The nail biting

Thank you all for the great words of encouragement you have all sent to me. Now all I can do is sit and wait ! It’s frustrating as from a state of “How am I going to finish all of this in time” panic, now I have nothing to do but wait. The mind and body is so used to action and to being adrenaline induced. I wake up every morning with a start – and then do not know what t do !! Must get down to writing my next script. But the next 4 months will be spent in traveling and promoting the film. Cate, Geoffrey and Clive are busy filming , so I guess I will be doing most of the traveling ! Don’t mind it, but must must must lock down my next film.

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  1. Exciting, Shekhar!…looking forward to seeing you in Toronto.
    Is your next film Buddha?

  2. Shekhar, now you can rest assure that this film will be fantastic. I’m eagerly waiting to see it. smile

  3. Dear Shekhar; it must feel very odd indeed!! I am so anxious for the Golden Age to come out; I can barely stand it, so fans of this film; are feeling anticipation big-time!!
    All the best, on your next project!!
    Have fun touring, for the promos of the film!
    All the best,
    with loving kindness,

  4. Hi Shekhar!! Cinda, if you meet up with Shekhar in T.O… DO get a snapshot of you both, and send me a copy?(wink!) Welcome to Canada, Shekhar!! I am 6+ hours away.. wish I could be there too…
    with loving kindness,

  5. (offtop)
    Dear Shekhar.
    I found your name on a movie website of my city, on Sakhalin island.
    Unfortunately, there is nothing but your name there – neither your bio, nor any words of your wonderful ideas, films and of how wise your personality is. – No-thing!
    I’m going ro change it.
    I’m a translator and would like to translate into Eussian some info about you and your films. But only if you allow me. Personally.
    That would be the biggest present from you to the Russian people, Shekhar.
    Please, could you give me a short text, your brief bio and some thoughts of your perception of the Life and our being? What do you think of it in general?
    Warmest regards,

  6. Exciting trailer, seems to have all the fire of the first film. I eagerly await. Kudos for the first and anticipated second triumph!

  7. Hello, Shekar,
    First of all— and you probably hear this a lot… I thought ELIZABETH was brilliant and am ecstatic that you have completed a sequel with the fantastic Cate Blanchett… and am also crossing my fingers that you will complete a third Elizabeth film with ms. Blanchett as well!
    But- my question actually pertains to a rumor that had come out years ago that had me fascinated:
    I’d read that you were attached to direct a Superman film… that eventually was directed by Bryan Singer. I was enthralled at the time as to what type of treatment you would have given the film,
    as what I love about your original “Elizabeth” film is how deeply you approach the personal story while creating something that feels mythic at the same time.
    Singer took a somewhat spiritual approach in the film, with many spiritual parallels- I guess my question is: was this rumor true that you were going to direct the film, and if so, what would you have liked to have done with it, had things worked out?

  8. Dear Shekhar, how did you like Toronto; and was this your first time in Canada? Absolutely counting down the weeks until Golden Age is released!!
    wishing you all the best..

  9. Bhagwan,
    well i know the letter starts off with Dear,but that is western form.We in east regard everybody as God which is far more valuable because God is dearest and everything reminds that you are a GOD who has gorgotten himself.
    bhagwan, i think you have given indian cinema the best movies it can have,then i also think what’s stopping you to rule the industry.ok i will be very precise….straight to the point.
    Have you seen “The Passion of the Christ”?? if not then please do yourself a favour and watch.then please click n the link i am sending you
    look at its budget and gross profit worldwide.the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time.
    punchline is IT WASNT IN ENGLISH.
    cant we make an indian movie,the highest grossing R rated foreign language movie,when i think about this and only one name rings in my head “Shekhar Kapur”.
    i know iam not the first one to tell you but after reading this if you think even by 1% that i am right then please give me a chance,give me the opportunity to meet you,i have an idea.
    please give me 15 minutes of your precious time.
    i stay in glasgow,which is not very far from london,i will be there at any time u call me,please 15 minutes,thts all i ask.
    i am posting this letter in various sections,to get your attention,if it annoys you,i am reaaly sorry ,i beg your pardon ,but i dnt have choice,just for a second think of yourself when u were 22 an amaeteur,in memory of those days,please give me a chance.
    take care.
    – Kapil Janakrai Rajyaguru

  10. Hi North,
    The Gala showing of Elizabeth, The Golden Age is happening here in Toronto on Sunday September 9, 2007 ~ Roy Thompson Hall~ 6:30.
    I went downtown to get tickets for my husband and me and they were sold out…my heart dropped to the floor…then I reflected on the words that my daughter, Anjalee, so often says…”it was meant to be” I took some deep breaths and out of my mouth came huh? I remained speechless for a while.
    I’m okay now, thought about it and I am thankful to have been part of the unfolding of this powerful movie right here along with the rest of everyone.
    It was suggested by Himanshu to go down to Roy Thompson Hall 3 hours before it shows and try to get rushline tickets…I’ll give it a whirl.
    We’d be lucky to even get a back seat in this hall.
    My daughter, Anjalee, is off to College and I told her about this tale last night on the phone…and guess what she said, “it was meant to be”
    She knows how much this journey means to me, because from the beginning, I always related the progress of the updates to my family from time to time. So, in a way they too they were aware of what was going on.
    Not that they were as interested as I was, but they heard about it anyway 🙂
    Well, that’s how life is…you enjoy what you have!
    Take Care North and yes, I am feeling a “nail biting” experience of my own with my daughter being gone from home for the first time in our life.
    In Spirit,

  11. Hi friend, Cinda!! I am crushed, you could not get tickets; as you have been a faithful follower of The Golden Age for a long time, and of Shekhar’s on a more personal level at IB, for 2 years… I know, as I have been a part too with you all.
    Dear Shekhar, is there something you can do? Begging pardon for my boldness; this is not for me, but for Cinda; whom without you knowing, I have known for years, and she truly, is the heart and spirit of compassion, and knowing her anticipation to see the Premiere IN T.O. is crushed; gives me great pain, to know of her disappointment for her and her family.
    May the universe conspire, to find tickets for Cinda; may contact be made to her via her Email, telling her there would be reserved tickets waiting for her and her the entrance..
    b/c as we know in the movies…dreams DO sometimes…come true! : ) so I am dreaming this, for a happy ending… happens! : )
    om shanti shanti
    Speaking of The Golden Age; it was wonderfully shown on TV today… showing many wonderful clips!! Very happy and excited for you; for gossip is abuzz with abundant praises about it Shekhar!! : )
    Kudo’s to you, the cast and crew; on yet another spellbinding ensemble of cast and director; and I truly do hope, somehow Cinda can get tickets in T.O!! If anyone deserves a dream come true, she does; as she is the most loving, sharing person I have ever known… a true Princess.
    You ponder on your next film Shekhar? I’d love to see a remake of “Clan of the Cave Bear.” I greatly enjoyed Mel Gibson’s Appocalypto; though some of the brutality was shocking; this is was. Well, or the Sinbad films! Maybe you and Dreamworks can corroborate on the Sinbad remakes… the Indian magic of their tales, are most appealing!! Rahul Khanna, would make a wonderful Sinbad, and the actress in Mistress of the Spices… the beautiful Princess. These are the first films in theaters I ever remember seeing; and when they are shown on tv, I am so happy to see them again! : )
    Praying for this ticket miracle for you Cinda; because I know personally… you are deserving to see the film based on good karma; for the abundant generosity you have planted on this earth, have landed time and again, at my door!!
    with loving kindness, appologies in advance Shekhar for the mini-epic post(blush)

  12. Dear Cinda, perhaps you can also try the radio stations? Call them, leaving your name and contact number; b/c sometimes ppl have to cancel, and anyone wishing to find a buyer for their tickets can then be to you? Also, find out which radio stations might be having contests to win tickets? : )

  13. Dearest North,
    Oh my goodness! If anyone deserves to see this Gala IT’S YOU!!!
    Thank you LOVE for your heartfelt plea, I am okay, not to worry…Shekhar as also shared some of his personal views and life with us here…and for that I am deeply grateful! DEEPLY GRATEFUL!
    Not to worry, one day you and I will meet and it will be a moment of lasting love in eternity, if it already isn’t 🙂
    I will be going down, with my husband, to the rush line for tickets, on the day of the event…to see if they have any left.
    If we don’t get any, I’ll try to get a glimpse of Shekhar, if possible, when he is making his way into the theatre.
    Darling you are soooooo wonderful and generous with your words, brought tears to my eyes.
    I love you North, thank you for thinking of me and caring for me…some things you just can’t buy in a store eh? And you have those precious gifts…I am fortunate to know you, and I know one day, we will meet.
    Blessing be…in trust and faith we surrender to the flow of what IS.
    {{{love you North and Shekhar}}}

  14. Dear Shekhar, here is a link to the TIFF-Toronto International Film Festival main page, where TGA is listed, and an article with it…headline reading; Good as Gold!! And, by the previews I saw the other day… Oscar Gold, perhaps??(smiles)
    Here is a link to the actual Page with TGA article on it:
    Cinda, I left a comment at TIFF page, inquiring HOW we can find you tickets!! Hope I get an answer; if not, I gave this sites link to them….hopefully we will get YOU tickets my dearest, most kindest friend!!
    Love, North

  15. Hello dear friend, Cinda; yes, after so many years being online friends(8 years now?); and only 7 hours drive apart in distance; one day we will meet; and at this premiere would have been so wonderful!!
    I have spent the weekend online trying to find you tickets Cinda!! I have also posted two bulletins via myspace at northdesigns; to seek tickets!!
    No word yet; but I am not a giver-upper, and am continuing my search via personal contacts in Toronto!!
    Cinda, you are the most generous and kind woman I’ve ever met…. and I want this so much for you!! I want you and your husband to meet Shekhar too, for the both of us… lol Yes, I would sure love to go too…but, I would give just about anything..for you to be able to go!!
    Love you and yours so very much… always!!
    Shekhar, the praise of TGA is going through the roof!! “Top drawer”.. I keep hearing about it. Congratulations Shekhar!!
    Much love,

  16. Dear North,
    There is always a reason for everything…when we trust we “find”
    My aunt died 15 minutes ago.
    Where I was born in Trinidad, I had known her as the most peaceful person who lived in that village. She remained the light among the darkest of times…her glow was pure in nature, and I am fortunate to have had the chance to let her know that I knew that of her.
    People like her are few.
    She is called “tantie Small”…to me the only thing small about her was her ego. Her real name is Pearlin Gajani Sankar.
    She will soar with the angles…
    So, this week will be filled with many a preparations for her cremation and I am unsure of when the funeral will be.
    I will not be going to the Gala on Sunday. If at all, I willbe outside the Hall to catch a glimpse of Shekhar.
    Bless you North for all your efforts and lovingness, I will remember this, always.
    love you darling,

  17. Sincere condolences Cinda; on the passing of your dearest Aunt!! you have had so many tragedies the past few years; and it all seems so unfair to have to happen, to a woman as kind, generous and selfless as you are… Sending you and your beloved family, big hugs, prayers and lotsa love!! I hope you get to see Shekhar.. lotsa buzz on the net about TGA.. and it’s all positive!!
    Once again, my deepest condolences, dearest friend..

  18. Thank you dear North for your heartfelt thoughts and prayers, you shine in my life!
    Funeral was yesterday, Wednesday. My aunt will remain “peaceful” in my thoughts…this is all I know of her, she has been no other way in my eyes.
    I was told that as she was having her last breaths…her voice chanted Hare Krishna Hare Rama…Hare Krishna Hare Rama…Hare Krishna Hare Rama
    peacefully departed.
    The ceremony was steep in Hindu rituals and tradition, it will continue at my cousin’s home for the next month and half…then in 6 months and then 11 months from now, followed up in 5 years.
    The day went by in peace and harmony.
    Om shanti shanti shanti…
    Surely, on Sunday we will make a trip to Roy Thompson Hall to have a glimpse at Shekhar, if possible.
    Take Care North,
    love you,

  19. …today, the nail biting comes to an end…
    All the BEST for a grand Gala Opening, Shekhar, staff, cast and crew…of “Golden Age”, here in Toronto, Canada

  20. Dear Shekhar,
    It was magical for me, to be able to meet for one moment with you outside Roy Thompson Hall today for the Gala Presentation of “Golden Age”
    Thank you for looking back when I called out your name…you could have kept on going, with so many shouting and calling out, the odds were against me, but it still happened! The “little bird” told me to do it NOW…and I did.
    I couldn’t go inside, seeing as I had no tickets…but what happened outside was satisfying enough. I know I will go and see the movie when it comes out in the regular cinemas…no worries.
    I’m sure your movie is a great masterpiece.
    By the way, Shekhar…you look a whole lot better in person than any of your pictures I’ve seen, so did the other actors. I found that was the opinion of others in the crowd also.
    My 7 year old son was in the crowd with my husband and by the time I got back to where they were standing and told them how we had met…my son had a question for me, how come people care so much about how they look instead of how they feel? I gather, he made that observation from listening to all those around him talking about how the actors looked. This was his first experience in this situation.
    I told him that part of an actors job is to look a certain part or role that they are playing or pretending to be, so a lot of time is spent on looks as well as acting the part. Eventually, the ‘practice becomes a habit’ and after a while it is what becomes important too…the look.
    Any wisdom to add to his question?
    Namaste Shekhar…and thank you! Cinda
    Dear North,
    {{{hugs}}} to you darlin, for believing in me and hoping for Shekhar and me to meet…it manifested, even if for a moment, I also had hoped for it to happen, not just for me but for you too. I thought of you so much while I was there…how could I not?
    I did take a photo of Shekhar, from far, when he was walking around meeting and greeting the press and others. I will email it to you sometime soon. Sorry, I was not in position to have a photo of Shekhar and myself (crouched up in a crowd), neither did I ask for his autograph…a touch is far more worth the experience, besides, I think I drew a blank:)
    So much I could have said, but words were not for that moment.
    Thank you North, I will mail you the pics soon.
    Love you,

  21. Shekhar,
    Again, I am warmly looking forward to The Golden Age.
    In terms of locking down your next film, again consider The Illumination, based on The Illumination: A Novel of the Great War (2006), which I warmly believe would be up your alley. It is a love story, set among a woman surgeon in the RAMC and two men, one Irish, the other British from British East Africa, who are war correspondents, unable to truly depict the horror of the Western Front, and the fate which befalls one of them during the last weeks of the war. It has just been listed on StudioSystems and imdbpro. I have heard through the grapevine CAA and perhaps your agent have a copy of the script.
    Warmest regards,

  22. Shekhar,
    Early professional/personal reviews of “The Golden Age”. They are mixed. Surprised since the results from the test screening were positive. Perhaps the mainstream audience and the critics don’t see thing eye to eye.
    Hollywood Reporter (this one is positive):
    David Poland’s Blog:
    Screen Daily (this one is positive):

  23. Shekhar:
    Now the reviews and comments are pouring in and they all point to the lack of substance and loud score in the movie. Is there anyway to recut it before releasing it on Oct 12? I was really looking forward for it to be a big Oscar contender next year but now it doesn’t look like it will be. I will still go see it at least twice in the movie theater!

  24. Cinda, that is so great you were able to meet Shekhar for a moment on the red carpet, I am looking forward to a copy of the picture!! I were with you all, all weekend in Spirit!!
    Shekhar, I hope you liked Toronto!!

  25. I know North, felt you there too…
    Thank you Darlin for the special card and gift, it accompanied me to work yesterday…and now sits beside my bed.
    I will try to get the oics this week if possible and mail them to you.
    love ya,

  26. HI Shekhar!! Back home yet? Do you get jet-lag when you travel so far? I am so glad you met Cinda.. a long-time fan of yours!! I can barely wait until October for TGA release!! Will go see it, soon as it hits theatre in my tiny town(always almost a month or more later than cities–sigh)and the DVD will go on my Christmas list. The copy I got of Elizabeth didn’t work(2nd hand store, shoulda known, but at least my son tried!!)… anyway, all the best to you Shekhar!! Bravo on a job well done!(looked great from the trailer)
    Cinda–glad you got the card and gift; I hope it helped console your grief in even a small way. I love you too, dear friend–you are a treasured friend!!

  27. Dear North,
    I would try and get a copy of Elizabeth for you…and me, if I can. Still looking for it:}Also, if you like, I will send you a copy of “Conversations with God”…did you see this as yet?
    The card and gift fulfilled its purpose…thank you my friend.
    Dear Shekhar,
    After the gala showing of Golden Age, I am still awaiting a clip from any interviews with YOU.
    None has shown up on television, unless I missed it! I am a little disappointed with the media in Toronto for this.
    Hope something turns up soon.

  28. Dear Shekhar..I am watching the 59th Emmy Awards. Twice tonight, they showed scenes from Elizabeth-The Golden Age, and this time showed scenes I had not seen yet; and wow!! is all I can say!! Cate is playing her most powerful best!! You, Shekhar, deserve a round of grande applause!!

  29. Thanks Cinda–that would be great, because no, I have not seen “Conversations with God” and heard rave reviews about it!! Thankyou!! : ) Elizabeth is real hard to find..I wonder why? I tried to get our video store to sell me theirs; but, they wouldn’t
    I haven’t seen any interview with Shekhar from the TIFF either Cinda!! Not one!! I seen interviews with Geofrey Rush, Cate Blantchet and Clive Owen, but NO clips or interview with Shekhar… TIFF must feel the film was great, because they been showing clips a couple weeks now, on the tv…
    Shekhar, looking forward to the 3rd installment of this trilogy!!

  30. Dear Shekhar
    Had TV on while working, heard my first Golden Age promo (NYC). Yippee!! I cannot wait!!! 😀
    love, Heath

  31. Hi North,
    Sorry the pics are taking the time it is to reach you, I was not able to find an attachment for my camera to get the pics printed out to send…found it this weekend!
    snail mailin to u soon,

  32. Friend Cinda, You are too sweet to do this for me, Cinda!! My appreciation and gratitude is yours. I can hardly wait to see them!! I bet Shekhar looked like a King on the red carpet!!
    Dear Shekhar, have you looked down your next film? Have you considered starting a myspace? I have, and It’s fun, you can add slides, videos…check mine out–see if you might like a myspace too? I put my digital art in myslide slideshows.
    Love and Blessings,

  33. What a fantastic movie! Elizabeth was the first movie my wife and I saw together when we were dating. Yesterday for our seventh anniversary we went to the first showing of The Golden Age.
    A brilliant movie. i thought it a bit choppy at first, as it tied the various plots together into one, but it was well worth it once they all got going together. The music, the costumes, the scenes, and the acting — what a delightful, powerful, wonderful movie.

  34. Dear Shekar,
    I just saw Elizabeth The Golden Age yesterday night, and still feel like I am on sort of a drug or in a daze. Just as the first Elizabeth, the movie is so stunning, esthetically, emotionally and artistically. You are incredible. What a gem Cate is. I still I am not over she didn’t get the Oscar for it. Hope she does this year. Please make the third Elizabeth soon. Don’t keep me waiting too long.
    Lys Poet

  35. Dear North,
    Sorry this is taking sooooo loooooong. I just got the pics transfered to hard copy from the grocery print shop. I am not always available to go pick them up, so hopefully, tomorrow during my lunch I will.
    Don’t know how they would turn out as yet…the machine I was printing from was a bit high off the ground so I had to tiptoe sometimes to see what I was doing.
    Anyway, the Elizabeth movie, we are still waiting for. My husband, Dave, ordered it and it has not arrived as yet.
    Thank you for being patient!
    This past weekend, I saw Golden Age…and just before seeing it we also saw The Kingdom…so sitting in the cinema for that many hours, didn’t help me to fully appreciate the experience of Golden Age….and that same day (in the morning), I had completed a Walk-a-thon for The Children’s Wish Foundation, to help raise money. So it was a FULL day for me.
    Luv you,

  36. Hi Cinda! Not a worry, friend; whenever it happens, it happens… don’t rush yourself. The film is not here in KL yet, and the waiting is brutal!! I keep seeing previews, great reviews, some not so great reviews.. I think critics go to extremes at times… if they can’t find something significantly wrong with a film; they make it up, for reporting sake…. terrible trend in film critique!!
    A walk-a-thon eh? wow! I haven’t done one in over 30 years!! WE had an annual 29-mile walk-a-thon here every year when I were younger… it was brutal to do!
    Shekhar, I hope you are resting as best you can, following all the premiere’s…travels; so that you can lock-down Elizabeth-3!! Have you chosen a title for 3 yet?
    Much love to all, deep respect,

  37. It speaks volumes that all the comments on this site are so one sided. Most of the comments and reviews I have read elsewhere describe the films Elizabeth and The Golden Age as Ladybird book history, offensive and sectarian. Any response? Cheers.

  38. Hello Shekhar,
    We at Worlds Away Films are in the final stages of development on a Hollywood/Bollywood co-production entitled: The Quest of Sheherzade.
    We believe that this material is very much in line with the kind of work you’re doing and we’d love to speak with you about the material.
    I’ll contact Beth at CAA to see if I can track you down, but I figured I’d try you here first.

  39. The legends of Nine Unknown Men this is the name of a secret society which is said to be started by Asoka The Great. Shekhar Sir I come to know about this about two and half year ago and since then I have thinking about somebody like you making a film on this. I hope you heard about them. Plz shekhar would you consider my request and make a movie about them. It will be a great honour for we Indian.
    This is my second post last being on 15th August plz tell me why you dont reply me. May be you are too busy these days???
    I may be posting an irrelevant post Plz forgive me for that.
    Your Die Hard Fan
    PS: I would love to recieve an email from you acknowledging about recieving this post( May be I am demanding too much?)

  40. Dear Shekhar
    I’ll see Golden Age a second time tonight, and maybe a third time on Saturday. It’s one of the best films I’ve seen. Its power and depth are such that its flaws are like the inclusions in an emerald, making it more beautiful than if it were completely unflawed.
    love, Heath

  41. Hi Shekhar,
    Saw The Golden Age last weekend. Cate and Jordi ‘s performance were brilliant. Though Jordi Molla had few scenes in the film he as a God fearing King Philip was superb… his expressions were fantastic. No wonder why he is a star in spain.. Soon hollywood will recoken this immense talent.I thought Remi Adefarasin cinematography and Craig/Rahman’s background score were mind-blowing. I loved the film. But the battle sequence were not satisfying..All along the movie almost everyone talks about the might and powerfull Spanish Armada.. but in the final battle scene we see only few and from the british side we see only clive owen’s ship and mostly interior shots where british talk about how much fleet they have lost… We lose the Continuity.. Or clear description of how the battle was won.. and then we are in the final scene… But i loved the film … Visuals and some brilliant camera angles inside the Cathedral’s..Cate and Remi Adefarasin should be up for all the awards..Now i understand why you shot the film in 1.1:85 ratio…

  42. Dear North,
    I am mailing your dvd tomorrow, when I get Golden Age, I will forward to you also.
    Take Care Friend,

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