Global warming: from Ecosystem to Egosystem

What we as human beings have forgotten is that we evolved as an inherent part of the Ecosystem of nature. Over millions of years, and much more. A system that evolved with such intricate and delicate, almost invisible balances. The sheer artistry of nature is a wonder to behold in itself. Now we see ourselves as controllers of that ecosystem. We now, in our arrogance, have evolved ourselves as an Egosystem …….

.. and we forget that we are an essential part of nature’s artistry. But no more essential than a Polar Bear, an Eagle, a Tree, or even a blade of Grass. We are not beyond, and never will be beyond ,the fine checks and balances of that artistry. We are nature, and the genetic consciousness of Nature will never allow one of it’s non essential components to upset it’s own balance over time.
The volcanic activity of the Earth ultimately led to the creation of Glaciers over millions of years. The Glacier became a huge natural reservoir of Water, that let out a little all the year round and then replenished itself through a finely tuned system of snow fall and ice compression. And so the Rivers were formed. The rivers nourished the land and soil around which we human beings evolved over time.
So what kind of science will allow us to recreate our Glaciers ? With a natural ebb and flow of receiving and giving ?
Nature will not be defeated by the over grown cancer in it’s own body. Or nature itself will die with that cancer. I do believe that over time we are genetically predisposed to be like Lemmings. Our genetic consciousness is a part of nature’s own larger consciousness. It will force us to self destruct in the end. The human race lives too much in the illusion of individuality.
We have to see ourselves as an inherent part of an ecosystem and stop deluding ourselves in the arrogance of an egosystem. We are

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  1. Most often it takes destruction to dissolve arrogance, depravation to learn better appreciation. For things taken for granted. For our ability to inhale and exhale. For our five senses working in perfect harmony. For just being on this planet that nurtures and gives so much, and yet we are unable to give back even a fraction. Ignorant are those who are unable to savor the sacred gift bestowed in abundance for inhabitants of planet earth — bestowed with the ‘Panchabhutas’, the 5 life-sustaining elements (earth, air, water, fire, space). Foolish and selfish is the human race that revels as colonizers and plunderers of Mother Earth. She will endure the burden until her fury culminates in the ‘Pralaya’, the dissolution, in the cosmic cycle of creation-dissolution-recreation.
    I read somewhere that the 27th ‘Pralaya’ is approaching Earth, only to dissolve this Kali Yuga in 2037 AD. Are the melting glaciers, tsunamis and earthquakes of recent past the inconvenient truth, symptomatic of her cascading fury leading up to the dissolution?

  2. friction is also a great part of change, be it we are slowing down or speeding up, destruction is just as essential as creation…in fact, it is the essence of creation
    while the experience may very well be distasteful and suffering is plentiful, somehow, it seems as through the path has already been set and we are simply moving across it
    it is necessary that the friction exsist…change is constant, and a better earth is far ahead to be experience by the next life forces that will eventually exsist here on this earth
    we are also passerbys as they will be, as so many millions of speices before us
    the Ramayana speaks of this, my father told me, as his father told him
    it is how it is because this is how it was meant to be
    cruel and uncaring as it may sound, what will come to pass has already been set, even those of us who are giving our lives for the betterment of this earth and doing so fullheartedly from our souls, even such experiences are ALL part of the bigger TRUTH
    we are all pieces of one big puzzle, I believe…not the puzzle we often think, one that our minds cannot fathom in this place we call…universe
    just some fleeting thoughts shared here, tomorrow it may all jumble into another set of thoughts…ever changing

  3. Shekhar ,
    Dont worry , there are going to be more balanced times ahead of us .Ego-centric and Materialistic Science has very few answers and instead creates bigger problems – not because it is science !
    But because of the kind of civilisation we are. when you say ‘we’ i guess you are speaking for the whole of humanity ??
    In which case you are wrong ,shekhar ! – The present ecological problems of the world are the result of Darwinism , Christianity and Islam.
    If you dont agree , i’ll respect it , but in a nutshell , those three forces have created strange logical concoctions to justify mindless Violence and Barbarim against Mankind , Nature and the way our minds think !!
    Indic cultures which spoke of Non-Violence , Worshipping nature and taking along everyone else in an inclusivistic way have been called apalling names – pagans , heathens , ‘primitive’ – famous epithets against peaceful cultures used by Inquisitors , Conquisdators , Colonialists , Barbarian Religions passing of as the ‘Only Truth’ !
    If mankind were to agree on three simple things , the world and its eco-system would be a better place – you can judge for yourself who would oppose these propositions :
    1) That Nature’s Law is not limited to ‘Animal Law’ – that ‘Jungle Law’ cannot apply to Human society. That symbiotic co-existance with nature is the true way of survival.
    2) That Truth is one and there are many paths leading to it. That there is not just only ‘One prophet , One book , one Way’ to reach there.
    3) That Man has a place in a parallel structure of the universe and that the animal and natural kingdom was not made for his ‘pleasure’ , to rule , kill , eat and destroy.
    If everyone agrees on the basic themes of the above three ideas , then the world can indeed be a better place. I can see only three philosophies opposing them. Guess who ???

  4. it is a good thing to stop pollution, you change the world from right where you are at. Each one of us.
    I admire the efforts of Al Gore to use the pop culture mindset of our societies to get us to listen, to be a “part of what’s happenin'”
    but the egosystem seems to me to be the arrogance we have in thinking that we are supposed to be exempt from planetary changes. Our little blue planet has been changing since time began. There are ruins under our vast oceans of civilizations that came before us. There are ruins under the vast crust of earth of civilizations that came before us. Are we exempt from change? despite our great knowledge, despite our great technologies?
    what disheartens me is knowing the violent history of all civilizations past and acknowledging the current violent upheavals we have refused to learn from the evidence at hand.
    most people do not wake up on a tuesday morning and decide to change their lives… people change when they have the thought that they cannot live like this one more minute. I fear it will take the whole planetary population dead and dying to have that thought, “we cannot survive as a species like this one more minute”
    we change the world from right where we are at.
    I read once somewhere that the buddhists believe that we do not become enlightened only for ourselves but for everyone. When one person becomes enlightenend then the whole planet is affected, like ripples going outward from a stone tossed into the pond.

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