The Game of State.

Friday 9th June. 11 AM Wells Cathedral, Somerset. Our last day away on location and filming in the cloister, which is for us a corridor leading to the Presence Chamber in the palace.

In these outer chambers and corridors much of the business of court life actually took place. Away from the formal presence of the Queen, the hard task of finding preferment could really begin. There were powerful magnates to befriend, husbands and wives to be found, bargains to be struck and bribes to be paid. For new arrivals the long trek to fame and fortune might begin by simply making friends with a retainer of a minor lord in the hope of being introduced to ever more powerful people, who might eventually prefer them to lucrative and influential positions. It was a game fraught with danger however for the political landscape constantly shifted as magnates fell in and out of favour with the Queen and alliances between individuals and families were made and broken for the sake of political expediency. Befriend a rising star and you might just get carried to the top in their wake, but many burnt out along the way and some crashed spectacularly into ruin and death taking their supporters with them.
This is the world Walter Raleigh is walking through in our scene this morning glittering and terrible. But making powerful friends does not concern him now for he is playing an even more dangerous game. He is the Queens favourite and whilst she smiles on him he is untouchable. But the smile will not last.

12 thoughts on “The Game of State.

  1. Hey Justin,
    Could you say be any chance which of Raleigh’s circle will be mentioned or portrayed in this film? Gilbert’s? Carew’s?……. I am very curious.. ….. puff puff

  2. A corridor leading to the Presence
    finding preferment could really begin
    For new arrivals
    being introduced to ever more powerful people
    fell in and out of favour
    You might just get carried to the top
    this is the world in our powerful “now”
    playing an even more dangerous game
    untouchable…but the smile will not last.
    Dear Justin,
    I hope you don’t mind, but I mingled a bit with your post above and decoded some poetry within…in respect,

  3. Sir Walter – I’m afraid we don’t have the space to mention any of Raleigh’s circle beyond the appearance of some of the crew of the Tyger. He has a great backstory as you know but there’s just not time to go into detail with it. Another movie perhaps??
    Cinda – I’m delighted. Anyone who can find anything approximating poetry in my writing is a friend of mine.

  4. Dear Justin
    Would Shekhar consider sharing some stills from the shoot here? Because film is visual, we are having to subvert our instinctive, visual connection with Golden Age to live within the words of this diary. These words are often more than adequate, but, oh, what doors would open if we could see, as well. And stills would certainly whet the appetite of many who are interested in Golden Age, but don’t respond to words.
    love, Heather

  5. Poor Elizabeth;
    living a destiny,
    as a captive to her crown;
    ever the Queen first,
    all else, is divinely

  6. Heather, I doubt Justin can do that as the stills are the propery of the producer and they would not want anything out there until their publicity machine was geared up and ready to go. That is my experience on our tv shows. But you can ask, which of course you have done.

  7. Dear Justin
    Thanks for considering the request, as I’m sure many would be excited to see such material.
    Dear Ident
    Thanks for giving me some context on policy.
    love, Heather

  8. Yes, hopefully another movie. I can see it, Raleigh in the tower awaiting execution, writing his last letters, being visited by friends and going back in time to his great moments from the past, and to finish, his greatest impact on us, his speech from the scaffold. It would be a great movie.

  9. Dear Justin,
    Anyone who would allow it, is also a friend of mine 🙂 thanks!
    I know this may seem off topic, but are you guys having any kind of time off to take in some of the World Cup Soccer games?…poetry in motion, some of them.

  10. What world cup? Actually on days when England are playing we start early so we get in a full day before kick-off. The produciton then provides a big TV and some refreshments so we can watch the match, which is great.

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