JW Marriott molestation – Open Questions

I am surprised how the media is targeting the police. Without trying to question why this event happened. Like it was merely a law and order problem. What was the psychology behind 70 men treating the humiliation of two young women as spectator sport ? I am sure that it was not just group of friends, but amongst the 70 men, most were just those that just joined in for the ‘fun’. Why did no one try and stop it ? This was not a sexual act. It was an act where a group of men enjoyed the sexual humiliation of two young women. And to them the best way to humiliate women is to publicly strip them off their clothes and fondle them. It is the frightening the way that these men feel empowered through the sexual humiliation of women. How lacking must their own self worth be, that they feel a surge of power and domination through such acts ?

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  1. Dear Shekhar,
    The apathy for police inaction is the root cause. I am not saying that police can stop all crimes. But police can put the fear in the minds of criminal. This sadly, we shall never acheive in a country which has criminal elements in parliament and corruption runnning in veins. If this is not the sign of deca of the society what is?

  2. As a women who has spent 32 years of my life in India’s different cities. Seen all kind of aproaches towards women in general. I want to tell these women who go through such incidents that the worst answer you can give such men is to not feel humilated by such acts.
    I don’t know if it is the police the mentality to blame. But i know the only way these women can tell the men that just striping them in piblic does not make them any stronger it to stand still and let them do it look them in the eye and say “Happy?” i know it is not easy..but…

  3. … Media’s response to this event is really dis-appointing. They kept on firing Police with irrelevant questions and then project the police’s remarks as a scandal. Each one of the Mumbai citizen (more than 10 million) can not be given personal police protection. What police can ensure is to deploy their force (which is limited) across the city, and respond to any accidents. Now if a group of people decide to commit a crime (planned or unplanned) who has to be blamed? Firstly, the people who committed the crime. Secondly the social values prevailing in the society where crime happened. Police has to be blamed if they do not take possible legal actions against the criminals. But they can not be blamed for the crime as such.

  4. if the police did not intervene and the mob gained force aswell as confidence thanks to that then seriously…. how safe are women in our city? j w marriot was not exactly the dharavi slums……! it has its own security who would obviously summon the police immedietly.
    this brings to mind the fact that a while ago it was POLICEMEN themselves who were in the news for raping a young student who was out in a group with friends at a crowded public spot like marine drive seaface…?

  5. Yeah…the ‘experts’ that appear on tv are just so far away from reality. What can the police do if the victims do not want action. Mumbai is still one of the safest cities in India and that is largely thx to the police. Not very long ago there was no law and order and mafai raj was rampant there. I think the media got annoyed bcos the commissioner made some remarks about the media and so they sort of took revenge. Similar is the case with modi. They attack him bcos he is not polite to them. I think the media fails to understand its responsibility and is constantly at revenge mode against a few targets. Remember Amitabh was made to apologize to the media after a small incident outside his house. The darling of the news media, amir khan also was vociferously attacked by them after an incident at his marriage. In this worlds largest democracy the police beat up people like cats and dogs and that is easily forgotten by the media. Y. Bcos the police chief must have invited them for coffee. In this case bcos the police is not very cooperative with the news making the media is attacking them.
    Sir u r right..this is not a sexual act. Its just the inherent disrespect for women in us. the fun in humiliating somebody. We also laugh and watch when somebody is being beaten up or has met a tragedy. Its the beast in us that keeps growing bcos of injustice everywhere. We have stopped believing that gud deeds lead to gud result and viceversa. We are not afraid of anything. The system in india is such that everybody has to do wrong to get things r8 and that is making us so insensitive. Earlier education was blamed for this and we know this act was done by educated beasts.

  6. 70 men in this act….
    Amazed i am at their herd psychology…
    All these characters somewhere have deep underlying reasons connected to childhood….which has got into deeper shades of grey over a period of time….
    Not one stood and questioned his integrity….and try to protect these girls…
    Where do we see power in insulting the weak? Tis the insecure and the weak who will do such acts…
    But the issue and fact that remains, is these girls have been damaged….
    All need to be dealt with to set examples in society..
    I at times love the way law is handled in saudi…
    This will set fear and control the animals…animals need to be controlled!!! And this herd mwentality will grow, if severe consequences are not shown!!
    I wish if the police are unable to handle it the public should walk over and take charge….Chop their hands off…
    At times law is unfair, specially in a country like India…this needs to be dealt by the public…
    Anyones daughter/mother/sister can be a target anyday by any such animals…
    They need to be controlled….
    How many breathing dead bodies are we to see? We can debate on it, but finally can we be in the shoes of these two ladies and feel their death?

  7. When our mental masterbation is over….
    We need to look beyond and see, we create crime and someone is bound to commit it!!
    Like many other cases this too will be overpowered by finances….
    If these men have not questioned their own integrity why should we stand up and try to understand their psychology?
    In the name and game of psychology these folks can walk off…millions of humans on earth how many are we to understand and let them loose to commit and sow further seeds of such crime?
    Humanitarian rights should not be wasted on such scoundrels….
    The solution is not in analysis here,nor in blaming women or tv or anything as such…we are seeking escapism… the solution is coming out with a solution….
    And this solution needs be active immediately….
    Because till the time we seek reasons and causes and many other flaws and short comings….the disease will spread like wild fire…
    This fire needs to be blocked immediately….or there is and will be more to come….
    Much more…beyond more….
    And women in India were modern so modern in those days when they would wear cholis and move around….there was respect and integrity for them then why not now????
    Why do we need to seek only to blame?
    A girl/woman is meant to be what she is a female with colours so vast….
    If ye can’t understand the depth ain’t mean ye have rights to pass judgments and pass substandard remarks>>>>>this is for all those who are trying to blame women and trying to find escapism of various orders…
    And those who are mocking at it and making it seem like a light joke…I have simple thoughts to offer>>>
    “FIE, FIE!!!”

  8. Molesting girls in a drunken state and surprisingly 70 people involed. What kind of group was that 70 people going to party and among them none were humans just a person in red t-shirt which the women have identified as their helper. but it is unimaginable people are making sex a thing that is so important, it is but not that much that you cross all your borders. the trauma the girls have faced is un describable but think about the pity that the Man faced whose one day married wife and sister were being sexually abused and their clothes torn off. THE NEWS CHANNELs in our country are the best they are showing the photographs which can put any one to shame for past 2 days after every 5 mins and boss if you know someone then if his face is blurred then also you will recognise that person, by hair style, body etc. first one or two time you may not recognise but after seeing repeatedly you will come to know . Ok accha accha yeh to mere hi class me pahti thi, she is collegue and many such comments like this . So, i will say more than Police the biggest shame is done by the media who are showing that photograph again and again. If they want thatthe culprits be recog then they should have darkened the girls photo and then should show but it is not going to happen now and or any other day’s now because these things are enjtertainment and TRP gaining fundas for these channels. I have not seen this cheap news channels. The indian meda more than helping is harrasing the common people. WAKE UP and do something good other than blowing these events out of proportion and showing bhoot and prostitue life stories. oday i read a news in a nespaper where a women was raped . the rapist had broken into her house it was a news of 100 words while this news is about molestation they are showing these girls might have recovered but our great media will now let them. If these media persons are present in a funeral they7 ask the son whose father has died , HOW DO YOU FEEL YOUR FATHER HAS DIED?

  9. The one thing that this incident brings to light is that noone hardly cares..beczuse not every girl is their mother, sister, friend, wife, daughter so why care for the rest.
    Brutality is not something new to women, we should start to think beyond the depths of it..think of it as a diesase and find a cure for it……

  10. A society without God conciousness is bound to face these problems! In America, there is nothing sacred left to corrupt, In India sacred things are being corrupted. America is turning towards spiritulism, simple thinking and high living. While India is moving towards materialism, low thinking and unloving characteristics. Its high time all our efforts are spent on educating people on good character through the Love of God. Else these kind of sufferings would never cease. I am extremely sorry for those 2 girls.

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