Are Ghosts and Spirits real ?: Filming in the presence of Anthny Minghella’s Spirit

Koizen asked : you have opinions of Astrophysicist, gods, spirituality…why not Ghosts… spirits ? Koizen, I actually do not disbelieve in ghosts or spirits, nor do i subscribe to the fear factor associated with ghosts. I believe we live in the constant ‘presence’ of consciousness of all beings and thought, including our own consciousness too. But none of that is defined or individual. It is all interconnected and formless. However any passionate desire to ‘feel’ that presence will create an individuality of that presence in the form we imagine. It is not ‘present’ in it’s individual form, till our desire, fear, passion or love creates around us that individual presence.

.Take for example the filming of New York I love which I recently completed. It was the last script Anthony wrote before he died. And just before he went into hospital, he asked me if I would direct it. I was looking for guidance in the shoot. To interpret his script. To understand what he was looking for. I knew it was impossible to shoot the 7 page script in two days, but I had to achieve the impossible. In the end there is a film with some of the most beautiful images I have ever shot. In the end there is a short 13 minute film that inexplicably moves people, without being able to define the film. The only way I could have done this is by being guided by something outside me. And my belief is that I was being guided by Anthony’s spirit….. … faced with uncertainty, I actually visualized Anthony Minghella smiling and laughing at my predicament. Subconsciously I was calling upon his spirit to guide me through. And so it did. I can in all honestly say that I have no I idea why I find the film so moving.
So the question is that are we completely responsible for the decisions we take ? And the result of those decisions ? As I have often said on this website, I believe that the Universe is ultimately chaotic and not unless we embrace that chaos, are we able to come to harmony. Otherwise we live in the illusions of control.
So yes, I believe in spirits and ghosts. They are an integral part of the universe that we are integral part of. Our own spirits and our own ghosts exist at the same time we do. Ghosts and Spirits are part of universal consciousness individualized through our imagination and passion,

19 thoughts on “Are Ghosts and Spirits real ?: Filming in the presence of Anthny Minghella’s Spirit

  1. I am in tears.
    Thank you so much.
    You just dont know Shekhar ji how your thoughts have impact on this particular issue or conflict I faced for long time…
    My respects.
    You are really blessed one!

  2. Dear Shekhar,
    I’m sure the film will turn out to be just great and we’ll all be moved as much as well. I believe everyone who has ever lived on the planet still exists in the form of consciousness and we can tap into anyone with the amazing power and imagination of our brains.
    The universe is indeed chaotic but it is definitely organized chaos just that the organizer is the creator and not us, and that’s why we struggle if we try to control it. Like Paulo Coelho says, once we set a definite goal the whole universe conspires to help us achieve that, so our intentions play a primary role. Just when it will happen, how it will happen and where it will happen should be left to that organized chaos, the plan of the creator.
    All your achievements have been brought about by your intentions, you yourself chose to be a filmmaker, to stay in the field for so long, to take Bandit Queen international, to agree to direct Elizabeth, so that organized chaos was at work but the intentions were in the same direction and hence over time in the God’s plan things happened.
    The only things that we need to surrender to this organized chaos is ‘belief’ that things will work out all right, that we’ll reach our goals, that we’ll be happy, and as long as we have that it is easy to have deep intentions and be free of how they’ll happen – just believing and as you say in harmony with the universe!
    Best Regards,

  3. Shekhar,
    Your thoughts, feelings, writings are very touching, a great contribution to this world. So many are privileged to have known you …
    We have been given This opportunity to be part of this world and enjoy This life and to make it a little better.
    We are the visitors to This beatiful planet earth
    Bring more love, peace to everyone, everything
    We are One in This infinite universe, forever and forever…
    Wishing you the very best and keep flowing, enriching the ocean of consciousness
    You will do great justice to complete “Buddha”

  4. IMaAOoooOO!!
    Amitabh sahab ke blog mein gayi thi……mein tho kho hi gayiiiiiii shekharrrrrrrr
    Arghhhhhhhh na jaana kahi……….
    Aaaaaaa gayi!!!
    Eh heh!!
    EeeHVIL ONE is back……..

  5. Dear Shekhar,
    Its Awe-Inspiring to see your
    spritual side co-existing with the filmmaker in you…Both rising to a higher level of knowledge,
    experience and consciousness…
    You are a Yourself and to others..
    Anku Bakshi Sharma

  6. hi, helloo and namaste,
    u,me,others and the world
    reated? not related?
    “truth and reality has several faces”
    we the thinking animals thinks only on our perseptives.forexample:god but why n’t demon and other ones?
    thanks best regards

  7. yeah… that was a project close to his heart and he was seperated from it by death……
    it is only natural that his spirit was hovering while you were helping him find completion by seeing his project through……..
    i have had several such experiences where , in an unfamiliar situation where i feel helpless …
    a power takes over and almost physically guides me or protects me ( whichever applies ), and i know that it was’nt me at all who accomplished that final act……i am always in tears then because i recognise that beloved spirit then and miss the physical presence so accutely that i cannot function for awhile.

  8. dear shekhar, i look forward to seeing this film of yours…you have described beautifully something which perhpas all of us have experienced in one form or the other. if the person is close to us we can feel their presence even more, whether they are dead or alive. as you said the conscious and subconscious minds create a form which we can perceive on many different levels other than the visual.
    i believe in ghosts and spirits as well but sometimes i get scared of the ‘bhoot’, i believe that there are negative souls/bhoots out there. whether they can harm you or not, again perhaps if we allow them they can i guess: mind over matter wala funda?
    thanks shekhar. love, shivani

  9. Are we completely responsible for the decisions we take? And the results of those decisions? (Pertaining to this topic)
    No…not “completely”. It varies! from individual to individuals
    If we did, or anyone did…they know universal laws of the ABSOLUTE
    I believe in vibrations of spirits (both good & bad) and also I receive only that which is parallel to my mental attunement sometimes on high pitch (highest positive thought) or low pitch (negative one). And finally it’s the effort and development of my will whereby I try to raise the pitch when occasion demands but result of decision is not in complete control. It can never be unless it is with universal will (ABSOLUTE)
    Anthony Minghella’s passion and love for his work (film) at the twilight of his life may be so powerful that he asked you to direct it and you felt it slowly and then clearly. How much of feelings and emotions naturally come those are not opposed by any other thoughts? So I understand how subconsciously you called on his spirit. And it feels nice to read that the film is so moving and you have no idea why so…Wish to see this film!
    So … one cannot take complete responsibility because of 3 factors
    1. The person who imparted (Anthony) vibratory impulse
    2. The being (Shekhar Kapur) who is attuned to the vibration with his will
    3. The Absolute that allows this state to take a form
    Take away any of the three…and there is nothing!
    I understand what started you to be part of it…but what distinguished Shekhar Kapur from it? Is there something distinct? Is something outside that conveys you it is or it is not?

  10. I think this must have been a blessing. Sometimes our own worst enemy could be our own creativity.
    This film gave you chance to re-live someone else’s dream & do it from a standpoint , where in the mind there is always a Question…How would Anthony have done it ?
    Before this the mental dialogue must have been between , Shekhar & Shekhar. But on this film ,it was Shekhar & Anthony ( or his spirit or the illusion of it ) .
    Probably this lead you to explore possibilities that you wouldn’t have otherwise explored on your own…and that must have been refreshing .
    Cant’ wait to see the end result.
    Btw…congrats on the release of Bandit Q in UK !!!& sometimes the best of one’s creativity is appreciated 14 yrs later !!! Guess the world is catching up with you Shekhar 🙂

  11. Hey I think Shekharji is very busy…
    Today is sunday and after reading his posts I wrote a poem…just like that…am pasting here…”I am just and therefore I am…”
    I ask Roots “Where to is your journey?”
    “What Journey?” questions root
    I ask, “What is it that you seek?”
    “I dig into earth to find water,” says the root
    I ask River “Where is your journey?”
    “This is the journey,” tells river
    I ask, “Where does your journey end?”
    “The journey never ends,” says river
    I ask a flower, “What is it that you seek?”
    “Sunshine is what I seek,” tells sunflower
    “But are you not dependent?”
    “Who is not?” questions Sunflower
    I ask Sun, “Why do you exist?”
    Sun says, “To keep an order”
    “Who orders you?”
    “The will of absolute” replies the Sun
    I ask the will, “Why do you order?”
    No reply!
    I ask, “Who inspires you to order?”
    No reply!
    I don’t give up, I persist and plead “Tell me who are you?”
    “I am being of universal love,” tells the will
    Baffled I ask, “What kind of love is this?”
    No answer!
    I try & I cry, “Please I need to know”
    Answer my questions please
    As I am on a journey and I need to seek
    Answer me please, “What is the being of universal love”
    Will tells, “I am the urge that flower seeks the sun”
    I am love that roots dig deep in earth to seek water,
    I am the journey of river that merges into the sea
    I am Just, and therefore I am…
    “Who am I?” I ask the will
    “Thou are my part”, tells the will
    “How do I merge, How do I seek?”
    “Thou are a process, don’t you quit” replies the will

  12. I get ‘up’ – opposite to gravity – on my own and I grow ‘up’ – again opposite to gravity – as if some outer force made me do so and true.
    Similar is the case with all our actions. We perform some actions and feel and rightly so that we have perfomed them and we perform some actions and feel as if some outside force performed them through us. This too is true.
    We discover some ideas and some ideas are discovered through us when thier time has come. J.Bronowski is his celebrated book “The Ascent of Man” has written “Sometimes it seems ideas discover man rather than the other way about…” and he is right.
    While writing my book “Self-Designed Universe” I felt as if I was possessed by some outside force and actualy it was writing that book through me. I would often write a few lines first and then understand them (even try to understand them)later.
    This happens but the explanation will be lengthy.

  13. Sorry, forgot to add something in the previous message:
    The example of rising ‘up’ may be difficult to understand. An other one is here:
    We sleep during the day (take a nap)on our own but sleep comes to us when its time has come at night despite us. Not for nothing Bible says there is time for everything.
    Shelhar, you may have noticed some films you can make on your own and some films get made through you. And those must be vastly deeper, perfound.

  14. Dear Koizen,
    Sorry, my domain name has expired and I could not renew it in time.
    Actually I was also half-hearted in my attempt to publicise my book. A Prof to whom I happened to show the first draft had already advised me not to publicise it, it will get its own publicity at its right time. So I too thought The Force which had got it written through me will know how to publicise it at its right time if it is needed at all. Of course, I tried to renew the domain a couple of times but the payment would not go through and I took it as a hint from The Force to not to advertise HER work as my own lol.
    I may try again though someday.
    Intrestingly, the book explans the universal process from Will to back to Will which I have named Oneness though. It is the story of universal evolution from oneness to back to oneness in terms fo what physicists call four basic forces or interactions of nature.
    If you want to know more you can google (rumi “self designed universe”) and read threads displayed there. There is rather an interesting discussion around…for/against it in those threads.

  15. A real account…
    Extra Sensory Perception — Precognitive dreaming
    Written by Sreeparna
    Friday, 09 March 2007
    I am scared of my dreams!
    As a child, I dreamt a lot. Almost every night. Mostly I dreamt beautiful things about my friends and family. I would also dream that I was in this beautiful meadow, enjoying the beauty when in the next moment, I would dream that I was with my friends and family enjoying life. I did not know how long my dream lasted — I would wake up every morning, remembering them at times and telling my friends and family about them. Read more….

  16. hii there,
    i think human is far intelligent than we can imagine,but there is scope for some rethinking as about whereabouts of soul and the resting place of those who depart from here.
    ut there are diffrent opinions and thoughts coming from there own experiences.
    so enjoy what u think and have some flexibilities to have other’s.

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