Emptiness : what Osho said

“There are only two types of people in the world: those who try to stuff their inner emptiness, and those very rare precious beings who try to see the inner emptiness.
Those who try to stuff it remain empty, frustrated. They go on collecting garbage, their whole life is futile and fruitless.
Only the other kind, the very precious people who try to look into their inner emptiness without any desire to stuff it, become meditators.”
Thank u Nyayprem for sending this to me, and Buddha did not attain enlightenment without years of (and some would say many lifetimes) agonizing and often fruitless battles with his mind. Starvation, denial, extreme yoga all failed, till he just sat and battled the demons thrown at him from his own mind.
Mind, Mara, Devil.

21 thoughts on “Emptiness : what Osho said

  1. On Buddha’s enlightenment, Osho has given the greatest insight… Buddha did battle the demons… But its when he got totally exhausted by the constant battling that he let go completely…
    The story goes that the night he really let go was the first night he slept soundly under the Bodhi tree after so many years of struggle… He awoke just before dawn and saw the last morning star disappear as the sky slowly turned from night to day… the fading last morning star signifying the disappearance of his self and hence leading to his ultimate liberation…
    Hence Osho’s beautiful title to this story “The Last Morning Star”…

  2. you can’t fight emptyness not fill it up, acceptance is the oly way and the most diffult path.
    welsaid i like these blogs give some insight in self

  3. Ah… suddenly I am remembering some of the most powerful passages of insight I have come across in the past:
    “You can control a mad elephant;
    You can shut the mouth of the bear and the tiger;
    You can ride a lion;
    You can play with the cobra;
    By alchemy you can eke out your livelihood;
    You can wander through the universe incognito;
    You can make vassals of the gods;
    You can be ever youthful;
    You can walk on water and live in fire;
    But control of the mind is better and more difficult.”
    – From autobiography of a Yogi.

  4. Hello Mr. Kapur
    Hope you are well. Your poem was really good and I guess spoke to a lot of us.
    This is such an interesting discussion so I also felt like sharing a small verse
    “It’s in silence the secrets of our soul revealed
    It’s in silence the knots of our mind unravelled
    It’s the language of love
    The moment of truth…”
    Best Regards

  5. Shekarji,
    Thanks for the platform yet again and all the very best in your search for that ‘ekam satyam’. Just want to share an Osho masterpiece that I happened to read with everyone of you friends.
    “Krishna, The Man and His Philosophy”.

  6. Shekarji,
    Thanks for the platform yet again and all the very best in your search for that ‘ekam satyam’. Just want to share an Osho masterpiece that I happened to read with everyone of you friends.
    “Krishna, The Man and His Philosophy”.

  7. Shekhar, I must say that describing it as emptiness actually describes our limit of using words to describe that where all words and consequent reality emerge.
    Emptiness is not a fall from knowledge into some vacuous pit but it is the erasure of knowledge to discover the infinity that lies beneath it.
    You see knowledge is the only obstacle to truth.

  8. To be aware of that emptiness is a truth
    to be unaware and fill with garbage is a truth
    to be aware and yet fill with garbage is yet another truth
    to be aware and not fill with garbage is still a truth…
    truth is you
    you are truth
    thy truth shall filleth
    thy truth shall leadeth
    Hiya Shekhar~~~

  9. Still a definition..forget all definitions, follow the “I”. It leads to automatic unlearning..nothing else needs to be done except steady determination.

  10. nice quote, however if you look at the life of the person who said it…….
    he tried to fill up his emptiness with rolls royces, diamonds on his cap, drugs, indiscrete sex. etc etc
    practise what you preach?
    when he had to leave the US, his private jet tried all the developed RICH countries in the world before they landed in india.
    is this the mark of an evolved (forget self-realised) man?

  11. You have to learn meditation to enjoy your emptiness.
    And that is one of the greatest days in life — when a person starts enjoying emptiness, aloneness, nothingness.
    Then nobody can reprogram you, nobody in the world.
    Even if Jesus comes and says to you, “You are blessed. Just come, follow me, and I will take you to God,” you will say, “You go to hell with your God. Where I am, here is paradise. Wherever I am, here is paradise. You go, you follow yourself — and carry your cross also. And if nobody crucifies you, you crucify yourself because without crucifixion you will not be the real messiah.”
    This is what Buddha actually said to his disciples: “If I come in the way, immediately cut off my head. I should not clutter your inner cleanliness. I should not be there, nobody should be there — no god. You alone are enough, more than enough. It is so overflowing.”
    – OSHO

  12. Any difference with mindfullness or emptiness when mind is full nothing can put inside are not both the same

  13. Sir,
    Inner gateway is only the gateway to reach the truth. All other gates lead us to misery and sadness and we have to return from there with empty hand…

  14. Dear shekaraji,
    It is true that in emptiness we can attain enlightenment bcos we all are from this emptiness(existance) only n later dissolve into this emptiness. whole concious spread all over only thing we have to become empty.To become one with whole, once if we get tuned then we be concios itself. Thank you.
    with love

  15. Hey guys,its true that inner silence leads.but its equaly true that its difficult to achive.not everyone can.therefore its important to follow the prophets of our religions as they are guiding light for millions&billions of people world wide.spirituality is great but not every one is able.

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