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6th of July 2006 – One thing that became apparent in today’s scene with the Queen, Bess and Raleigh is the tentative nature of all of the Queen’s relationships. It made me think…is it possible that someone with so much power can have true and intimate relationships with those around her?

In some circumstances the answer is certainly yes. Ghandi and Buddha, for example, connected with the people around them. I guess it depends on how you perceive “power”. Do you perceive it as a lucky, karmic gift that enables you to do things for the benefit of others? Or do you perceive it as a birthright that puts you above everyone else and creates benefits entitled to you alone?
During the 16th century the monarchy thought they were almost at the level of the divine. They had a duty to take care of their people in one sense but in another, it seems, with Queen Elizabeth anyway, she was above everyone else. Indeed it is the battle between acknowledging her “divine duty” as well as her “shared human state” that makes Queen Elizabeth so fascinating to watch. She’s a complex and paradoxical lady… as well as very theatrical! It seems she likes to play games with people a great deal – especially Raleigh in a few scenes. Perhaps she does this to keep her interested in a world where she has everything delivered to her on a plate?

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