Arrivals and Departures

Wednesday 5th July. 11.00 AM – ‘J’ and ‘B’ Stages, Shepperton Studios. Geoffrey Rush’s last day filming with us so a final chance to make sure we have all the coverage we need.

Picking up lots of small sequences today and finishing the coverage of scenes that we were unable to complete on location. This goes some way to explaining why J stage now has half a royal barge on wheels on it. After our two days of rain on the Cam in Cambridge we left still needing one more shot, so half of the barge (it breaks in two for easy transport) is now in studio standing in front of a large fake section of river wall. As the cameras roll the props department then push the barge on its trolley past the wall and all, we hope, so smoothly that you’ll never know which shots in the scene are on water and which on wheels.
We also have a new arrival on set who is going to write her own blog here about her experiences. Melanie Hogan is a young filmmaker from Australia whose first documentary, Kanyini, hits Australian cinemas in late August. Melanie is here as an intern to learn from Shekhar the art of directing feature films. Her two week internship is funded by the Australian Film Commission. So here are her first three entries….

2 thoughts on “Arrivals and Departures

  1. Thank you Justin,
    For clarifying her position for I read her blogs before yours and was curious to see if she was more then an extra. She sounds happy to be with you guys and I wish her luck in her internship. I enjoyed her POV. Hopefully she wasn’t hurt from the hot wax.

  2. Arrive and Depart
    A final chance to make sure we have all we need
    picking up and finishing of scenes
    that we were unable to complete
    Explaining now
    after two days of rain
    we left still needing more
    It breaks in two
    standing in front of river wall
    past the wall…we hope
    that you’ll never know
    the art of

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