In the Privy Chamber

Monday 19th June. 10.00 AM – ‘B’ Stage, Shepperton Studios. First day of the main studio shoot – we’re here now for five weeks – and amid the general business of State, presided over by the queen, some of the Privy Council again raise the issue of what should be done with Mary Queen of Scots.

This set, built entirely from scratch is one of the main linking structures connecting our cathedral location shoots and we imagine that many of the corridors and aisles we have filmed in lead towards this room. To tie in with our locations this is another stone space, with traceried windows and extraordinary gothic doorways. The furniture here is more simple, as this is not a space for the formal pomp of State, set with a long refectory table and benches, aa side board and a livery cupboard.
This represents another step into the Queen’s world, beyond the grand Presence Chamber (the Lady Chapel at Ely Cathedral) where Raleigh brought her gifts and a step closer to the seat of power. Although this is called the Privy Chamber it is not really a private place however, simply a more private place, with more restricted access, where the Queen’s senior councilors can conduct the business of State. Somewhere behind this room, down as yet unwalked corridors, lie the Bedchamber and the truly private parts of the palace where we will see another side to Elizabeth.

One thought on “In the Privy Chamber

  1. Hey Justin,
    Isn’t it strange that Raleigh wanted to be a Privy Councler but the Queen never allowed it, not even in her old age. Why do you think that is Justin?
    Because he was ” the best hated man in England ”

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