblity but be careful not to show child labour in any way

  3. Shekharji,appreciate the posting – an interesting, message-driven concept. Hits the nail on the tail. I’m sure you are catching-up with the publicity blitz on Quantum of Solace – James Bond romances couple of beautiful women as always, this time while trying to save lesser mortals from the clutches of evil water mafias. water wars seem to be the topic of many a movie these days!

  4. Very nice.
    It reminds me:
    “Pure and tasty water, we used to and still store under the farm house near Pune. The stored water lasts whole year. It was an experiment during 1999 and was needed as no clean, drinking water nearby…”
    Hope this inspires many…

  5. water…when we realize its importance
    we will come to know ourselves
    Thank you for sharing this video Shekhar

  6. sir,
    I wish the Municipal Corporations to have their mind and act in place.
    With the reality circuit witnessing crisis I wonder where the developers are going to cut corners first…Water Harvesting may be..
    Any act is only Good as worth it is implemented.
    Vinod Agarwal – Taarikh Pe Taarikh !!

  7. Hello Sir,
    Thanks for sharing this video with us. The video is very inspiring. The message comes across clearly. This issue needs to be highlighted and I hope people take some initiative to solve this problem.
    Like you share your knowledge through your blogs with others , we would like you to share your knowledge on filmmaking with young students through our festival sixteen:nine international film festival. It is a festival organized for young and budding filmmakers.

  8. Hello Shekhar,
    To start with I am not much familar with your films and you, just the well-known fact that you are a par-excellence film-maker. I was searching on internet for some information on water, since that is the topic of my thesis and I bumped on to your blog and found some great information in it. Since this is something that is academically related to me, I wanted to know if you can share the sources of your information and the references as such, especially Mumbai. And truly speaking I had no idea that your are making a film on water, which makes you one of the few film-makers who think about, the rather serious issues grappling our society, thus getting together one of the best efforts of combining films and environment, which are hardly seen. I know this is not much of “your stuff”, considering that fact that you are a film-maker. Looking forward to your reply. Hopefully…

  9. A great wakening.. I am born in the contry side where we had a well for the water. And in the summer time, the well could dry out, so we where extremly careful about using the water..
    I still remember and i still think when i let the water flow for a glass of water or in the shower..
    I live in Sweden, we have all the water that we want.. And many people dont think about it.. If your born in the city, you just let the water flow..
    I had a dinner at a new fancy Indian Restaurant, everything was soooo lovely! But in the Beatuful WC, lovely decorated, with a golden zink with varm vater puring down to clean your hands… Beautiful, nice…But.. How could they do this!!??? Varm vater… Just running down..All the time,no stop!
    We did complain.. Please do so you too if you exxperience something like this..
    All the Best from Annika Stdberg

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  11. yes its a very wonderful comment of rainwater harvesting that we should save water and we should make use of less water and at the last but not the least I want to say that we should make use of very limited water

  12. शेखर जी
    राजस्थान में पानी की समस्या वर्षों से है।वर्षों से इसके संरक्षण की हम बातें कर रहे हैंl
    आपकी फिल्म “पानी “से बहुत आशाऐं हैं मेरी शुभ कामनाऐंl

    “जीवन का आधार- पानी”

    पानी की कलकल से, झरने की तमन्ना हुई l
    बूंदों की रिमझिम से, बारिश की तमन्ना हुई l
    प्यास को बुझाने के लिए, पानी की तमन्ना हुई l
    क्या कभी पानी को संजोने की तमन्ना हुई ?
    कब तक हम सुनेंगे इसकी महत्ता औरों की ज़बानी
    कभी तो खुद समझेंगे इसकी महत्ता की कहानी ।
    न रंग, न रूप, न महक, न स्वाद है,
    फिर भी आब की चाहत है ।
    कुछ भी तो नहीं इसके पास,
    फिर भी देता हमें राहत है । हमारे जन्म से मृत्यु तक का सफर पूरा ये कराता ।
    बदले में हम से क्या कभी यह कुछ मांगता है
    सोचो तो बहुत गहरी बात है और ….
    समझो तो बडी चिंता की बात है ।
    पानी हमारे जीवन का आधार है
    हाँ! इसके संरक्षण से ही हमारा उद्धार है।



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