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5th of July 2006 – Today I watched the rushes and appreciated even more the shots chosen by Shekhar yesterday. In particular I noted the opening and beginning shots and what was common to them both – they were both focused on the Queen.

The first shot was of her looking at “something” which was then revealed. The final shot finished on her looking once again to the activity occurring in the centre of the room; activity she herself had demanded take place. What I like about this quite circular choice is that it nicely illustrates that the queen is ‘in control’. The scene begins with her, ends with her and what happens in the scene is because of her. This is ‘her’ world. Everyone around her is in ‘her’ world. When I watched the rushes it really felt to me as if everyone was caught in the Queen’s web. The long, wide sweeping steadicam shots helped to intensify this feeling of the ‘web’. How some live in this world, under these conditions, is fascinating throughout the script.
What I also liked today was noting the ‘magic’ of movie making. How they created the Queen’s reflection on the water as she glides along the Thames in her boat was unexpected, especially given we were in a dark studio and the scene takes place during the day!

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  1. Dear Mel
    It’s really good to read about the filming from your point of view, in addition to the excellent posts from Justin, which put the scenes in their historical context and raise interesting questions.
    I can identify with your transformation to court lady as I spent 8 days as an extra in Ely – fantastic dress & incredible wig! I was impressed by the calmness on set then, despite there being a lot of extras. Having had that exciting experience, I really respect how the crew, actors and director all work together. I’m so looking forward to seeing the final film. Thanks, Hazel

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