do not fear me

do not fear me
for i have nothing to take from you
my vast emptiness has no room
for all the wealth in the world
be fearless
and reveal yourself to me
for what you hide and protect
and enclose in your illusion,
your individuality,
is the thinnest skin of your real being
for beyond that skin
you and I exist as one
allow me to seep through
and let your self explode out
my well of ecstasy is overflowing,
drink from it’s waters
before it evaporates
to return as rain
in another eon
but if you drink in faith
you will purify the waters
and keep the well flowing
long after my ‘I” has dissolved

22 thoughts on “do not fear me

  1. i do not fear you or i would not be here
    to share with you is a pleasure that is by now dear
    beyond thin skin we are one is no news to me
    i have sensed you for eternity
    ‘reveal’ is for strangers not you and me
    i know you know me…..dont you see ?
    yet……..the illusion you mention is my life so far……
    gentle and protected….so , afraid of scars
    human conditioning is a habit too
    guide me along the steps that bring me to you
    your ecstasy translates as joy to me
    of that could you in any doubt be ?
    are you a friend ? a soulmate….? a spirit from afar……..?
    someone who knows me from beyond….? i want to know for sure
    i look forward to the moment we meet
    ……the anticipation for me too is sweet.

  2. Some of the replies to the posts are scaringly weird. I wouldn’t like being Shekhar Kapur!

  3. Dear Shekhar,
    Thanks for the wonderful poem and it beautifully explains your thoughts about our combined identity, that we all exist as one. I believe our minds do want us to have an identity even though we may all are part of the same cosmic consciousness. It gives us a reason to do something and be good at that, and that’s why so many people do so many different things, forge their identities, yet all being part of a big plan for all of us to experience life.
    Saw Black $ White by Subhash Ghai late last night and would definitely recommend it, reading a great book till 5 am now, and just saw your post. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
    Best Regards,

  4. At times, I fear no other more than me.
    The Devil in me!
    He comes out to play and has to!
    Some games I will never play myself.
    They have been good, bad and ugly!
    He pushes my boundaries and fires up the creative!
    He can easily play my life, to hell, heaven and pluto and back!
    Nothing to regret and forget!
    Respect him and not fear him!
    In harmony, we are formidable!
    I am what i am, because of him.
    Always will be, till death and beyond!

  5. ” Let go ! ” said an old monk to his young disciple.
    ” How can I master? said the young one standing on the banks of a pristine lake, looking at his own reflection and the many ripples that unsettled it.
    ” You can not learn to swim if your feet stays on secured soil. ” said the old monk.
    SPLASH !!!! The young monk disappeared into the water. Many ripples arose & eventually dissolved.
    The lake was calm , beneath it swam the young monk, now one with his own reflection.
    To be continued ….

  6. Hmm sat in silence, and this is what erupts…did I not tell you….earlier…Well!!
    I will paste a small expression I had written earlier..this has not come in a spur, while I read you, it has come from a different journey within…many of my expressions have come in a spur while I have been here previouly….
    Thee my wisdom ye my sanity…
    In thee I see myself shine…
    Ye and me shall entwine…
    Eternally I cry and pine…
    The wisdom that I gained…
    Ah! Has eternally pained…
    Help me rise and believe…
    In thee, I myself perceive…
    Live this life through thy eyes…
    Believe in love the way ye do…
    Where I don’t remain me but you…
    Who am I talking to but myself indeed? Lol!!
    Shekhar, Take care…
    Insanity tossed in sanity will….either make one sane or insane!!
    Tis a game!!
    Love n hugsss….

  7. hey dear sk
    i came to know that U were at JV’s place at Coimbotore; i am also heading to that place next week.
    mmm. Would you like to share something of your experience about your experience out there?
    just curious!

  8. ‘well of ecstasy’ is always pure……..?
    what are these waters that ‘will purify’ by my sip of faith…..:)…..? ( ha ha )

  9. hey faith ! the relationship between the divine and the slef is always a two way relationship :
    “your faith will energize me
    ur purity will keep me pure”

  10. Shekhar Ji
    What becomes of your pet project,The Time Machine. If it is on, are you looking at it afreah? if so, I may be able to tell you of a script on the same theme which is decidedly better than anything that was written in 90’s.

  11. hi shekhar,
    am here today being dragged by the arm by ‘my faith’…….it has taken up a ‘jidd’ of meeting your faith……..! says if it has succeeded in energising your faith at all……. then it is here today to ‘touch base’ with it…..:)

  12. ……..though faith needs no via media…….. no introduction…….no external feedback….
    it is SO powerful that before its strength lower energies falter !
    is that the level at which your faith dwells too or does it throw an occasional tantrum with you as well ?

  13. hi shekhar !
    my arm has a muscle spasm since the day i wrote i was ‘dragged by the arm by ‘my faith’……..etc ! ‘
    spooky as hell if you ask me !!
    it is left to myoril to restore my faith in the pain free functions ( normal ) of my body once again.
    anyways……….hope all is well with you ? take care.

  14. Respected Shekhar Kapur,
    Thanks for your psychological observations at India Screenwriting Workshop, Goa. I still need to tell the story and am with my solitary confinements of your thoughts.
    10 years back, you are at IFFI Hyderabad, with opening film being Elizebeth and at party could not muster up courage to meet you…
    On 22nd March, you Jet lagged came to the dinner table and I quickly went out…Bandit queen’s opening (just 5-6 seconds) is what I fear…I fear a man whom I met less and his work is so much layered that I cannot but speak to you…I wanted to talk so much, but you were tired and yet you stayed with all writers. The next day, I fear again when I am telling you the story. In fact I fear again when I type this…You not just a film Director…you are there because you understand deep workings of human minds. I could not tell the story the way it is meant to be…yet, you were kind with me…I fear when spoke to you words could not come…I fear when with you, I really do not know who I am and you questioned it…how to kill the fear?

  15. hi shekhar,
    i have a book called ‘powers within’ by shri aurobindo and the mother, which i find very meaningful. i also pick on a random page for the ‘message for the day’. today the message for me was…………
    ‘concentration’….powers of concentration in the 3 centres :
    one can concentrate in any of the 3 centres which is easiest or gives most result. the power of concentration in the heart-centre is to open that centre and by the power of aspiration, love, bhakti, surrender remove the veil which covers and conceals the soul and bring forward the soul to govern the mind, life, and body and turn and open them fully to the divine, removing all that is opposed to that turning and opening.
    …….this, shekhar reminded me somehow of your message here…… i am sending it to you.

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