Queen Elizabeths Wardrobe Unlockd

Saturday 8th July. 2.30 PM A Stage, Shepperton Studios. Elizabeth and Bess Throckmorton discuss Raleigh and his plans for the New World.

Weve set this scene in Elizabeths wardrobe, a room not based on the historical wardrobe but designed from scratch in which the Queens finest dresses stand in mannequined ranks under silk sheers. Elizabeths clothes were actually generally kept in large trunks and presses whilst her major pieces of jewellery were kept in the Jewel Tower in Westminster (one of the few buildings from the old palace that survives). But for us this is a chance to show off the extraordinary dresses that our costume designer Alex has created for the movie and give a glimpse of the Queens private life with her ladies.
Here the queen changes as she and her ladies talk dresses are presented, jewellery is removed and replaced. And their talk today is of Walter Raleigh and what exactly he wants from the court. But just as importantly the Queen wants to know what her ladies make of this exotic arrival and in particular what feelings the young Bess Throckmorton might hold for him.

One thought on “Queen Elizabeths Wardrobe Unlockd

  1. Hey Justin,
    What time frame does this take place? You said “new arrival” so after Ireland? or after the cloak which was presumed to have happened before Ireland or after the France religion war? Or after his voyage with Humphrey Gilbert where he did a little wondering off of his own. I am wondering Justin, Raleigh was infamous for they way he dressed “out doing” any other courtier in way of clothes and fashion. I read that after he put his cloak over the puddle he was rewarded with many expensive clothes from the Queen. Would these clothes rewarded to Raleigh be in that closet you speak, what I am asking is did the Queen keep both men and women fashions in her possesion. What do you think?

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