Is the world heading to class struggle ?

Obama is being accused of being a socialist, and I think that is right, though I do not think of it as an accusation at all. For the people f the US actually are asking for a change towards a far more regulated capitalism, which is really the definition of socialism. What we are seeing in the US is not a struggle between races anymore but a struggle between the super rich and those that are now living in fear of their jobs and pensions. This is the beginings of a true class struggle within the US. And this struggle is showing itself everywhere in the world – not just in the obvious places. In Europe too, and between the rich and the poor economies in the fight over the World Trade Organizations. I even believe that the confrontation between Islam and Christianity too is a form of a class struggle between the rich and the poor, with poverty and lack of hope driving more and more young people into the arms of fundamentalism.
Is that one of the fall-outs of Globalization too ? ……

……..As the world becomes one, in that oneness there is such disparity that a class struggle inevitably begins. Global media also ensures that information is dispersed so widely and quickly that everyone knows exactly how the other half lives. This in economic theory is called the ‘demonstration effect’, and is supposed to be a motivating factor to higher aspirations. But today with so much disparity and so many entry blocks to ones hopes and aspirations, the ‘demonstration effect’ can often be a cause for violent struggle too.
How wrong the economists have been. For they have looked at economic theory from the rationality of numbers and statistics, without taking into account humanities, sociology and most importantly History.

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  1. Initially I had doubts about Senator Obama, but his adress to US citizens is promising and I am not sure if he is socialist or so but going by his speech (hez a great public speaker in the world) it reminds me that US is indeed in class struggle and this may have effect on world markets.
    What America needs now is to cut budgets on war. 25 million is spend on gulf that too tax payer money. And US did not get what they set out to be…they just had a war which if continued will go Vietnam way. Right now US needs to save its monitary conflict and its face! And Obama understands it very well because in last 7 years its the American middle class on the edge and that’s why Obama is socialist or accused for. Unless the American Middle Class is set right nothing in America will “change”
    You are right pointing to economists theories and particualy about lessons from Histroy. Wish to know how they cope up with great depression in 1930’s as I understand the new the then president had just come to white house and set the things right then.
    India faces general elections (uncertainity) so does US but now its clear Obama will be there in white house. Dollar rate problem, Inflation…Oil rates…All we hope is US gets its order right, after march hope that economy all over gets normal

  2. Thanks Shekhar, for the valuble thoughts.Love to read the articles in your blog rather than listening or reading the sensational news from medias and newspapers.Truth and the actual facts and opinions, that is what we are lacking.

  3. For developed countries, the neo-rich need to be taxed a heck of a lot more than the rest with or without their selfless approval, and these taxes need to be put into general social welfare such as free health care, education and unemployment benefits.
    Infrastructure and accountability are top priorities for developing countries like India where the penalties for tax evasions and corruption are negligible and often not enforced at all.
    As you said somewhere, things are made unnecessarily complex in various administrative domains to dilute accountability and popular focus.
    But to attain the clarity and will to implement such measures goes deeper into spiritual realms. As the machine is right now, it seems almost impossible to change it much except through divine intervention.

  4. agree with you. class struggle is at the bottom of it al. india faces a grave threat from maoists and naxalites whose swelling membership is a reflection of the growing presence disgruntled deprived humanity.
    the former dgp of kerala went on recored today saying that the terrorists from kerala are attracted by money and not religious ideology.
    class is at the root of even the resistance to conversion in the bimaru states. for conversion subverts permanent serfdom on which rests the zamindari system. if a particular priviliged class was not threatened, no one would care about how many changes religion.

  5. ..with everything SIR you have said I ABSOLUTELY AGREE and many who have lived in mysticism of ” capitalism’s eternity ” have beginning to realize as well. THANX

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