Mumbai in mourning

Yet again. And as the day dawns in Mumbai the city will wake to count its dead and injured, and inevitably, as it always does, the count will rise painfully. And yet again the government of India and its members, whether on the national or state level, will make the right noises. And yet again the government will soon forget and go back to blaming each other and make political capital out of the tragedy of the ordinary citizens of India. And then back to electioneering it is. Back to political machinations and negotiating it is, with only the next elections and political power in mind.
Or maybe not this time. For this time the very bastions of the elite were attacked. The Taj and the Oberoi Hotels. Where some of the rich and powerful were caught in the cross fire. Even a delegation from the EU parliament. Maybe this time the political bosses of India will accept that a cancer of communal disharmony and terrorism is destroying the fabric of our society and we stand at the brink of the end of a society and civilization that the fathers of our Constitution dreamed of. Destroyed by the politics and politicians of our nation.
But all that does not help those who’s loved ones were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those that have lost their lives or injured. Those that were just ordinary citizens going about their daily lives expecting that the least the elected government would do is protect their lives. The war is not at our borders any more. It here at home against the forces that are trying to destroy our society from the inside.
Why are we spending all our resources fighting for an inhabitable piece of moving ice called the Siachin Glacier when our major cities are under threat ?
Yes, the people of Mumbai will once again show courage. As they have done before through floods and bombs and terrorist attacks. I just hope that the Hindu fundamentalist forces do not come out in the streets, provoked as they usually are by political powers. That is exactly what the terrorists want – a disruption of our society and fighting, killing and carnage on our streets. We need to mourn and we need to be compassionate – and when the period of mourning is over, we need to re evaluate what is happening to our society.

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  1. I am too really hoping there will not be any riots to take “revenge”.
    Beyond that, hoping for anything +ive doesn’t make sense.

  2. Dear Shekhar,
    We have been watching these attacks for the last few months over various cities and I sincerely hope that the magnitude of these attacks propel the govt. to come up with a serious plan of action to tackle this major issue. It is time that we have a plan put out in front of the public as to how these organizations will be dismanteled and what the progress is on a month to month basis. The sad part is the we often forget these attacks and life becomes normal until the next one happens, without any visible increase of security or intelligence.
    What is need is leaders that people can not only trust but look upto, that their daily lives are safe. As we mourn for Mumbai the time is to be active and determined more than ever that this time a broader initiative will come out and we’ll jointly work as govt. and citizens to uproot this.
    Best Regards,

  3. We should not seek revenge on those who have committed crimes against us, or reply to their crimes with other crimes. We should reflect that by the law of karma, they are in danger of lowly and miserable lives to come, and that our duty to them, as to every being, is to help them to rise towards Nirvana, rather than let them sink to lower levels of rebirth.
    – His Holiness the Dalai Lama

  4. I hope the pseudo-secularists of the likes of Mahesh Bhatt were in the Taj, so they get a first hand account of this menace that they have so passionately allowed to spread.
    This is a matter of survival for Indians and Hindus. We cannot afford the luxury to indugle in half-truth philosophy when the Islamic militants have waged an almost open war on India. Instead of going after the graver threat of these fanatic terrorists and separatists, the Government and Media are indulging their attention and resources on small fringe nationalist Hindu groups..which is probably a political conspiracy since the UPA is in deep crap.
    Hopefully, the BJP, Shiv Sena and MNS combine and rise again into power to protect Mumbai and Maharashtra. Because the Congress is surely not going to do anything to better this situation.
    You keep talking about Hindu fundamentalists being provoked by the BJP and Hindu parties. Don’t you think these blasts after blasts aimed at a progressing “Hindu” India are the real provocation? Do you understand the difference in how a USA or UK would act against such a grave menace as compared to the coma that the “secular” govt of India is in.
    There is a huge conspiracy to strike at the heart of India by various forces. Unless this threat is contained with stringent measures, India will turn into another lawless Afghanistan.

  5. Incidents like these provoke Hindu fundamentalists to retaliate and more impotantly habour, nurture and preach more intolerance among the people. the cancer multiplies there.
    And fundamentalists taking to the streets will happen later. For now, there are enough of them visiting you blog here. Watch this space, more comments will follow..spitting fire on religion and communities, instead oftalking about actual problem.

  6. This is a getting really serious
    This is a call for Everyone
    “Terrorist has no place in OUR World”
    For the sake of human beings
    Precious life we have been gifted
    and needs to be protected, perserved.
    Everyone needs to do something to stop it.
    Let us all pledge to do something about it.
    Trust me
    If we all act now
    It can be stopped.

  7. Same Blood flows in all veins
    Regardless of Color, Religion, Nation, Belief
    And Blood knows only one function
    To keep the human body alive
    Let us ALL pledge to protect the life
    when a Baby is born
    Whem a Body dies
    It has no name, no religion, no agenda
    We need to help protect the life
    A precious gift to everyone

  8. I was at home, I get a call from my sister, who is on vacation in shimla. She asked me,’Where are you?’…..I am like, ‘excuse me, I am at home and why are you asking me that?’ she said ‘switch on the Tv.’
    So then I got to know about the events perhaps happening within 2 kms around my home. And I was opposite the trident for my usual evening walk at around 8.30 totally unaware of the events that were to happen there. Life seemed so normal then.
    I was watching tv and mom also joined me.
    Then, we heard the fireguns at Marine Lines (near metro and liberty) Well there are these railway tracks between these places and my home. On a normal day we would have thought it to be firecrackers.
    After 10 minutes it was on news too. I was watching the news till 2 in the morning, the thought that the terrorist were running loose was not comforting.
    Friends and relatives have been calling, yesday till late in the night and since early this morning. Its too peaceful for a thurday morning, there are no school buses passing by my lane, no cars have been removed from my building compound. All the fruit and vegetable vendors have arrived. The newspaper came in a little late then its usual time.
    Just wondering is there any place that can be called safe on this planet.

  9. All for the good. Like a homoeopathic remedy these attacks will help strength our defences. Being a superpower will come with many wages!

  10. STOP THIS MADNESS.Good INDIANS rise!Raise your voices loudly together.Together we can overcome.Cherish this human life.

  11. Aakarsh,
    Half-truths are often deadlier than anything else. Pseudo-secularists like you do not have a firm understanding of history or spirituality, and as such often argue from a mistaken point of view which considers all religions as having similiar character. This is pure hogwash.
    The fact is this: Hindus – 75% secular 25% fanatics, Muslims (specially in South Asia and Iran) – 75% fanatics 25% secular.
    So what according to you is the actual problem that you want people to solve? Are you in a stupor? There is a growing conspiracy to alter the demographics of India as was done in fill the country with as many minorities and Muslims from Bangladesh, etc. And SIMI has openly admitted to turn India into an Islamic state.

  12. Hi Shekhar and Everyone,
    My thoughts are with you all, I hope that none of your friends and family have been caught up in all the recent troubles…
    Hannah in England xxxxx

  13. It is amazing to observe the amnesia of the Indian pseudo-secularists..such a lost bunch. It wasn’t too long ago when the likes of Aurangzeb, Humayun, Bhaktiyar Khilji and other Mughals ransacked India while converting masses and burning monks and temples. Was this under any provocation by the BJP or RSS?
    The Indian Muslims have become a bit peaceful by living in India. But these foreign fanatic groups will repeat history if given a chance.

  14. the need of hour…
    is not blaming others but helping out others and maintaining peace
    the need of future…
    let politicians of all party unite and stop blame game…
    the seed of future in all aforesaid is
    the management schools must MUST have “Terrorism Management” as compulsory chapter…

  15. My dear co-countrymen,
    In this moment of grave agony, let us not fuel the fires any further. The last things we should be talking about is the involvement of religion. Let’s not bring up words like ‘attack on Hindus’ or ‘vengeance of Muslims on Hindus’.
    I honestly don’t believe that the perpetrators of this carnage can actually belong to ANY religion. How can this be an attack on Hindus, when bombs & bullets that are directed toward general public, never asks for ones creed before entering his flesh.
    Did you guys notice the look on the young boy’s face in the pictures where he is seen trotting an AK-47. I feel that the solution to global terrorism can be found, if we collectively try to figure out what’s going on in the minds of young boys like him, when they set out on gruesome assignments like these. What motivates them, or rather what are the gospels fed into their minds.
    The best way to agitate a man is to yell at his face how wrong he is. A big part of the motivation comes from all of us, when we do talk about one religion or group pitted against another. There should be some kind of curb on provocation of general public by any politician. This includes guys like Raj Thackeray & all the goons at VHP, who are clearly adding new dimensions to the pious fundamental of ‘freedom of speech’.

  16. I have always expressed disbelief at the dumb and extremist statements made by this ‘brahmastra’, who is too scared to divulge his/her own identity. Such an act of cowardice and such poisonous minds deserve no attention what-so-ever.
    Hemant karkare, perhaps the only officer who has put light on the Hindu terrorism going under sheets thru the Malegaon blast investigations was also killed in this terror attack. It is interesting to note that it was just yesterday that the Pune ATS received a threat to life and home for this officer. Now if these terror attacks are believed to be done solely by the mujahedeen’s, then is it not too much of an co-incidence that the only officer who was close to bust the hindu terror racket was murdered by islamic terrorists?? Why would they want to do that? Did someone take advantage of this situation to get him out of the way?
    Anyway, the worst that can happen now is that vulnerable people start irrigating their anti-muslim / intolerance towards other religious groups, and treat all muslims as terrorists and wage greater disharmony. If these feelings are not curbed, then Mumbai is for sure leading towards a communal war which will engulf the entire nation. Maybe the Islamic nations will suffer but all of us will also not be left unharmed. It is a request I am making to all citizens of the world, that it is time to be compassionate and not blame and let hatred dwell within. Its time to hold hands and walk together. Defy the goals of the terrorists and we will win. Do what they foresee and we lose.

  17. What a terrible tragedy…yet again, is there going to be no end to this crazy attacks !!
    Let there be peace and harmony and not some senseless violence post the attacks, we have enuf enemies that we cant see or find, lets not turn against eachother ! Let God grant Mumbaikars the strenghth to bear this carnage and recover from it.

  18. Hi Shekhar, I only just heard about the chaos over there… I hope things will settle down soon so that you can all return to ‘normal’ life. May your guardian angels keep you safe…
    Hugs from Downunder,

  19. Brahmastra
    u rightly stated
    The fact is this: Hindus – 75% secular 25% fanatics, Muslims (specially in South Asia and Iran) – 75% fanatics 25% secular.
    So do you want the Hindu ratios to match the muslim fanatic ratio?
    Good statics, but what is reason for that. Most of the people in these Islamic countries dont get the exposure that we get. They are deprived of the basic right and access to knowledge.
    They are taught what the select few want to teach them since childhood….only if they were more awareo the actual facts.

  20. why we make every thing about hindus and muslims. why can’t we see its a attack on humanbeings. shame on those who want to color it religion. i am so sad and angry

  21. Sir,
    Where are our NationKeepers?
    Where is the National Think Tank?
    Is the International prosperity dividing us regionally?
    Have we left everything to public discourses?
    Have we surrendered our wills to the Politicians?
    Are we gong to be governed by fragmented Parliament? Regional short term Agenda?
    Has the time come to have a All Party National Government?
    Why don’t the Intellectuals train the minds of petty Politicians?
    What has Failed?
    What will Work?
    Vinod Agarwal – says ask yourself, What can you give away (sacrifice) to put an end to terrorism in India?

  22. dear shekhar
    my heart aches. i can’t focus on anything. i have never lived in bombay but have some beautiful memories of the city…. and leopalds after reading ‘shantaram’
    this conflict is not about a glacier though, this conflict has been going on for centuries…this conflict will continue as there are barbaric fundamentalists who have nothing constructive on their minds and look for a reason to destroy.
    when lord ram pleaded the ‘sea’ (all allegorical of course) to give way to him so he could fight ravan, the sea refused, kept refusing. ram had to then pick up his dhanush to tame the sea……
    hate to say this terrorists do not understand the language of peace and love…if they do change it will be from within, not due to the negotiations of a government!
    lets pray for the friends and families of the slayed and the injured, shivani

  23. Brahmastra ,
    I have been reading your entries on this blog for a long time.
    Your ideologies best belong to the pages of history that you so often refer to . You address the views of most bloggers here as Pseudo-secularism ? Well it appears to me that you are nothing but a Pseudo – Intellect who is using historical events as a means to justify your fanaticism in a current world.
    Looks like you have a lot of catching up to do ….run faster my friend . Trun those pages of history forward….Welcome to the 21st Cent. The world is far more beautiful , pls don’t belittle it with your sickening concepts of Hindutva.
    Since you refer to Ancient India , here’s an ancient wisdom from the sanskrit texts : KUPA MEINDUKA.

  24. Hi Shekhar and Chaitali glad that you are OK since you are the two who I know on this chain of chat that live or spend in Mumbai. I talked a lot about this with the Intent community and dont want to repeat. If anyone wants to join me in Universal Collective Prayer for the people of Mumbai they can check out this link and write in their support…and I send my prayers through Shekhar’s blog as well…

  25. Dear Shekhar:
    An angry Deepak Chopra, in his last night’s interview with Larry King, said it succinctly that this is not India’s problem alone but rather one the whole world has to deal with. He went on to say that Barack Obama’s more conciliatory approach to the Muslim world makes the fanatics among them nervous since they will no longer have G.W. Bush who faithfully had served as their favorite lightning rod. There is the danger that the fundamentalist scourge within the ranks of the 1.5 billion worldwide Muslims will now increasingly be exposed as what it really is: a faction of murderous thugs without a clear and abiding objective that operate under the disguise of doing god’s will when in reality they are bent on mindless destruction, to act out their hatred for anything outside their narrow tenets as to how life should be lived. No matter what amount of security is applied sooner or later these cowardly murderers will be able to strike. No amount of political firmness, new introduction of agencies to protect the homeland or an increase in rhetorical saber rattling will make any difference. The outcome will always be the same.
    As long as the American press or for that matter any other national media is more consumed with the question whether or not their citizens were among the victims rather than just plainly lamenting the death of innocent human beings, there is little hope that we can ever make a serious start to address the root cause of this worldwide terrorism. It is not only the Indian society whose survival is at stake and frankly, I do not believe that politicians by virtue of being active or inactive currently have a big role in the fight against a plague that clearly threatens the survival of our civilization and the way of life we have grown fond of. As long as a substantial percentage of the world’s Muslims silently sympathizes with the terrorists and sees their acts as a just way to retaliate for the alleged wrongs they have suffered we have not convinced them that we are better than our reputation. As Deepak Chopra has pointed out, Barack Obama has now this unique opportunity to seek out the Muslim world community and make them an ally in this fight against terrorism rather than have them remain a silent bystander. We must rethink our slogan “war on terror”, particularly when the war in itself contains the same terror it wants to combat.
    There are no easy solutions and there will be many more tears of sorrow before light will finally penetrate this abject darkness so many hearts are dwelling in.
    With kind regards.

  26. Deepshikha,
    You are the extremist..extremely dumb, messed up and confused. In a democracy, it is a big negative to give a voice to people like you.
    Look at your think that the ATS chief was killed by a conspiracy by Hindu groups. Denial reigns in the psyche of such minds. If you are so brave, why don’t you go and tell that to your local VHP leader?

  27. Passerby,
    How conveniently you have brushed aside the long history of unprovoked attrocities committed on Hindus by the Mughals, and how quickly you have dismissed the fact that Hindus, on account of their Hindutva, have mostly forgiven and forgotten those acts and accepted the converts in probably one of the only such examples in recorded history.
    But for all your eloquence, you are still a dumbass. You do not see the real facts as they are. The world is a far more beautiful place? LOL..I would disagree. Things are still the same, except that they are camouflaged better. Before at least it was more open.
    Sickening concepts of Hindutva? Please do articulate what exactly do you find so sickening while the higher strata of the world is progressively evolving towards the deep wisdom of Hinduism?
    People like you are worse than these actual terrorists because you manage to stifle the system from doing anything by spreading your half-truths and self-fulfilling sense of do-goodership. What is the matter with you?
    Are you aware that millions of Bangladeshi muslims are spreading across India altering the demographics,
    there are increasing anti-Indian demonstrations around the country,
    Kashmir (without doubt an ancient Hindu land which always had a majority of Hindus) has been violently ethinically cleansed of lakhs of Hindu pandits by islamic separatists who are now claiming independence,
    indian politicians are probably being bought by ISI and openly show their support for SIMI and other terrorists,
    Pakistan openly harbours Indian underworld gangsters and uses their networks to spread their terror infrastructure,
    there have been blasts after blasts in this year alone more than even the worst countries,
    Govt and ATS has focussed its energy on low-level Hindu fringe groups instead of these graver threats because of appeasement politics,
    and so on.
    And you don’t see any similiarities between the history and the current? You must be a severly deluded person. Lets just face it..some religions ARE MORE FANATIC than others, and they are relatively more likely to violently enforce their faith on others. This is just the way it is.

  28. brahmasastra, i do not agree with you, but i do not impose an editorial on our community. However I must say a cancerous cell does not mean that you have to kill the body to cure it. 25% of the population of the world is Muslim – thats 10 times more than Hindus. Are you suggesting those 25% are all terrorists and that Hindu’s should isolate themselves or go to war against them ? Are you aware that when u travel in a car or by air the fuel in all probability comes from a muslim nation – whether you like it or not – we in India understand that secularism is not just a moral imperative that is written into our constitution, but it is a global economic and social imperative that we need to live together to survive on our planet, Shekhar

  29. It really hurts to see our own country men in such horror. We have had more than 10 blasts in Mumbai and we are still grapping with the logistics. In a privately run company when you screw up something heads roll. We see that out national leaders have been screwing up big time!! Who is accountable for this?? Ensuring the safety of the citizens has to be in someone’s job description, and if one has failed in that then one should be fired!! Heads need to roll!! Someone needs to be held accountable for this and as long as that does not happen people will only wash their hands off this crisis!! The centre says its a law and order problem and the state simply says that the centre did not provide them with the intelligence input. I dont care who does what. I pay my taxes and the least I expect is safety and security and if this does not happen someone needs to be held accountable for it!! HEADS NEED TO ROLL!!

  30. Shekhar, how often has Mumbai been attacked in the very recent past? How many times has there been a backlash? Why are we creating monsters and provoking them?
    Let us instead give credit to the majority that has kept calm and striven for peace. Why do we listen so intently to the miniscule rabid minority in every community and ignore the majority in every community that desperately wants peace and amity? Are we secretly hoping that trouble breaks out so that we can have the smug satisfaction of saying I told you so and show off our bleeding hearts? Sometimes I just wonder…

  31. Ok Mr. Brahmastra. I agree with each and every point you make.Sorry for being Psuedo secular.and Thanks for the enlightenment in you have showered. lets drive away all muslims out. if impossible, lets kill them all. now!!!!
    everyone here knows what all you write and advocate.I have never seen anyone alling your views as rational.Ofourse, we all are fools in your eyes.But then,be it an continue your pro-hindu and anti-islam propoganda.But it is really callous to insult everyone by telling that they have no knowledge of history and all.Probably you think you are far too enlightened.Well, if enlightenment means hatred towards a community and if enlightened means advocating violence against them, then you better be enlightened and i prefer to remain a simple Psuedo secular fool.Good luck man.and my good luck wish goes to your mind/brain. I seriously mean it.

  32. Poor Manmohan Singh! He knew how to handle economy, was doing fairly Ok under the circumstances and even the world listened to him in attention when he spoke on it, but alas! terrorism is not his cup of tea more so when he can not over-rule the opinion of others in this regard as he can regarding economy. Perhaps we need a deputy Prime Minister and a strong hand at that – somebody like Sharad Pawar – with the whole responsibility of internal and external security including tackling terrorim. Manmohan need not worry about security, while DPM need not woory abour economy.

  33. ‘Brahmastra’ — you will ofcourse not mend your ways. I can just pity you. As the say the crooked tail of a dog never straightens up. It holds so true for you. 🙂 🙂

  34. Shekhar,
    A utopian society can exist only when spiritually advanced people are running the show. Hinduism, Judaism and some other ancient branches of wisdom are the only efficient paths to upgrade souls to deeper levels of connection. The secularist ideas of today’s India fall quite short of a more thorough understanding, and do not consider many hard facts such as the doctrine of reincarnation, and the logic that less mature souls are, by design, given religions of a lower nature congruent with their abilities of comprehension. So your basic premise of considering all religions as equal is itself faulty. What happens is people mistake the equality of the true inner self with outer equality. It is a fact that a peon that works on your sets is of the same source as you, but if he was asked to direct a movie, he’d probably not make it. And so, if you let low level people run this world with pseudo-secular ideas, it’s not going to work out. Most of the times, a spade is a spade.
    So, I really do not have a solution here to make the world a perfect place..but i can tell you that if you do not contain the virus of this fanatic breed of Islam, and fiercely contain the open war by external radicals to turn India into an Islamic state, it will devour India.
    I would also like to emphasize that i have mostly maintained that it is not ALL muslims. We can hardly compare the muslims of Turkey, Dubai, Greece, Lebanon and such moderate places with those in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, Iran and Saudi. And there is an obvious financial class factor as well. The historic and spiritual aspects of this run as deep as it gets, but what is India going to do right now to ensure the safety of women and children on the streets?

  35. i am more depressed and angry reading brahmastra’s comment then actual event. people like him and many more i know (hindus, muslims, christians etc.) are spreading haterate. but i have hope because 75% of us are here to fight it.

  36. Aakarsh,
    You are talking vague stuff. Be a little more articulate and fair in your conclusions. Kill all muslims? When was that ever proposed? See, this is how you wannabes try to twist a logical, balanced perspective into a more radical one. So what are you..a nice guy? People like you are just passive-aggressive fools who have been quite influenced by nonsensical conditioning and try to project an image of a do-gooder..when in fact your actions/inactions through a lack of wisdom are going to come back to you sooner or later.
    I really wouldn’t mind giving away Kashmir to Pakistan..but under one condition..that all these pseudo-secularists go with it and live nice secular lives with their friends in Pakistan.

  37. Harb,
    Your recommendation of putting Sharad Pawar in control, as well as your analysis of the other politicians is quite worrisome.
    I don’t know how aware you are of Maharashtra politics, but it is a popular opinion that many underworld dons like Dawood were promoted by Pawar to counter the rise of the Shiv Sena, and he is as corrupt and divisionary as they come. Just look at BCCI.

  38. And Deepshikha and Aakarsh,
    Thanks for your good luck and pity..where i am at is where all your prayers and rituals to whichever Gods are going to eventually lead you, in a few lifetimes probably. And i am not exaggerating by an iota.

  39. ruchi,
    You are an escape artist..can’t handle reality. Tell me how is it that i am spreading hatred? I am pointing out facts..facts that you have not spent enough time doing any research over or trying to go to roots of. It has become all too convenient for the pseudos here to brand me as their pet “communal” target..but i am way above that..if you have ever been able to aborb the depths of my posts by removing your own mentally handicapped lens.
    Fanatic Islam is a virus..there is a clear conspiracy to alter the demographics of India and create instability in India by jealous neighbours as was done in Kashmir, Kashmir was an ancient Hindu land, land named after Hindu sage Kashyapa, which was always inhabited by Hindus and demographically altered by Aurangzeb earlier on through forced conversions, and now by these separatists through ethnic cleansing. And now they are killing civilians all over India in their demand for independence. Bangladeshi muslims are infilterating India and are openly contributing to Huji and other terror nests in across the country. SIMI has an open mission statement to turn India into an Islamic state. Many of “secular” Indian politicians are probably on ISI payroll..and so on..
    So what is your reasoning to twist a spreading of awareness of these facts into an act of spreading hatred? Why don’t you be more objective instead of whining abstractly all the time about being depressed this and that? We all wish the world was perfect, but it isn’t – well at least externally – internally i know everything’s perfect.

  40. Deepshikha and Aakarsh, please dont even spend one word for this joker called brahmastra. He is still evolving from monkeyhood and is yet to become a human being. It’s just the kindness of Shekhar that his crap is still tolerated here;
    or even perhaps shekhar’s intelligence, so that, through such comments, we can all know that what kind of people exist in this world.
    Oye Brahmastra, Iam so sorry that you are still here..How I wish those terrorists had targeted a communal animal like you first rather than those innocent people..this world wud have been a much better place without you..but listen carefully now, if you dont stop your nonsense now in this sensitive forum, Iam gonna find you wherever you are hiding in your shit hole and break your neck..enuf is enuf you scoundrel..

  41. antibrahmastra,
    Hopefully you are the victim in the next terror attack instead of these better citizens of India. You are playing your role well here of an unwanted watch dog to gain some importance in your miserable existence. You are probably a symphatizer of these terrorists, and that makes you public enemy best hope you don’t find me, you worthless piece of crap.

  42. antibrahmastra,
    And i am quite amused as to how a low-life like you is allowed to make such posts here..don’t you see you how frustrated you you really expect others to believe that you are a messenger of peace? You seem like another terrorist in the are part of this cancer.

  43. Brahmastra,
    All the people who have been expressing views opposite to yours and who have been aruing with you, most of them atleast never insulted you or abused you here.It is only when you intolerantly and brazenly insult people, that they are attacking you with words.And for that, you yourself are wishing that they should be victims of next terror attack! So, who is the terrorist in the making here?Can you answer this.
    Coming to your reply to me:
    So people like me, who want peaceful co-existence,are products of nonsensical conditioning? what are you then, spewing hatred, in literally every comment, as if you are up at war with Muslims? Does that make you a great product of the most noble and rational grooming?Fact remains that People are laughing at you here, because of your fanatic opinions and also your “You guys dont know anything at all.” kind of talk, as if you are the only knowledgeable soul here.
    Now, I ask you something, because you always use this word – Puedo secular.What, according to you, is secularism? And, what is Psuedo-secularism? and finally,you say you dont want muslims to be killed.Blessed they are,if they read this statement of yours.But,do you want them out of India?If No,then what is your idea about peaceful co-existence (i am making a huge assumption here that you want peaceful coexistence). Can you answer these questions, without deviating?

  44. Aakarsh,
    You call it spreading hatred, I call it spreading awareness. A large portion of these pseudo-secularists – and i’ll explain that next – are really just shallow, unread, unwise puppets stuck in duality who have lost the connection with their can clearly see the anger and confusion in most of them on here, and elsewhere..hardly the messengers of peace. Their egos are so hardened that they really don’t care about the citizens of India anymore than they do about their faulty beliefs. A prime example is that poser Mahesh Bhatt.
    So why do I call them pseudo-secular? Simple, because they are really not secular. As I mentioned in my reply to Shekhar, it is completely faulty to believe that all religions are equal. Hinduism has delivered exponentially more enlightened people than any other religion ever. So, it it should be harnessed and promoted, and India is the most fertile ground for that. We talk about vegetarianism, meditation, yoga and all those tools for ascension here, which i hope you agree, provides the real deep “secularism” or liberation, and not a superficial one. Shouldn’t we protect and promote this way of life?
    Recently, the Malaysian muslim leaders banned the practice of Yoga even though their people claimed various benefits from it. So, this is what is happening to India as is becoming a victim of jealousy and fear of these radical Islamists within and without. And let me ask this the first time? Hasn’t India’s recent history ripe with the worst attrocities and forms of genocide against Hindus?
    And why don’t you say anything about the facts i present about Kashmir, which is the hotspot of all this..don’t you agree that it was one of the worst cover-ups of genocide in history? Where is the secularism in violently driving out the majority Hindus, turning it into an Islamic state and then claiming independence through such terrorist acts? Don’t you see it is just a microcosm conspiracy? Why do you say that i am spreading hatred when i present these facts?
    We can go on about this, and the only way for peaceful coexistence, if any, is to establish Hindutva to unite India and fiercely fight against this global menace. Because now it has become a matter of survival, as i’ve always said it would be. I am sure that India will prevail as it always has, since it is connected at the highest levels.

  45. Aakarsh and ‘antibrahmastra’- Dont even bother about this ‘brahmastra’– he is an anti-social person. If we cant make him understand we should let him bark. We all know that empty vessels make most noise.
    And brahmastra,I think you are the one with least knowledge about the kashmir issue. you might not know that when india was liberated from the british rule, then there was no such thing as India being a single nation, instead, India was a collection of princely states (around 562 of them). When the brits were leaving, then the rulers of each state were asked to choose to wither join India or Pakistan or be by themselves. Most of the states joined india either by wish or by pressure (like in the case of hyderabad). And during that time the ruler of kashmir, Maharaja Hari SIngh desired to be by himself. But both pakistan and India wanted to occupy it. It so happened that Pakistans tribals went ahead to ‘liberate’ its people from the ‘Dogra Rule’ since they thought that kashmir being a predominantly muslim state should come under Pakistan. Now, Hari Singh was unable to withstand the pressure and needed help from India. So, in that situation of stress and chaos, the maharaja signed an instrument of accession with Jawahar lal nehru in presence of Lord Mountbattern. And mind you the accession did not say that now Kashmir belongs to India. It was just that the administration of Kashmir was TEMPORARILY given to India and it was clearly mentioned that the final fate of Kashmir will depend on the will of its people. That is if Kashmir wants to go with Pakistan, then it will, If it wants to stay with india, then it will and if It wants to be independent then even that should be allowed. Kashmirirs as such would not have had problems with India, only if the Indian government would have shown compassion and given non-step motherly treatment to them. Now the kashmiris are fed up and you should appreciate that it is not require rocket science to understand why. And if you argue about kashmir long back being a hindu state and for sometime also being predominantly buddhist and blah blah then by that logic there will be no development, growth or change.
    So ‘self-proclaimed–gyan-guru-bhramastra’, please wake up. Snap yourself back to the reality and dont live in ancient times, the world s going towards the concept of citizens of the world, while you are still stuck up with petty issues which is making all our lives terrible. Stone age has long gone past.

  46. Deepshikha,
    Well well, looks like little girl has done her homework. I am quite aware of those facts, and you probably haven’t paid enough attention to my posts. You just need a “communal” target, and you try your best to conform me into one for your convenience.
    Do you know that Jammu is next..there is already a huge plan to displace the Hindus setting up mosque after mosque and putting more separatist muslims..why do you think the Amarnath issue became so big..people like you really don’t know the gravity of the situation. The only way you’ll understand is when it affects you personally..until then you can have the luxury of sitting and typing away crap at the cost of others. You are the ones who are making lives terrible and insecure for other Indians.
    But relax little girl, illumination will dawn with time. Keep watching MTV Youngistan..its good stuff.
    The solution is quite simple..India needs to be a model Hindu nation, and the ancient ways have to be brought back if this direction of doomsday has to be inverted. Now this may happen afterwards as well. How it happens is something we’ll find out.

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