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There are so many of our community on this blog now that are interacting together, so I propose an Open Thread every Monday. Arguments are great. All I ask is that everyone respect each others point of view. I too will pop into the discussion. Shekhar

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  1. I’ll start the thread with a topic that everyone loves – SUCCESS and CELEBRATION.
    I have always wondered that it takes so long to complete any big task in this world, and when we do succeed there’s joy, but we soon have to move on to the next task. Does it mean that God really wanted us to mainly spend our lives striving for goals, and spend a very small time celebrating the successes?
    We all know that life is a journey, but at some point we do want to enjoy some achievement and celebrate, but what exactly is celebration – drinking with friends, dancing in a nightclub, having loved ones around, wearing expensive clothes, organzing a big party, not being able to stop blushing in public, applause, buying diamonds, or just shedding tears of joy in private. I’d like to know from you as to how you define the word ‘celebration’?
    Himanshu – NY

  2. Dear Shekhar,
    I would love you to direct an animation film, which blends the 2 woods “Holly” and “Bolly”. I have written a story titled, Appu Aur Shera – Its like where Jungle Book Meets Bollywood.
    Shera is a young lion and the only son of the King of the jungle and how he falls in love with Appu or Aparna an Elephant. This is a story set in the jungle against typical bollywood conditions where Shera’s parents oppose this love as they are from royal blood, king of the jungle, who eat non vegetarian (like Ek Duje Ke Liye) and cant believe how can their son love an overweight dark looking creature. Of course there is the villain in the fox who poisons the King’s mind.
    Similarly Appu’s family oppose this alliance and are worried about what will happen to their herd and their generation. They are worried that Appu has started to diet and trying to loose weight. This they feel is against their tradition and culture. In a typical bollywood style both Appu and Shera elope from the jungle and how both the families search for them. We have the deer, the monkey and the eagle assisting them to hide and be together.
    Finally love triumphs and how both are united (You can show a back cub with tusks or a trunk) is the end of this fantasy love story filled with song, dance and emotions.
    Would love to hear your comments.

  3. Hii…
    am not sure what an open thread is..but just thought will put in some of my thoughts on the topic Himanshu proposed- Success and Celebration.. Well i feel one is not as excited as motivated, as much enjoying the moment, as when is going thru the motions of completing the task, as at the end of it.. so i think u dont need to sit an enjoy at the end of it all in a literary sense.. i guess it is the journey towards it that has to be enjoyed.. at the end of it may be it is just the satisfaction of a good job done.. or atleast a job done with complete dedication.. So i think it is not fair to drag God in this controversy- as may be he wants us to enjoy the journey than the destination!!… i think i am sounding a bit confused.. but i just penned down what went past my mind…..:)

  4. I beleive success lies in making the journey a celebration. A very subtle shift in the attitude towards accomplishing your goals can make your entire life a celebration. Doing things to be happy can be a tough journey. To do thing because you are happy makes a lot of diffrence. You celebrate while you are achiving your goals and later people celebrate your achivements.

  5. Are web logs (blogs) the best tool available today for exchanging ideas, educating oneself on different cultures and different schools of thought?
    Is it creating deeper divisions between cultures, beliefs and schools of thought which are already suspicious of each other?

  6. I think they certainly are a better tool. Understanding and discussing differences shd help us overcome them or understand them…but would obviously depend on each individual on how he takes it. So I think its not the tool but the users that matter, as always is the case. The tool is just awesome…how else could I have had this discussion with u and MR. SHEKHAR KAPUR. Surely cant complain 🙂

  7. I have a few questions – why depend on speculative knowledge when there is a final solution available ? If it is speculative why be biased when we know we dont know ? why do we use conjectures , quotes , suggestions of other equally blind scientists ? Does questioning and not finding the answers so condition our minds that when the solution does appear in front of us , we still cannot get over this ‘perpetual seeking ‘ – making a virtue out of this ‘ journey’ when actually – if we look properly , there is the solution and the final goal very well defined for us ?
    what is scientific ?why does everything that passes the test of ‘science’ as we knoww it, lend credence? since when did science and religion start differing? is it applicable to all religions -does it apply for the indian condition?
    how pure is really the word ‘love’ ? is it something influenced a lot by the body-nerve complex? is it just a need of the mind and body which we romanticise and extend and keep revisiting endlessly while the body continiously progresses towards incapacity anyway ?
    does truth give happiness ? is that why we seek to bury in a bit of welcome ignorance which gives us pleasure and company , however false?
    why are we so blind and dont yet see it ?

  8. going to a peaceful sleep d moment u touch d pillow n waking up next morning with a smile on ur lips says everything!
    That proves u’veLIVED N CELEBRATED every waking moment of u’r life. U celebrate when you are happy n HAPPINESS–90% OF IT COMES FROM AN HONEST EFFORT N d10% from its acknowledgement. Youv’e got to be striving for that 90% n d rest 10 will follow and when that arrives, you definitely need u’r few chosen ones around to cheer for u in whatever way!

  9. I think one shud never reply on past success – whatever that success might have been for the individual, its best to celebrate the success and move on as quickly as possible…nothing is more pathetic as a “has been”, whichever field he/she might have succeeded in…
    And, afterall, there are so many things to surpass and celebrate that a lifetime is not enuf..

  10. I think it is great to say ‘enjoy the journey’, but often when we are venturing into the unknown it is very difficult to know when we have accomplished something.
    Let’s talk about a very important initiative mankind has been working on for more than 20 yrs, that is to find a cure for AIDS. This is the kind of project where you can’t really set deadlines, and also can’t be working towards any known flag posts. It often takes 1-2 years to complete a single phase of new medical drug trial (there are generally 3 Phases). What would constitute ‘honest effort’ in this case when it’s basically an experiment? They might have some motivations – some may be doing it for genuine help to mankind, some for hoping to win the ‘Nobel prize’ for medicine, and some may just want to provide invaluable service to the filed of medicine.
    What advice would you give to these scientists/doctors regarding ‘celebrating the journey’ when the end result is completely unknown (and nobody knows how far out)?
    Himanshu – NY

  11. Friction !!!
    Beautiful Phenomenon…
    we all know FRICTION as a scientific term…
    Now lets try and find the friction in our EMOTIONAL WORLD…
    a person and an object, a person and his friends, a person and his relatives, a person and his relationships, a person and his wishes…
    Once we will notice the friction in our EMOTIONAL world…we will realize, we are making our selves unhappy because of this constant FRICTION phenomenon…
    one starts feeling light…actually light as in physical weight… so much burden of dreams, hopes, wishes… FRICTION…the moment it starts reducing…soul starts evolving…!!!
    Lets meditate on FRICTION…
    in Shekhar’s terms ‘ lets question FRICTION!!!’
    PS: who ever created this concept of Post script was a genius… i love that person for creating such a beautiful concept…it gives me a cozy feel…something like remembering those cozy nights on the terrace, spent in dreaming about future under a small shade made by an old, warm sari of Mother…that cozy shade of an old cloth is the world for us at that time…and we giggle, laugh and play with our brothers, sister, friends and cousins…and when we recall all that, one shocking thing we remember about us… i too was INNOCENT once…:)

  12. @Himanshu: Nice topic to discuss…
    I compare success to a virtual never ending train journey. Celebrations are the breaks you get in between when the stations come. We can’t get enough time to celebrate and we need to get into the train before the train starts, otherwise we will be left behind from those people who are on the same journey with us. So, most of the times, we need to celebrate the success in the train itself…. I think I am making some sense… But its very easily said than done…. we always want to celebrate our success for sometime but, we will be forced to achieve more success and so on and so on….
    Celebrating success completely differs from person to person…. Personally I would like share my happy moments with my family and friends… and of course I love some media coverage 🙂
    I want to know your opinions about the following topic…
    We all have watched “Rang De Basanti” several times or for that matter any inspirational movie…. but still we don’t see any change in our society especially youth… still we see students being arrested for using drugs and etc…. so where is the loop hole? Can we really inspire people by making movies?
    What do you think? I Would love to hear from you all….

  13. Himanshu,
    I think, since striving for goals and the benchmark for acheiving it is personal, celebration
    too is personal – the need to celebrate and how to. Some do it for the media some for themselves.. there are no hard and fast rules coz, the definition of success itself varies
    with different point of views!
    why are we so blind and dont yet see it ? Can you please explain the question in a context..

  14. I think succsess is a pretty illusionary term.The moment you touch it, it dissapear like a blue bird. Keep working and be in cycle is the real succsess. struggle is more important than the goal. Goal is a moment which you just enjoy for just 2 seconds but that 2 SECOND’S FUN would had not happen if you dint enjoy and love the struggle TOWARDS ACHIEVING IT.Geeta described the word succses like no one through the theory of karma.
    sanjay malhotra

  15. Riya – by not having answers to my questions , we are being blind – the last question is in the context of earlier questions .

  16. NOT everyone Loves SUCCESS and CELEBRATION – the one sided , ill-developed , materialistic souls do , and madly attached to those two imaginary words too ! It reveals a shallow side to a personality.Just coz someone Loves something and developes attachent to it , doesnt mean he or she is going to get it.
    When life with its realities and FAILURES confronts them , they are cluesless – and give way to anger , frustrations , loss of brains and loss of thinking – to utter ruin. Not my words – but the words of Lord Krishna !
    The reason for stress and twisted personalities of this Yuga are the result of this DISEASE , called attachment to success and celebration.
    So it is Double Stupidity – 1) To assume everyone loves Success 2) That failures are negative and somehow Celebration can only be associated with Success.
    Many are the Successes which cannot be known – For the shallowe and materialistic – condisioned minds which cannot think beyond Finance and Material sucess , indeed Sucess and its lewd celebration are the order .
    It is not in the Indian Civilisational Genius to celebrate Success alone. ‘SthithaPragna’ is the state all evolved souls find themselves in . We let the lil frogs croak away in celebration for the biggest Imposter of all – ‘Success’ !!

  17. Thanks for your comments, Rudra. Everyone should have the freedom to choose the life path they desire. I belive success does not take anything away from being spiritual. Some of the most successful people(materially) are equally spiritual.
    I will put this great quote here, and hope everyone likes it:
    The common idea that success spoils people by making them vain, egotistic and self-complacent is erroneous; on the contrary it makes them, for the most part, humble, tolerant and kind.
    – William Somerset Maugham
    Himanshu – NY

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  19. Rudra,
    My initial impression of you was that you are a Hindu Hardliner who hates every person who believes in any other religion
    But then a week back I stumbled across some of your articles and comments in (I really hope you are the same Rudra)and realised that this guy is more deep than I initally thought. In fact I must admit that I have been hooked on to that site.
    Now those are some very deep questions you have asked and frankly I am clueless.
    Why dont you take us through your questions, your take on them.

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  21. Reuben ,
    where are you from ? are you male or female ?
    Its funny , you paint a simple truth speaker as a hardliner – that too this Oxymoron ‘ Hindu Hardliner ‘ – you now sound like a Missionary zealot .
    The simple truth is that Chrisitianity and Islam are the two most Bloody and Proselytising religions , and I would not care less what they were , but for the fact that they have wreaked havoc and have tried impose enemity on the Peaceful Indic religions.
    Listen up :
    ‘Hindu’ is a geographical term and the Indic religions and culture are rooted in an eternal and timeless ‘ Dharma’ – there is no English translation to that word – so i leave you to your tools.
    Once you recover from your dose of self- inflicted paranoia and this missionary propensity for name-calling , i invite you to see the truth.
    I remember i asked you to use your god-given head in one of my previous posts – you may start working on it in your free time !
    And hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two from my posts on Sulekha and other blogs as well. Godspeed .

  22. We do have something to celebrate!!!
    Celebrated on 8 March, International Women’s Day (IWD) is the global day connecting all women around the world and inspiring them to achieve their full potential. IWD celebrates the collective power of women past, present and future.
    2007 marks the 30th anniversary of International Women’s Day. Established in 1977 by the United Nations, this important day provides an opportunity to celebrate the progress made to advance women’s rights and to assess the challenges that remain. International Women’s Day (IWD) encourages us to consider steps to bring about equality for women and girls in all their diversity and to celebrate the collective power of women past, present and future
    Happy International Women’s Day!!!

  23. Friction, much friction!
    I’m meditating on Freedom.
    Freedom to be, to think, to analyse, to interpret, to be independent, to give and to receive, to play, work, create, to connect, to choose, to share, to express.
    Those songs ARE evergreen.
    Web logs are a good tool, don’t see it having any adverse effects, sicne a lot of real work still happens in the real world.
    Hehheh. Nice pitch Mukund. I like animations.
    Haven’t been able to define Success as of yet.

  24. Hi Shekhar,
    I like you Idea of open thread, really interesting. As Himanshu started a thread on SUCCESS and CELEBRATION. I really dont know how to define success. I think there could be two types. Personal and professional. I married the gal I loved, its a success and I am celebrating every moment of my life. But all my life I wanted to be a filmmaker. I come from a low-middle class background, I did my masters in mass communication and got job as a journalist but this was not what I wanted to do .so I quit. Finally I got a bank loan and I went abroad to study filmmaking. But When I came I had to get married immediately for some reason. Circumstances changed and I had to take a job as faculty in a college, now I am teaching Media Production.
    I am celebrating every moment I am spending with my wife but there some part of mine thats not completely happy. I think I could have done better than what I am doing now. I know she wont stop me in doing anything but I will loose all those times that I could share with my love if I just leave everything and go to Bombay to chase my dream. But I still have other plans, I am planning to buy my own HD cam and shoot some docos .lets see.I might win an Academy award for best Doco.If people can come to India and shoot a doco here and win, why cant I? Just being optimistic.
    Just one more point Id like to add success and happiness are comparative. What you had in past and what you have now or you will have in future?

  25. Hi,
    Often the term “Materialism” is used for people who go after materials… but think about that person who made a material as thin as a whisker…made a hole in it and called it a needle! Wasn’t he a ‘materialist’!
    What do you call a person…who carves threads on a little iron piece and calls it a screw… a screw that holds pivotal positions of a door! Was he a materialist too!
    Why is it that a want to buy a car becomes materialism…while buying flowers isn’t! don’t both of them come from the same thing…earth…directly or indirectly…then why call a person…materialist…isn’t the place where he stands… a material!!!

  26. Sheetal,
    You raised an interesting question – but you missed something in my view . it is about the definition of materialism – your definition was actually hilarious – “Materialism” is used for people who go after materials .
    Actually , materialism is not defined by usage of materials but by an attitude , of measuring sucess and position , of measuring people’s worth by their tangible possessions. in this context , of course , even a flowwer plant or flowers are material , if they are the sole consideration of honoring someone.
    When a person or an event is measured up and honoured not by its tangibility of ‘objects’ , but rather such objects are measured with the spiritual and purity of intention , then it is not material anymore.
    we live in the material world – of names , objects and attributes. But the souls who are evolved live closer to the spirit – and see the spirit in evrything – like spirit behind words and actions.
    Rishis – ancient and modern – are spiritual beings , who while being in the body and rooted in the spirit and are not fooled by the two imposters material ‘success’ and ‘failure’. I write with the same spirit too.

  27. Dear Shekhar,
    I heard Bill Bannerman (Clint Eastwood’s former associate director) has zeroed in to “Mallika Sherawat” for his debut directional venture (Unveiled, a tale about a muslim woman who has 2 husbands and a love). Is this true? Given your hollywood connections, can u throw some light into this?
    if this is true, then I am really impressed with Mallika

  28. shekhar sir,
    can we start a thread on fundamentalism.
    So that there is no re-stir of communal polarization.
    Questions regarding religion and identity have been discussed throughout the ages by thinkers. But one must open eyes to the greatest and gravest truth we face today which put in a single word is “fundementalism”. A fundementalist is simply put one who believes that the world revolves around the fundementals he believes in. It is only a pity that the fundementalists of today believe in religious texts that some quack wrote hundreds of years ago when people were long way from the civilization we are now. The danger of such thought is that it not only hampers the progress and study of science but also clashes with our concepts of democracy and freedom which we have strived so hard to reach. Priests and mullahs might think that a pack of legends and beliefs in them are the only ways to salvation. But the greatest danger of this age is ignorance …All misery, war, terrorism, hunger, and the umpteen other social evils have their root in ignorance. Religion is not an answer for the troubles of life. If a god does exist and created us then he would want us to use his most valuable gift to us – “The Intellect” , and not pray to him which then again is pure hypocrisy.
    After a turn of half a century, it again looks like a conspiracy to divide our country. INDIA An initiative to caution the people of the looming danger and also an endeavor to put a stop to the further breaking of our society is needed desperately.
    People have also begun to understand now that on the pretext of religion, their emotions were and are made to scale high to serve a purpose. It is sufficiently clear that people are too frustrated and fed up to talk any further on this issue, and want to get rid of those who use religion to serve their political interests.
    People have no words and reactions on the outcome of this grotesque inhuman violation of dignity and moral conduct that could be attributed to any religious exercise or human act. Like many I understand how such a big part of society like Gujarat can turn vitriolic and communal to such a high grade-overnight. People in rest of our country have clearly understood the game plan of religious fundamentalist forces. The voters feel utterly disillusioned by this mobilization of clan/parties on the pretext of religion to serve their political interest.
    For common man priority is to resolve their daily life issues, struggling for their daily bread on day-to-day basis, religion dispute is not an issue they can relate to. Religion cannot be the root cause of any conflict or violence and similarly those who indulge in violence cannot be truly religious. Can somebody force these goons and politicians to look beyond votes?
    The never-ending lust for positions of power in politicians numbs them to compromise on issues of extreme communal intolerance. Few restrained from openly coming out because they never wanted to project an Anti-Hindu image and lose out on Hindu vote banks. The inherent fear to lose Hindu votes of few parties has given communal forces a free hand to indulge in unhindered violence.
    what say you and the blog community.

  29. success has been finding you all and your very deep and interesting viws, and i celebrate you!

  30. thank u, livia, and my love to the people of the brhma kumari’s. My friend deepak chopra has visited them at moun abu and speaks of them very highly, shekhar

  31. Anything is possible if you wish hard not scorn the person who is perpetually happy. he does know something you don’t.

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  37. I just want too take some time too thank the posters for doing what you do and make this community great im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

  38. I just want too take some time out thank the posters for doing what you do and make this community great im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

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  40. The response to local and national disasters is noble but it’s a damn shame that so many people take advantage of the negative situations.
    I mean everytime there is an earthquake, a flood, an oil spill – there’s always a group of heartless people who rip off tax payers.
    This is in response to reading that 4 of Oprah Winfreys “angels” got busted ripping off the system. Shame on them!

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