Can we change our Destiny ?

Respected Sir : am parineeta sharma from jodhpur.Now I have to ask a question to you that I have waited about 24 years my success.But still unable to achieve it. What is reason? Pl. tell me what is wrong with my fortune?
Parineeta, I am not a jyotish, nor do I have the power to tell anyones future. But I believe that your future is changeable, and your destiny is just a potential at any given time. A potential that exists under the influences of your own Karma and the rest of the Karmic influences upon you in a huge inter-related matrix that is immemorial in time.

The Naadi readings tell you your future as it exists at the time that you ask for it. If you went at a different time the karmic influences on you would be different – as Karma is fluid like a swirling lake. The Universe exists on constant change, so why not Karma ?
What lies within your power to change your Karma are your thoughts, your passions and your actions. Negative thoughts and passions expressed through fear and doubt will impact negatively even on the positive actions you might take. Purity of thought, clarity of purpose, dispelling of doubt, all will impact positively and in synch with your actions.
That is why practices like meditation help. Because they get you in touch with your inner self. And then the inner being and the outer being are acting in harmony. Not in conflict as a lot of us do,

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  1. i forgot to mention samskaras and genetical influence, and ones uniqueness(?? – which actually is being no different from being one with the Self) working within the modes of nature which all are interwoven with others..but the real perplexity still lies in –
    which dominates which and when and how???

  2. Justbe, Ramana always speaks from the point of view of the One, Self etc.
    Somewhere he has gone even beyond and says: “There is no creation, no destruction, no path, no achievement…” And indeed, from the point of view of the One there is nothing but One always at ‘His’ destination, where all other concepts such as creation, destruction, path, achievment, destiny, free will just coalesce into disappearance.
    Masters know that the fact of absence of free will should not be told to the public in general otherwise it can be grossly misused. It is for the spiritually ripe ones only. This may be the reason Krishna may have said in a certain situation that he does not ointerfere in people’s free will. Otherwise the fact is that you do not have free will but you must act as if you have, and even you must be given the punishment for any supposed wrong-doing because this is the only way with which the evolutionary scheme of things pushes us further on the road to freedom..towards achieving more and more freedom. You fall in love, you get lost in love, you make mistakes, you are punished, you suffer, you begin to think, you try to reason things out, you have moved from the age of being an emotional person to the age of being a reasonable, a rational person. You have evovled.

  3. if the existence is just about everyone evolving as you say, further with every thing predestined and no free will, then there is no point in the so called theory of building one’s karmas or its effect henceforth etc..what u are saying is sounding like as if every drop of water falling on a particular point on earth is preprogrammed/predestined in the whole wondrously spontaneous expression of the universe?? that the universe is a pre-programmed organism with no spontaneity(cause and effect based upon the laws of the nature) of the minutest of its happenings??

  4. and then when everything that one does or doesn’t do is destined/predestined of sorts – sort of means all that is there is the Self in whatever that happens..then what does it really mean by acting out of the Self or there is nothing like that..i hope you understand what i mean here..lemme try – as in that way there would be no difference between anything that Ramana does/doesn’tdo or mr. x or mr.h or mr.s does/doesn’t…whence all that happens/doesn’t happen is happening and not happening(destined) through Self and nothing else(be it karmas, pralabdhas, free will of sorts, genetical or samskaras, brain, intellect, inspiration) ..if all is already Self, which is, then what is the point of even evolution?? i mean there is definitely an operational difference in existence..that operation difference is what i am referring to. so one must act as one has a choice – how does then one choose(in accordance with the destiny say) to live in harmony with the Self

  5. this is a bit messy – the state is none of the above and it is very important for me to talk about it since it has come up now on its own. at times without such a discussion based on duality and non-duality it is not possible to clean one’s consciousness from the residuals. It’s more important for me than anything else. But somehow it is stuck at this moment in terms of words…

  6. 60, justbe, forget for a while non-duality and act from the point of view of duliaty. Sometimes the devil of duality has to be given its due in terms of name, fame and fortune whatever is applicable specially to you before it will leave you in peace to exist and do your thing in non-dual state. Shunning it prematurely is like running from the field. Yes, falling into the trap of words is painful but let us just carry on, someday you may just jump beyond the words…

  7. No uncle herb 🙂 thats not what i meant.
    and as such now its not really possible to stay that way…its like staying in the whirlpool and making it home when one has already known what is it to be at home or to be in the flow as a part of it. The residuals are getting vigorous instead of getting dormant bringing one into a state where one comes into a dilemma which is which..and aggravating the battle of duality and non-duality. That is why i said its(to get out of it) is more important than anything else.
    ok let me try and xpress it in words the state of affairs bringing it to the Basic Question.
    Let me explain the state beginning with an instance and then it will reveal in itself its concern through its momentum.
    See i don’t drink. It doesn’t mean that i never drink; seldom might it happen. But i have no clinging to it. So is the case with many sensory pleasures that exist. (and its not about shunning them prematurely or anything of such sorts. i have really made no great effort in this regard as far i can could have been satiated someway in previous lives as a german sadhvi says about it in my case.. i don’t know and as such i have also lived it much in my this life as well – i am around 30)…i don’t see myself ‘excited’ by any of them anymore. It’s just natural in my case. Nor do i feel any die-hard repulsion to any of them. It’s a sort of ‘welcome’ situation. (i find ‘welcome’ a better word than ‘surrender’). This brings in quite a settled serene feeling of just being, being at inner peace, truly at home of sorts, still functioning normally in the affairs of life without any sense of egoity. This state when usually remains as my normal state the experience of living seems just afloating and serene. And i tend to interpret the state as being one with THE SELF (Q#1 am I right?). This, if I am right, i feel very often.
    But then i also know that no feeling of Satori of sorts has happened – as i mentioned earlier to you in this blog. It lead me to all types of experiments with the dhyana, kriya, gyana, jnana which further has translated to the taste of tranquility and hence creates Silence for a while(Q#2 which i again interpret as THE SELF?) Coming across such interpretations in certain scriptures gives a sort of assurance and it turns out to be a thorough intellectual understanding of the wholeness. But it keeps bothering as it hasn’t happened intuitively in the heart.
    And maybe that’s why slowly the ‘self’ enters now via thoughts..just by mere plain entanglement with thoughts in general, which erupts up as traces of disturbances of usual sorts. Though not of high intensities, still a disturbance is a disturbance! At times it results in frustration concerning my inability to get rid of thoughts or disassociating or getting carried away with them.
    This actually thoroughly triggered and still triggers the intensity of the thirst “Who am I?” and also that “if I get to know who am I(in spurts – which also i am not sure whether those spurts actually represent my true Self or not) why doesn’t the whole thing stays?” and this actually is what brought me to Ramana. And when i thrusted Who am I it disconnected the chain of thoughts, rather the complete system of it and took/takes me to a sort of Silent space like a new born baby intuitively seeking survival reaches the mothers breast. There is truly no duality in that Silence(Q#3 but does that mean this Silence is one’s true nature – THE SELF, as it is called??). Here Ramana though puts it straight – “In this nothingness or silence there is no ‘I thought’ – and that is what you are. The REAL SELF is not connected with any thought.”-Lets call this statement (a).
    Till here it is okay. I see that i can feel it also and even the other sages hold the same atleast on this one point. Further he says, “There is nothing further. Knowing THE SELF is being THE SELF.”- Lets call this statement (b).
    For a while it feels that THE SELF has transcended everything, though of course visibly everything is as it is, even the functioning is normal though then everything feels like happening with much ease and peace. The funda of ‘knowing THE SELF is to be THE SELF’ feels like alive and kicking. But sooner or later(which usually is in minutes, very rare in hours or a day), the while hence passes and the thoughts re-enter followed by the pattern of thoughts and ones engagement with it. Back to square one.
    I sometimes keenly observe it while it happens and evaporates – and one of the answers i get is my inability to find out whether that Silence was actually my true nature, ie THE SELF. The Silence seems no longer there, and again starts the cycles of duality; the situation further aggravates with the confusion of (a) and (b).
    ..and then comes the tool of ‘AWARENESS’ when Ramana says – “Encountering the state of SILENCE, hold on to THE REAL. Heron there is no need to do anything further, AWARENESS is enough.”
    That is why i told you that offlate i realized the utter importance of saakshi bhaawa with the deeper understanding..!! here on i don’t know??
    {Please do not try to take the discussion to a different plane and hence dissolve my questioning – stick around exactly what it is – the way i have said it – for once i need to take it headon}

  8. hi uncle herb, while you enjoy the coolness of the air i rewrite the last bracketed text of post #62 to you right here :
    {Please minutely focus around the areas the way i have expressed while you respond to my situation the WAY IT IS. I want to face the truth of these questions head on than dissolving them}
    ..just felt that the framing of words was flat towards, so rewrote to you.
    Shall wait for you response when you are back from your shimla camping!

  9. Hi justbe, right after writing my post @61 I felt it was not complete but since I was in a hurry i could not rewrite/revise/elaborate it. Now again I am writing from cybercafe so have not much time but I just wanted to say that I fully understand your situation and jointly we can tackle it headon.
    In fact, as I have already said that even after a satori experience a person has to reach ‘there’ again step by step which is a life-long process, so you because of a person of next generation and I because of being of later category we both may be in the same boat so for as our present discussion goes and both may be learning something from it. so it gives me added motivation to take this discussion to its logical conclusion as they say. Now a tentative response to what you have written in your post 62.
    First let me explain how the evolution, whether of a culture or of an individual, proceeds further.
    First soul or spirit or spirituality takes/makes sort of a quantum jump to its next evolutionary destination and then from ‘there’ or with respect to ‘that’, reorganises its mind and body, leaving in the porcess the previous organisation in chaos or to its own slow death/disintegration.
    Now we both may be said to be doing this: we have known and act from the stand point of Self; we look/seem-to-fall into the previous mental states/positions from ‘there’; we feel uneasy with them; we feel that these should rather be in the new way; and eventually we will bring it around to that way. For the purpose we continuously go to our previous state/mental thoughts/patterns and then re-organise them. The whole process looks as if we are drawn to our lower way of life while actually we are at the same time, may be not that apparent to us at present because as of now it is happening at a very subtle level, reorganising that according to our present level of understanding.
    Ramana rightly says that we should just be a witness and the things will happen on their own, because the whole process, of disordering/disintegration of the lower level/pattern and ordering/reintegration of the higher level is taking place on its own. Because you cannot stop going to ‘see’ your lower states and you can not stop from seeing them with respect to your new understanding. For example, if your understanding has now developed from seeing duality to seeing oneness, you will have to first see duality and then see it again as oneness to finally settle at seeing it always as oneness.
    An other example. Suppose you are yet a child, enjoying playing games with your friends…Then suppose at due time your soul from within has made a quantum jump to its next destination of being a youth. What will happen will be that from now on you will go with your friends for playing games but from within you will not be that interested in them, your dhyana will again and again come to may be the thought of this girl or that or even of just seeing this girl or that (akin to your coming back to self now). Now what you need to do in this situation? Nothing. As the time will pass you will find your self going to play with your friends becoming increasingly boring/disinteresting and proportionately girls incresasingly occupying your dhyana. Now replace the state of playing games with the state in which you say you are drawn to your lower level thoughts etc and dhyana towards girls with dhyana towards Self because this is the destination now, and you will have your present situation explained. In due time you will fully settle in your new state on your own.
    This is response to only your first paragraph. I will come to the rest later.
    Let me know if what I have written above has made any sense.

  10. dear uncle herb, i will sahejly wait for you till you reach home. sahej pakkey so mitha hoey.
    one thing i forgot to mention in the bracketed text and it again happened. i would request that we/you don’t use examples in describing a situation though i understand the beauty that lies in using them. just lets not use them for a while and then lets see what happens, love, enjoy and take(:n) care!

  11. Dear juatbe, I have incidently found the thread but since it is becoming too long I will answer your query at the thread “The Purpose of Life.” Please look for it there by to morrow.

  12. Can we change our destiny? There are many ‘prophets’ out there, ready to market mysticism, intervention through amulets and other items; all in the name of changing our destiny.
    The Kabbalaistic answer to the question is, “Only the Upper Light can change our destiny.” Nothing else can do it.
    Here’s a link to Michael Laitman on how to change your destiny. A related article and video are included.

  13. sir……..this is noor from your city and country………….
    Well there is nothing call destiny……….well there is god…there are some scientific studies like astrology that are fairly helpful.
    Well me…i am 39 age male…..a terrible failure till date for many reasons……………….i always wanted to make it as big time film producer/film director with no money-no background-no experience………………but i am sure that i have the passion/strength….i am working on cordinatging my formula of destiny…that is someday sometime someone together will make it happenfor me.
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  14. Destiny to me feels like playing a video game. The map is laid out, as you play along, the pre-programmed stuffs (goons, guns, girls..etc.) will show up no matter what. How you react, or response, to these things/events can be controlled in advance. Alterating your worldview, or how you define “good/evil”, or how you react to what you define to be “good/evil”, … i.e. your belief systems, helps you face these events, and remain unpertubed as much as possible when “you get shot”, and as happy as possible “when you get the jackpot”. 🙂

  15. sir!thats really a good speech on the topic destiny. I need your help on the special topic “A REVOLUTION CAN CHANGE OUR DESINY”this is topic of debate and i am in favour of this. can u guide me?i am waiting for ur reply anxiously. SHAISTA KHAN

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