like a gentle breeze
your constant presence
where have the storms gone ?

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  1. Sir,
    In my own poor judgement the Storms like the Moon have their own Phases and limitations. Ruled by the Laws of limitation. Mythologically both the gentle breeze and the storms have a common God the Pavana (My Daddy Strongest – Hanuman). May be they are having a family get together.
    Vinod Agarwal – Trying to create a World View of his own.

  2. kavitha says:

    the roar of the storms
    gone at dawn
    of the gentle breeze
    the shadow of gloom
    gone at dawn
    of the gentle bloom
    the gentle touch
    the gentle sway
    the gentle swing
    of symphony at play
    the storms have gone

  3. zzzzzzzz says:

    shekhar………enjoy the breeze !

  4. lonely traveller says:

    hello again Shekhar ji,
    Sir, if you are talking of a beloved’s constant presence then even the storms feel like gentle breeze don’t they? Please do correct me if i am wrong…
    its really nice to read your poems again…. 🙂

  5. DQ says:

    Dil ki baath zuban pa ake ruk si gayi…
    ki zammana kya kahega…
    jeene na diya zamane ne…
    jeena na aya zamanei mei…
    only left to ‘nurture’ thy self in thyself
    hugs lu kya?

  6. koizen says:

    Let the stroms go on vacation
    No one needs stroms
    but that would be asking too much with destiney
    sometimes I pray to god…you know
    give me stroms but
    give some breeze in between…
    Last night I was watching this Tom Hanks film “Cast away” …It made me go with gamut of emotions…in the end Tom talks about destiney…everything was perfect and then stroms come boom…things change…and in the end of film there is hope…
    so i think…stroms be there…but they must not come in all the time…everywhere…breezes must be coming too…heck what am i saying anyway

  7. pallavi says:

    Lovely !! Is this Haiku ?
    The only thing that troubles me is “constant” presence. It kind of contradicts “moving” breeze and the fact that the storms “were present earlier”.

  8. shivani singh says:

    i love this…..
    reminds me of the LORD,
    if one makes place for HIM in one’s heart, listens to his voice….all the storms in one’s life vanish.
    somehow i feel you are NOT talking about yr beloved here, but about GOD.
    particularly, as it is so brief…..
    thanks for this shekhar, i love yr poems, shivani

  9. Basant ritu may be.

  10. austere says:

    Much happiness, sir.

  11. ruchi says:

    i see gental breez as presence of atimate devine power, invisible energy that keeps us in control even in strom

  12. Sw. Neeravo says:

    Sometimes it looks as if the Master is cruel. But the Master has to be cruel because he loves you, because he has compassion for you. It may appear paradoxical in the beginning — because if you have compassion, then you can’t be cruel. That is the complexity of the work: that if the Master is really compassionate he cannot sympathize with anything that nourishes your ego.
    So I have been in every way shattering your ego. You have been crying and weeping and freaking out…but slowly slowly things have settled. The storm is no more and a great silence has come in.
    – OSHO

  13. bhageerathi says:

    Before the storm
    the air is still
    the birds stop singing
    It is eerie and still
    Calm continueth not long without a storm – Anonymous.

  14. Isabel says:

    ah silence…
    who is here???
    crumbles …
    of an old piece of bread …
    staring at me…
    where have you been???
    forgive me …
    I seemed to have forgotten you…
    lost somewhere…
    in non man’s land…
    and yet …
    there you are…
    as a thousand butterflies …
    I still feel you …
    in my child’s …
    little hand…
    the one who believes …
    We are never alone …
    We are infinity …
    how miraculous …
    angels wings …
    disguised …
    as old crumbs …
    where do you go…
    when I feel all alone???

  15. Hi shekhar,
    You inspire to write
    I want to breathe now
    in a fresh air
    fresh from terrorism,khaki gunda’s
    fresh from illetracy,poverty
    its claustrophobic here
    wanna throw away my mask
    and breathe free
    I want to breathe now
    in a fresh air

  16. Chaitali says:

    What is better gentle breeze or a storm?
    I prefer gentle breeze…………………….

  17. :) says:

    When you are in love, like a gentle breeze, you feel the constant presence of that person in your life.

  18. GlenStef says:

    Where are you from? Is it a secret? 🙂
    Have a nice day

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