only vibrations

only vibrations
holding in their every pore
all possibilities
of all creation
past and present
and future
and all of eternity
only vibrations
colliding with each other
in ecstatic and eternal play
the universe,
but the universe,
at itself

17 thoughts on “only vibrations

  1. Hi shekhar,
    Just a regular reader of your blog…thought I’d drop in to say Hi!
    You write amazingly well! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck!

  2. hi shekhar !
    and where do little, miniscule ‘WE’ fit into this HUGE belly laughter…….?

  3. i thought of you when i saw this amazing story on TED and just knew you would immediately understand…
    “Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: One morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke. As it happened — as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding — she studied and remembered every moment. This is a powerful story about how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another.”

  4. when vibrations are identified by individuals and channelised ……….they form beautiful human relationships ?

  5. hi shekhar,
    with due respect to vibrations of the celestial kind…. as a human being, i give credence to the vibrations of the ‘ vocal kind ‘ !
    what would happen if we never spoke or expressed what we feel to other human beings…..? can you imagine the chaos caused by clashing unspoken vibrations……..where one feels a certain way but is unable to express it……..and the other misunderstands the silence for something else and goes on to take a stand entirely unwanted by both..!!??
    how unfair would that be ? and how frustrating for both ?

  6. Hi Shekahr,
    Only Vibrations……..
    it is upto us whether we want to stay limited to the the vibrations in our own body……
    or expand our senses and feel the vibrations of the universe……
    The second choice for sure is a liberating and blissful experience….
    Warm regards,

  7. Hi Sunita,
    Thanks a ton for sharing with us the link to the amazing story on TED …….
    its really amazing to see how a person can overcome any difficulty with strong will and determination and faith….
    and its answered many questions whose answers i had been searching for since quite some time…
    Thanks again..
    Best regards,

  8. Hi Shekhar. How are you? I am happy, I decided to surf on this site in detail and then thought of leaving this note for you. Last time I met you, was in the shack, when you were anchoring for Kunki’s documentary on Chetan uncle…
    Remember that day when you and I got stuck in a little dangerous situation in Nepal? We were walking from Thyangboche monastry to Everest hotel in Shyangboche and had to climb a steep mountain to reach the hotel before clouds covered us.
    I wrote about Ishqx3’s making in 6 parts in ‘My Reel Life’. Above incident was mentioned in the link:
    I hope blogging can help old friends keep in touch… once in a while. Take care. Arun

  9. hi arun, i tried to to go the link u sent to me- but could not get to it – could u send me the piece ? On this site it woud be great, shekhar

  10. hi shekhar !
    did’nt know you were in town……good to see you !
    missed your smile by a few inches though……! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. musings 3 months into the new year………
    since we are on vibrations here……..was curious……
    so did you do justice to the core vibration of your being in this new year ? we all have a core issue which is private and not neccesarily makes it to the resolution of the year list, which we direct our consciousness towards in the hope that the universe will add its vibrations to our own to make ‘it’ happen……..did you achieve yours ? work at it ? respect it ? encourage it ?
    hmmmmmmm now my turn………..
    i can honestly say :
    i did my best with what was accessible to me… i had a core issue……..a very unusual one, rather………the kind i have never had to face before ! yet……..i did respect it, encourage it… at it with the LIMITED RESOURCES at my disposal………..’achieve it’ i dont know…………………… did i ? considering its only march…….i will give the rest of the months their due ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. words don’t follow when the hart is full. thats what i am feeling after reading your blog. i myself was “In The Search of I” since my childhood and i am still. incidentally i am also an aspiring film maker and working as an assistant director in mumbai. So need your bleesings.

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