Water Film Festival : support it if you can please

Dear Shekhar
I have been volunteering as project co-ordinator for an international water film festival titled Voices From the Waters. The first edition was held in Bangalore in 2005. The second was held in June last year and it is still continuing as a travelling film festival across cities, small towns and institutions across the country. It has been concieved as a platform without any defined boundaries celebrating the blue gold and building awareness. The next edition of the festival is scheduled for September 2008. I have attatched below the call for entries. We would be extremely grateful if you could help spread the word or even offer us suggestions for the festival.
Please refer to the website http://voicesfromthewaters.com/ or any further information. It would be great for any help you could offer.best of luck,

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  1. I went through all your blogs.
    I am very curious to know your thoughts about…
    you know, you have opinions of Astrophysicist, gods, spirituality…why not Ghosts…
    I will be eagerly awaiting this reply. Actually I wanted to post this question for long but could not find any blog topic of the same kind.
    please dont forget this question
    A fan of yours

  2. Dear Shekhar Kapur
    I have just come across your comments in The Tribune about your latest film dealing with Water Issue ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, FANTASTIC.
    Please check us out
    We’d love to meet you and talk if possible in India
    Yours Truly
    Stella Joy
    For the past 5 years we have been researching the problems of Global Warming and the breakdown of Earths’ Fresh Water cycle along with a potential Solution/Remedy.
    We have created an Exhibition as a way to present the findings of our research.
    Here is a link:
    Please take the time to look at it; it is addressing a very serious issue that we and all life upon Earth is now facing.
    It would greatly help if you could send and show to as many others as you can think of.
    Great changes can be made if we all work together.
    We really believe that this is not a time to resign ourselves to a short and gloomy future, or to ignore the problems and leave them to somebody else to solve. Rather, it is a time to work together for a long healthy future for all.
    Yours Truly
    Tara and Stella Joy (Directors of Active Remedy ltd.)
    Website: http://www.activeremedy.org.uk
    Email: activatedremedy@gmail.com
    The World really needs to look at the situation in Tibet, it is not simply about preserving an amazing culture or a stand for Human Rights, it is also about protecting an Eco-System that affects the whole World.
    Tibet, commonly known as the Roof Top of the World is situated at the very heart of Asia. It is one of the most environmentally strategic region in the world. Tibet lies in the north of India, Nepal Bhutan and Burma; west of China and south of East Turkestan
    covering a total area of 2.5 million sq. km., more than 3/3rd the size of India, it stretches some 2,500 km.
    Tibet is the source of many of Asia’s major rivers, including the Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra), Senge Khabab (Indus), the Langchen Khabab (Sutlej), the Macha Khabab (Karnali), Arun (Phongchu), the Gyalmo Ngulchu (Salween), the Zachu (Mekong), the Drichu (Yangtse) and Machu (Huang he or Yellow River) and the Ganges. These rivers flow into China, India, Pakistan, Nepal Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Combodia.
    These rivers system and their tributaries are the life blood of millions of people and billions of Beings in the continent of Asia.
    Prior to the Chinese occupation, Tibet was ecologically stable and conservation of the environment was an essential component of Tibetans daily lives.
    The Environmental wealth of Tibet is rapidly being destroyed!
    Massive de-forestation at these high altitudes are creating disturbances that effect the climate and fresh water cycle of the whole World. This should be stopped immediately and the U.N has a responsibility to do something about this controversy.
    Already Global Warming is getting out of control and millions have died and are dying in relationship to it.
    The impact of the Tibetan plateau on the global climatic pattern is significant. Scientists have observed that there is a correlation between natural vegetation on the Tibetan Plateau and the stability of the monsoon.
    Monsoon rain is indispensable for the bread-baskets of south Asia. Monsoon rain make 70% of India’s annual rainfall. However, strong monsoon rain cause havoc in these regions in the form of various natural disasters.
    Scientists such as Elmar Reiter of United State have shown that the environment of the Tibetan plateau affects the jet-streams (high altitude wind) that blow over the plateau. This in turn is relate for the cause of Pacific typhoons and the EI Nino (warm ocean current) phenomenon, which stirs up ocean water causing disruption of the marine food chains affecting the entire economy of California coastline of USA, peru, Ecuador; while New Zealand, Africa reel under dreadful drought.
    This is a call for awareness! we need to take care of what we have!
    We need Peace and Health!
    The World (including China) needs Tibet to be in a state of Peace, Harmony and Freedom!
    We need to look at the whole global picture.
    This situation affects all environments and economies.
    China should be brought to task for its part in what has already happened in Global Warming and be made to deal with the present environmental situation immediately, while there is still a chance for life on Earth.
    We need to take Global Responsibility.
    May Peace Prevail.

  3. Hello sir
    I am making a film. my banner is “Asian films entertainment”. I have some script very powerful for entertainment. all script rgi. “by IMPPA” (Mumbai). Are you Interested with join us?

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