Tony Blair and the Global Cool film

The internet is rife with rumours that my next film is called Global Cool with Tony Blair and Sienna Miller in the lead. Actually ‘Global Cool’ is an organization that is dedicated to bringing the message of Global Warming to the youth. Hopefully we can make energy conservation, water conservation etc a fun thing to do, and a social activity. Sienna Miller, Tony Blair and I are all members of this organization….

We did a very short film with Amitabh, Tony Blair and Sienna Miller as a little stunt, and showed it at the Iafa awards in Yorkshire. To draw people’s attention to Global Warming. Didn’t realize that the little film would get so much attention. Even the Times of India ran a headline article with this as my next film !
So the stunt worked, I mean overworked !!
But really, while we all curse the corporate world and goverments for polluting our world, the statistics show that all of us individually can make a real real difference. Simple things like :
switching off lights, using more energy efficient light bulbs, not keeping electrical equipment on stand by
Turning off taps. My 6 yr old daughter chided me for keeping the tap running while I brushed my teeth. She learnt that at school. Thethe most water efficient way of bathing is the traditional Indian bucket bath !
Use the car only when you absolutely need to. Walk if you can, or use your bicycle, or public transport. Get your kids to use the school bus rather than being driven. Join carpools.
Don’t keep the car running just to keep the airconditioning going
flying less ??
Hey I am just being simplistic, I know, but when u begin to make a list, u realize how simple it really is. All we need to be is aware. And like people on diets, we all need to be on energy and water usage diets.
You think we should all compile a list of things by which we can all be part of this movement ?

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  1. I saw the spoof, it’s pretty cool. I find it incredibly funny that Times Of India didn’t understand the spirit of that short film – and they actually didn’t get it.. But I’ve always found Indian media lacking a sense of humor. I’m guessing Times of India also believes all the urban legends.. 🙂
    At any rate, nice job in bringing awareness, even though some, um, not so bright media outlets

  2. Thanks Kishore, and kedar, what a good idea – I will put it on U tube !and pl explain by what u mean when u say ” a program that is wrong at it’s very roots ? shekhar

  3. oh…it seems u are online there right now…the moment i sensed your presence you are no more Dude…you are Mr. Shekhar Kapur… 🙂 hmm…
    Program… the society…its structure…its development and its growth…well…i cant talk to Mr. Kapur…lol… see you later…

  4. “And like people on diets, we all need to be on energy and water usage diets.” — why has no one made that a marketing theme so far? It’s brilliant!
    love, Heath

  5. Hi Shekhar,
    Thanks for writing this blog in response to my question in the other thread. Although I do agree wholeheartedly with the message of the short-film & the Global Cool Org, I’m not too impressed with its execution. The spoof somehow missed its mark……..maybe due to a weak script or weak execution. It somehow felt incomplete, not just to me but to a lot of others who attended the IIFA Awards event. Maybe it would’ve have been better if the celebs in the short-film had addressed the issue directly.

  6. Hey,
    Great to know you are supporting this cause. Public figures supporting causes always make a giant leapful difference! Will look up your video on youtube. Have you seen this movie called “The inconvenient truth”? It talks about global warming and its effects. I made a post on it last year
    You are absolutely right. We should not just blame corporations and governments for these things. I have tried to contribute by taking the bus to work twice a week and trying to minimize use of such material. Although I am good with electricity, I will remember to turn my computer off instead of putting it on standby.
    But at the same time, corporations must contribute. Just 2 days ago I found out that most commercial paper napkins/ toilet papers/ face tissues don’t recycle paper! Their paper contains chlorine which toxifies the environment. Here is the link
    For India, more than anything, I think polysterene should be banned. I heard about the official (mayor??) of Ottacamund who had banned it but when she got “dislocated”, Otty came back to being its old self.
    I also have a new business idea for whoever is willing to listen – make very cool/ trendy looking cloth shopping bags with a cool looking logo for the global warming cause. People will buy them, and use them… and its contagious you know. I vote for the Digjam man to promote advertising 🙂
    – Sonia

  7. I saw this news sometime ago on news channels but there was no mention of Amitabh. This reiterates my belief that most news channels are not trustworthy as far as their sources and understanding is concerned.
    This is no doubt a great cause that u r supporting but the kind of influence that u along with your friends can have, I would prefer to see u all getting involved in much more serious issues.

  8. Brilliant! I could not have agreed more with your views – and yes, we should have a list which should mention all that we could do to for conservation – here is mine
    1. Saving of cooking gas by lighting the matchstick before you turn on the knob (yes, there are many gas burners that run this way as yet)
    2. Shaving with a mug of water rather than running tap water – the same goes when you are rinsing your mouth
    3. Do not wash your towels everyday if they are not dirty – you can even do this when you are staying at hotels (In fact, at one of the hotels I stayed in Kerala had put up a note – ‘Towels on the floor means we take for a wash, if they are not dirty, do not throw on the floor – you contribute towards saving water’
    4. In India, lot of detergent goes for washing clothes and utensils – we can reduce that. Imaging running a complete washing machine cycle for washing just 3 clothes. Huge water wastage.
    5. Build urinals at home as well – the standard flush tank makes more than 15 litres go down the drain every time you just urinate – go for a tank which gives you an option to empty half or full.
    6. Shekhar, you have mentioned about not running the car just for your airconditioning – perfect. The amount of water that goes for washing cars everyday is huge – at times, just wiping it with a dry cloth might be perfect.
    7. SUV’s guzzle up fuels. I’m not asking to stop using one, just use it responsibly or better go for a vehicle which gives a great mileage.
    Keep adding more to the list…

  9. Dear Shekhar,
    I was wondering whether it is true that you are attached to direct The Sadhu based on the Virgin Comics series starring Nicolas Cage for Saturn Films? According to IMDB you will start shooting early 2008 in India.

  10. I have stumbled upon this blog after noticing that I am actually covering the discussion (as a student blogger) that you will be making in Singapore when you do come over on 20th JUNE 2007 for the conference of New Media @ Arts House. I am highly interested in many of your views on issues and events, and will be hopeful to talk to you during the event itself.

  11. In way of educating the masses about Global Cooling and other pressing Environment issues, I feel there has to be a concerted Media campaign consisting of ads, jingles, feature films, New Media efforts, PR efforts, basically the whole 360* bang.
    Again, I don’t see the governments doing it…so it has to come from the Industry and individuals of the world. It has to be a high profile foundation like what Al Gore is trying to do.
    A high profile person like you is well suited to do something like this in India.
    There are difficulties here as we are prone to abusing the very land that we live in and then calling her ‘Bharat Mata’. What Bulls**t!!

  12. I am in Singapore and to get over jet lag I just finished a long hot bath. Huge amounts of water ! I was wondering then, what if hotels charged less basic rates, but extra for the amount of water and energy used after a basic amount ?
    And at home, why should water and energy be paid for at the same rate regardless of the amount of consumption ? Should we not have a sliding scale we pay for ? The more we consume, the higher rates we pay. And the money we pay should be re-invested back by the goverments in conserving diminshing resources.
    The same for driving. The more gas

  13. Dear Shekhar,
    You’d be glad to know that we already have a sliding scale in India. The more you consume, the higher rate you pay for power and water.
    How come you didn’t know about this……who pays your bills! LOL.
    In India, the bigger issue is of Power and Water theft, which is often conveniently swept under the carpet. Electricity and Water are stolen in broad daylight in huge quantities and since the managing companies are unable (or don’t have the will) to stop this theft, honest consumers like you and me end up paying much more than we should. Honest consumers are made to subsidise the thieves, and this is not right.

  14. Yes, it takes a movement…for its like attempting to change the course of a zillion elephants headed south, and get them headed north bound.
    Re: Shekhars comment…
    Bloated hotel rates…law of averages…in effect, those already conscious about resource-conservation and exercising usage restraint pay for overindulgence by the less conscious. Would a sliding scale really achieve the desired result in the perpetrating segment, the overindulging population…who couldnt care less for conservation and are *able* to throw money to hold on to their excessive/compulsive indulgences? Isnt it more a systemic issue of shifting the mindset and making the change from within oneself, to drive conservative practices? that then spans beyond energy and water. Monetary imposition is one lever…are there any others?
    Shekhar, while in Singapore, check out Annalakshmi restaurant (if you havent already done so) @ the Excelsior for a Athithi Devo Bhava vegetarian culinary experience:-)

  15. Hello Sir,
    As I have seen your organisation on Global Cool! it feels great that ppl on a large medium taking this intiative in a valuable way. I also like the way you are prouncing the word CooL! to make it happening or trendy, saw your measures & steps which are simpler to follow…though convaying it on a large scale needs take more promotion & marketing which I think you ppl were moving in a great way. I just want to suggest that you can also highlight & take bigger measures like Rain Water Harvesting, Use & Installations of Solar Energy replacing our Electricity, Producing more Fuel Effecient CNG Vehicles by making in cheaper,user friendly, flexible for every living segment and promoting it also in a “Cool” way. Its not easy from my side to promote it in a global level but I think you all having the media power to promote it. Its good that we can also form NGO’s & Communities in every sector, area & big cities in promoting these valuable measures. If you need any intiative from my side or by the youth please count me.
    thanks & regards,

  16. Shouldn’t Tony Blair,Bill Clinton,Jimmy Carter,Vajpayee,Gorbachev,Mandela,Castro and other prominent old leaders of the yesteryears and real architects of the present be utilized for their Global-trust-and-power-brand-equity as long as they are alive.
    Probably a new upper house a la Rajya Sabha of India or House of Lords of Britain should be created along with the General assembly at the UN thus guiding its future plans with their wisdom which will be authenticated by the creation of this house.It can probably be named ‘Assembly of the Wise’ vis a vis the ‘General assembly’.

  17. dear shekhar,
    it is always a pleasure to read you.
    i have been absent for 3 months, morning and coming to terms with life losses…
    i feel london is coming to a still, people are truly commited but have no decision power…
    i feel like leaving and going somewhere beautifull and wait and seee what happens to our world around us….
    have you heared about the oneness university?
    and the global meditation?

  18. What is the release date of the movie?
    Can’t find anything on google about that…

  19. Yeah…when is the release date? Really looking forward to it.
    Pls reply to this 🙂

  20. Livia, I have not heard about the oneness university . tell me about it –
    Adijo – sorry, there is no film, it’s just a very innovative way of doing a commercial to call attention of the pepple to the issues of global warming. Global Cool is an organizatin that is trying to bring the message of the environment to kids.

  21. dear shekhar
    I couldn’t believe to read a man still standing at the same platform of large crowd as he has so dearly chosen for his audience in arts.
    With the day-to-day concerns of social issues, you are as close to people as you have touched the mind n hearts with your works.
    We are the people shining this planet alive, and our hopes and passions form the basis of actions..govts or bureaucrats.
    When there is a dark, only someone of us shows the light. The ideas originate within our collective conscience, we only need to explore..

  22. Thanks for the reply.
    Hope u think of something! A movie in the making. An Inconvenient Truth was great, you can make another one, capitalizing on the Indian Subcontinent.
    Just an idea though 🙂

  23. …and if we each of us eat less toast… sure, of course, global footprints can be reduced by individuals en masse but I strongly feel a bit more visual change from the co-orporates themselves would appease the individual from conceeding to thoughts of futility. Solar panels turning up everywhere, actual green fuel-pumps in gas stations with actual green cars consuming it. I thought of a lovely statement for the new WTC – remake it in the same mode but cover it head to foot in solar panels, that would lift a few milligrams of sarcasm and cynicism from my shoulders! Suggest to it Tony Blair if you see him again will you.

  24. Hi!
    You might like to read.( if not already)
    “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum.

  25. Hi Shekhar,
    I think you are doing a great job.I am 100% sure the message of global warming would be more loud & clear amongst people after watching ur movie.
    wish you all the best.

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