White skin, dark skin, Barak Obama

Never quite understood why the white skin has been considered superior. Or why historically white skinned people have considered themselves superior. When I was exploring a film on Nelson Mandela, I was horrified at the open statements made by the politicians of that time. They called the “darkies’ , not quite human, or like children that deserved to whipped. The British colonists called the Arabs ‘Fuzzy Wuzzies’, us ‘those damn natives’. It’s not that far ago in History that the white Americans were regularly indulging in ‘mob hangings’ or ‘stringings’ of innocent black people as they called them – almost as a sport. But what about us ? North Indians used to look down upon the South Indians because the colour of their skin. Still do……

I remember as a child in Delhi always hearing the disparaging remark ‘Kala Kaluta’ (Blackie). Non withstanding that we learn’t in class about the incredible societies that florished in Southern India. Come on guys – we so used to call (and probably still do) African’s “Habshees”. I have tried to explain it with many theories – but none holds really …
That the Whites were the colonists and then the rulers – but they were not always. That the Aryans came in and ruled India, claiming themselves the Brahmins, and being fairer created a culture of the superiority of the fairer skin. But why in all our pictorial representations are our Hindu Gods always fair (Sita, Ram,Laxman), and the Asura’s always a darker skin. Barring of course Krishna, but then he is blue, not black.
And why is “fair and lovely” the best selling cosmetic in India – and why do men also buy it now. And why do all marriage proposals say ‘fair young virgin’ and not ‘dusky young virgin’ ? I far prefer duskiness to the fair skin personally. And why does white always represent purity, and dark as the region where evil lurks. Is is at simple as night and day ? I doubt it.
It is completely cultural – but how did it become world wide ?
And why was the worst thing Harbhajan could call Symmonds a Monkey ? Thereby using the great cultural myth that his race is closer to the great apes that we evolved from – insinuating that he is less evolved than others. And as far as I know, the Aboriginal cultures were one of the most spiritual in the world – who’s ‘dream state’ has a far deeper understanding of the natural relationship between man and nature, before the white man came and completely destroyed it. As was the case of the native American people.
Look deeper into History and you will find that the so called ‘darker skinned’ races understood the symbiotic nature of the Universe. And man’s place in it. They understood life as play, and their purpose not as conquest. Like the Dolphin, who has such greater emotional intelligence than we do, such people were doomed to be caught in the nets of the predatory white skin. And were the predatory instincts of the white skinned people honed because they were formed in harsher climates with very little myth and spiritual natures to nurture them ?
I really do not know, as there must be glaring exceptions all that I theorize – so please come n with your own thoughts – but :
Welcome Barak Obama. Whether you make it to the Presidency or not, it has shown that the US has finally gotten over the ‘supremacy of the white skin’ syndrome’.

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  1. in the days gone by fairer was the preferred option……agreed….but shekhar, WHY ARE YOU BASHING IT TODAY ?? 🙂

  2. The US has not gotten over “white skin” syndrome. Barak Obama has come into the US political scene at the right point in time. I supspect that if he was “darker” people would not want to vote for him. If you are light enough in the US and speak with a neutral accent, people usually are not afraid of you. I agree with your theories of what has historically happened with darker skinned peoples. I think that sexism, racism, and economic suppression are are tied together. If we can bring this to the global forefront the world will be a much better place. Hopefully. Thanks Shekhar for your blog.

  3. in the same chain of thoughts why the reference to ‘dark’ intentions or ‘fairplay’? ,’deep dark secrets’ or ‘light and easy ‘, ‘dark moods’/’light moods’…… hey its endless but ……..there from time immemorial ? as old as ‘day brings hope’…..’the darkest hour is before dawn’??
    yet in today’s evolved times i see the positive side as the option to chose individuals based on their qualities…… a fair but arrogant individual would be ‘dimmer’ in the attraction scale compared to a darker but loving, intelligent,humourous,warm and affectionate person ( wow what an attractive combo ! )?
    among thinking individuals….who sees the colour of a person’s skin ?! or……what was he ‘thinking’ 🙂

  4. dear shekhar,
    Both Ram and Laxman are dark in color as outlined in scriptures.(bharat and shatrughan are supposed to be white)(Infact quite dark). Typical poetic similies are dark as blue lotus, dark as clouds etc. Draupadi, one of the most beautiful women (as suggested in the Bhagvatam and Puranas) is also depicted as pitch dark.
    So are several Vedic Rishis :-).Besides Ram and Laxman images of Shiva as Bhairava and her consort Kali are also dark.
    Besides this Ved Vyasa( swarupa of Vishnu is also dark called Krishna Dwaipayan). And i can give more examples. but this should suffice.
    Hindu imagery and iconography is too vast to be clubbed and considered racial, i can say this from academic standpoint.
    Most of this imagery also has deeper ,symbolic meaning , colour, choice of vehicle(vahana), sounds( mantra), geometric representation etc.

  5. hey….i have a confession to make ! why on earth did i chose the name ‘SUNSHINE’ even though i know you know thats not my real name ? could it be that i am also attracted to the ‘brightness’and ‘lightness’……? 🙂

  6. thank u ashutosh – i did not know that – Draupadi pitch dark ? How interesting and why did i never pick that up ?
    i guess though I was saying that the VISUAL representations are fair for the pure and dark for the more evil – so what you are saying this was a more recent interpretation. So would you say that the coming of the Aryans (and that too is a theory) did in no way provoke a society divided on the lines of skin colour ? Interesting though, that all the invaders into this subcontinent we now call India were of the fairer skin – starting with the Aryans, The Muslim Kings, The Moguls, The British, The Dutch, The Portugese, the Greeks –

  7. Hey, what happened? I’m supposed to be “metaphorme” 1st post, not “sunshine” 1st post. Thanks for including my thoughts. Anyway, the English language has evolved along with “fair symbolism”. Dark is denoted as “scary” and evokes fear, and light, “sunshine!” evokes…happiness?

  8. Dear Shekhar,
    this is an incredibly interesting subject, one that legions of books have been written about. No matter how erudite an opinion to the subject of skin color may be, one thing is clear: Nobody to any degree of satisfaction has explained why there are still so many obtuse brains out there that ascribe superior status to persons of white skin. I for one have always seen greater beauty and attractiveness in black skin, often far more unblemished and esthetic looking and I am sure all those who are sunbathing for a darker tan inadvertently must agree with that assessment. That people of color have lesser intellects has long been refuted. So what exactly is it that makes caucasians so smug about themselves? Could it be that in the early going during the age-old evolution of this stubborn prejudice white-skinned people felt inferior compared to the black-skinned ones. Is it possible that out of a feeling of defiance caucasians vicariously created this myth of superiority over black-skinned people? In any case such prejudice has regrettably remained a main staple of the digressive and fallacious thinking of our societies and its attendant social inequities and it will not go away anytime soon, if ever.
    It is true that America has come a long way from the days of slavery and the progress towards color blindness is steadily made. But make no mistake: those gloating white faces in these infamous photos from those horrible public lynchings of innocent black men belonged to people who lived in the 20th century, people who may still be alive. They may not have purged themselves of their hatred and tacitly they may still have the same feelings they had 50 years ago. Laws have now made prejudices go underground. If we can accept this premise we might be able to find a way to rid society of this worst of all passions: racial hatred. I think it is wonderful progress to see Barack Obama increasingly win the hearts of white America. Before we get too carried away though, let us not forget that Obama represents the sanitized, non-threatening image of the black man, the one people need not be afraid of, the one they can identify with as if coming from their own race. Metaphorme in his posting sees it absolutely correct. If Obama had a darker skin and spoke with a southern drawl he wouldn’t be such a phenomenon.
    I have lived in the U.S. for almost 40 years and my black friends have told me about prejudices, indignities and humiliations they still have to suffer from. The darker the skin the more intense the infractions. Still, I have seen true progress, greater progress than in most other countries when it comes to “white” America accepting black-skinned people as an integral, equal and beautiful part of society, eventually welcoming them into their homes and hearts.
    Stay well,

  9. Dear Shekhar,
    Theory is simple…
    Money (power) talks and bull shit walks.
    who ever or whatever is more powerful and influential will project his race and culture superior than the others and with time that becomes the fashion widely, and whites always remained powerful.
    It’s very important to be in power to make these kind of myths. Why are Coke and Pepsi considered the best, most popular and best sellers than the other drinks…..I think the answer lies there. They are just the examples of a product made of water and sold world wide by the super power. Without power it will be very hard to even sell this…..Remember the days of Campa cola and thums up in 80’s.
    Even Guru Gobind Singh said “Raj bina naa dharam chaley hai” (without power, its not possible even to establish the philosophy of our ways of life).

  10. agree with sanjay malhotra. it’s all to do with power relations.
    guess you’ve heard the story of how the africans of the congo basin ran for their lives at the appearance of the first white man thinking the latter had either one of the two dreaded diseases: luecoderma or leprosy, or was an albino! white was ugly in that culture.
    How then did white become beautiful? desirable? when the mind was colonised. central to the colonisation process is 1. belief(on th part of the coloniser)in his superiority and 2.MAKING THE COLONISED(THE OTHER) BELIEVE IN HIS INFERIORITY. The entire body of imperial rhetoric is informed by thiS agenda.
    added to this is the fact that in human perception everything exisits in terms of something opposite – its binary. so white in understood in terms of black. no concept has an independent exisitence – it needs a referal binary.
    these two facts combined to create the myth of white superiority, which is axiomatic to the concept of whute destiny to rule and civilize.
    needless to say, it helped for the colonisers to be white .
    had the colonisers been black in colour, it’d have been ‘black N beautiful’ instead of fair n lovely’

  11. regarding obama’s victory,the choice was between two marginalised groups – women and black.
    if obama gets the democratic nomination, it’d prove the americans to be incurable male chauvinists.

  12. casts and creeds are human contemporary of natural selection. we just say its too bad. for individual it may be bad but 4 society its good.

  13. shekhar, i wanted to tell you that its so much fun being here and sharing various views.
    meeting in person elicits just a nod or a hello usually unless its with friends you go back many years with or school or college buddies etc. a certain personality type is gregarious and can befriend people very easily…..but there are many who are shy or reserved in temperament and take long to open up…….yet, here its possible to have meaningful and intelligent communication aswell as FUN !
    ***** stars to your blog !

  14. Hi,Shekhar
    There is some psychological reason for it why we love beautiful things more than ugly things?Why we love to associate with which is more refreshing in terms of appearnce?Few things we do because some genetic reason,few things we do because we are acustomed it do since thousand years,just touching feets of eleders or so many other acts..I’m not mixing..I’m trying to explore with you..I think we give so much importance to our dynasty,cast,creed,culture but I would say the most important factor for defining human characterstic is their GEOGRAPHIAL Factor..If someone feel they are special because of colour its not because they are special its plain they born where that kind of white skin could grow.As far as human history concern we as human beings were always protective to our geographical identity thats why, we in past stick strongly to them its not that reason alone because of lack of education and understanding they(whether Aryan or recent British raj have protected themselvs)Its also true when money and power is with you…You do things what you want to do LIKE HITLER done..So, In conclusion I could say we as human beings have long past so lot of baggage as well of genetic,psychological,econamical it will pass on but of course it will take time because communication and information will rule and could destroy all boundaries of superority and inferiority complex in next 100 years.

  15. An equal distribution of power in all parts of this world can solve this to some extent, But that will take a long time too. Rich and powerful people always had been the icons in this
    🙂 Civilised world (-:
    It is sad that in spite of so many great religions and books in practice, scholars are still unable to take out the hate at core.
    Let’s keep trying for the search of truth…Though we know we will never find it.

  16. while striving for idealism we confront with nature. Truth is, white is superior as far as skin color is concerned . Thats nature. The problem is when superiority in color is assumed to mean superiority of race as well. Also i dont think north indians look down upon south indians. Yes they are made fun of mainly bcos of the language and also color but in the same spirit as sardars are made fun of. I dont think anybody imagines them to b less intelligent or anything bcos of their color. Interestingly most sardar jokes are on brainlessness.

  17. The diamond sparkles in darkness, hence darkness holds more power…the truth emancipates in darkness…
    In broad daylight the diamonds lustre is overpowered hence the truth is over shadowed in brightness…
    For truth one need to plunge in the dark…
    So I believe Black holds more power than white!!
    As for purity of black and white, can anyone tell the purity between dusk and dawn?
    Where does it begin where does it end….
    Whites were chosen as superior….
    Saw a video few years back, based on scientific facts…where skulls of white people were bigger, hence they held larger brains!!
    Later it was found to be false, the scientists had made a false declaration!!
    How far would the white ones want to walk to prove they are superior, why need to prove? Is it insecurity? Is it psychological exploitation?
    In uk go fill forms for a job, it is mentioned please fill-equal opportunities form!!!
    At the same time they said they r not racists, now either hypocrisy is blown out of proportion or the insecurity has blown out of proportion!!
    Shekharrrrrr kaise hai??
    mew mew

  18. Yes, but Coke & Pepsi are both black…so there’s a contradiction…perhaps this implies that to be black is to be consumed, used up, absorbed…and become white ??
    Personally I like the ideas of “miscegenation” – a word which has negative connotations but which actually advocates a mixing of the races…anyone tried a Coke float ? (Coke & Ice Cream)…it’s delicious …
    This was widespread in the South apparently, despite the Aryans (and hence Brahmin ?) worship of cows and the purity of milk etc etc
    I’m just musing…don’t panic…
    It’s interesting to note that Dravidian culture attempted to reclaim Ravana as the hero of their interpretation of the Ramayana in the 50’s, burning images of Rama as a protest against what they felt was the dominance of “Aryan” culture in the South.
    Once on a plane back from L.A, I happened to sit next to an elderly German couple and in the course of a conversation he mentioned that he was in the National Socialist party as a young man, loved India and that we were both “brothers” despite the colour of our skin…life is full of contradictions….ordinarily I would have run a mile had I realised he was a Nazi…his wife admitted to a love of Rottweilers, so perhaps I should have known, but that’s airtravel for you, you never know who you may be sitting next to and one can only be polite…

  19. just discovered this blog today, while looking for ‘Bharat Ek Khoj’. I am curious that you seem to reside in London but still take a passionate interest in US politics.
    But consider this, there is no other country in the world that has had a governer of Chinese origin (Washington state), a governer of Indian origin (Louisiana) and a black as a strong contender for the most powerful post in the land (well – behind the Chinese president)
    Only India comes close to this level of tolerance, but I bet even they could not tolerate a Muslim PM. That makes me wonder, is it the skin color or the religion?

  20. Good Morning Shekhar…
    Sanjay this for you….my veiw…
    Even Guru Gobind Singh said “Raj bina naa dharam chaley hai” (without power, its not possible even to establish the philosophy of our ways of life).
    I disagree here, The Power Is In You!!!
    If you can change yourself, and establish your own philosophy, for thyself, The journey of Philosophy of you has begun!!
    Why change the whole world, change starts from within! Rest will move with the power of thy power if it is strong enough!!
    The power that is needed to lay foundations of philosophy, (conditioned power) is exploitation to exploit the weak once again!!
    Philosophy of One Power from within is enough to build a Tower!!!

  21. O shekhar…….. where are youuuuuu ? ! ( you’ve disappeared for 2 whole days ! )
    RISE AND SHINE !!! it is the 11th today ! 🙂

  22. By the way NCD…
    For a change USA should consider an Indian President!!
    Errrm we are tolerating Pakistan, is that not enough on second thoughts?
    End of the day, is it the PM and President etc who are the ultimate power or is it the people?
    Divide and rule again is the policy of the west I believe!!
    And yes we are pathetic to divide it further and play blame games…
    Dusk blames the dawn….
    ye left me torn…
    Dawn whispers ‘O’ dusk…
    from ye I am born…
    Tis the game of dusk and dawn till early morn!!

  23. Yes ncd….american democracy must draw attention of all the world for the reasons mentioned by u. It really is a model democracy. But in the entire american history there has never been either a black or a woman president. I actually like that fact bcos wat it means is that they were never pushed into the job. Whereas in India being a muslim or a sikh is a qualification. take for example the presidents post in india. the biggest reason put forth by the supporters was that she is a woman. I m sure as soon as we find a muslim candidate even half qualified he would be readily pushed. Point to note is that manmohan singh had lost the elections in his own constituency. Thats the ‘vibrant’ democracy of india.

  24. remembered line from blood diamond– as a black says “may be we are better off ruled by white man”
    even if obama wins white skin supremacy not go away. because not always the problem is not always with white skiner. its dark skined who accepts that white skin is better.

  25. dq,
    I respect your point of view and acknowledge the power of self belief.
    But if we see history, then even the biggest philosophies of present time were only able to reach the masses only with the help of power.
    Jesus was crucified during the Roman Empire but his preachings and philosophies became a great way of life after a few hundred years. That too when Jesus’ followers came in power.
    Buddhism became a huge religion after almost 200 years or maybe more after Gautam Buddha. Because the people who believed in Buddha’s philosophies came in power at that time. Maurya King Ashoka’s power played a very important part in establishing the Buddhist way of life in the region of Asia.
    In a similar way, Islam flourished pretty well during the Moghul Samrajya in India.
    “Black is not so beautiful”, this seed was put by people who were white and in power, and probably looked down to the blacks hundreds of years ago, which slowly became a myth. Then everybody started believing that being fair is the only definition of beauty or good looks.
    Now imagine if blacks would have ruled this world for the last 500 years, then probably Shahrukh Khan would have been doing a commercial for “Black and Dark” face cream instead of the “Fair and Handsome” cream.
    “Black and Dark” comes in three varieties – light black, dark black and jet black.
    Get it today and be black in just 30 days, because black is beautiful. Ting Tong.
    Let’s pray for a world where we all are humans not Black and Whites.

  26. Hiya Sanjay!
    Nice of you to reply gently…Much appreciated!
    Umm, as for religion I have no clue of it, I found it very disturbing all categories of religion seemed more like a weapon of exploitation!
    Thus, I really have no clue, the only thing i could figure out was that buddhism is a branch of hinduism, it is softer than hinduisim hence folks followed it gladly….
    Well, difference of opinion is always there regarding black and white….
    A seed is given birth through a mother…the child passes darkness to cry out n breath in brightness….
    The wisdom and philosophy begins from that darkness itself, how a human precieves dark and light is yet how we see it…
    You certainly have your views, not against it, views will be as many as all of us!!
    We humans are sadistic lol, cant be in peace till we inflict pain, whether balck or white!!
    Cheers Dear…
    Hve a grtt day…

  27. And Oh! sanjay…want to say…
    Why are we to be glued to history everytime?
    Cant one make New History??
    Errm now what did i say!!

  28. And oh!! sanjay…
    The whites do buy tanning lotions, lay under tanning machines, or burn themselves in the sun for a darker shade…
    Light dark, dark dark or blooming burned red eh heh!!

  29. i find that the only true colour that impacts ANY human being is the colour of their aura.
    a clear thinking individual who never compromises with what his heart tells him, no matter what societal pressures try to trap him, is the one with the brightest aura. at the core we always KNOW yet we make compromises to keep the boat from rocking……and at these moments we look our darkest as the positive force of energy that is surging within us has been silenced by worldly manipulations.
    the emergencies of life often bring men to the cross roads, where they are forced to change their directions, one road being marked “FAITH” and the other “FEAR” !
    the ones who FEAR are what you could call the “blackies” at that point as they are killing their bright aura by their choices based on compromise.
    as i see it…… we truly have ONE life to live…..if we are not true to what is etched at the core of our being, then who knows how many lifetimes we may spend searching for that completion which came to us but we looked down and walked away from.

  30. Hiya Sunshine…
    Well said…
    But we need to understand that not all folks are of the level you speak of…
    “Circumstances are rulers of the weak, they are but the instruments of the wise!” (My fav Quote)
    When one reaches your stage of brightness/ clarity, then it should be able to understand the complexities of the weaker ones….
    There are more weak folks walking around….
    And woven in a web of complexities they are merely trying to breathe…
    Fear and faith is instilled in us, when we are born, not many can break those chains….

  31. hi dq !
    its true that the world is made up of ALL types.the choice or options are also typically suited to both ! the weaker ones choose the more devious and round about ways whereas the stronger ones find it fairly easy to be upfront. funny thing is BOTH are taking there chances regards the outcome and are as uncertain !

  32. Hi Shekhar,
    Symonds does not have Aboriginal ancestry, he’s from the West-Indies. I’m not sure that is what you were implying, but just FYI.

  33. There are no black fairies, No black Gods or their messengers(Jesus, Moses, Mohammad), no black state heads in the western world. Whatever is dark is evil and lighter in appearance, is angel like. Ram Vs Ravana or even the dark skinned Shiva fought dark skinned Devils. Kali Goddess is shown slaying dark skinned Rakshasas.
    Gold and silver is lighter hence precious metals – Black is the colour of Iron, hence cheap. There are more deaths when the darkness prevails than when the sun shines. People die out of natural causes when they are in bed sleeping in the night than they are awake. Heart attacks happens mainly between 0100 and 0200 AM.
    I guess we have to live with this forever and there is no point pondering over topic as this is just the way things are.
    Obama is being endorsed only for the reason as he is pitted against a woman. Americans are first sexists and then Racists. Obama factor will cause Republicans occupy the white house in their newt elections.

  34. Growing up in paddy fields..
    Unnoticed like the heron
    Disappearing into the dusk
    This dusky form of hers
    No one wants to braille her
    see her classic shape
    She skips from shade to shade
    the sun her enemy
    Now walking in tulip fields
    She is beheld with wonder
    Her skin moves with enchantment
    like clay in sculptor’s hands
    chased by white skinned suitors
    like rushing mountain rapids
    No longer cast away unread
    She hides no more her face
    For here her colour is ……..

  35. Something to ponder… throughout history and literature there is a prevelent theme of darkness connotating evil while light is considered good. Leave skin color out of it. Its simpler than that, because once you accept this fact of our existence, why would anyone be confused as to why inequality exists? Take 7 infants, each a different race, each varying in skin color, and put them into room with 2 hallways, one lit and one dark. Which hallway do you think they will crawl down first? Its programmed into our heads before we even leave the whom, light is more inviting. Untill we grow cat eyes, and can see equally in dark or light it will always be this way. My theory is equality is unatainable, because lite skinned people will always be percieved, even by those who have no learned biases, as more inviting. This is an instinctual, subconscious inclination humans have in finding comfort/warmth in light. Ive been mulling this idea in my head for a couple years now, and stumbled onto this website so I thought id throw it out there. Yes I’m white and by no means whatsoever am i a bigot or see myself above any other race or ethnicity. All men are truly created equal, this I wholeheartedly believe, but is it possible that this instilled human trait prevents us from percieving equally? I’d appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, with insight to my thoughts.

  36. gospell you are wro…….ng
    some people genuinely prefer dark skin . matter of taste dude.
    Maybe you prefer light …..and the way you compare a light skin to a lit hallway and use infants …….thats half baked stupidity.
    I personally find light guys feminine and unattractive .tanned is always cuter …….so?

  37. gospell you are wro…….ng
    some people genuinely prefer dark skin . matter of taste dude.
    Maybe you prefer light …..and the way you compare a light skin to a lit hallway and use infants …….thats half baked stupidity.
    I personally find light guys feminine and unattractive .tanned is always cuter …….so?

  38. Shakti, do you also find lit alleys feminine and unatractive? Dark ones masculine and handsome?Your not addressing the point i’m trying to make. Since your logic seems to mirror that of an infant, lets put you in that strange hallway. Which path do you think is more inviting to explore? Preference never has to follow rules. Your not wrong for the way you feel about skin color, darker=sexier, most like to be tan, as do I. But where do you draw the line? Sure tanned is attractive, so is someone from Nairobi, with skin extremely dark, more attractive than your white, golden brown, pro beach volleyball player? Your response above leads me to believe that yes, the darker the better. Is this true? Or is there a limit to your preference of having pigment equating beauty. Preference and involuntary perception are not synonymous, so im eager to hear back from you, hopefully answering some of the questions ive offered. You need not go so far past what im asking. Does darkness connotate bad, evil, or uninviting universally?

  39. dear Shakti,
    You make a good point about how genrilizations devalue and demorilize people. I think it would be good if fair skinned indians and dark skinned indians just accepted they were both equal and understand what they really are. Indians living in the same country eating the same food sharing the same experiences. Dark is not better than white, White is not better than dark.

  40. A splenetically debatable but an intersting topic to be discussed on to…its true that light skinned people have dominated dark skinned but that was history…in recent years if you have observed there are certain dusky people whom you wont call “DROP DEAD GORGEOUS” but yes these people rule their respective fields only because they are intellectually beautiful…like for example you have Indra Nooyi the CEO of PepsiCo one of the 50 most powerful women in bussiness.. you have AR Rehman scattering his vibrant creativity round the world and not to forget Condoleezza Rice one of the most powerful women in the politics ..also you have Michael Jordan the best player ever to be in NBA…you also have Whoopi Goldberg…and list goes on…all these celebs despite being dark skinned are successful in their lives…the bottom line is there is nothing in fair skin and dark skin ..it all lies in the attitude of a human mind…atlast what matters is a person’s intelligence the energy ,character and committment he uses to direct his tasks and goals…its his intelligence and psyche that helps him achieve power,position,prestige,respect and all that his heart desires and not the upper dermis…as far as the gods and messengers are concerned ..i only believe they are divine light who take human forms to burn for the betterment of people and world…and that they dont have any colour,sect,creed or religion…hence its extremely waggish,ridiculous and impractical to differenciate between the superority of dermis colour.

  41. The concept of whiteness is relatively new.
    Only a few hundred years ago Europeans saw paleness as unhealthy, and, in men, as unmasculine. One symptom of castration, or so it was once thought, was a pale complexion. Eunuchs were very common in the Roman Empire, and if you look at paintings from ancient Rome, the men are painted with dark skin to emphasize that they are not missing anything – if you know what I mean.

  42. Those from India should be grateful for their beautiful tan skin. White skin ages 3x faster. If you visit my Youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/india000000000 I provide links which prove that by 42 white skinned females are completely wrinkled by then. Bear in mind, women have thinner skin than men, so not having melanin is a big drawback. At 42, India women are still young looking. Walk into a temple & see 65 yr old India women: still beautiful & young looking! For further reference, see melanin + skin damage in Google. This is also why whites, especially the women, get brown spots!! & white skin in fact is 10x more prone to skin cancer! It is actually a deficiency not having “tan skin” aka melanin! This is also why you will see Swedes with 70% less hair on scalp, the melanin in dark hair, eyes protects these as well from sun damage- hence thicker fuller hair for India men & women!
    My goal in life is to help change this “inferiority complex”. I wish I knew how to reach out to 1 billion in India..my sister channel on Tube user/BunnyBambiBambi maybe one day will have 1 million views 🙂 Shekhar, I cannot wait to see your recent movies!!! My family absolutely loved Bombay Dreams!!

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