The Politics of Hatred

Once again the people of India, the ordinary citizen, has suffered the politics of hatred. Whether it be the 60 people killed in the awful bomb blasts in Gawhati, or the innocent people attacked and killed in the trains in Mumbai. How do the politicians who provoke such actions to further their own selfish political ends sleep at night ? How can they look at their own families, their own children and not be consumed by the grief they have caused to so many other families ? How do they sleep at night ? I know that politicians did not cause the bombings, but in effect their actions or non actions led to them. Indian politicians are fast becoming self obsessed, self serving demons, who feed on the flesh of their own people.

25 thoughts on “The Politics of Hatred

  1. yes. how do they sleep at night! something which i have also wondered.
    guess megalomania turns hearts into stones, and dulls conscience.human lives are mere colateral damages in their scheme of things.
    besides, sleeping pills are easily available in the drug stores.
    time people who matter became proactive against the thaskerays who trigger off anarchy and against political heavyweights who shield criminals

  2. Vote for BJP. That would be a bit more progressive than any other options. Much lesser of the evils. There will be usual opposition from the “secularists” here, but if you allow the UPA to rule again, they are going to take India down.

  3. Rightly said, Shekhar. Polticians are becoming the most abhorrent class in India. Their despicable complicity in dividing the citizens along regional and communal lines must be stronlgy denounced by all. In the name of politicians, we have a bunch of thugs.

  4. Rightly said, Shekhar. Polticians have become the most abhorrent class in India. Their despicable complicity in dividing the citizens along regional and communal lines must be stronlgy denounced by all. In the name of politicians, all we have is a bunch of thugs.

  5. Hello Sir,
    Rightly put, yet again. Indian citizens really need to use their votes very cautiously. They need to be very careful on who they elect and bring in office, These politicians are merely molesting the power and the “aam junta”, they think that there is no value to anyone’s life but theirs and their loved ones. The answer is the youth of India needs to come forward and get their hands dirty in this “akhada” which was somewhat showed in the film.(Have you seen it? what did you think of it) or they can take another route which was showed in Rang De Basanti, (Have you seen it, what did you think of it), Sorry to change topic here, From a directors point of view, would you be able to compare yuva & Rang De Basanti? if so, can you justify both of the views? Please sir, Would love to know your thoughts on it, Also, I had mentioned in my earlier comments about a film that I am currently scripting (male rape)as an audience would you like to see such a movie? I wanted to talk to you and get some insight/help with the scripting? please help. Thank YOu.
    With KInd Regards,
    Prakash Barot

  6. Well, it seems the only forward for India would be to crown someone like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as the dictator of India. But then off course, at max you can label this as fiction.

  7. make narendra modi pm of india
    everything else apart..
    islamic terrorism, separitism will end in india once and for all..
    just like ashoka unified india..
    so will modi

  8. hummm
    the politics of hatred …
    or rather
    the politics of indiference and greediness …
    no different …
    whereever we are …
    recently was reading about a Nelson Mandela paintful event …
    how he spoke in a high level meeting against the indifference of SA governement against AIDS …
    to be humiliated by those in charge …
    one by one …
    some cowardly hiding away …
    afraid of loosing their jobs …
    the last time Nelson mandela spoke in a governement meeting …
    now that the president was dislodged and ANC is going through turmoiled times suddenly Mandela is called as the icon to gather votes for the next elections…
    by those who stood in that same humiliating meeting without a word of support…
    whcih measn that ultimately it is about opportunism … self interests.. ignorance .. degraded values …
    the lost ptatform …
    where our children bleed …
    ah …
    feel so deeply about this …

  9. Dear Shekhar,
    You too have a responsibilty.
    Writing a piece on your blog is not enough. It’s clear that “their” urge for power is far more potent than our will to create peace.
    Lets take inspiration from Obama (if not Gandhi) and do something.
    At least do a docu-drama depicting the real state of affairs and educate the masses.

  10. Hello Sir,
    This is the first time I’visited your blog. A person like you is truly talented and respected. My congratulations to you on your work.
    About this blog I have an opinion. Most of us do not know the purposes of these negative occurances, the terrorism, the calamities et al. As all of this may be a part and parcel of the Divine game plan. Though one definately feels irritated with the people whom we perceive to be working behind theses activities. However, nothing happens when we blame anybody else or ourselves. At this time what I shall do is Pray and Take responsibility. Something that my master has taught me.

  11. True. You have a following. Maybe you could do something to change the system. The ad created by Tata Tea about the qualifications and eligibility of the politicians has an important message for the masses. There are few honest politicians and most of them are in the wrong party. For that matter is there any right party that can do good for the country?

  12. But then no party is clean. Every party has a corrupt politician.
    What is to be observed that when elections are just round the corner, a blast takes place. It is obvious that politicians work on emotion of fear.

  13. This seems to be vicious cycle. How is this gonna end? Is this gonna require a new generation to get rid of the mess that has been created? I for once feel that the Democratic system is for a developed and educated society and not for a country like India where more than half the population lives below the poverty line! All these debates about idealism and elections are all good when you do not have to worry from where your next meal is gonna come from. All these people just get used up in the vote bank politics. I think for a country like India, we need a China-like system where you do not have to buy-in to all the political parties (which have their own vote banks to cater to!) before making any key decesions. I finally wanna say that a country like India is not cut out for democracy atleast at this point. This I think is the only way out!!

  14. How do the politicians who provoke such actions to further their own selfish political ends sleep at night ? How can they look at their own families, their own children and not be consumed by the grief they have caused to so many other families ? How do they sleep at night ?
    They can because perhaps, people like you refuse to enter politics. Recently I read, that our president Pratibha Patil watched ‘a Wednesday’ and Naseeruddin Shah refused to be present at the special screening.

  15. So rightly said!!Why is our country like this? Why can’t we change the way we elect our politicians? Change cannot come by getting more people to vote. change cannot happen by electing politicians children, they are all the same.Do we have any answers at all?

  16. am surprised at the suggestion that bjp holds the magic wand to make terrorism do the vanishing act.
    the worst security lapse took place during the bjp rule(the attack on the parliament). the most dangerous terrorist was set free and royally escorted to kandahar during the bjp rule. what could tough man modi do to prevent serial blasts in gujarat recently?
    did bjp come out with any solution to kashmir or kashmiri pandits problems during their tenure.
    we are over simplifying matters by saying that a change in the dispensation at the centre can solve the communal and terrorist problems.
    redemption for india lies in the emergence of a party which puts the country above any other agenda. guess that is impossible in indian politics.
    but one thing is certain. a party which created and rode the communal wave to reach delhi cannot provide an answer to the terrorism born of communal hatred.

  17. kochuthesiamma p j,
    The BJP rule was not long and strong enough. As we know, there are all kinds of hurdles towards implementing any stringent laws or policies, not only towards terrorism but other things as well. And voting them to power does not mean that they will be able to deter each and every terrorist occurrence. And your using the instance of freeing the terrorist to Kandahar against the BJP is quite contradictory to your projection of being humanitarian. There were hundreds of civilian lives at stake there..and lest you wanted to see them tortured or worse..have their heads chopped off and sent back one by one, that compromise had to be made.
    You pseudo-secularists are trying your best to malign Hinduism and appease the minorities in whichever way you can, but you forget that it is the tolerant nature of Hinduism which has been able to forgive and forget the vast array of communal attrocities committed by invading Muslims and Christians over a millenium. So before you label the BJP as communal, you need to learn to accept some hard truths and understand that Godhra and Babri are nothing compared to the millions of Hindus who have been tortured, killed and converted by these fanatic invaders. This fanaticism of some branches of Islam and Christianity are no any history book about the middle/dark ages or just look around the world today. How much more proof do we need now..every other day there are blasts by Islamic militants in India without any provocation. And foreign-funded Christian conversions have been going on for a long time in the background. Even in the convents in the cities, students are pressurised into learning about Christianity.
    The very secular fabric of Hindutva is being stretched to the limits..and this is really not good in a land where the majority are Hindus. And if you vote for UPA and continue this trend of unethical suppression of the majority, it is a sure recipe for disaster.
    So the best way is to allow a Hindu party which has at least some values and spiritual tendencies than the rest..not to mention the tremendous developmental progress shown by BJP-ruled states.

  18. The BJP seems to be a better choice now after
    5 years of mis-governance of the UPA government.
    What has the UPA government, which criticized the ‘India Shinning’
    campaign of the NDA government in 2004,done? The only
    thing it did was to hurriedly complete the Nuclear deal
    to cover up the economic mess it has created.
    What leaders does it have to offer? Does it have the resolve
    to take tough decesions to counter the terrorism that is happening
    in India right now? BJP in contrast atleast has some great leaders like
    LK ADvani, Arun Jaitley, Arun Shoorie, Jaswanth Singh
    Yashwanth Sinha and ofcourse Narendra Modi ( You cannot
    ignore the wonderful developmental work he has done in

  19. @ bramastra
    dont get me wrong. all i am trying to say is that niether the upa nor the bjp -or, for that matter any political party in india at the moment -holds the key to the problem of terrorism. the basic step in dealing with it is to address the politics of hatred about which Mr shekhar speaks.
    all parties have their own agenda. with upa, it is the votebank. that does not help. it creates hate in the majority community. with the bjp. it’s hindutva. this creates fear and insecurity among the minorities. with both parties, politics is a game to come to and stay in power.and in this power game, ideology is only a tool to be brandished in order to consolidate the vote bank.and the casuality is the country and peace.
    then what? that’s the question.
    i quoted bjp’s performance only to show that bjp is as helpless as any other party when it comes to dealing with terrorism.
    but ethnic cleansing is not the solution for terrorism. it’s condemnable whether it happens in kashmir or gujarat or orissa or bosnia or iraq or germany.
    ethnic cleansing is the fall out of the politics of hatred.
    also, the mistakes of history cannot be corrected by repeating the same mistakes.true, christianity and islam have a terrible track record of intolerance. Hinduism has the finest record of tolerance. do we correct the damage done by intolrance of christanity and islam by transforming hindus into an intolerant people?

  20. kochuthresiamma p j
    You made some nice points there.
    “with the bjp. it’s hindutva. this creates fear and insecurity among the minorities.”
    This is exactly the problem. As many BJP leaders have been trying to say for ages, Hindutva has been victim to the following:
    – tremendously misunderstood and categorized in the same box as other organized religions
    – demonized by the pseudo-secular parties to get dalit and other minority votes
    – strong opposition by fanatics from minority religions who, when given a chance in the past (or now), would kill and torture to convert for them opposition comes naturally
    But the fact is that at this point in time, India could really use Hindu spirituality in its governance however imperfect..and Hindutva is the only binding force which can get India together. As you also accept that Hinduism is the most tolerant religion with several sophisticated teachings to practically enhance quality of life in every domain.
    There has never been shallow forced conversion antics in the history of Hinduism…it has always been voluntarily accepted by people when their time is ripe. Those poor tribals in Kandhamal were getting reconverted to Hinduism by merely breaking coconuts and applying tilak on forehead..while getting converted to other religions there meant partaking in cow-slaughter, condeming Hindu Gods etc. So the fear of the minorities is completely unfounded.

  21. @ brhmastra
    ‘India could really use Hindu spirituality in its governance’-agree fully with it.i’ll go up the hill and down the dale working for the party that uses our deep spirituality in its governance. show me that party and i shall plant it in my place and work for its growth, day in and day out.
    Are you guaranteeing that BJP will do that?
    The voter whom every party takes for a ride has lost faith in politicians of all colour and hue.
    we have become cynical. hence these ravings and rantings and wishful thinking – –

  22. kochuthresiamma p j
    I don’t know if you have followed the practical developmental progress that Modi has made in Gujarat. The media and congress will never let that come to light much. But the things he has implemented selflessly outshine anything any politician has recently done for the people of India, and he continues to take bold new initiatives. And others like Yeddyurappa are following his example.
    For me it’s a no-brainer to pick the lesser of the evils when it comes to choosing between people like Modi, Arun Shourie, Advani, Arun Jaitley etc. VS Lalu Prasad, Sadhu Yadav, Paswan, Rahul Gandhi, Arjun Singh, Amar Singh etc.
    Don’t expect the BJP to give you liberation and heaven on earth, but they may at least make things safer, decent and congruous.
    And yes, indians have become cynical..but this atmosphere of victimization has to be dissolved at some point. The people keep blaming the politicians every chance they get..but the people have their own passivity, karma and destiny to accept and deal with. Nobody is innocent..everyone always gets what they should by design to advance spiritually. And so, this again goes into the domain of spirituality which is why Hinduism is so tolerant and accepting because it takes the bigger picture into account.

  23. ‘But the things he has implemented selflessly ‘- selfless? I dont see how that word, as it means in my dictionary, can be applied to modi.
    and is progress a substitute for human rights?
    the trouble is, we dont speak the same language.
    sorry brahmstra, this is s futile exchange, we can never see eye to eye on certain issues.
    was nice having this dialogue with you.

  24. kochuthresiamma p j
    Well don’t take my word for it..but at least a top industrialist of the world such as Ratan Tata also feels so.
    Perhaps you have not taken the time to actually learn about the phenomenal progress Modi has achieved in Gujarat. There may be several reasons for that. For one, out of fear of his growing influence, the UPA has turned Modi into a psychological target for all minorities..which the minorities and pseudo-secularists are quite content with. These Modi-haters really do not care about the progress of the Gujarati they?
    Sooner or later, the industrialists and Hindus are going to put Modi into power. After a Democratic win in the US, that may be the next progressive thing to happen.

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