Terrorists strike in Jaipur

Will we never be free of this ? Innocents being killed in the name of political or religious gain. How does this killing of innocents help anyone ? Who was probably killed ? Families that went shopping, or to pray in the temples, or tourists that came to Jaipur from all over India. Having saved for this one holiday with the family. Not once thinking that they were just walking into a terrorists bomb. Lets just pray for the families and the bereaved ones. At this moment I hear over 40 people are dead. I just hope and pray the count does not go up by the morning.

16 thoughts on “Terrorists strike in Jaipur

  1. Apparently for the Islamic terrorists, there are no innocent people. All hindus are kafirs and are guilty of idol worship and deserve to die according to them, so the “innocent” argument does not hold for them.
    They are cowards for sure. They are not even brave enough to come out and fight in the open, or brave enough to lay down their life in the process of killing others. If they were prepared to die, they would be able to harm more people and create more fear. There is a lesser chance that they will be able to re-create this bombing by surviving.

  2. our governmenbt is saying foreign hand in this blast, when we will own any responsibility to all this nonsense happening in our country. i will pray for the whole world

  3. I worked in gujarat during riots and i learned one thing that common person want two meals a day and peaceful coexistance.
    people were angry about whats happening and how government and our law and order handeling it, but i could still see hope and will to survive

  4. Cyclone in Burma, Earthquake in China and now bomb blasts in Jaipur, killing many innocent people.
    Things dont seem to be well anywhere in the world, I wonder. Why so many innocent people killed just like that, I ask? My boss says, God is punishing us..he is sending us signals that we better start behaving ourselves well before itís too late..we stop being selfish and mean with each other..we stop depleting earthís resources with complete abandon..
    Thatís fine sir, but if God has to punish us, why only those innocent villagers in Burma who lived in wooden huts & never polluted the environment with fancy cars? Why hundreds of those kids in China who were yet to learn the real meaning of being selfish and mean?
    Do you guys know why all this is happening? Can we do something?

  5. Dear Shekhar,
    It was good to read this article. Maybe collectively we can all do something about this scourge of terrorism.
    The fact is someone ( maybe you ) should make a good film on how terrorists are being exploited by masters who lead a decadent life themselves. On how, the blood of innocents does not terrify the terrorist, who has been brainwashed into believing that murder of human beings is but a small, justified act. On how the cries from bomb sites only causes satisfaction in the hearts of terrorists and their puppeteers.
    Unfortunately, whatever attempts the Indian film industry has made in this regard are superficial; the terrorists has ended up being a romantic, song singing 70’s style hero. The nauseating effects of inflicted terror have never come out.
    Maybe the filmakers were scared of stating the truth. Or scared of the bullet of terrorist groups.
    But I still feel there is a window of opportunity. Where it is not so important to blame terror on Muslims or Hindus or Christians. But on the fact that terror is now a weapon to spread an ideology, a religion or just to perpetuate the rule of tyrants.
    If one looks carefully and scans the globe, we would see that a lot of terror originates from countries which are NOT democracies; and where the tyrants and despots in control are just trying to divert the attention of their youth from their own misrule; Almost as if saying, look fellow countrymen… u don’t need freedom or minority rights or democracy or song and dance. Your job in life is to spread this ideology/ religion/ etc etc… and not question my misrule….
    Now if you need a good script on this… maybe I can give you one!
    But coming back. Let us…all, whatever the religion, not only condemn terror but also anyone from our religion who asks us to convert/kill// or promises us protection and strength if we do so to another religious group.
    Maybe the Indian ideal of Democracy and secularism is what India and the world requires.

  6. Mate, this is an act of cowardice..by those who can’t see happiness on the faces of simple human beings, my mum tells me ( from Jaipur) atleast 100 + dead and 200 + injured, bodies being pilled upon each other for the lack of space…
    Tears of anger and pain…. With God’s grace my family members weren’t harmed. But some one else must have lost a family member..it pains me to think about it…What should we do with these people..seriously what ?

  7. Do you think that the government of India just lacks the political will to tackle this problem ? If so, should counter terrorism be under the armed forces special cells and not under the state or central police ? And not under the Home Ministry – but under the Defence Ministry ?

  8. Dear Shekhar:
    It is many years ago that I have been in Jaipur, in fact it was on the same trip I had met you in Nepal in 1974. I had walked the streets of this beautiful and vibrant city, had admired the palace of the winds and had spoken with a few of its citizens. I remember drifting along in the midst of a large crowd of people who all were going about their business and at no time did any trepidation enter my mind that my personal safety might be compromised. Even though I was confronted with a vastly different culture than my own I still had this feeling of kinship and the vibes I had encountered were all warm, open and giving.
    This was over 30 years ago when all appeared to be well, when travel to far away countries could be made without having to look over oneís shoulder as we do today, to eye a new travel companion, called fear. First, let me express my sincere sorrow over this cowardly and dastardly act and the death and mayhem it has brought to so many innocent people. For you it must feel like you have lost members of your family and in a way we all have lost members of this large family we collectively are part of.
    Who are these people who commit these senseless acts, this new and murderous breed of killing machines? All emotions that constitute the right of these people to be called part of the human race must have been obliterated having been replaced by an obtuse agenda that is as senseless as the lives they are living. I donít believe that these perpetrators even care if their acts are perceived to have political or religious motives. I rather think that they live in an isolated and extremely narrow bubble in which the molecules of hatred, fanaticism, anger and self-righteousness form one horrible and lethal concoction of destructive force. Their acts cannot be explained with conventional reasoning. Their minds have long been closed off to the concepts of brotherhood, compassion and the constructive role each member of the human race has to play to form this unique and beautiful entirety without which our existence could hardly be justified.
    Their thought processes have been reduced to a single and deadly, stupefying, demoniacal obsessive drive: annihilation. Whatever their hardscrabble existence was, their deeds have obliterated any degree of compassion we may have felt. The murder of innocent people constitutes the crossing of a line we all must draw to assure our survival as a species. This line must never become blurred.
    With kind regards.

  9. Shekhar – I don’t think a “re-org” is going to solve the problem.
    I think it is a matter or resources and prioritization. The government probably has the will, but there are other problems that are urgent as well in a developing nation that they have to focus on.
    Also, ours is a free, democratic country. If it were not, it could probably be easier to crack down on terrorism by capturing and killing who-ever you suspected of aiding and providing support to terrorists. But then you would cause more longer term harm be alienating people. So the politicians and the police do have to balance protecting the freedom of innocent people and still investigating and finding out terrorists and terrorist cells and supporters.
    If we created a special org with independent powers and autonomy, it could get out of hand with the org maybe getting into “encounters” and dishing out justice with there own hands.

  10. In reply to your comment on 14th.
    Yes I totally agree with the Idea of a counter terrorist cell independent of any political influece, under defence agencies..this should be run by proffesionals. Indian government has to understand that it is not a one of incident, this bombing, but a regular happening…people are working methodically towards terrorising Indians..and if a problem becomes so regular we have to have a permanent solution or a team that is ready to counter such occurance. How we have an Anti-Virus in our computers to combat any virus that can infect our machines..we need to have an anti-terrorism agency for terrorism. I hope I am able to put my thoughts clearly.
    If only these political viruses get out of their constant hunger for money and power …If only those falling tears of mother’s be caught..
    I knew the family who were in that honda city on blast site which is shown every now and then on TV..
    2 little girls of 7 or 8….died on the spot…Father didn’t believe it…took them to the hospital…electric shocks..nothing can be done…mother pregnant… people courageless to tell her….NOT a movie scene..

  11. India is in a very critical situation at present..it is under attack from vaiours fronts. The Chinese are slowly but surely increasing their dominance of the eastern neighbours of India while helping the always enthusiastic Pakistan to spread chaos in India. It is said that the Chinese are organising massive cyber attacks on Indian information systems on a daily basis to prepare an offensive protocol for a future confrontation.
    Eastern India, Nepal, Tibet, Burma, Bhutan, Taiwan..all these countries are slowly getting victimised by the communist virus. And this communism is not for the benefit of the people..it is just a narrowed down form of capitalism that is meant to benefit only a few at the top while making the rest of the populace work like ants as is visible in China.
    While India is being openly attacked on several fronts, the Indian people are increasingly growing self-indulgent in a daze of Bollywood/Hollywood and material modernisation. And to make matters worse, there is a wave of pseudo-secularism that is taking over many western-wannabes who talk a lot of philosophy and promote half-baked ideas of equality.
    The fact is India owes it to itself and to the world to revive Hinduism in its full form and glory because this is the only true religion of equality which can bring the world together. This is already happening as people in the west and all over are flocking to the Vedic fountain of wisdom to refresh their souls. Indians need to start waking up to their greatness and stop chasing illusionary material crap that is being sold to them in various ways.
    The first towards this is to get the Congress and Communists out of power, and get the BJP elected..more and more NRIs are also promoting this as they feel that the BJP is the more sophisticated option..can you imagine what would happen if some corrupt buffoon like Mayawati came to power? We think that this happens only in smaller countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan..but the corrupt, primitive, illiterate leaders from the Congress, BSP, etc. are slowly but surely destroying India while the italian waitress Sonia is cashing in on her luck.
    So wake up and get the BJP and someone like Modi elected for a better and secure future for your kids, else get ready to do namaz in Chinese.

  12. From this excellent blog – China: An Enemy that We Need to Understand: http://vajrapani.sulekha.com/blog/post/2008/04/china-an-enemy-that-we-need-to-understand.htm
    Know thy enemy – this is the rule number ONE of statecraft. Ramayan and Mahabharat have ample instances when this point is stressed implicitly and explicitly. Kakolookeeyam – one of Pancha (Five) Tantras – has elaborate guidelines on how to deal with an enemy. This aspect of statecraft is not unknown to Indians. But unfortenately, we have had many occasions when this was ignored by the rulers and we had to suffer the consequences.
    Prithviraj Chauhan spared the life of an Arab invader and for the first time Bedoin-Arab barbarians gained entry into India. If only he had slayed the Arab in the first war, we would have been reading a different history now. Jawaharlal Nehru was innocent enough to think Mao was his friend and that cost us heavily.
    There were indeed great people in-between whose endeavour ensured our continued survival: Chatrapati Shivaji, Krishna Deva Raya, Guru Govind Singh, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Maha Rana Pratap… All of them knew the nation’s enemies very well, that was the reason they could fight them rather than succumb and lament in leisure.
    But again, the current times indicate we have lapsed into the Nehruvian mode.
    Today, we remember nothing of 1962. We dont seem to have ever studied why 1962 happened and what we need to do so that it does not occur again. China’s communist rulers are now unfolding a huge plan to dominate, sideline, and if possible even eliminate India.
    A. Himalayan Waters
    While we are still clue-less about Climate Change, China has gone one step ahead in visualizing the dangers of Climate Change and is planning to divert Himalayan Waters into China. Very soon China wants Brahmaputra to flow through China. Chinese aggression in North-East is to desensitize our impotent rulers to ‘minor skirmishes’ first and then launch a sudden blitzkrieg to occupy India’s North East.
    In fact, Nehru should have militarily countered the Chinese occupation of Tibet in 1950 itself, to save India from this situation now. But unfortunately, he was no match to shrewd Mao. Mao feigned friendship with India as long as it took them to conquer Tibet, and then showed Nehru his place! India comitted a huge blunder when we recognized Tibet as part of China.
    India needs to seriously contest China’s access to Himalayan waters via its legitimization of its aggression over Tibet. Its aggression in NE is an extension of its aggression over Tibet and should always be replied in at least equal or even higher measure – signalling that India may even wage a terminal war but not concede even one inch of NE.
    Next to that India should champion the cause of Tibet. A free Tibet will act as a friendly buffer agaist evil Chinese designs – while International sanctions and stance will prevent China from thiking of repeating a 1950 again. But this can happen only if Tibet is free. India needs work with USA, Australia, Japan and Europe to ensure Tibet is freed from Chinese clutches. Free Tibet is beneficial to us in our long-term strategic interests – and that does not lessen the claim of Tibetans to their homeland. Suffice to say, an enslaved Tibet is a threat to India, a Free Tibet will prove a blessing to India.
    B. Art of War
    Just like we have our Ramayan, Mahabharat, Artha Shastra and Pancha Tantra (Kakolookeeyam) and others, China has the “Art of War” which it follows. One of the latest strategies that it has been following with respect to India is called “the assasin’s mace”. Guess who is the mace? No marks for getting it right – it is the Communists! Today the Communists are in favor of even briging down the government of the day to serve China’s interests.
    1. The Communists supported China during the 1962 war. The situation today is exactly the same. The Communists have released statements in favor of Chinese aggression in Tibet, but have remain silent when it comes to China’s aggression in India’s North East.
    2. The Communists want India to be a subscriber state to China, exactly what China wants – to dent, contain and diminish India’s strategic depth and reach in Asia.
    3. The Communists hate USA and other democracies of the World. Which means that should the Communists come to power on their own in India, they would immediately replace our liberal democratic constitution.
    4. When the Indian Communists visit China, neither the MEA in India not the Indian embassy in China know their agenda – which is required as per protocol! They hold secret meetings with the Communist party of China.
    Every citizen in India should decisively DEFEAT China’s Assassin’s Mace – the Communists of India.
    C. Yellow Imperialism
    Chinese communists subscribe to what we may call “Yellow Imperialism”. This is a contemporary form of Nazism, wherein they believe that the whole of mongoloid race should be united under one nation and that nation shall single handedly take on the world! This is the reason, it has occupied Tibet – which has been historically independent till 1950!!!! This is the reason it views all small states around it as its satellite states (like Samanta Rajyas, rather than independent sates). The only exception is Japan, which it views as an enemy.
    China’s dream is to replace USA as the next head of a Unipolar world. Forget whether China will ever be able to achieve this, but even a serious attempt by China will cause a lot of turmoil in the world. India would be among its first victims.
    Some may refuse to see this as a threat. However, history has taught us that whenever an un-democratic state becomes too strong it transforms into a grave threat to its neighbours in particular and the rest of the world in general.
    1. China’s belligerence is already evident in scant respect that it shows to the world public opinion.
    2. China does not repect the rights of their own majority Han Chinese, whom they have killed in their thousands during the Tiananmen Square uprising.
    3. China repeatedly insults nations which it deems are not powerful enough to counter it. For example, recently it woke up India’s lady ambassador to China in the mid of night and summoned her. Insult to an ambassador is actually an insult to the nation, and China wants to test how we will react! This will give China an input to as our strategic strengths and weaknesses. (Ofcourse India in this case proved a weak and timid state)

  13. @Dev
    I might have the same opinions about you as you do about me. But the difference is, I am a far more intellectually advanced being than a pseudo-modern half-baked puppet like you. Be more concrete in your arguments if you have any, and tell me which points do you exactly object to.

  14. Popatlal, it will take many centuries before people like you may start understanding the real meaning of ‘ intellectually advanced’.
    So, let’s not go there.
    My time and energy are not worth of arguing with such demented people who , for instance, support proven murderer like Modi to further their ‘ intellectual’ arguments.
    People like you are, at best, ignored by me.

  15. @Dev,
    This is reincarnation of popatlal.
    The issue with fools like you is you are too deluded in your sense of right and wrong, good and bad to see things the way they are. Monkeys like you and rajdeep sardesai from cnn are like an inner virus to India..have you observed the chain of events which led to the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, or the Maoists taking over Nepal or the Junta ruling in Burma? But first of all, I want to know if you are a Hindu? FYI, Modi is Hindu, and so was Gandhi, and so was Lord Krishna..everyone play their roles as per assignment.
    Next thing I want to know is whether you really understand the various scriptures and teachings of Hinduism such as the Yoga Vasishtha, Gita, Ribu Gita, Advaitic stuff, Vedas, Samhitas, Ayurveda, Shastras etc?
    Next thing I want to know is do you even realise how superior, benevolent and sophisticated these scriptures are, and the power they have to promote Unity Consciousness and a fluid social machinery or a Golden Age in other words?
    Next what I want to know is if you realise the above, then would you agree that we need to safeguard and promote these teachings to future generations of Indians and others around the world so as to bring about this Golden Age?
    If you agree to the above, then you may do well in opening your eyes to see the real threat faced by India from the communists to the east and fanatics to the north. People like Modi and others in the BJP have long known this but they are only rendered helpless by short-sighted fools like you. Do you even consider the past 1000 yrs of Indian history whereby it has been repeatedly pillaged by Mughals, British, Portuguese and whoever else were let in with a secular attitude..wake up you fool!!

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