Paani : Will even these buckets go empty ?

Another picture form my Paani photo file :
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In Mumbai many of the slum and pavement dwellers begin their search for water at 3 am daily. Many having to buy water from the ‘water mafia’ at Rs 5 per ‘Handi’. Considering that it takes upto 4/5 handi’s to just cook a meal, many people are spending up to 30% of their incomes on water. If we do not completely re-assess our attitudes towards water, in the near future the daily life of most people in the city will be dominated by the search for water, and leading to riots and inner city wars over water. The city will be ruled by the water mafia. Please do go the following site, to get an update on the situation as it exists now :

10 thoughts on “Paani : Will even these buckets go empty ?

  1. hi shekhar,
    it looks frighteningly so ! your topic for the next film seems more like a premonition ! yet , going by the indifference and callousness of the authorities it looks like yet 1 more area where we wake up when its too late…….
    the bottom line remains though and that is ……
    the poor suffer more…..most….and then some.
    another area of indifference is the extreme levels of pollution we live with……yet, educated well off people find their celebrations are not complete without bursting crackers that add poisonous fumes to the already dangerous levels of pollution that contaminate the air that we breathe. they constantly visit doctors but dont seem to connect the problems with anything done by them !

  2. Hi Shekhar,
    Checked the link. It made a gloomy read. What to talk of the slum areas, even a fashionable area like Juhu is not immune to water problems in Mumbai. Not too long ago there were reports that residents of 12th Road Juhu, where Hrithik Roshan, one of India’s biggest superstars stays, have been receiving filthy water in their taps.

  3. Oh my, I am so used to images like this through the media that I have to admit this doesn’t make me the least uneasy. I have to repeat to myself in an effort to feel: these are real people, these are real people, these are…

  4. Liebesotd,
    I know exactly waht you mean….it’s so sad that there is so much suffering in the world that people begin to become numb to it…

  5. Shekhar,
    the problem is not just water. It is about all resources.
    More than anything else, I think India(and not just mumbai) needs to focus more on hygiene. Garbage collections from home and clean and well maintained public restrooms available to all. Even now when I go to India I am scared about the what if I/my kids have to go, when I step out of my home. I hate the smell of poo when I travel in bombay trains. I hate thinking about what I could be stepping on when walking on public roads.
    I think hygiene and cleanliness is something that needs to be addressed before we address water issues. dont you think?


  6. dear shekhar,
    if it is your script you are pre occupied with then ‘ may the force be with you ! ‘ but……
    if it is your ‘monkey mind’ then …….tell me and i will solve things for you 🙂
    ( had i your no i would have called you but I AM HERE )

  7. ……..sometimes…….keeping quiet over an issue leads to a simmering rage….which is damaging to YOU………undeserved by the person who it is addressed to…….as also unneccesary
    when it could be solved if EXPRESSED !
    remember…….the positive will get better…. while the negatives will get blown away 🙂 ?

  8. Hi Shekhar,
    It’s been a while you wrote anyhting. Guess you are busy with Paani. How is the script coming up ? Keep us posted.

  9. Dear Shekhar
    Before there is Paani crisis, it will be a food crisis. We are just two consecutive crop year failures away.

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