Identity crisis anyone ?

Language does limit comprehension sometimes. And the more we communicate, the more we rely on ‘key words’ as a means of speedier communication. And so the more we tend to define and therefore confine things into narrower and narrower meanings. So what do we mean by identity crisis ? Have I ever been without one in my whole life ? I am still unable to define myself, and am still trying to understand who I am, and why I am. I guess I take that as a positive – as long as I am searching for my identity, as long as I am yearning for something that I can identify myself as, so long will I keep searching for that part of me that exists eternally. And has always existed. Wonderful how I am able to escape the psychological definition and escape into the mythic one !

Yet, I ask myself, is it not an identity crisis that could also force young people into fundamentalism ? The near panic of trying to find your own sense of individuality in a world that is moving more and more into confusing globalization. Where what is on offer and almost within grasp seems forever unachievable. So just as I am escaping the psychological identity crisis ( I applaud myself for being a global citizen too), by exploring the mythological one, the young Muslim fundamentalist is also being offered a mythological alternative if he is willing to be a suicide bomber. Or the Hindu fundamentalist or Christian fundamentalist for that matter. And beyond that there is the offer of the mythology of consumerism too – a fever that seems to be gripping the young people all over the world. Ultimately cricket is an escape into mythology, stars and pop stars become mythic figures too.
Identity crisis. How would the world be without it ?

13 thoughts on “Identity crisis anyone ?

  1. What a perfect timing for this post Shekhar!
    I was suffering from the same since so many days…wont call it a fit of depression as yet! My problem has got more to do with some corporate insecurities! I was wondering who am I at the end of the day?
    We feel Indians rule the world and are more globally oriented than anyone else today…still we see people in top MNCs bending over backwards to ensure the ‘FIRANG’ likes them!!
    Totally agree with you – What would the world (professional or personal) be without it??
    Cheers Shekhar!

  2. It happens daily – at the end (or last phase)of the cycle of each day, when we eventually go to sleep.
    It happens at the end of each global cultural cycle – as it happened at the end (or last phase)of BC era global cultural cycle – when the global cultural cycle as a whole goes to hibernation, only to wake up into the next cycle through dark to middle ages…
    Understand and enjoy it in stoical silence.
    It was no incident that during this period in the last phase of BC era culture the philosophy of stoicism came into vogue.

  3. I think we need identities as they are the most important part of of self-devlopment as well as the confidence with with we live our lives. Like we talked previously about the left and right brain, even though we may be part of the whole we are still individuals and god wants us to experience that uniqueness, else we won’t be given unique bodies and different thought processes.
    I love being part of the whole but I also love my identity, of having the ability to travel all over the world, of appreciating all the different cultures through my own lenses, and loving them for they love me. The crisis if any should be the desire to go to a higher level (in your chosen direction of identity) and that discontenetment should propel us to actions that get us there.
    So we should strive to create valuable self identities while appreciating being part of the whole. The more valuable you are the better the world would look around you.
    Best Regards,

  4. Dear Shekhar,
    I have only just started following your writings and views on this blog …. must say, I thoroughly enjoy reading it everyday. Its kind of refreshing and demands deeper thoughts.
    About “Identity crisis” I would say that only those who regularly look within themselves and strive to better themselves as humans or long to understand themselves never really face this problem or do anything harmful to anyone because the purpose of life is not “disharmony”.
    Those who have not even thought it necessary to try to unknot the mysteries of life, mind or self are the ones who are misdirected and hence dont really know where they are heading. Its easy therefore for them to get misguided by religious fundamentalisms. Poeple who have strong knowlegde of religion ( I dont mean knowing religious “practices ” )and the need of religion in our lifes can never face identity crisis .
    I think the terrorism in the name of religion which has engulfed our lives today is because of this “identity crisis ” and certain very evolved people making misuse of such lost individuals.After all energy can be used in a constructive as well as destructive way .

  5. Sorry, forgot to add after paragraph two,
    it is now happening at the coming end of AD era global cultural cycle.

  6. hi shekhar,
    identity crisis is not an issue with me, but, when i am truly tired i step out of my body (donno if this makes sense to you )and leave all the cares and karmas associated with it behind with the body. then for a while its just me……
    EMPTINESS………that is as relaxing as meditation, or you could call it a form of meditation. there is NO identity…….just bliss!

  7. world will cease to be…without conflict universe can not exist… and identity crisis is the basis of existence…

  8. I think the new generation in India is under the influence of a lot of unnecessary philosophy, as more and more youth are dumbfounded by western glamour. It is all an illusion my friends.
    Fundamentalism is not a label that needs to be given to everyone with a will..a high-ranking CEO who wants to make positive changes to his company with a strong will cannot be called a fundamentalist in the context that it is used today.
    Identity is an ever-changing is what is called the Jiva Atma fluctuating daily as per the experiences gained. This is not something to find solace in. Find the deeper source free of mental patterns, like and dislikes. And let me tell you something, at the risk of sounding like a fundamentalist..Hinduism is the fastest and most efficient route to that place of solace on a collective level.
    So calling the BJP a fundamentalist party is quite different than calling the Taliban the same, because each of them stand for different schools of thought.

  9. I feel identity crisis is the most positive thing that can happen to any one. any ways whats identity is ? who will define one’s identity ? i feel its a concept in limbo only truth is the JOURNY ONE TAKES AND EXPERIENCES ONE HAS IN ONE’S LIFE TIME.

  10. hey shekhar……….you’ve lost SO MUCH weight ! are you ok ? working out ? dieting ? take care !

  11. shekhar……..ur really going through an id crisis ?
    bumped into you the other day…… seemed so grim……my smile froze !
    ur causing me an id crisis……:)……when i can easily laugh with others, why not you ? when talking is such a charm…… easy….then, why not with you ? why sooooo serious ? huh ?

  12. identity crisis is a problem faced by people who compromise too much in a situation……..actually go back on a stand taken in life instead of moving forward in life……thereby telling their own self that they are clueless regards their own direction in life…..are uncertain about the steps they take. most people i know DO NOT have this problem because they are strong people who face difficulties and delays or uncertainties but do not move backwards…….simply because they respect their own selves enough to know that their core decisions are not to be taken lightly.
    identity comes out of having one and not merging out of compromise until you cannot recognise yourself.

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