Lies within lies

Monday 3rd July. 2.30 PM – J Stage, Shepperton Studios. Back in the dank dungeon on J stage where Walsingham returns to interrogate the traitors.

A whole weekend off has given everyone a chance to watch the football and get a couple of good night’s sleep. And considering England’s performance in the World Cup it’s perhaps appropriate that we start the new week in a dungeon. This is a scene where the power structure of the movie is turned on its head. Walsingham walks amongst his broken and shackled prisoners but it is he who feels imprisoned. The plot has been uncovered, the perpetrators caught, yet something is wrong. Not all the dirty and blooded faces looking back at him in this room seem defeated – one looks almost victorious. The question is, why?

2 thoughts on “Lies within lies

  1. Lies Within
    In the dank dungeon
    to interrogate the traitors
    given everyone a chance to watch
    this is a scene
    The power is turned on its head
    amongst broken shackled prisoners
    Who feels imprisoned?
    the plot has been uncovered
    yet ~
    something is wrong
    One looks almost victorious

  2. The victorious face reveals what is not yet known to Walsingham, that the Armada is on its way?

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