End of thought

a thought came
a thought passed
and I thought
to observe that thought
as a thought came
a thought passed
and I thought
a thought
that left a memory
of thought
and I thought
of thought memories
of billion thoughts
and a thought came
and a thought passed…
the sun went down
dream time came

17 thoughts on “End of thought

  1. lovely poem shekhar……..thoughts! they drain me…..they say that on average we think aroung 40,000 thoughts every day and the more we think the less potential they have. the mind is devious and distracts us by its thoughts. yogis who have control over their minds think very little apparently and they can influence the universe by just thinking a few noble thoughts, even from a cave in the himalayas. the power of the human mind, which is unprecedented, is compromised by thoughts and enhanced by meditation.
    we are so used to thinking constantly that we identify oursevles with our thoughts, i certainly do. but thoughts are to the mind/brain just like say for example, breath is to the lungs and we can achieve our true potential by tamimg the most elusive of all organs: the mind.
    but for me the battle seems to be relentless. for it is thoughts which make me happy, and creative, and warm, and i cling on to them only to realise at other times that they have exhausted me……..as you said recently, it is a yo-yo.
    you better not give up thinking, for we need the great movies and the great blogs. love, shivani

  2. Ahh! Tilt the chetak scooter….
    Scooter start…..thats what we have to do before reading your blog……tilt towards the left …..the blood rushes to the left hemisphere of the brain…….ya ready…to accept another thought by storyteller.. the receptor of creativity.. …. shekhar..
    Sabka mitr.
    Danish S

  3. ……..and then…….?????????
    when the subconscious mind took over…….what happened to those thoughts ?
    dreamtime left you smiling 🙂 ahhh….? ?

  4. it is a story
    of duality
    the real ahh
    will come
    when you will be left
    only with THAT
    which notes down
    all thoughts, memories
    and dreams, that is,
    left only with the BASE
    on which the mechanism
    of your thoughts
    memories and dreams
    it will be an experience
    of non-duality
    of Deus factus Sum (I have become God).
    the world will never
    be the same again
    Below is a quote from my book Self-Designed Universe:
    “You will, on closer inspection, find that what you really mean by ‘I’ is that ‘ground-stuff’ upon which your experiences and memories are collected. – Nobel Physicist Erwin Schrodinger
    PS: By the way Shekhar, I was interested to know whether you knew Jean Claude Carriere.

  5. A thought…
    its where it all begins.
    We have achieved so much, starting with a thought!
    It can create greatness and happiness!
    Also failures and sadness!
    A thought!
    Many thoughts!
    Amazing how some of them can shape our lives!
    Make or break our lives!!

  6. Kabhi-Kabhi mere dil mei yeh khayal aata hei (2)
    Ke…aisa khayaal kyon aata hei bhai?
    Mr.Kapur forgot to observe thoughts in dreams na
    but hey, last night I got dream that I am with Shekhar Kapur, he is wearing some cream blazer, white shirt… black trouser…and I am talking about assisting him for PAANI! I swear! its weird.
    Morning utha…bola..wah kya sapna tha…Abhi toh Shekhar Kapur is in New York na!
    Kabhi kabhi…mere dil mei khayal aata hei…

  7. wow…….! that must have been quite a journey of the mind and the sleep that followed must be WELCOME…….! coz each thought you think touches the person you think about as surely as a physical touch ! (so careful what thoughts you think……. 🙂 allow only the most loving ones to leave your mind ! )
    ESP actually makes you feel the feelings and percieve the thoughts addressed to you by a person you have a connect with even if the individual is thousands of miles away…..!
    so dear shekhar………after your journey of a billion thoughts i can see you go ahhh 🙂 !!
    ” the highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognise that we ought to control our thoughts ” – charles darwin.

  8. hey…….when i read the above message i realised i mentioned only the human aspect of connectivity and missed out on stages of life revisited …………childhood…parents…….adolescence…..school…….college…….a lifetime !…….. mountains whose silence you may have shared………rivers you may have driven past…..the sound of the sea on a moonlit night while sitting on the cool sands with the soothing breeze caressing your face……such bliss ! such peace !
    somehow , when i reminisce about such things, the beauty is enhanced simply because i tend to completely blank out the not so pleasant associations that may have accompanied those events or moments ( which is an unavoidable hazard of existence ) and remember only the most pleasant ones !
    some may call it romantisizing……….i think of it as a blessing that allows the charm of life to linger…….:)….coz at the end of the day…you are what you think ?
    so i wish you happy thinking shekhar……another billion of these happy thoughts 🙂 and sweet dreams !

  9. Shekhar –
    Have you ever thought – if you were not a celebrity, would people still check your blog freequently and write comments?
    Do you think all the attention is entirely coz of your status?

  10. hey shruti…….
    dont the topics of discussion on this blog and the various responses interest you at all ?
    the expressed opinions…..some humourous…some with a lot of depth and feeling…….dont they touch you like they do the others……:) ?
    is your query basically your main worry ?

  11. Dear Shruti,
    You asked Mr.Kapur if he was ot celebrity, would people checke his blog frequently and write comments? And is all this attention purely because of his status?
    Well Shruti, is Shekhar Kapur just a director? A film maker? I dont think he is just a creative director. Agreed he is famous, reached to a position where many do not reach and hence people flock to his blog. But a little deeper if you go na…Shruti you will find that he is not limited to cinema alone. This man is explorer…still hungry…still unsure and still passionate about life and questions…Look at the blogs…he asks many questions which a “famous” film maker wont ask. And he has not made many films to be this famous.
    Still he is director! What is important is the fact that he evolved to levels which many film makers wont really wont! So here is a blog where there are sections and 80% are dedicated to other things then just films. Only 20% posts are about movies. And even in the 20% of his movies posts I find that he is not merly talking cinema…even when technically he talks about shooting a film, I realize that this man does not look at monitor and instead looks at actors…to this he says…its spiritual! Now where do I find another film maker who uses word spiritual in hot and dusty studios?
    The quest, the journey of Mr.Shekhar Kapur was there, will be there and will continue to be there because of the way he questions things. Actually these aforesaid have made him a movie moghul…and yet he is not just another director.
    This man will never get Old!

  12. Dear Shekhar
    I checke on your blog very frequently and spend hours reading interesting and inspirational topics. Thank you for being such a beautiful man!

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