Cluster bombs, lets support a ban on them

I recieved this request from to publish this message, with an appeal to people to help ban cluster bombs that are killing and maiming civilians especially children even long after they have been dropped.
“If you haven’t heard, Russia has been dropping cluster bombs on innocent civilians in the Georgian republic. Cluster bombs leave behind unexploded mini-bombs which often detonate when curious children find them. Survivor Corps is one of the lead organizations in the movement to ban cluster bombs and to assist survivors of this terrible weapon. I’ve put together this social media news release which explains everything.
I would be grateful if you could blog about this very important subject, it would help many people. Please let me know if you are able to help and send me the link to your post. Thanks so much”
it also contains a really good youtube video called’ Clusterbombs : a weapon out of control’. It’s worth visiting and doing whatever we can about this. It’s quite frightening what is going on, so please do watch it.

5 thoughts on “Cluster bombs, lets support a ban on them

  1. Congratulations ‘US’ for using the maximum amount of cluster bombs.
    Thou are the leaders of destruction, shame on such powers which lead others to follow, such level of destruction.
    First use them and destroy then lay rules ha! ha!
    WOW!!! You both countries (US and UK) must be feeling very proud in not signing the treaty to prohibit use, production and trade!
    War Mongers!!!
    Blood Suckers!!

  2. Thank You
    For awareness!!
    It would be nice if we all could rise to the occassion and display it on our blogs, while supporting by signing for the cause!!

  3. Why doesnt mumbai mirror have more of these kind of articles.
    I have feeling Newspaper in general have ‘made up articles’, cause its become a money making business.
    Lately I have prefered reading blogs, and not newspapers.

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