The US Presidential Debate, who won, Obama or McCain ?

I was hoping that this was going to be a complete walk over for Sen Obama. I was fairly sure it would be. But no it was not. For some reason I cannot fathom, the confident, visionary leader that gave one of the great acceptance (of nomination) speeches of all time, was defending himself. That’s the first time I have seen Obama on the defensive. Against what ? Are there some calculations that have made the Democratic think tank vary of what is really happening in the US ? Perhaps. Perhaps they feel that having projected himself as a world leader of compassion and peace, of vision and inner strength, of calm and fortitude, the Democratic think tank wants that Obama must now allay the fears of a last minute right wing swing of US voters. The American voters have done that before. Who would have ever believed that Bush would have been elected for a second term ?….

….It does not matter that the next US President is black or a woman. The next US president must be fearless in his beliefs and the implementation of those beliefs. And given the collapse of the US in every front – and therefore the knock on effect on the world – we need a world leader that is fearlessly willing to stand by that belief. I believe Obama is such a leader. I do not believe that Putin is, for example. But you do not become such a leader unless you are willing to lose for your beliefs.
Unfortunately Obama now feels like he is compromising on behalf of a democratic party that is desperate to win. To balance out the equation. I am dissapointed. I would have hoped he had more courage. I believe Obama is wrong to say that the growing influence of China is a threat to the US, without telling us why and what caused it ? He, more than anyone else must know that the changing world order is an unstoppable force now and the best thing for US to do is adjust to it, rather than, like Nero, fiddle in their belief of world domination. I do not believe Obama should attack Afganistan or Pakistan just to take attention away form Iraq. They seem far enough for the US voters to not care about what is happening here. The US policies in this region are provoking the fundamentalist forces f Pakistan and India will be the next target. He needs to think harder about Asia and the issues here. Not just pander to the US voters irrational fears of job losses (for example) to China. Why does no one accept that in exporting factories to China you are also exporting pollution ? Global warming is happening also because most of the goods that China manufatures are consumed in the US !
I still think Obama will win. I still believe he will. But for me, some of the sheen has worn off Obama. He is learning the art of political compromise. And he does NOT understand Asia. Neither does Mccain for that matter. Only Clinton did.

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  1. ‘Why does no one accept that in exporting factories to China you are also exporting pollution ?’
    Fantastic, No they will never realise this wil they? their health and sanity is more imp than anyone on this earth…
    And then employment is cheaper in these countries, we work for them in cheaper rates and profit goes to them, and we feel proud that we r working in hi-fi companies on our land lol.
    I wonder if there is any order of taxation in our countries for such off shore companies?

  2. I think what this debate really did was prove Hillary Clinton right when she spoke of Obama’s inexperience. It showed up very clearly here. He fumbled a lot specially intially. Except for a few occassions when he said he had ‘fundamental differences’ with McCain, the general response was ‘I agree with John’. I think too that he will win but a question crossed my mind, have the Dems lost a walk over election through bad choice?
    McCain on the other hand was better informed and knew his mind, he was also churlish, boorish and arrogant. The world has seen enough of such Presidents.
    This is a race between the pot and the kettle.

  3. It was VERY disappointing to watch
    Post discussions made me feel VERY sad
    US in utter chaos, housing, finance, everywhere
    A TRUE LEADER is missing
    Vision of a World LEADER
    Caring for Country, People, World interests
    Last time most leaders realized 4-6 years later what and why they did wrong which lead to current mess.
    Its sad but appears that some leaders have decided to make US like a 3rd world country.
    We the people
    Who love this country
    Its legacy
    Will make sure
    Country + People are always ahead
    Country, People, World interest is foremost important

  4. I just finished watching the debate. I had recorded it from last night. I have to admit there were moments where Obama came across as slightly on the back foot. But by and large I think he was very much in control way ahead of McCain who came across as edgy and school boyish. There is a moral high-ground feel about Obama. During the debate, McCain seemed more concerned about making a point whereas Obama about the point itself.
    The debates between Hillary and Obama were much more interesting because it was such a neck to neck thing there. I would have liked to see Hillary as his VP candidate. That would have been unbeatable.
    I am going to be extremely curious on the vice presidential debate coming up next week. Sarah Palin will have a lot of eyes on her (and it’s not just Zardari LOL)
    As far as the sheen wearing off, Shekhar don’t you think that is inevitable? A matter of time. It will help the world if this time can somehow linger for longer. When it comes to politics the ultimate truth is always Orwellian.
    P.S On a lighter side, the Zardari reference comes from this link.( The Pakistani president practicing his charms on Ms Palin.. says he would like to hug her!

  5. Ritu, very well said
    “I would have liked to see Hillary as his VP candidate. That would have been unbeatable.”
    Hillary was the best choice for President, oh well … people, people never learn … things have to go down the drain, until some LEADER with a VISION stands up…

  6. Dear Shekhar:
    Unfortunately, Obama had little choice but to defend himself against a condescending McCain who was reciting snippets of former Obama statements that were viciously taken out of context till the underlying theme became completely distorted. The Karl Rove ruthlessness was definitely a presence at the debate and McCain, the man I had once respected, shamelessly availed himself of noxious insinuations and falsifications. He craftily fueled the doubts in Obama as a leader in times of crisis without being able to make a cogent argument for himself. He did just enough to give America an excuse to possibly choose him as the lesser of two evils when repeatedly suggesting that Obama “doesn’t quite understand or doesn’t get it.”
    More Americans than the polls indicate desperately want change and deep down they see Barack Obama as the man who could be the standard bearer for such changes. And yet the fears that were instilled in them through 8 years of Bush administration that another terrorist attack may be just around the corner unless a man with an iron fist stands firmly in their way has had an insidious effect on the American psyche. This has very little to do with a collective lack of intelligence. There are existential thought processes going on in the minds of people on many levels of intellectual capability with the two big themes at their center: Do we want to have profound changes as to the way we live, behave, work and relate to the rest of the world or do we want to remain in this seemingly safe cocoon of isolation and suspicion towards the outside world.
    I agree, that the democratic party is desperate for Obama to win. I think that a large segment of America is desperate for him to win. I disagree that he does not have enough courage. He has that in spades, otherwise he would not be where he is now. This last and most difficult hurdle he needs to take in such a way that he does not stumble. There is the ghost out there of the incongruous Bush election and Obama knows only too well that he cannot impetuously storm forward and tear down the barriers of racism, prejudice and fear of a leader they know little about. He must temper this desire to appear as the pure and lofty idealist he truly is – America has always been suspicious of them – and regain the narrative that had so energized the Democrats this past spring. Those that are sitting on the fences need to jump down on his side of the corral and yes, he must to a degree resort to the art of political compromise. Bill Clinton did it, everybody who ultimately won did it. It would be tragic if at the last moment he climbed up on the barricades to thunder at the voters to alienate them. America simply cannot afford for Barack Obama to lose.
    With kind regards.

  7. i never understand all this attention the world gives to the US elections….ok so people will say, it is the most powerful country in the world, decides the fate of the rest of this planet…is that really true?
    ok, it might control economics/ warfare, but does america not just bluff itself re its power by controlling such superficial things.
    what power does it have for example, over osama bin ladan?
    i don’t give two monkeys about who the next US president is. they are all the same. power hungry, some guise it others don’t.
    the world needs a change in its citizen’s needs us to dwell on what the mahatama said:’be the change you want to see in the world’; ….not dwell on who the next US president will be.
    love, shivani

  8. Which is why Clinton should have been nominated from the Democrats’ side in the first place. I have no interest in this election whatsoever. Obama has (and I don’t care what people say) absolutely no experience and McCain is a republican at the end of the day. This presidential race should have been Hilary vs. Whoever with Clinton on the pedestal at the end.

  9. CNN Commentator Jack Cafferty said, “I would crawl through barbed wire in the nude to get a seat at that debate.”
    Palin Versus Biden TV Debate

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